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Re: Anxiety & Panic Attacks -- Please tell me what you do if you suffer from this!!!!

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I suffer from PTSD but unfortunately, I cannot take most medications because I am highly sensitive to them. I suffer from any and all of their side effects to a ridiculously magnified degree. What I discovered by accident however, may help you OP, in the panic attack/anxiety arena. I was prescribed Topamax for the prevention of my severe migraine headaches. I have never been able to get anywhere near the therapeutic dosage needed to prevent my migraines. However, even on a very tiny dose, I noticed an interesting effect. Normally, because of my PTSD, I have to sleep with a gun under the pillo... Continue Reading


Re: Which shoes would you choose?

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#1 with the champagne / light blush dress please. Continue Reading


Re: Anti-Virus about to expire so checking your recommendations for a good one

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Here are the latest recommendations for the free products: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2388652,00.asp?mailing_id=1225187&mailing=SecurityWatch&mailingID=49E7D3C8218EA72469ADCD01EFC07E7B Continue Reading


Re: CE pressure cooker won't turn on

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Luv2run, is the pressure cooker plugged directly into an outlet, or do you either use an extension cord or have a multi-plug outlet added to your outlet that the pressure cooker is plugged into? I ask, because I discovered a weird issue with my multi-plug outlets. If I use the bottom set of outlets on them, I have problems with all my cooking gadgets (pressure cooker, rice cooker, etc.). Using the top set of outlets is no problem. I am shrugging my shoulders as I type this, because IDK why this is a problem. It may not be relevant for you, but I thought I would mention it. Continue Reading


Re: New Bounty Paper Towels

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SuzyQ, thanks to you, I spent the morning learning stuff I knew nothing about! Apparently, there is an app called Buycott that helps you avoid products made by companies you do not want to support. The app isn't perfect, but it is helpful. You can scan barcodes on items while you are in the store to see if the product is linked to a company or person you do not want to support. I had no idea Georgia Pacific was owned by the Koch brothers, and in fact, had no idea that is how their name is spelled. So, you have educated me several times over. Plus, I learned about new paper towels with Dawn in... Continue Reading


Re: New Bounty Paper Towels

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On 4/8/2015 Topaz Gem said: Maybe I'm missing something, but even if they were made by Georgia Pacific, what's the big deal? Is there some sort of controversy surrounding GP? That is my question. What am I missing? And by the way, none of these industries are made up of saints in any way. Continue Reading



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ROTFLMRO! Well. We ladies have been putting all kinds of weird stuff on our skin for millennia now in pursuit of youth and beauty. The things we do! Men (straight men that is) in general would never consider this. We are either the dumbest gender or the smartest. I am never sure which, especially when I read something like this. That said, I do recall reading at some point that this is extremely good for the skin. If it was free, I might try it, as long as no snails or slugs are harmed. LOL! I am going to giggle about this all night now. Continue Reading


Re: Ivy on brick homes

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I love the way it looks, but I will never, ever willingly give ivy or other plants a toe-hold for growing on and into my home. Like others have said....critter highways, damage to the home, etc. I have seen all of that, and no thanks. I like the second or third poster's idea about jasmine on a trellis? That would be lovely and smell heavenly! Continue Reading


Re: And the top two dresses are ........................

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My choice for you is # 1. The pink dress is NOT flattering. It makes you look overly busty in a very non-flattering way, and the pink also enhances the tummy area...NOT what I think any of us would go for. # 1 is elegant and slimming. Continue Reading


Re: WP rice cooker

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Ok, most bizarre thing ever has happened. My rice cooker was chugging along just great ever since it arrived a few weeks ago. No boil overs, perfect rice and steel cut oats. The other day, it suddenly started boiling over, and I do not mean out of the vent hole in the top. It started boiling out the sides from under the closed lid. Long story short, my inner pot has somehow warped from a circle to an oval around the top rim. It has never been in the dishwasher, and to my knowledge, it has never gone into the sink while still hot or even warm. I always waited until it was cooled down to hand w... Continue Reading

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