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Re: Epilator breaking hair off instead of pulling out.. help please

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On 7/17/2014 Trix said: For best first time results you really should let the hair growth get unsightly on the areas you want to epilate. The longer the hair the better the epilator pulls. You should also do the pre exfoliating as suggested by others. I will say that when I got the TSV epilator a few weeks back, I let the hair under my arms get to about 2mm and then the epilator ripped it all right out, root and all. It lasted for about four weeks. Hurt like a you-know-what though, and felt bruised for about two days, so I am not sure doing it with longer hair was the best idea. It was worth... Continue Reading


Re: Epilator breaking hair off instead of pulling out.. help please

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On 7/16/2014 betteb said: Go slow and exfoliate really well before and then a couple days after. I use this cheap facial mask. I put it on my legs about 10 minutes before a shower and then epilate after. It's $3.99 and available at Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta, etc. That is just brilliant! I forgot all about those Freeman masks and exfoliants. I used to love them. I am going to get that one you showed and do my legs ASAP! Thank you for that reminder! Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair Skin Nails TSV 7/13 will include...

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for this heads up! I had no idea, and I love those vitamins. Did I say thank you? ;) Continue Reading


Re: Need recomendations for a shampoo(not wen) that helps hair grow.

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Despite the best attempts of marketers, nothing external (except the products with pharmaceutically derived drugs in them), can make your hair GROW. Your nutrition (and your genetics) determines that. With that in mind, the Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins work very, very well. I was not an AL fan at all until I tried these. They flat out work. Continue Reading


Re: OT / Passwords & logins!!

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I have used Roboform, 1Password and LastPass for years. Roboform is my main one, but once the most recent 3 year subscription I purchased expires, I will likely stick with LastPass and use 1Password only until they want me to pay AGAIN for an upgrade in order to keep using it. LastPass and 1Password have excellent customer support, but if you ever need any help with Roboform, their customer service is often snotty in a tech kind of way and they have never helped me solve a problem in five years of use. I have had to solve every Roboform problem on my own. They are getting better at not having... Continue Reading


Re: colin infection

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ccassaday, all the suggestions here are excellent. To combat this, you will now likely need a combination of strong medicine, but also the complimentary meds used to re establish your own intestinal flora. Antibiotics of any kind destroy both the bad AND good bacteria in your body. Science is coming to understand that we are one big biodome, and that the good bacteria must be kept alive, healthy and abundant in order for our bodies to function. To that end, not only do you need a good probiotic long-term, but also a good PREbiotic. Prebiotics are what feed the good bacteria (in simple terms).... Continue Reading


Re: Skin and Hair in Bad Shape After Surgeries

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I had the same problem. It has taken two years to even begin coming back from the surgery where my hair and skin are concerned. And, that is WITH using AL's Hair, skin and Nails, which I view as invaluable now. I didn't use the vitamins for the first year and a half, but once I did, I noticed my hair growing back quickly. When you talk with the anesthesiologist and your surgeon, ask them to avoid pumping you with steroids of ANY kind if at all possible as well. Very bad juju for the hair. Continue Reading


Re: Please help this computer idiot. Adobe flash vs QVC

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Shoe kitty, I have posted here multiple times for many people that if you have Windows 8 or 8.1 and you use Internet Explorer as your web browser, you MUST use the Internet Explorer that is on the regular desktop. You may not use the IE browser that you launch from the pretty multi-colored tile area formerly known as Metro. On the Metro tiled area, Internet Explorer deliberately has Adobe Flash, Sun Java and all other plug-ins disabled on purpose as a security measure. Now, if you are not using the IE browser found in the Metro tiled area, but are indeed using the Ie found on the regular Wind... Continue Reading


Re: Dang it! I have a darn toothache......

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Gazelle77, I have been going through something almost identical for the past week. The difference with me is I had an old filling drilled out, and it was apparently a deep one, and I have a temp crown on mine. A few days ago, the pain was so bad that I had to use the oxycodone that was given to me after my back surgery a few years ago. I didn't need the oxycodone after the back surgery, but I sure needed it to try and sleep with this tooth! Ugh! The pain was awful. I was all set to run back in to the dentist (wasn't supposed to go back for three weeks) when I tried something. I took 3-4 capsu... Continue Reading


Re: Copying a Picture Conundrum - Anyone Up For Solving?

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What version of Windows do you currently have? Continue Reading

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