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Re: "The Cough" & Rationing Cough Medication

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If you are interested in lung support during this awful virus "season", please do some research on Pleurisy Root. My husband and I have used it for about thirteen years now. He has a susceptibility to anything he catches ending up in his lungs that started after he got the Anthrax vaccination at work. It really made him ill, and I had to do some serious research on my own, since the docs would not even acknowledge a problem, even after months of coughing with no improvement. I found out that Pleurisy Root was used by Native Americans to support the lungs, and I thought, why not?! It worked! H... Continue Reading


Re: Ninja cooker Mississippi Pot Roast thousands of 4-star reviews!

In Recipe Swap 1422210057.233

Hi ladies! I was recently looking for the Ninja Multi-cooker on QVC again, but I see that it is gone. It was even removed from my wish list. Anyone know why? Are any of you who have it having any issues with it or know of a recall for it? Continue Reading


Re: Thinking About A New Computer

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Windows 8.1 is lovely. Don't be afraid of it at all. Windows 10 is coming. I got my mom a Dell XPS 8700 from Costco for Christmas that was a real pleasure to transition her from Windos XP to Windos 8.1 on. She is 78 and has had no problems. Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations for a new WIFI Router for basic home usage.

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There are some questions that are not being posted here for consideration that are pretty important when considering a new router (and I will miss some myself that should also be included). Brand is not the main thing to consider. Your type of use should be your very first consideration. Do you stream movies or music? Do you game (via PC, console, tablet, or smart phone)? Do you own any smart TVs, Rokus, Amazon or Apple TV type devices, XBox or other consoles that can be used to watch TV as well as game on? Do you own any e-readers that use wireless connections instead of cellular? Do you hav... Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone else's Clarasonic brushhead soured?

In Beauty Banter 1421452482.123

Nope...but I remove the brush from the unit after every use and rinse and shake out both for their air-dry session. Continue Reading


Re: Did you receive the TSV VitaMix? What are you making?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1420745047.933

I already have a Vitamix, but yes, I am craving some soup from it. I am thinking of a dupe of the Panera Autumn Squash soup. Simple ingredients with a hint of curry in it to help with this bitter weather. Yum! Continue Reading


Re: My friend bought a VERY expensive purse and I didn't know how to react

In Fashion Talk 1420744857.927

Since I would never be friends with anyone who would even consider spending that much money on a purse, this is not a problem that I can even begin to understand. A woman who needs to have shoes, purses, clothing or any wearable items that expensive has a real personality disorder IMHO. Trying to decorate yourself with expensive status items says something very specific about how little self esteem you have. It is like the 50 year old man suddenly buying a Corvette. Compensation for something that is lacking. Continue Reading


Re: Nude Pink Lipstick

In Beauty Banter 1420183130.067

Love Revlon's Pink Truffle. I am ultra fair with brown hair and hazel eyes. I tan to just a golden brown and never really (thank you Native American heritage I guess??) burn despite my ultra pale skin. My undertones tend towards yellow I think. I cannot wear the nudes that are more brown, and I have desperately been trying to find a "nude" that works for me too. I guess I need to check out the video posted in the link above about the more like my lips thing. Anyone know if the BB lipsticks have peppermint of other minty oils in them? I used Burt's Bees lip balm for years with the peppermint i... Continue Reading


Re: LYRICA users.........

In Health & Fitness 1420182578.15

KateInOK...I am not a big fan of drugs of any kind, and I have nasty effects from almost all of them. But, sometimes they are needed. In my case, Lyrica helped immensely, but I did gain some weight. Not a lot, but then again, I was taking a tiny dose compared to what everyone else takes, because I cannot handle the doses normally prescribed of anything by docs. Anyway, the Lyrica was not working well enough for my particular nerve pain symptoms, although it was working on other symptoms very well, so my pain specialist recommended trying Topamax instead (I will only take one prescription med ... Continue Reading


Re: Question About Portable Heaters

In For the Home Talk 1420176333.597

On 1/1/2015 annabellethecat said: I bought from HSN a fancy (you name does it) ceramic heater from HSN. I hate it and so does my cats. It's going back. So.......I pulled out the good old "RADIANT" blow your mind heater. That puppy draws electricity and puts out enough heat for a football stadium. No problem......where are my two cats? Why laying right in front of it, of course. They love the stupid thing. I have to have (in addition to the whole house humidifier) a humidifier going 24/7 or it would feel like the desert here! About every 2 years I need a new RADIANT heater (I put it in... Continue Reading

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