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Re: Say it isnt so? Richard Gere.......

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On 9/1/2014 betteb said: On 8/31/2014 sylviahomeatlast said: On 8/31/2014 betteb said: On 8/31/2014 sunshine45 said: richard gere in american gigolo..........where is the drool emotie when you need it....LOL x Continue Reading


Re: Dennis Basso TSV September 16........

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On 8/31/2014 songbird said: Wow...super conservative! I've forgotten how conservative QVC is! Super long for a moto jacket. Those things are supposed to stop just below your waist. More of a moto style instead of a real one. I just saw HSN's version (I ordered that) and it's like night and day. Not everyone is super petite. For those of us taller, length is our friend. Everyone , as you well know, has a different body type. I thought Guiliana's was cute, but the vinyl wasn't my style and the length was too short. Continue Reading


Re: Dennis Basso TSV September 16........

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I think it's cute. I wonder if it would be boxy though? I hate boxy jackets, and I've donated the Terry Lewis ones I had that were boxy. I only kept the ones of hers that were more fitted and not so boxy. Continue Reading


Re: Joy Mangano Biopic starring Jennifer Lawrence

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On 6/23/2014 stevieb said: I can't for the life of me fathom why this is fodder for a major motion picture... I surely can't see folks going in droves to the theaters to see it. Even a made for TV movie would be a stretch. I would have to agree. Kudos for Joy to make millions. I do love her hangers. BUT, that being said...I can't believe they would make a movie out of this. Outside of QVC/HSN, I don't think many know who Joy M. is. Continue Reading


Re: Joy Mangano Biopic starring Jennifer Lawrence

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On 6/26/2014 BeckiWV said: I love Jennifer Lawrence and I do love my little steamer but I am not so sure about a movie. I'm sure Joy's story is interesting but she is a bit hard to take at times. Will Jennifer have to call everyone "my darling", I wonder? Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Are you or were you best friends with your mom?

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No. I was not best friends with my mother. I loved my mother, but she had 9 children by the time she was 35.5 years of age. My mother ran my father's court reporting business out of our home, and I know she was super busy. She was a good mother, died within the past few months, and I still do think of her daily. But, that being said...we were not best friends. Continue Reading


Re: Can this be worn as regular wear or is it suitable only for high fashion events?

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I have this coat in black. I love this coat. I wear it with jeans. Continue Reading


Re: Friends and Family who Cut you Off

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It all depends upon the situation. It can be very annoying though. I can't stand it when I'm with people and they are constantly checking their phone for texts. I have one girlfriend who does this often, and it is rude. Continue Reading


Re: Opinions on recent Nordstrom experience

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On 8/31/2014 LexPex said: I am surprised that Nordies gave you a hard time. They have a very liberal return policy which is one of the reasons that I buy gifts from them. I have a pair of toddler boots from the sale and if they don't fit my granddaughter when she receives them for her September b'day they will go back. I don't think you were unreasonable to ask for a credit especially since we are not yet 30 days from the sales end. It is not quite as liberal as it once was--as I stated above...probably due to abuse. Continue Reading


Re: Taylor Swift or Julianne Hough?

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I rarely watch DWTS as I abhor all the commercials. I do like Julianne H. I don't watch the Voice. I do not care for Taylor Swift's singing. Continue Reading

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