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Re: Love the cooking show today

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422289431.303

Have to agree that it was more interesting and forever changing than DELL computers which comes in pink - silver - blue - and black. (however did change the channel when Tem-Tations came on) (sorry spelling not right - but who cares?) LOL Continue Reading


Re: Changing Bi-Fold Doors to French Doors

In For the Home Talk 1422214779.793

Since others have commented on French Doors being too large - I agree with them. Bi-Fold style is still your best bet - however- may I suggest getting new Bi-Fold doors in WOOD (not metal - agree metal is awful). When I rented years ago, the hallway had a huge double closet for ironing board - brooms - vacuum clean & linens. The wood Bi-Fold doors were the 'shutter' style.....not solid plank wood. Shutter is like those on the outside of houses which frames the windows. Loved that closet - wish I had one in my home! Hire a carpenter and he'll have it installed in a wink. Good Lu... Continue Reading


Re: HELP! Ice on my frozen fruit in the Lock 'n Lock in freezer.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422061067.57

I do strawberries only - air is your problem and although "Chris" tells us Lock/Lock is freezer safe, what she doesn't expound on is ......LL can't REMOVE the air. Only Food Saver can do that. (I have a Food Saver machine) but don't bother to use it on berries. What I do after cleaning the berries - I put about 2 cups of berries in a Baggie and remove as much air as I can - close with a twist-tie and put it in a Zip Lock. Usually put about 2 or 3 baggie filled berries in one. Result: no ice and I also had strawberries for a Vitamix smoothie yesterday. Continue Reading


Re: Need Advice on Wrinkles!

In Beauty Banter 1422060534.26

Two words: Dr. Perricone Continue Reading


Re: Is "Q" phasing out "Breezies" brand undergarments?

In Fashion Talk 1422060441.127

QVC - Please don't drop this line - most of them don't work for me but the one that does - I've been buying for years for myself and a friend. They last forever - stays put when you stretch/reach and love the underwire style. Have no clue what I'll do (and friend) if you drop this product!!!!! Continue Reading


D&C Gary .....chill out

Last Reply by ValuSkr 1421945458.247 | Started by fthunt in Fashion Talk

The longer the D&C show - the bolder he becomes. Fake laughing - loud & louder. Guess his importance has gone to his head. Click went the Clicker Continue Reading


Re: droopy pockets

In Fashion Talk 1421855945.863

I have to agree with Susan on this one. Continue Reading


Re: I Have Been Reading Up On The Psychology Of Selling Used By Television Retailers

In Fashion Talk 1421800658.58

My skin crawled when a caller (sounded like a very elderly woman with a crackling voice) said to Liza R on her last couple of days............blah blah and I will miss you so much.... and then added - "I just loveeeee you to death". Even Lisa appeared uncomfortable and got rid of the woman quickly. Continue Reading


Re: If you bought the VitaMix TSV earlier this month...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421800199.08

Oh, calm down............mine wasn't wrapped either but it appeared to be professional packed from the factory. Why do people trust QVC and then question every little thing? It was double boxed- and the motor part was there in Styrofoam. I hope you're finding your machine as much fun as I'm having with mine. Continue Reading


Re: I Have Been Reading Up On The Psychology Of Selling Used By Television Retailers

In Fashion Talk 1421799650.343

No surprise - that's why we hear so much from Jane: dancing daughter - sister Sissy and Jill: Trevor - a daughter and what she likes to wear. I appreciate your study in to this but I've been aware of......she's (host) my friend and I love her (Lisa R). It's all the selling techniques used. Continue Reading

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