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Re: Ellen

In For the Home Talk 1425154679.93

Yes, can be extremely explosive - has plenty of domestic problems - currently! Continue Reading


Re: Shawns outfit on the oreck show?

In Fashion Talk 1425154488.24

Jseera - agree..........shows she works too hard at it and it does work against her. Makes her look cheap. No long a fan. Continue Reading


Re: Miracle Meatloaf Pan

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425131492.727

STRANGE........forum swallowed my posting before I finished..............back to spoons WITHOUT the center void impression (hole for cheese or other fillers). If you're trying to avoid grease - this pan is wonderful as it sits up off the bottom - then just life the tray to remove meat and leave the grease behind. P.S. you don't have to use filler products in the center of ML. Now play nice. Continue Reading


Re: Miracle Meatloaf Pan

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425131218.617

Are you finished throwing spoons at each other now? I have the meatloaf pan WITHOUT Continue Reading


Re: Ellen

In For the Home Talk 1425082502.46

To RedHeaded - umm - after reading 28 replies to this posting - didn't you get (at least) a clue what Q shoppers are thinking? Start with 101 in Marketing Class = boring products - probably available at Walmart at reduced prices. (please read all 28 replies) Continue Reading


Re: No More Honeybells For Me

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425055004.433

Pray tell....what are you trying to say? Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear sweaters over long sleeve shirts?

In Fashion Talk 1425045773.907

On me - it looks messy - bulky - and feels even worse. Continue Reading



Last Reply by RedHeadedWench 1425204058.363 | Started by fthunt in For the Home Talk

won't last long on the Q. Continue Reading


Re: Are the eliminating PM Style??

In Fashion Talk 1424871813.98

Shawn has changed over time - she finally 'grew' on me and now is too flip - like she's doing us a favor presenting product and her heart certainly isn't in to working (since marriage). Kind of like a wise guy type. Continue Reading

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