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Re: Lisa Robertson's Exit

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On 10/31/2014 seniorCTzn said: On 10/31/2014 winamac1 said: I think it's weird when people put pictures of what they are eating on Facebook. You're right about the food pictures, winamac1. Lunching selfies, dinner selfies ... all air brushed and "filtered" When stressed out, many people take to seeking out and consuming "comfort food". Not so much about the "torture of the week" lately. All those xxxxxxxtra small clothes aren't going to "fit" if she continues on her eating-out-with-friends dates. Continue Reading


Re: Q: What "unhealthy food" was hardest to give up? Bonus: How did you do it?

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Many , many years ago I stopped eating anything fried and anything from a box. I also rarely eat sugar--a few exceptions. I never missed them. I really never have had a weight problem, but I just wanted to focus on mainly eating the perimeter of grocery stores. I do love a few sweets (coconut cream pie, peanut m and m's, reese cups), but I just rarely eat them. I don't eat bread often either, and I don't miss it. Continue Reading


Re: Don't Forget To Move The Clock Back.........

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ugg--hate fall back. I say it every year. I'm up early anyway, and now I"ll be up even an hour earlier on Sunday. I prefer Spring forward. Continue Reading


Re: Do you find this photo of Bethenny Frankel shocking?

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On 10/30/2014 beckyb1012 said: On 10/30/2014 moonstone dunes said: She looks fine in the bathing suit picture. She has A Paddle Board business in the Hamptons. She's lean and has muscle tone. Paddle Boarding requires strong core muscles. ITA ragging on a thin person seems to be great sport. She does look good but I hope she knows when to call it a day. She looks fabulous in those pics. She may have lost a bit more weight, though, between then and now. In these pics, she does not look too thin. She has a great shape. Continue Reading


Re: ot/ what does your family do for thanksgiving?

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My sister will probably have Thanksgiving at her house. My mother passed away this year so we won't be doing it at my dad's. Usually my sister or brother has had it the past few years. Continue Reading


Re: Lamo 10/31 TSV

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On 10/30/2014 shih128 said: Received mine in chestnut. I love them , so comfortable. I did size up, like a little room for socks. Crud--I didn't size up when I ordered a week or so ago. I hope they aren't too tight. Continue Reading


Re: Lamo 10/31 TSV

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On 10/31/2014 phoenixbrd said: WIN...I'm loving that pink too, but I'm wondering how you will wear them? with black/jeans? I just ordered the blue...I think they will look great with the persian blue Linea coat and sweater...really like the black, green, grey, and camel too...I'm using restraint! I ordered pink. I'll wear them with black and jeans--I love pink. I liked the blue too, but they wouldn't go with much of what I own. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's Exit

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On 10/29/2014 Johnnyeager said: So to continue the speculation, when can we expect to go through all this angst with Shawn? I doubt Shawn leaves. As far as non-competes....I see hosts jump to other networks fairly quickly all of the time. I think that one British or Australian (not sure where he's from) male host who used to be on HSN's early show jumped quickly to Shop HQ. I've seen him multiple times. Though....I highly doubt Lisa is going to HSN or Shop HQ. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's Exit

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On 10/30/2014 imaclotheshog said: What? Are you sure? That's hard to believe. She seems to be all about eating healthy and working out doesn't she? odd. I wondered the same thing. I have been to her Facebook page about 6 times in the past 2 years. I see food pictures too. I was on it this week (the first time in months to see if there was anything about her "leave"), and I did see pictures of food. I think there was a pancake picture Amp. I think it's weird when people put pictures of what they are eating on Facebook. Continue Reading


Re: I always hear complaints about the Q's C/S...I've not once had a bad experience and they came through once again!

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On 10/30/2014 ANewHue said: Good for you. I've been shopping with them a long time and I have had 2-3 really bad experiences with CS reps. One was so nasty I not only told her off I called corporate. I don't remember all the particulars but it was when I was using bare escentuals years ago, she was definitely holiday help and didn't last long. She was one nasty witch though. Glad I"m not the only one who has had nasty QVC CS reps. Continue Reading

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