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Re: Tree Peonies anyone?????

In In the Garden 1397592874.55

I have one and its gorgeous. Plant it where it has space because mine is about 4 ft wide. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- April 2014

In Book Club 1397161468.443

I just finished Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen and enjoyed it very much - plus it's a quick read. I am excited about the sequel to the Cuckoo's Calling - really enjoyed that book and was surprised to hear it was JK Rowling under a pseudonym. Gold Finch - If that book had been edited by someone who was willing to cut out about 200 pages, it would have been a GREAT book instead of an OK book. Much too long. I'm just starting May We Be Forgiven by A M Homes and am part way through the Genjie and the Golum by Helene Wecker. Two completely different story lines, but each e... Continue Reading


Re: O/T...Sprouts Grocery ...

In Beauty Banter 1396987762.82

Living in Seattle we have several natural foods outlets (including farmers markets) to choose from. Food prices in Seattle are high. Went to Southern California a few weeks ago and my friend took me to Sprouts. I was absolutely amazed at the high quality produce and the low prices. Washington State (which is supposed to be one of the top apple producers in the US) doesnt' guarantee us low prices on apples. The lowest our apple prices are is around $1.99/#, no matter where you shop. Same apple varities in Sprouts were $.98/#. I know if Sprouts was in Seattle the prices would be higher, b... Continue Reading


Re: Lipstick Queen Question?

In Beauty Banter 1394742405.06

They bleed on me. Loved the colors and the feel, but too much work, was constantly having to blot and clean up around my lips. Continue Reading


Re: Frustrated with cracking

In Temp-tations 1394741935.1

I had problems with this line too and switched to Lidia Bastianich several years ago. Love her cookware. Bakes beautifully and the cleanup is amazing. Still looks like new. But QVC doesn't offer her line anymore. Continue Reading


Re: Dishwasher & Cloudy Dishes

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1394741504.17

I had to replace my GE dishwasher last year - it died. Bought a Kitchen Aid (big mistake!) I never had to use anything but dishwasher detergent in the old machine but had big issues with the new one not cleaning adequately and leaving spots and film on the dishes. Talked with an appliance repair guy and he told me 2 things. Make sure you run the hot water before you start the dishwasher. New dishwashers don't heat the water first. And most important - only fill the tub 3/4s full. He said if its too full, the water doesn't adequately move through the tub. Since he gave me that advice I'... Continue Reading


Re: GILI Leather Dress

In Fashion Talk 1393275137.37

I could easily see someone who works in a professional office wearing this dress to work. Looks much more professional than a mini skirt and plunging neckline. It's beautiful. Wish I could wear it, but I have an hourglass figure and outfits like this just don't work for me. As far as the dress making you too warm, I could do with some of that. I work in an old building where there is just one temperature all year round and that's COLD. I'm currently working with my feet on a heating pad, a space heater next to me and 3 layers of clothes. Continue Reading


Re: WHY hasn't my top shipped '5' days after ordering it????

In Suggestion Box 1392758767.85

My husband's in the freight forwarding business. Many of the companies he works with are on the East Coast and with the weather the last several weeks, all of the shipments he has been expecting have been delayed by several days. Several of the companies he works with have been closed down and can't get their freight out. Probably the same for QVC Continue Reading


Re: Yummie by Heather Thompson

In Fashion Talk 1391806876.64

Lisa and Sunshine Thanks for letting me know how much you like the leggings. Life got in the way and I didn't get them ordered, but will watch for the next time they are available. Continue Reading

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