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Re: New "X" ring from Carolyn Pollack

In Carolyn Pollack 1418203766.267

I had to send this back as well. I have large fingers and cant get an index finger ring from CPJ, but even the 10 was sliding but couldnt get it over my thumb. It's a great ring, I just need to play with sizes if the SB opportunity arises. Continue Reading


Re: So nice of QVC to raise prices just in time for EP days and the holidays . .

In Carolyn Pollack 1418203431.927

I thought I was the only one getting duds and rejects all the time! Unless it's brand new as in hot off the press TSV type of thing, I stopped wasting my time and money with the Q. The lack of quality control on customer returns and their shipping costs in general made it easy to say no. Continue Reading


Re: LG needs to use older models 50 plus- with "aging skin issues"

In Laura Geller 1412666516.57

While I would also like to see older models and all the models begin with a "naked canvas" for the products, I discovered LG earlier this year and am in love with the ease and coverage it affords me. I'm 55, sun worshiper from back in the day and still garden so the face has some weathering to it Between Josie's Argon Oil, a little Spackle, Balance and Brighten it has been nothing short of amazing! Most of the time I just use the matte luxe trio from IT. I've worked the last decade in a high end dept store and have access to many products but nothing compares. I believe we just need to ... Continue Reading


Re: How do we really know that Sleeping Beauty mine is closed?

In Carolyn Pollack 1406889574.213

Oh my heavens I have not been over here in forever and here's a thread on my favs ... the eye candy alone is enough to drool over!!! Will have to delve into this more thoroughly as time permits, lots of great info and ladies what a goldmine of treasures you have! Congratulations!!! Continue Reading


Re: Laura Geller products geared towards younger women?

In Laura Geller 1405938297.767

I think it all boils down to the age old dilemma of finding the products that work for you and your skin. Im 55 and work in a large dept store and have had the "experts" work on me and after several hours...yuck. Plus I'm one that eats her lipstick, so the bold lip crayons from LG, I blot for the initial toning down and I have lasting color for hours. I found Spackle, Balance n Brighten, then Bronze and Brighten are quick, easy and work for me. Of course the canvas begins with Josie's argon oil or regular ole coconut oil. Continue Reading


Re: 2013 is off to a great start!

In Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1360146410.577

Excitement is in the air and the senses are alive!!! Have my fingers crossed the mailman delivers my goodies from Saturday's designer show before I close the suitcase and head to QVC for your birthday celebration! Amazing pieces and transformation, but you've never lost your roots and those key elements ... rope here, twist there, touch of oxidation, sparkle or two ... all those little things that say .... "That's CPJ"!!!! I love the blending of worlds and you making pieces that keep our creative juices alive so that we truly make each piece our own look and style!! Thank you Carolyn and ... Continue Reading


Re: Enter to Win! Fabulous Friends Sweepstakes

In Jewelry Talk, Carolyn Pollack, Hosts & Personalities 1352887016.527

My go-to jewelry gift are Silver Rodeo earrings. No matter the personality or even that Surprise Santa party, Silver Rodeo has it covered and won't break the wallet in the process! My button friends, dangle galpals, and the hoopsters are covered and I'm not frazzled and fretting over "what to get". In fact I purchased several pair recently as a donation to a local fundraiser ... a huge hit. Continue Reading


Re: Last Carolyn Pollack Show Before the Big Five-O!!!

In Jewelry Talk, Carolyn Pollack, Hosts & Personalities 1352886511.79

Kind words from a very dear lady. I feel like "little sir echo" on many occassions when I comment after Libby, but I echo all her sentiments. In fact you Carolyn are responsible for that friendship through our mutual love of all things CPJ! For that I am grateful, as well as; all the other wonderful people and friendships I have developed through the world of CPJ. I am fortunate to see first the next generation of CPJ grow and develop, in fact one of Nikki's friends shared the new SR onyx necklace picture from FB onto Nik's page and told her it would look great with Nik's black essential... Continue Reading


Re: When will QVC stop sending defective returned items to customers?

In Jewelry Talk 1352022285.337

On 11/3/2012 dimple said: If Qvc is sending out returned jewelry especially the visibly defective ones to other customers then what are they putting in "As is jewelry". I think once they receive anything from the customer which is marked defective they should return it to the company. In my case to eterna gold. My thoughts exactly! I'm down to purchasing from one vendor and only when new products are brought in since it's months down the road before you can get it direct from the vendor if at all. I've stopped calling/emailing C.S as nothing changes. If new Q customers are getting defec... Continue Reading

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