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On 11/19/2014 dionline said: I use this mascara on an almost daily basis and have no trouble whatsoever getting it off!! I take off all eyeshadow and eyeliner (including the coordinating liner) with my Almay makeup remover pads (in the lavender jar) then just use my microfiber face cloth to wipe away the mascara and any leftover eyeliner/eyeshadow. Almost too easy. I got a sample of the remover that came with the set and haven't had to use it. I won't be getting the TS b/c the Boi-ing is too dark for me in every shade, the Lollitint is FAR too pink for this chick who's trying to cover up all ... Continue Reading



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On 11/19/2014 depglass said: Self is not the best mag they could have used as a draw. I got it with some promo they ran a couple years ago and its still showing up. Allure? Yes. In Style? Yes. Self? No. It's a lot better than that silly Lucky mag they keep sending me. Ugggh. I don't read Lucky. I like the mascara, but as Vamp said, it was starting to ruin my lashes the few times I used it. I do love the mascara though as it's about the most volumizing one I've found. That and Chanel Le Volume are 2 of the best--but both are hard to remove. I will stick to Lancome Hypnose Drama as it's a... Continue Reading


Re: True Tori.......

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I watch the show though I didn't see this week's episode. I do think she's addicted to being on "tv" and having a reality show. I like her, and I think she's finally recognizing she's made some big mistakes in life. She's at least trying to reconcile a bit with her poor choices. Overall, I think she's sweet and a "good" person deep down. Her life is a hot mess. I think she's in over her head, she spends too much, and she had a very dysfunctional relationship with her mother. That's a big part of her problem. She probably never felt loved, and she seems to have a lot of issues with ins... Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of beverly hills.....11/18/14 SEASON 5.....with "news", spoilers, gossip

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On 11/19/2014 JMFINLEY001 said: I didn't have a problem with Joyce either, she was so pretty and seemed very sweet and honest!!!!! But remember she and Brandi were at odds most of the season, so Joyce probably had to go......Not enough drama with her......LOL! Carlton was very strange, but I didn't dislike her! I liked Joyce too. She wasn't in the least bit mean spirited. I could not stand Carlton. She definitely had a personality disorder. Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of beverly hills.....11/18/14 SEASON 5.....with "news", spoilers, gossip

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On 11/19/2014 JMFINLEY001 said: I think that Taylor looked really good and may have gotten those lip implants taken out. She seems so happy now. Good for her. Camille also looked really good, but Adrienee looked stuff into that dress and has had too much done to her face, as has Brandi......I think this season both Lisa Rinna and Brandi's mouths will be unfiltered-who knows what may come out! I do not think however Lisa Rinna is mean spirited at all.....Yolanda looked good as well. Why doesn't her husband ever come to anything I wonder??Brandi looked uncomfortable all night walking around wit... Continue Reading



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On 11/19/2014 gonnab said: If you talking about the blush set - it's sold out. I know. I got it off of Sephora. I stated that. Continue Reading



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http://www.hsn.com I bought this at Sephora, and it's really nice! http://www.hsn.com/products/benefit-cheeky-sweet-spot-box-o-blushes/7601643 Continue Reading



Last Reply by Karlakaye 1416490923.487 | Started by winamac1 in Beauty Banter

It's $41.50. It's a nice set if you like the concealer (booing) and mascara. Check it out. Self magazine refund $12.00 I love the mascara, but it's impossible to get of. But, it's one of the best mascaras out there. Continue Reading


Re: Who's getting Josie's TSV?

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On 11/19/2014 va603 said: I ordered the cranberry scent on auto-delivery. I really love the body butters, second only to the first aid beauty body cream. I do wish that the kit had the light version of the oil. I prefer that version much more. I like the light version of this oil too. I do think she has really nice products, but I have too much skincare, etc. The light sinks in a bit better, but it still never sinks in fully. I find that with Maracuja oil somewhat too though. I'd liked to have had a different product other than that blush. Continue Reading

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