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Re: Off topic,but need help!!!

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Living and renting to college students I'm familiar with this age group - is she traveling to college via car or air. (if by air - you can ship a box to her after she arrives) Ideas to make a dorm room more friendly - a small fluffy rug for next to her bed. A teddy bear - a bright colored bed comforter - new blanket - decoration for her desk (family picture/silk flower arrangement - bright color sheets - decorative pillows for her bed - a board game to play with a friend/roommate on a rainy weekend = checkers, etc. I hope this helps to get your creative juices working! Have fun with it Continue Reading


Re: Lori Greiner's trees

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LOL I've wondered the same thing - or - a foot of snow! Cute for Florida but not so much for PA. I'm happy to see you are thinking this through before jumping to purchase because QVC says you 'need it'. Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka sold her business

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Heavy decorated silver - not my thing - so it's okay with me. Continue Reading


Re: Hate to pack for vacay!

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I'm with you OP - packing for prison would be easier. (everything is furnished) Continue Reading


Re: Another Winner Dress on the Dyson Rep

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She'll have another pretty dress in two weeks....................a wedding dress! According to her own discussion with Rick a couple days ago. Continue Reading


Re: Food Saver

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Debbie's Green Bags work just as well - lettuce is still good after a week. I use food saver bags for freezing only. Either one will work well for fresh veggies. Continue Reading


Re: Pat just said in the Vicenza Style show...

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After all these years on the Q - she always seems so nervous. And the voice - can't watch. Continue Reading


Re: Kitchen Sink

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Soft Scrub - doesn't scratch the metal - and shines Continue Reading


Re: O/T Why can Dr. Perricone appear on infomercials, and not QVC?

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I saw him on the Q once - long time ago. He didn't look comfortable and didn't talk much - the host had to carry the ball. Dana is excellent about describing the products and what they can/should do for you - she can chatter and chatter - and (yes) does over promise at times....but at least she doesn't just stand there mute. P.S. Dr. P's products = I love and have used them for years Continue Reading


Re: Where to send on.....

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Why are you watching if they bug you so much? I can't stand the WEN guy - so I just don't watch QVC when he is on. Complaining to Customer Service is a waste of your time and theirs. CS is there to 'service' you with your purchasing problems - they don't schedule programing/hosts/or product to be shown. Perhaps you should re-think your attitude about TV watching. Continue Reading

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