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Re: Easy Way To Peel Butternut Squash?

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Why peel - why work so hard? Oven at 375 degrees - cut squash in half - scoop out seeds - wash - dry -in the seed cavity put salt/pepper/butter and 'tent' cover the squash halves with aluminum foil and place on cookie sheet - and bake for hour and half or until your fork slides in the squash easily. Take cookie sheet out - scoop out squash to a bowl - mash any lumps - add more butter - s/p if desired. Do this a day ahead of turkey day - then just reheat on the big day. Enjoy and never peel a squash again! Continue Reading


Re: Too Much Posing

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Change will be so good! Welcome 2015................................. Continue Reading


Re: Question about Penzey's "Lamb Seasoning"

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Can I assume you have a leg of lamb to roast? That's what you'd need seasoning and rub for. I've cooked many Leg roast - first you cut garlic cloves into rather thin pieces - then cut narrow not too deep slits in the meat and insert the garlic slices in. Then a rub to the outside of the roast - pepper - salt - garlic powder - and the lamb seasoning and bake. The smells of it cooking will drive the cat/dog crazy! Don't over cook it - Europeans like theirs slightly pink inside - and I do too! yum yum Continue Reading


Re: Love Laura Geller products but one caveat

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Gee I've never had a problem and I've used up about 6 of the Blush & Brightener right down to the bare plastic bottom over the years. Use it daily - sometimes twice and no issue with me. Continue Reading


Re: Honora Please Please Change some things...I love Your pearls but...

In Honora 1414688089.493

Agree.....especially about the keshi ones and the painted purple, orange, etc. I don't even watch anymore - I have all the white and gray pearls I need. Continue Reading


Re: Amy and Louis

In Linea 1414452602.613

I must see things differently..........don't usually watch QVC clothing but flashed it on and Louis and Amy were presenting a reversible coat - black fur on one side and tan or something on the other............Amy was her usual dizzy self and suddenly proclaimed: THERE ARE BUTTONS EVEN ON THE INSIDE! Louis sounding surprised at her comment said - 'well it's reversible so when you turn the coat inside need buttons! I LOL because she is a gift that just keeps 'giving'. I don't see any love in Louis's eyes working with Antonetta nor Amy. Guess we watch a different channel. LO... Continue Reading


Re: I am so pumpkined out this year..

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They don't bother me but when neighbors scatter a dozen of them on lawns - I think it's a bit overdone. I gave up the event years ago - got tired of the blood covered costumes and kids mashing down my garden instead of using the driveway to porch. It's a kids thing - so I leave it there. Continue Reading


Re: O/T ~ Anyone Gift Omaha or Kansas City Steaks?

In Beauty Banter 1414422222.347

I've tried KC burgers - steaks and kabob cuts - - no more for me. It's either chewy or very tender but has no flavor. I'm like docsgirl poster......have a fab locally owned store w/butcher department in my village. Continue Reading


Re: turkey gravy in the Vitamix

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To the above: season to taste - salt - pepper - I add dash of garlic powder (your choice) For some meat gravy - a few drops of Gravy Master (from the store) gives gravy more color and/or flavor. Continue Reading


Re: turkey gravy in the Vitamix

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What recipe? Take turkey out of pain to rest.........drain off excess grease......start scraping the pan with wooden spoon and add tablespoon of flour/or corn starch to loosen and thicken the burned on pieces of turkey and turkey liquid and stuck on pieces.............. then add cup of cold water - stir stir stir more and more adding more flour/cs and water with the pan still on burner and burner temperature set on medium -----hot enough to keep the water at a low bubble/simmering...........kept at it until you have enough GRAVY to feed your crowd. If you still have flour/cs LUMPS tha... Continue Reading

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