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Re: HP Tablet on HSN

In Electronics Talk 1414544264.27

Nutmeg, I was not talking about storage. I was talking about the inability with the KitKat Android OS or later not allowing you to install and run apps from the SD card. This is a different and very necessary function with a tablet or device that only has 16 GB of its own onboard "memory". Apps can be installed and run from the SD cards on devices with KitKat or newer ONLY if the app is written to allow this (rare so far), AND you "root" the device in question. This is not a good option for someone who expects to use the heck out of their device, trying new apps out often, and trying to maint... Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414474201.93

I am wary of using anything with too many chemicals in it on the dishes...shine this, sparkle that, etc. My biggest success with keeping the dishwasher running great and smelling fresh is to periodically do an empty run with something called Dishwasher Magic inside. It cleared up a clogging problem I got a few years back after using Method tablets for a while. I now use DM about every six months for maintenance. Our dishwasher is fifteen years old. It is loud, and I wish it WOULD die so I can get something quieter, but so far so good for the condition of it. We also use Grab Green pods or hom... Continue Reading


Re: Tony Little pillows?

In For the Home Talk 1414473413.913

The TL pillows are be ry thick, but the beads can be shifted to make a good pocket for your head. I have two. My husband refuses to use his, and Inuse mine only to read in bed or for a body support pillow. Unfortunately, the pillows get too hot to sleep with my head on them. This is my personal experience, so please don't anybody attack me for giving my opinion. These boards have gotten out of hand lately, but I did want to help out the OP. Continue Reading


Re: Hoping for Vitamix in Apple Green!

In TSV Talk 1414352388.803

You are welcome! I do not know if it is the correct color green, but I knew about it since I also had this color in my wish list. ;) Continue Reading


Re: Hoping for Vitamix in Apple Green!

In TSV Talk 1414350905.66

They have this one which they call Lemongrass, but it looks apple green to me: Continue Reading


Re: Frostguard TSV V32886

In TSV Talk 1414295791.18

This seems like a better idea...Cover for windshield, top and rear window Continue Reading


Re: HP Tablet on HSN

In Electronics Talk 1414266114.347

Most people who bought that HP tablet will only be happy with it if it is their very first tablet. 16 GB of storage with no ability to install and run apps from the SD card is just not enough room for apps...especially if any games are installed. I feel bad for the people who bought this based on the presentation from HSN which failed to mention how little storage for installing and running apps was really available. Continue Reading


Re: Best NATURAL looking mascara that SEPARATES Lashes?

In Beauty Banter 1414174340.543

Lancôme Definicils IS incredible, but I wear that for a night out. My favorite natural looking mascara is this: Continue Reading


Re: World Market Pumpkin Spice Coffee

In Coffee Talk 1413956730.12

On 10/20/2014 kahootz said: Trader Joes has a good one with all natural flavorings. I almost bought a Dunkin Doughnut's brand last year until I noticed it was laden with artificial flavorings, yuk! Just look for the ones with natural flavoring. Thank you kahootz! I did not know that about Trader Joe's. I will check it out! Continue Reading


Re: World Market Pumpkin Spice Coffee

In Coffee Talk 1413917033.537

I bought the World Market one, but I have not tried it yet. I am sensitive to any artificial favors, and usually WM has that in their coffees. I thought I would try it anyway, but I have been chicken so far. Continue Reading

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