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Re: Acyl-Gutathian Perricone? Please

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Confusing isn't it? Dr. P's products are a mystery at best and I'm a 'tried & true' believer in his products and have used them for years. However, I really don't believe there is much difference between all the far-out named bottles and tubes. I swear by the tube for $240 used in morning before makeup - and his moisturizer and a night cream of your choice. I can't believe all these products are completely different in content - I do like a serum and just bought one at the drug store for $23 LOL Hey it's helping my dry facial skin! Continue Reading


Re: My Pillow, ugh.........

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Harvarti................I totally agree with you! It came to me when WEN was on for hours and days. No way does QVC have a warehouse of pillows and shampoo. It's become a huge info-mercial whereas the Q doesn't lay out any money........instead they charge RENT for the studio time and host assistance. Much more profitable ........it's just a big State Fair renting a booth. Continue Reading


Re: My Pillow, ugh.........

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At first I thought MY PILLOW was great - spent couple hundred $ - gifts and for myself - but over time I found it HOT - wake with wet hair and it does NOT stay in place as claimed. It bounces back and I had to wake to re-punch it down. Also very lumpy feeling. I shot 2 brand new pillows in the trash cuz nobody wanted them - and 30 day return had long gone by. You either love it or hate it. Continue Reading


Re: GILI apparel prices. QVC, have you lost your mind?

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Check out Pendleton website - big mark downs on their quality clothing. Some from $100 frame down to $19 - $30. Orvis the same - lots on sale. Sometimes sizes have been picked over; but in general a wide variety of choices. Buy QUALITY instead of today's fad stuff. Continue Reading


Re: it cosmetics--not cracking--not creasing?--really?

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OP really hit a never with me with this subject...................drop dead gorgeous model has the deepest wrinkles and lines of any model I see on the Q AND IT is so thick a makeup it just enlarges every wrinkle/line on her face. Looks like a putty knife is needed to remove. Can't figure out WHY Jamie ever selected that model too (try) and make her point. I'm so tired of the same models and the same demos - I quit watching - I know all the 'lines' by heart. \ Continue Reading


Re: Dear Isaac, I'm not inclined to wear....

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Am I right about that Shawn?..............my teeth just clinch when I hear that. Why in the world does he constantly say that & NO NO NO when something sells out. Isn't that why he's there? Two of the reasons I can't stand the man. (and I don't watch his show and Lori's at all) Continue Reading


Q is just 'unwatchable' - everyone talking at the same time!

Last Reply by ury 1429835000.41 | Started by fthunt in Fashion Talk

The Joan River's presentation - David is talking about the product - Jill has to blah blah over him. Jill is talking and David has to blah blah over her. I just changed the channel - doesn't anybody respect anyone any more? Does Jill allow her children to be so disrespectful? The Q police will rub this out - and not learn one lesson from this. Q - control and teach your employees better manners! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone besides me rarely watching or purchasing from QVC?

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Same here - for all the above reason -I don't watch much. If I see the "I" man = I'm gone....Shawn gets on my nerves - same for Jane on occasion - and, of course, Susan G. I just sent in a check to pay off 2 high priced purchases (bed/Vitamix)easy-pay. Some items are just junk. Unless something really special comes up, I'm done with the Q. Continue Reading


Re: My 3 month old LG dishwasher is making a terrible high pitched noise. Any clues?

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Same goes with their washers - neighbor was so upset when she discovered hardly ANY water was allowed in the tub - didn't even cover her clothes in a normal load. Within 2 years I saw a new washer being delivered - the old one just up and quit. She hates LG products - never again she said. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Denese Products

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Thanks for the info but not interested. Dr. D tells us to use her products to look as good as she does..............when in fact she had a facelift. Somehow I find that 'two faced'. Continue Reading

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