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Re: Numbness in hands and lips

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She should definitely be discussing this with her doctor. Especially if she takes any medications regularly. For example, every time I try to take daily Topamax for my migraines, I have the same symptoms as your daughter. But, many medications can cause similar symptoms. Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

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On 3/15/2015 gokat said: Made the Bourbon ChickenTenders on pg. 21 of "the book", and boy is it good! For those that don't have the book... BOURBON CHICKEN TENDERS 3 Raw ChickenTenders (or I just sliced up a boneless chicken thigh) 1/4 cup Brown Sugar 1 TBSP. Bourbon (I substituted 1 tsp. McCormick Brown Sugar Bourbon marinade) 1/3 cup Chicken Stock 2 tsp. Oyster Sauce, bottled 1 TBSP. Soy Sauce 2 ea. Garlic cloves, chopped 2 ea. Fresh Ginger coins, chopped 1 TBSP. Cornstarch PERFECT WHITE RICE (See pg. 11) FOR SERVINC. 1 Green Onion, julienned. 1. Combine all ingredients, except rice and gre... Continue Reading


Re: Stainless steel Samsung refrigerator

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Pledge Multisurface is great on my stainless steel fridge. Also, a very close tie is with Simple Green's Stainless Steel specialty cleaner. Those two are my faves. Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

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On 3/12/2015 Nightowlz said: On 3/11/2015 ThinkOutsideTheBox said: Anyone have a recipe for cooking steel cut oats in this little rice cooker? BTW, I am basically at sea level, and when I cook brown basmati rice, mine boils over. I have seen on cooking shows to add a little oil to rice when cooking to keep it from boiling over, so next time I make rice in the cooker, I will try that. It made my rice perfectly though, so this is a keeper for me. I looked online & found a few recipes. I have not tried one of them yet. There is only 1 recipe in the cookbook I bought with the mini rice cooke... Continue Reading


Re: ULTA 21 Days of Beauty starts today

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Thank you MrsCat! I always miss this! Continue Reading


Re: My shingles weren't that bad

In Health & Fitness 1426428863.493 you get older, you will likely experience outbreaks that increase in severity. I would get the shot now, while your immune system is functioning as well as it can. The shot is like a program for your immune system, and getting it while the immune system is most able to take that code on board and make use of it is the best thing IMHO. Our immune systems just get weaker as we get older, for the most part. My mom started getting shingles in her late 40s. They were not and are not frequent. However, she is now in her seventies, and when she does get an outbreak, she says the pain ... Continue Reading


Re: do you think it is OK for a relative who is staying with you to drink alcohol if you do not drink ?

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Your brother has a drinking problem and drinking problems always get worse before they get better. My dad is an alcoholic, so I feel comfortable giving a definitive opinion based on what your have told us Persephone. I do not care what the naysayers here say about supporting your brother in his time of need. That is called enabling. I do not care if he is a veteran. I am a veteran with PTSD, and I do not use alcohol, drugs or nicotine of any kind to cope with my difficulties. If you have to use any of those to "deal", then you have a character and substance abuse problem....period. Persephone... Continue Reading


Re: Combining Returns

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Do not return them all together. There was a thread about that not too long ago, and about how some ladies ended up being told the returns that were placed in with the main shipping label return never showed up. They were out the money when all was said and done. Continue Reading



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Depending on your age, you may or may not burn the heck out of your upper lip trying to use it there. I did. I was 47 at the time, with good skin, but still beginning to have a loss of firmness. So, the NoNo tends to skip around over the sags even when trying to hold the skin taught, and it burns. I tried it twice there and really burnt myself both times. I then tried it on my legs, but it was so time-consuming (to me), that I gave up and sent it back. Also, there is always the smell of burnt flesh (like in the tanning bed days), that means you will need to take a shower after you use it. Som... Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

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On 3/2/2015 betteb said: Thanks gokat. I'm in flat Kansas, so I don't think it's altitude. I did put in the salt. Maybe I will try it with a little less milk?? BetteB, I just checked on your elevations in Kansas. At no point does it look like you folks are below 1000 ft in sea level, and some places are a good bit higher. Here is the link if it helps.... Because this rice cooker IS so small, there just isn't much room for the boiling liquid to go, so any variance in elevation might cause the lower boiling point to really cause mu... Continue Reading

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