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Re: I Miss the Old Diamonique

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I miss not only the quality of the old Diamonique, I still have some of mine from the 80s, but the fact that it was set in solid gold as well. It really made it worth the buy. With prices the way they are these days, I doubt I would be able to afford what they would set the real gold prices at though, if it was offered. Continue Reading


Re: When recycling, do you wash things out completely?

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I do, because I feel for the trash/recycling attendants who have to put up with the wasps and hornets attracted to the non-rinsed cans, etc. I know that since I am one of the few who will rinse and then spray with a vinegar/soap deterrent that my lone contribution will make little to zero contribution, but that won't stop me doing it anyway. When it comes to peanut butter, I usually use almost all the jar anyway, so anything left can be wiped out with a paper towel. I then spray the jar with my vinegar/soap mixture and wipe out once more. Continue Reading


Re: Any Foundation that does not fade away into my skin throughout day?

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Revlon Colorstay powders and foundations have been my go-tos since the 90s. Revlon keeps improving the product and it has never failed me. I did try Maybelline Fit foundation recently after seeing a commercial and thinking maybe I needed a change after so long. While the Fit product went on well with a damp sponge, it had faded into my skin completely within 4-6 hours. Ridiculous. Continue Reading


Re: Is there a mascara that doesn't make your lashes all stiff and clumpy?

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That new Cover Girl Clump Free one is no bueno for me. It makes my eyes burn. It also flaked off after a few hours, and I am not an eye rubber or anything. I used the tube once, and mainly because of the burning, I will be throwing it away when I do my bathroom cleaning tomorrow. I will admit it did go on nicely though. Continue Reading


Re: evine has free ship this weekend.....

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But, do not expect any purchases to ship out in a timely fashion at all. I ordered a new cookware set on Monday, May 18. It is in stock, but it has still not shipped out as of today. No decent reason why can be given either. Sheesh! Continue Reading


Re: Interesting-Q brands my consignment shop will not accept

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I shop mainly at Kohl's when I buy new, because that is all I can afford (the sales of course). That being said, if I owned a consignment store, I would not take anything from Kohl's, JC Penney, Sears, Kmart, or the Q either. The clothing quality is poo. Never mind what we paid for it. How many times have you seen complaints on this board about the quality of the clothing or the rampant difference in the fit for the same sizes within a brand?! How many times has a piece shrunk or become misshapen after the first laundering, whether from the Q or the box stores? Or, how many times have you gon... Continue Reading


Re: Where do you buy your essential oils?

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RachB, if I am serious about an oil, such as for internal use, I will buy only Young Living. Their Pan-Away formula and their Thieves formula are just worth the money. Although, I did recently find a company online called Uncle Harry's that makes a very good Thieves substitute. For my general oil use, I have always used Aura Cacia Organic. If you are wondering about the Vitacost brand, I just received a bottle of the Patchouli as my first experiment with their essential oils. I have hesitated for months doing this, because I use the Patchouli in a blend with apple cider vinegar and one of the... Continue Reading


Re: Recent SPAM posts in the forums

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Q, you do not need to completely disable the forums after 1 AM. From what I know of message board management and databases, you should be able to only disable posting by anyone who is say a new member of fewer than 24 hours, or any length you choose. That should buy you some time while you implement your other solutions, without alienating and angering your longtime posters and participants. Continue Reading


Re: Coconut Oil...what brand do you drink ?

In Beauty Banter 1431754494.44

Happy Daze, you just cannot educate some people. People seem to think fats and cholesterol are bad for you. If they would take a simple human biology semester course, they may think differently and for themselves, as opposed to letting doctors do all their thinking for them. That being said, if you are predisposed to heart disease, and raise your cholesterol in your blood stream somehow, you MAY end up providing more of ONE the materials used to create plaques on the arterial walls ONCE THE DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE BY OTHER MEANS. Oy ve. So, did that butter REALLY taste good in the coffee... Continue Reading


Ever been able to contact EverydayKitchen manufacturer?

Started by ThinkOutsideTheBox in Kitchen & Food Talk 1431748555.877

I recently bought a cookware set on the Q made by EverydayKitchen. The sets are sold out in all colors now, and I seem to have one defective pot. The largest pot, the 5 qt., just will not boil water properly. It takes a good 20 minutes to even get to a simmer, and once you add pasta or other goods, it never gets back to any kind of boil. We have tried it on multiple burners, and the other pots we have are all fine, including others from the same set. Q says that I can only ship the entire set back for a refund, but I love my purple pots and pans. I was wondering if anyone out there has ever b... Continue Reading

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