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Re: Supermulti Dvd burner/vs dvd/cd?

In Electronics Talk 1418847809.41

I do not usually refer to Wikipediafor any solid reference, but in this case, it is good enough: Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else have a hard time sleeping due to pain?

In Health & Fitness 1418847538.47

AnnaBella, as long as you are not allergic to phenylketuronics, have the inherited condition phenylketonuria, or have high blood pressure, the amino acid DL-Phenylalanine is a miracle worker for pain. It works wonders for my severe back pain. It has to be the DL form, not just the D or L forms alone. Since my blood pressure is slightly elevated, I take it with another amino acid called Taurine. I am not a medical expert, nor do I know everyone's conditions, so do your due diligence internet research on this before you try it, if you decide to do so. And no, it is not likely that your doctor w... Continue Reading


Re: Need toilet help!!!

In For the Home Talk 1418345926.847

I have heard of using coke for this problem before, but I have not tried it myself. If you have a septic system, do NOT use harsh chemicals or chlorine. At some point, maybe in the distant future if not now, you will pay for those choices with a new septic system cost....and YIKES! You have to read the fine print on everything these days to see if something is septic safe, and if it is not mentioned, then do not use the me on this. We got lucky, and I got educated when a septic tank pumper lectured me on the state of my septic tank one year. ROTFL!!! I got a potty lecture of s... Continue Reading


Re: Cancelled My KitchenAid TSV :(

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418345244.837

I am a very, very new cook, although I am 48. I have seen the stand mixers and wondered if they were something that I should have in my beginner cook kitchen. My husband loves baked goods, and I would like to bake about three times a week for him. But, I have a food processor already, so would I really need the stand mixer at all? I also have a Vitamix BTW and my food processor has dough hooks. Continue Reading


Re: Adult breakouts --- I could use your recommendations!

In Beauty Banter 1418323475.277

Best thing for ME for zits like you describe has been Buzz On Acne, which I discovered two years ago on this board. If I start to get those pimples, I spray BOA on and gently pat into the skin. It works immediately. No excess drying and no sensitivity...for me. I am 48...had oily acneic skin most of my life, but no pimples now. I make sure to spray it on my whole face and allow to dry before I aply my moisturizer and cosmetics on the days that I wear makeup as well. Continue Reading


Re: Le Creuset Knobs

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418323207.203

Hi ladies! You can buy replacement LC knobs of both types on Amazon. I searched because if I DO buy an LC Dutch Oven with the black knob, I will immediately replace it with the silver metal knob. A lot of recipes that I see call for temps of 400-450 for the oven portion. The silver knob can take higher temps. It should simply be a matter of loosening a screw...right? Or am I mistaken? I do not yet have a DO to look at. Continue Reading


Re: Problems watching QVC through the Roku box

In Electronics Talk 1418321927.997

Here are some links with some insight hopefully: Continue Reading


Re: Can you recommend an oil mister that actually mists...

In Recipe Swap 1418190424.25

Hiya! My spouse bought two from Target. I do not know the brands, but Target does not have a wide selection of these....I think one or two types at most. Ours have a clear glass bottom with a white pump cap. The cap has a band of green around the edge. I have coconut oil in one (which I keep in the cabinet over my coffee maker to keep the oil warm and liquid) and olive oil in the other. They both work great and have been working great for over a year so far. I never put the parts in the dishwasher, well except for the glass bottle. I cleaned the pump the first time by running white vinegar th... Continue Reading


Re: Bath and Body Works hand soaps

In For the Home Talk 1416764016.267

Ladies, can someone tell me which of the hand soaps no longer have the triclosan or any anti-bacterial stuff? Is it the "gentle foaming" or is it one of the others? Continue Reading


Re: Dear Santa, Please don't bring me a vacuum for Christmas. I'd prefer...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416763916.083

If we easily could afford it, and we can't, I would wish for a brand new, top of the line gaming computer from Falcon or MainGear! ;) Continue Reading

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