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Re: Are you a good listener, or would you rather do the talking?

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On 4/20/2014 kdgn said: I'm a good listener but I do like to get a word in edge-wise once in a while...and actually be listened to. OMGosh--I feel the same way. Sometimes I feel that it's always all about everyone else. Continue Reading


Re: Are you a good listener, or would you rather do the talking?

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I'm a really good listener. Many of my friends do most of the talking as they know how good of a listener I am. I don't have a lot of drama in my life, and several of my friends always seem to have drama, lol. They always calm me first. I often get annoyed that when I do need to discuss something, they don't listen to me anywhere near as long as I listen to them. I don't think they are used to me having "a problem" so it may be uncomfortable for them. I know I'd have been a good licensed clinical social worker, LOL, and many have told me that. Magic--I can see you being a great lis... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone here follow a very strict diet? With little to no "cheating"?

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On 4/19/2014 violann said: I omitted grain, dairy, salt, sugar and all "white" foods except cauliflower a year ago. If I "slip", I am always happy to get back on. I've lost 80 pounds and also about 15 years! I stopped cold one day after several trials of blood pressure meds that made me feel REALLY terrible. I did not "try", "cut back", "eat moderately" or "control" portions. I now eat large amounts of all kinds of veggies, a green apple or 2 cups of mixed berries, a whole egg and 4 or 5 egg whites, and 1/2 cup of unsalted mixed nuts every day. I dance and walk for exercise. I feel like 1 mil... Continue Reading


Re: I bought some Robin McGraw skin care, do you plan to buy?

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On 4/11/2014 serenity4ever said: I have a skincare regime that I like but I wish Robin the best of luck in her new endeavors... I do too. I think she's had a lot of work, but I don't see wrong with her pushing a skin care line. Continue Reading


Re: Edward Bess

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On 4/19/2014 PKB said: I'm not bashing because to each his own, however I personally have never cared for long hair on men. With that said, I don't care what a person looks like as long as their product works.... ITA Continue Reading


Re: Chaz Dean is the only one

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On 4/19/2014 Perkup said: Well, maybe little Bree will be born on Easter Sunday and that will give us all something to talk about on Monday. Why does it bother anyone that Amy has been so excited about being pregnant? Do any of you know what she may have gone through to become pregnant? Any idea how long she has waited for this? Personally all I can be is happy for her and her DH and hope that they have a healthy, happy little girl in their arms soon. ITA I am happy for her. I don't blame her for being excited. I didn't know she was having a girl though, LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Amy Morrison on Beauty Report

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http://www.hsn.com/cnt/hsn_today/hosts/default.aspx?tamara-hooks&id=65 http://www.hsn.com/cnt/hsn_today/hosts/default.aspx?anji-corley&id=81 http://www.hsn.com/cnt/hsn_today/hosts/default.aspx?bill-green&id=14 I like these hosts and wish they would kick of TSV's. I also like Lynn Murphy Continue Reading


Re: Amy Morrison on Beauty Report

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On 4/19/2014 RitasDaughter said: That Runyon woman is probably the most dreadful presento on tv. I don't mind her as much as Amy. I like Bobbi Rae Carter and Tamra. A few of those early morning hosts are better too. Why not Bill Green more? I love him! Continue Reading


Re: Amy Morrison on Beauty Report

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On 4/19/2014 Alpha_Mare01 said: She's so annoying. It's too bad Diane P (Perkovic?) left because she truly was the best one for all the make-up shows as she would let the cosmetics rep speak about the products. I dislike it when they cut off the representative mid sentence. I think they have Amy on for the TS launches at midnight because she can talk and talk and talk NON STOP so she keeps the hype going and you don't fall asleep I've wondered that myself? She has to be popular among viewers and sales must be fairly high or they would not have her kick off so many TSV's. I'm surprised tha... Continue Reading

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