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Re: Help! Anyone Have Penzey's Latest Catalog Handy?

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On 1/29/2015 Dusty1 said: On 1/29/2015 catmama said: Ladies - this Seattle girl would like to know what is Penzey's? Penzey's Spice Co. Online & some stores. They have wonderful spices & seasonings in different amounts that you can buy. And, like it's been said here, you can get free S&H today with an order of $20 (usually $30) & they have the most wonderful cinnamon in the world. Thanks Dusty1, I'll check it out. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Anyone Have Penzey's Latest Catalog Handy?

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Ladies - this Seattle girl would like to know what is Penzey's? Continue Reading


Re: RIP Vince Camuto

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HSN has a notice at the top of their home page. Continue Reading


Re: Swimmer's hair products?

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I would seriously recommend a swim cap. It does help protect your hair. I've been swimming for years and at first didn't wear one, my hair was short too. Then one time I went to get my hair cut and my stylist made the comment that she never expected to be cutting hay. My hair was that damaged. After swimming, rinse your hair thoroughly and then use Wen conditioner. Condition once a week with his oil. It's made a huge difference in my hair and I swim 3 days a week. Continue Reading


Re: painting a cement floor: where can I look for ideas?

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We have a below ground level basement with a cement floor and moisture is a concern but not a huge one. Several years ago we painted the floor with a paint recommended for cement and moisture issues. Within a few months the paint started peeling and we eventually tiled over the living area of the basement. We talked to a rep at the paint store (different person than the one who originally said it would be ok) and he said that not installing a moisture barrier was probably the reason the paint peeled. So don't rely on Pinterest or the DIY's. Check with a professional contractor. Continue Reading



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On 12/27/2014 Vamp said: I stopped reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series after about #12 or so. I loved the first 10 books, but it lost its magic for me. Me too - same old stuff Continue Reading


Re: SIMPLIFY 2015-join us if you want to commit to spending less and want support! Week 1

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I'm in and I figure if I make it public like this, I'll have a better chance of sticking to it. Continue Reading


Re: In 2015, I vow to spend less on things I don't need! Anyone with me?

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What a timely post! This past weekend I decided to clean out my makeup and beauty products. I filled an entire garbage can of stuff I no longer used or knew was so old it was time to get rid of it. Some of it looked like it was older than dirt! Embarrassing and a good lesson for myself. Still have too much so I think another cleansing after the first of the year is in order. And I'm not buying anything new until the old stuff is gone. Continue Reading


Re: I have 3 sealed bags of cut up romaine leaves, any ideas besides salad to use up?

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I add lettuce to my stir frys. One bag will wilt up beautifully and you can use it instead of spinach. Continue Reading


Re: Frustration with finding a bra!

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Have you tried Soma? I'm like you, couldn't find a comfortable formed bra. Went to Soma and I really like their bras. Great fit and the women there know what their doing when it comes to fitting you. I asked why do you recommend the formed bras and her answer was "modesty". When you get to a certain age, you don't want to look like you're not wearing a bra, especially if you're busty. Continue Reading

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