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Re: Ovarian Dermoid Cyst

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I just read something interesting somewhere yesterday about a lady who took an enzyme called Serrapeptase (it has to be taken on an empty stomach daily) and had it dissolve her fibroids. I wonder if it would help you. I take it to reduce the scar tissue build up in my back from surgery, and it seems to be working. I have taken it since April. As a side benefit, my cholesterol has dropped 40 points since I started taking it. I am not one to make much note of a total cholesterol number, but I thought that was pretty significant since I got a lecture from the doc last year about the number, but ... Continue Reading



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Forestview.....get d-mannose as well. I have not had to take an antibiotic for a bladder infection in fifteen years. Long story cut down....the bacteria that cause 90 percent of all bladder infections LOVE D-Mannose. When you ingest D-Mannose and it floats by the bacteria in the kidney, bladder and/or urethra, the little bacteria can NOT resist. They release their hold in the walls of whatever they are infecting, grab on to the D-Mannose, and are carried right out of the body. Watch what brand you get. I tried NOW's once and it doesn't work well. I always order the Solaray or Vitacost brands.... Continue Reading


Re: Got my Synvisc One injections yesterday

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Thanks for posting this mmsFoxie! I love hyaluronic acid in oral form, and I have been keeping my eye on these types of shots (which use hyaluronin and NOT steroids) in case my oral use eventually does not help enough. Theoretically, you could get these shots for the rest of your life if you could afford it and the doc/insurance company approved it. Hyaluronin / hyaluronic acid in oral form is extremely beneficial for more than just joints too. I have taken it orally for over ten years, and the benefit to my hair, skin and nails has been amazing. Of course, the right dosage is important, as i... Continue Reading


Re: Getting ready to buy a IPad or a tablet. which brands do you like and which would you prefer?

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I agree with what someone said earlier. I can only give you my PERSONAL feelings on this topic and they may be irrelevant for your purposes, but here goes..... I love my iPad. I love the sheer number of apps available, and I love its functionality. But, I am not an Apple fan-girl. I would never buy an Apple desktop, for example, unless I was rich and could have more than one desktop to play with (because I am a gamer, and because I like having an open system to work with and customize, ie: Windows 8.1 or Linux variations). I will say this though...my next tablet may very well be a Surface if ... Continue Reading


Re: Polyester,like talk,is cheap. Can QVC sell ANYTHING in a natural fabric?!?

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WantsItAll, I just had to tell you how hard your topic line made me laugh!!! Sooo, funny, and so true! Continue Reading



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BeeChee, I notice a difference in my scalp and nail health within 72 hours if I either start or stop the Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails. I could not be sure from your post...do you already take that? If not, I highly recommend it. I also like his Circulation and Vein Support a lot. No immediate results from it, but the formulation is excellent for someone like me who suffers from migraines and whose family has a history of extreme heart disease. Five brothers on my dad's side. All at least suffered from or dropped dead from heart attacks before age 45, including my father's father. They were no... Continue Reading



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Just an FYI...I have taken 600-800mg of CoQ10 daily for fifteen years. My liver function tests have always been excellent, and I have never read that it is hard on the liver. I would be interested to read that VaBelle, since I like to know as much as I can about my supplements. I have researched and used supplements since the late 80's, managed two health food stores, one twice. Never read CoQ10 is hard on the liver, but I can learn something new any time and am glad to do so. Continue Reading


Re: Epilator breaking hair off instead of pulling out.. help please

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On 7/17/2014 Trix said: For best first time results you really should let the hair growth get unsightly on the areas you want to epilate. The longer the hair the better the epilator pulls. You should also do the pre exfoliating as suggested by others. I will say that when I got the TSV epilator a few weeks back, I let the hair under my arms get to about 2mm and then the epilator ripped it all right out, root and all. It lasted for about four weeks. Hurt like a you-know-what though, and felt bruised for about two days, so I am not sure doing it with longer hair was the best idea. It was worth... Continue Reading


Re: Epilator breaking hair off instead of pulling out.. help please

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On 7/16/2014 betteb said: Go slow and exfoliate really well before and then a couple days after. I use this cheap facial mask. I put it on my legs about 10 minutes before a shower and then epilate after. It's $3.99 and available at Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta, etc. That is just brilliant! I forgot all about those Freeman masks and exfoliants. I used to love them. I am going to get that one you showed and do my legs ASAP! Thank you for that reminder! Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair Skin Nails TSV 7/13 will include...

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for this heads up! I had no idea, and I love those vitamins. Did I say thank you? ;) Continue Reading

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