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Re: Hard boiled eggs - how long can you keep them?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416617366.807

Already cooked? I wouldn't touch them with the length of a fishing pole. Do fresh - only takes 15 mins in a semi-high boil. Even cooking them fresh I don't keep them longer than 3 days - tops! Are you sure those at the store aren't 'pickled'? (as in cloudy liquid in a jar in the meat department - that's the only way I've ever seen them) Ready boiled eggs gives me the shivers....just saying Continue Reading


Re: So, You do not like turkey......What do you cook?????????

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416617045.83

Not a turkey lover here either - the best steak the butcher had....inch and half thick on the grill! Continue Reading


Re: I want some halibut!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416616839.973

It might be out of season - fish have 'seasons' you know. In the Northeast you can only get bullhead in April - it's not good other times of the year. Same for perch and other kinds of fish and meats - such as venison only legal in the Fall. Somehow I'm disturbed by your childish OP opening title. It's NOT our fault you can't get your own way - at anytime. Continue Reading


Re: Tin foil over credit cards works just as well as the purses/wallets

In All About Handbags 1416588483.233

I'm not buying a new wallet - so I took two pieces of light cardboard - wrapped them in aluminum foil and placed the cardboard sections in un-used slots (in wallet) on either side of my credit cards & driver's license. I don't have to fuss with individual sleeves. Continue Reading


Re: Please no pockets on the chest

In Denim & Co 1416588147.677

I won't purchase a shirt unless it Has pockets! Great for glasses when shopping - need them to read the product tags. (steak = price per pound $$) ....and for other items. Continue Reading


Re: TSV/Mrs Prindables- disappointed :(

In Fashion Talk 1416429749.093

When I see them presented - my teeth ache! I see bitter and sweet together and shutter! Continue Reading


Re: Jose's Revealing Outfit for the TSV promo

In Fashion Talk 1416329271.807

ME too - did not realize that was Josie when the home screen came up. After reading this posting - I took a good look - and IT IS JOSIE! She's never looked better. Now if she could replace one of her models - who definitely does not look good with bare skin showing - her presentations would be greatly improved. Continue Reading


Re: Just ordered my first piece of Le Creuset cookware!!!! What pieces do you have??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416247575.9

David is having kittens over this pot - is it really that good? He loves pot stickers and I bought on his recommendation and dumped them down the disposal - so I don't get all excited when he gets excited. I can see it's a beautiful cooking pot - but what really are the benefits? I'm far from being a happy cook or a pot snob. Continue Reading


Re: who is cutting down this holiday season?

In Fashion Talk 1416184421.04

Stopped giving gifts and I love it! I now watch the dizzy shoppers going nuts, trying to decide what to buy and spending money $$$ ...... and I smile - and say 'better you than me'. We now buy what we want or need and my relatives/friends don't need anything - believe me - except a friend and a hug once in awhile. HO HO HO Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Roma 2 bag $49.95 at QVC outlet store

In Fashion Talk 1416183944.313

I still believe LR's line just isn't practical for the average woman - things are either too big or too tight or too expensive for costume jewelry - and - I'll say it - I think this may be the reason she is quitting. After the big lady boss went through the Exit door - new management said "no more G.I.L.I. Not making money on this line". Continue Reading

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