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Re: Opinion on this desk...

In For the Home Talk 1413897251.193

Honest opinion..........No it's not a practical desk - more of a fashion piece - beautiful but ................ First - it's too tall (high) for easy computer access (shoulders will be hunched up for long periods of time). Second - a working desk needs drawers for pens/paper, etc. Top will always be cluttered - no hiding/storage space. And...that cross-bar at knee level will bang the knees. Limits how close to the desk you can sit. It's contemporary and stylist but no student desk! This is just my first impressions - and there's more! Continue Reading


Re: PM Style

In Q News 1413896808.65

Saw Courtney when PMS came on - I said "oh no" thinking she was filling in for LR so clicked to another channel. It's her voice and delivery of words (Valley a good description). High pitched voice/tone like a little girl with short choppy sentences and giggles sprinkled in her 'thought pattern'. QVC will be making a BIG mistake IF "C" becomes a full time host. Continue Reading


Re: Taxes on items ordered thru mail

In Jewelry Talk 1413644453.03

Some States doe and some don't - it is confusing. I believe all States want their tax dues but smaller companies that sell via mail seem to operate under the radar. I just ordered from a QVC vendor's website and was thrilled to get free S/H and NO TAX. In my State - IF the seller doesn't collect the tax - we are 'suppose' to own up to the unpaid State tax and add it to our income on our April Income Tax Form. How many people to you think really do this? (not I) LOL Continue Reading


Re: ?? about Josie Maran 100% Pure Argon Oil vs. other 100% argon oils

In Beauty Banter 1413312104.173

(Tuesday) Just received my $19 bottle from Amazon (Essentials) an hour ago. Nice - can't give a full report at this time - but saved $86 (instead of buying JM's) Good way to start the week! p.s. Josie pls put more clothes on - Continue Reading


Re: How about Jennifer Coffey to Host PM Style?

In Fashion Talk 1413311808.193

My opinion: The show PMS should be put to rest - as in "end it". A completely new concept should be assigned to those Monday night hours. (where models are not required) Continue Reading


Re: Furniture Repair Question

In For the Home Talk 1413299229.027

Only an electrician is qualified to tackle this situation and you wouldn't want anything less for wiring inside your home. Continue Reading


Re: OMG ~ Josie's Argan Oil - 6 oz. $109.00 +

In Beauty Banter 1413039677.943

Thanks to TWOPEAS I just ordered what you posted about and Amazon notified its been shipped - should get it next week. I've never bought JM's A Oil cuz the price is too high. Hope I like the Essential and thanks to you gals who tell us about products/and deals. $19 with no S/H and NO TAX fits my budget. Continue Reading


Re: Did customer input have anything to do with who won the awards last night?

In Beauty Banter 1412956067.873

I never watched this award thing before and couldn't believe the number of products (the runner ups) I'd never heard of.......so no surprise - the products that are always on - WON! Hot Dang! LOL Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1412947145.153

I agree with you, however, others (Judy C - Kathy Levine to name a couple) have tried to carry their status to other TV shopping networks and it wasn't very successful. New management is behind this - I think. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's leaving??!

In Fashion Talk 1412946149.313

Decrease in sales can't be discounted....notice how just about everything is on Clearance and/or has ez-pay. I say: big Management shake-up is a factor in all this. i.e., big lady boss just got the boot. Continue Reading

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