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Re: Circulation &Vein Support (Diosmin) - Question re long term use

In Health & Fitness 1413134407.207

Have not researched your particular supplement enough to give you a complete or direct answer, but I will say this.....over the years, I have noticed a distinct trend towards labeling certain herbs and supplements, the ones that really work, as either dangerous or dangerous to take long term. Even online, the information provided on these supplements has gradually shifted to make you doubt whether you should take them at all. The same is true for newer books on the subjects. Some will say this is because more studies are being done so now we know more, but I heartily disagree with that assump... Continue Reading


Re: Can't install Windows updates

In Electronics Talk 1412882873.07

Which version of Windows do you have? If XP, you will need to download the updates yourself (search for them on Microsoft's site by KB number) and then run them one at a time. Windows XP auto updates failed on my mom's machine once Microsoft discontinued XP support, so I had to install any available remaining updates manually. Make sure to install each one in order by their release date. If not XP, another point to consider besides GLB's good ideas is that many times, updates that are recommended or suggested are not truly valid for your system. Often, those updates will fail, and it is unwis... Continue Reading


Re: What has happened to mally?

In Mally 1412882230.68

Saw Mally on the Rachael Ray early last week. Perhaps she is moving on or branching out her brand availability. Continue Reading


Re: I am starting to hate my iPad!

In Electronics Talk 1412881959.01

I have an iPad 4. When I first updated to iOS 8'ish, I had terrible slowness and lag on the iPad. So much so, that I downgraded to iOS 7.0.2. That is no longer an option for the typical iPad user. Also, when I did it, I was unable to access some important data that I had in my iCloud backups. So, I upgraded again to iOS 8'ish. However, the second time, I did it via iTunes instead of via WiFi, based on some things I read in online Apple fan forums. I also performed the update in a particular way. First, I connected the iPad to iTunes and made sure to back all my data up. Then, with the iPad st... Continue Reading


Re: How tacky to use QVC host to vent dissatisfaction with Serta

In TSV Talk 1412535476.507

What is inappropriate about a customer stating how dissatisfied she is and how much trouble she has had getting help? It is a testimonial call after all. There is no rule stating they all have to be positive. Good for her for standing up for herself as a customer if no one at QVC has been willing to provide decent customer service. Continue Reading


Re: Finally found the best curly hair product ever made!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1412535242.863

Since it looks like the second ingredient in it is glycerin, I will pass. Glycerin is a big no-no if you want to avoid frizz and tend towards it. Continue Reading


Re: Tired of sticky skincare serums

In Beauty Banter 1412193027.6

I have not read all the posts here, so forgive me if someone mentioned this already......the culprit (almost always) for the sticky feeling in moisturizers and cosmetics, is glycerin. It is a cheap ingredient, and it is used because it can attract moisture in the air to the skin while also acting as a general moisturizer and smoother itself. It is also basically a sugar, so bacteria tend to love it. I avoid glycerin if at all possible, because I hate the feel and it does break me out. Oddly, you will also often find glycerin in many hair products for curly haired gals, but glycerin is known t... Continue Reading


Re: Microsoft has announced WINDOWS 10

In Electronics Talk 1412192367.73

I LOVED, and I mean really loved, Windows XP for many years. Once I started school for Network Security, I began working with Vista, and boy did I curse out that OS at least thirty times per day. However, I began to be very fond of Vista, in the way people become fond of the runts of puppy and kitten litters. ;) Moved on to Windows 7...loved it in theory....HATED, and still HATE it in practice. Despite what everyone says about loving Windows 7, I have never seen a Microsoft OS screw itself up so often after MS updates...EVER! When Windows 8 came out, I did a lot of reading about improvements ... Continue Reading


Re: Adult Acne..HELP!!

In Beauty Banter 1412065116.367

Acne can be a very individualized problem. What works for one person, may not work at all for another. Hormonal, cystic acne is especially annoying but can be controlled often far more easily than acne caused by reactions to product ingredients, just because finding the long list of ingredients that affects YOU can take forever, and that list can change over time. If your daughter gets hormonal acne, there are several supplements, which when taken together, work very well over time. Google Lactoferrin and its forms. A product that I love which has Lactoferrin in it is Futurebiotics Acne Advan... Continue Reading


Re: Side Effect of Hair, Nails , Skin Supplements

In Health & Fitness 1411990783.857

Many people have a problem with digestive upset and nausea when they take extra B vitamins. I used to be unable to tolerate above 25 mg of any B vitamin at once. Others can tolerate more, some tolerate much less. Without knowing what else you take, either supplement or prescription/over the counter medicine, it would be hard to speculate about why you have trouble with the Hair Skin and Nails. Do you take anything else at about the same time? It is a great vitamin. I would not be without it, so I am sorry that you are having trouble. If you really want to get into learning more about your dig... Continue Reading

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