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Re: Whats your opinion on a tragedy home

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On 4/7/2014 DezC said: I would - unless it was an unsolved crime and there's a chance the police would need to come back to find more evidence (like rip up the lawn). A friend of mine lived in a house where the owner was buried in the concrete in the basement by her husband. That didn't bother my friend at all. OK, now THAT one might bother me I think. I am not particularly superstitious, nor am I "religious". However, I am unfortunately hypersensitive to a lot of things. Also, I am not arrogant enough to say that I KNOW for sure there are or are not spirits/entities/energy...whatever you wan... Continue Reading


Re: Mally mascara comes with cancer warning

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SuzYQ, not that anyone asked me, but I am a wanna-be activist/supplement and herb lover/sort-of environmentalist/lazy tree hugger, etc. myself. I want to save the environment, protect our children, keep chemicals (the bad kind) out of my body, etc. just like a lot of people. However, I noticed something about California's Prop 65 a long time ago. To me, there also seems to be an agenda behind it that I cannot quite put my finger on, but I am sure that like everything, it has something to do with business and money. I agree that banning harmful substances is needed and I admire the fact that C... Continue Reading


Re: Foundation that stays put under surgical mask?

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There are so many good ideas in here. I have used Revlon Colorstay for years, and I love it. I have sweated in it, and blot with a tissue often with no noticeable or memorable transfer when I do, but I do not rub nor do I have constant friction going on against it. I have heard excellent things about the Estee Lauder Double Wear too, and I was going to try that next out of curiosity. I am also now curious about the Merle Norman some have mentioned in this thread. The setting sprays may make a big difference, as may the primers and the using less overall makeup on your skin when you know you h... Continue Reading


Re: Help with curtains that are too long

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Style Snaps or Snap n Hem would be perfect for your purpose. Particularly for your drapes, since you are likely to set them and leave them for a while. Do a Google. Also, perhaps with something like this ( to help get the length just so while the curtains are still hanging? Continue Reading


Re: Question About Windows SkyDrive

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Article with some good info and recommendations for your question: Continue Reading


Re: Any new inventions for blond facial hair permanant removal?

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HappyDaze, how is it going for the underarms? I have the hormonal facial hair too, but believe it or not, the underarm hair is annoying me the most right now. Continue Reading


Re: OT: Anybody buy from Nomorerack?

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Thanks for posting this info ladies. I have been considering purchasing some things from there...things that I recognize as closeouts from other sites I frequent. If I do purchase, I will be sure to use a prepaid CC or such. Also, don't forget, a lot of credit card numbers are being stolen from gas pumps these days. Also from many other none-shopping sites and places like colleges (University of Maryland has been hit twice lately for example). The gas pumps are the worst, because credit card skimmers are now invisible, and gas pumps use one universal key to open them, so placing the skimmers ... Continue Reading


Re: Almond Milk vs Coconut Milk

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I love both almond milk and coconut milk. Keep in mind that if you have herpes or shingles, the almond milk will most likely cause and outbreak (as can pumpkin and the flu shot). Coconut milk is higher in fat, if you are a fat gram counter. Continue Reading


Re: Lumbar Epidural

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I had a couple of sets of these done by Capitol Spine and Pain in the Northern Va area to see if they would alleviate the swelling from my herniated L5/S1 and thus restore the function to my leg, which had gone numb and lost calf and partial foot function. The injections did not take down the swelling enough to fix the problem, and once I had surgery, that did not fix anything either. In fact, I now have more pain because I developed scar tissue from the surgery, which now presses on nerves and causes pain on the left side of my back (something I did not have before). The lumbar injections ar... Continue Reading


Re: What Is Your Favorite Laundry Detergent?

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On 2/26/2014 Sunshine Kate said: I'm going to try the homemade powdered version of laundry soap soon. I heard it costs pennies to use per load and has excellent cleaning power. I found the recipe online: 1 - 4 lb. 12oz. box BORAX 1 - 3 lb. 7oz. ARM & HAMMER SUPER WASHING SODA 1 - 3 lb. OXYCLEAN 2 - 14.1 oz. ZOTE soap (pink) OR FELS NAPTHA (grate finely) 1 - 4 lb. ARM & HAMMER BAKING SODA 2 - Bottles PUREX CRYSTALS (55 oz. bottles) Mix in a clean 5 gallon bucket and then transfer into a smaller container. Use 2 Tablespoons per large load in machine. This is basically what I do now too... Continue Reading

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