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Re: Any good mysteries?

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Dorothy Cannell - The Ellie Haskell series Continue Reading


Reviews on products

Last Reply by kachina624 1414215919.29 | Started by catmama in Q Did What?

I posted a review on an Isaac jacket the other day by clicking on the link in the order status section. So today I thought I'd read some of the other reviews on it and I searched for the item through the Fashion section. Found the jacket, but my review wasn't there. So I went back to my order status page and clicked on "write a review" and there's my review with a note that I've already reviewed this item. I've haven't checked any of the other reviews I've done thru order status, but I'm going to. Anyone else notice this? Continue Reading


Re: Look at Renee Zellweger - What do you think?

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When I first saw the picture I thought it was Robin Wright. But then I thought no it's Naomi Watts, so was surprised when I read it was Rene. Continue Reading


Opinions on Europe RIver Cruises

Last Reply by dobiesrule 1412825299.157 | Started by catmama in Among Friends

I and 7 other friends (all women) are trying to plan a cruise next September and I was wondering if any of you had taken one and what your thoughts were. Our time line is 7 days and our budgets are below $2000 each. Not much I know. I've looked at Viking, Avalon, CroisiEurope, AMA and Abercrombie. Croisi does have the lowest cost, but I can't find any reviews on line on them. Would appreciate any help you can give me. Continue Reading has Vionic with Orthaheel

Last Reply by Remee 1411779207.78 | Started by catmama in All About Shoes

Looks like a large selection Continue Reading


Re: Best massive page count novel you ever read?

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On 12/16/2013 HoneyBit said: Anyone interesting in adding to this thread again? I enjoyed it so much when I first discovered it, I'd love to see more choices. So many people I know say, "I don't want to read such a LONG book!" Given a choice, I'll pick a long book over a short one -- if the author's really good, I enjoy spending a lot of time in that particular world. One of my favorites is "The King Hereafter" by Dorothy Dunnett about Thorfinn/Macbeth and the Orkney Islands. Also Dorothy Dunnett's six books in the "Lymond Chronicles" -- Game of Kings, Queen's Play, Disorderly Knights, Pawn i... Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- September 2014

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I generally read Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum during the summer, but missed last year so I read #17 last month and found it so/so. Picked up 18 this month and found it less than so/so, so I think I'm finished with her. Same topics, same conversations, same dithering about everything. Sad - because I really enjoyed the series for years. Continue Reading


Re: Ban the Mom Heel!

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I have a different issue with the molded heels. I wear a 1" lift on my right shoe because of leg length differential. With the molded heels, there isn't any room inside the shoe for an insert, unless the inserts with the shoes are removable. Can't add a lift to molded heels. So I try to find shoes with stack heels, hopefully less than an inch. Those are quite scarce now, so I am generally wearing Birki's because I can have the lift added. I cry because there are so many great shoes, probably very comfortable, that I can't buy. So I for one would love to see more shoes with stack heels a... Continue Reading


Re: Huggable Hangars-Yea or Nay?

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If you're wondering about reliability, when I ordered mine the 1st time from HSN, there were only 2 colors available - black and gray. And that's been years ago. Not one has broken. Continue Reading


Our Memorial to Joan

Last Reply by Rocker 1409955322.55 | Started by catmama in Jewelry Talk

Tomorrow I'm going to wear Joan's jewelry. I hope you all join me. Continue Reading

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