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Re: What Are You Reading --- March 2015

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On 3/14/2015 smokymtngal said: I'm still reading A Sudden Light. It's totally different from The Art of Racing in the Rain, but I really like it so far. Two other books just became available on my kindle (The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, and Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel) I've been waiting a long time for both of those books. I'd better hurry up and finish my current book. I'm listening to The Bone Clocks and am really enjoying it. I tried to read Cloud Atlas, but just couldn't get into it, so maybe I'll try the audible version after I finish Bone Clocks. Continue Reading


Re: Please bring back Lidia Bastianich

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I have her pasta bowls and rectangular bakers and love them all. The baking pans clean beautifully and the patterns and colors are so cheerful. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- March 2015

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I just finished A Sudden Light by Garth Stein. He wrote The Art of Racing in the Rain which was a best seller a few years back. New book takes place in Seattle in the 90s and is about a boy who travels with his father to Seattle to the family home. Lots of secrets and some ghosts. Well written and I enjoyed it. Continue Reading


Re: Masterbuilt smoker

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We have a wood smoker which hubby uses frequently, but he wanted to try the Masterbuilt for the winter when it's difficult to keep the wood smoker at a consistent temp. Bought it from QVC about 4 years ago, used it 3 or 4 times and hasn't used it since. Same problem, inconsistent and it leaked. Taking up space in the garage now. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone here ever had surgery for nasal polyps?

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Does your daughter want to continue suffering, because it doesn't get better. I went over 2 years before I had the surgery back in the last 70s and I wish I hadn't waited so long. The recovery is uncomfortable and longer than you think it should be, but I can breathe and I don't have sinus infections or headaches any more. Oh and my sense of smell returned, which in some cases wasn't so pleasing! Continue Reading


Re: Help! Anyone Have Penzey's Latest Catalog Handy?

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On 1/29/2015 Dusty1 said: On 1/29/2015 catmama said: Ladies - this Seattle girl would like to know what is Penzey's? Penzey's Spice Co. Online & some stores. They have wonderful spices & seasonings in different amounts that you can buy. And, like it's been said here, you can get free S&H today with an order of $20 (usually $30) & they have the most wonderful cinnamon in the world. Thanks Dusty1, I'll check it out. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Anyone Have Penzey's Latest Catalog Handy?

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Ladies - this Seattle girl would like to know what is Penzey's? Continue Reading


Re: RIP Vince Camuto

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HSN has a notice at the top of their home page. Continue Reading


Re: Swimmer's hair products?

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I would seriously recommend a swim cap. It does help protect your hair. I've been swimming for years and at first didn't wear one, my hair was short too. Then one time I went to get my hair cut and my stylist made the comment that she never expected to be cutting hay. My hair was that damaged. After swimming, rinse your hair thoroughly and then use Wen conditioner. Condition once a week with his oil. It's made a huge difference in my hair and I swim 3 days a week. Continue Reading


Re: painting a cement floor: where can I look for ideas?

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We have a below ground level basement with a cement floor and moisture is a concern but not a huge one. Several years ago we painted the floor with a paint recommended for cement and moisture issues. Within a few months the paint started peeling and we eventually tiled over the living area of the basement. We talked to a rep at the paint store (different person than the one who originally said it would be ok) and he said that not installing a moisture barrier was probably the reason the paint peeled. So don't rely on Pinterest or the DIY's. Check with a professional contractor. Continue Reading

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