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Even the hanger looked pregnant!

Last Reply by lolakimono 1410828442.197 | Started by fthunt in Fashion Talk

Sun night SG's printed sheer chiffon top w/light colors on the top and darker colors extending downward. The belly area is the darkest of colors and I had to laugh and OMG - on TV it appeared 'extended forward' A257103 SG looked like she had a baby bump as did all the models and EVEN when this top just hung on the hanger. Too funny 3 reviews on this item and all 3 say - watch the sizing - no good. Continue Reading


Re: Nothing worse than two hosts presenting together!!!!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1410701180.187

The P & J show was awful! I don't watch QVC except for evenings but have read their AM show could be a headache. Now I's Pat who is annoying with that constant fake laugh. (and her voice grates on me) Jayne solo is excellent presenting items. I also gave up on PMS Monday Evenings - too much fake kissing and 'goo' for me. Continue Reading


Re: Fall Hummingbird migration...

In In the Garden 1410463486.51

The hummers have left central New York and I thought they were headed for warmer areas; but you state how cold it is where you live and you're watching the migration. I'm surprised since we're told they head for Mexico and South America. Did some make a wrong turn LOL ? I took down the feeder (w/ant guard) down Tuesday. The Ruby-Red DOES breed here during the summer and the last one I saw a week ago was a tiny little green "H" - I'd guess a baby female. Fighting over the feed has been going on during August, which happens when those flying through invade other "H" territory. They won't... Continue Reading


Re: There's just something about Joan

In Fashion Talk 1410266388.09

Amen to that hopeQ1 - time to move forward. And the same for Quacker Factory JB - hope Angel reads this. Continue Reading


Re: Joan and her dog Spike

In Joan Rivers 1410025236.563

I just read - Joan talked about her heart problems in the past. While performing on stage she's feel/hear her heart suddenly go tha-thud (out of normal beating) and it would scare her and she knew going 'under' during surgery wasn't wise and had to be very careful. This info is available on FOX home page today (Saturday) Continue Reading


Re: Dear QVC...

In Jewelry Talk 1409848413.69

Very interesting read - I predict Q's bottom line will slowly decrease even more over time as more people become tired of the same faces and rehearsed sales pitch. In my case my credit card statement is no more line after line of QVC purchases; but rather only 2 items (vitamins and Dr. Perricone) on auto delivery 2/3 x's year. As far as jewelry - no more here - have enough real stuff sitting in the drawer. Continue Reading


Re: Heavenly Bed or Tempurpedic Bed

In For the Home Talk 1409700702.543

I never heard of Heavenly Bed but did have a sleep number years ago. I hated it. For what it's worth: my $1K 7 year old common bed wasn't making me happy any more - I too had the center sink hole. I had been afraid of a pillow top from past rumors (can't flip it, etc.,) but I finally decided to buy Sealy from the Q in March and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Queen size was $599 and I've never slept better. It really gives your legs support as well as the other body parts. Love Love it. Happy shopping! Continue Reading


Re: My Pillow Question Please

In For the Home Talk 1409686691.297

I ordered 2 pillows when they first come out and each had its own big box. Now I read on here that the pillows come compressed and rolled up ??? (I don't order them any more so haven't seen the new packaging myself).................but I assume MY PILLOW had to find a less expensive type of shipping to save on big box costs and shipping rates. I highly doubt if your pillows were a return - rather cost cutting effort. I liked the pillows at first but neck pain, etc., I got rid of them. It was an interesting concept. Continue Reading


Re: Sleep Apnea

In Health & Fitness 1409269354.417

One product that is being advertised on TV and I use - is Biotene (spelling?) in several options: sprays, etc. Check at your local drug store as there may be other products available. If one doesn't work for you - try another. Good Luck My cousin uses one of those machines for sleeping but don't know if she also experiences dry mouth. My problem is from medication. Continue Reading


70 yrs old and 'drop dead gorgeous'

Last Reply by pinkberry 1409516329.363 | Started by fthunt in Beauty Banter

Always the same verbal comments and word phrases! (click) Ref: IT and Helen Continue Reading

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