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Re: Those White D& CO pants are too tight on the plus model Pam...

In Denim & Co 1397825950.8

I've also noticed a change/difference in pant styles lately and I'm not impressed. All the gals....thin to larger models are poured into their britches...even Lisa in those cargo pants. Fabric creases/ripples all up and down the legs where material and skin become = one. Continue Reading


Re: Probably a silly question!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397778424.153

Probably a silly question but.......is there much of a difference between 10:45 and quarter to 11:00? You are right previous poster - no such thing as stupid ???? but sure are some funny ones. Continue Reading


Re: Is Dooney & Bourke skimping on QVC bags

In Dooney & Bourke 1397755844.553

Ditto - embarrassed to carry......that's a real nutty prospective. A D&B is a D&B wherever it was made or sold. Continue Reading


Re: Update to Purchase of an "As Is" Dooney

In All About Handbags 1397666417.3

You might consider using (horse) saddle product or leather car seat product. If mark doesn't completely vanish, at least it should be less noticeable. Continue Reading


Re: And they wonder why the malls are dying

In Beauty Banter 1397665408.017

Our largest mall killed this cities downtown shopping - now the thug teenagers from the inner city roam the halls and get in fights, pull knives on police, etc. You couldn't pay me to shop there (perhaps with a group; but not alone) Continue Reading


Re: I had such high hopes...never thought I'd return so many...

In Dooney & Bourke 1397663907.05

P.S. Peter should get some female advisors when designing what HE likes in a bag. I doubt if he carries a handbag! Amen Continue Reading


Re: I had such high hopes...never thought I'd return so many...

In Dooney & Bourke 1397663824.81

I read some reviews about the one that 'tips over'. I really like it and considered buying until I read people's comments: way too heavy and (like your experience) said the bag wasn't stable. I have one D&B bag - would like another - but just don't see anything worth the $$. Either no shoulder strap (or it's so thin and out of proportion to the bag) or has useless horse straps all over which adds more weight - or prissy looking flower covered plastic type material or cross body that's the size of a Kleenex. I have yet to find the perfect bag. Continue Reading


Re: I hate my corner cabinet lazy susan thing...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397591370.877

Never had anything fall off - the swinging part just kisses the inner round wall. There's no space for any thing to go (off the shelf) even IF something did tumble lop-sided. Love mine and it's loaded with pasta boxes, coffee and chip containers plus other size items. You must have a different design than mine. Continue Reading


Re: Do you eat/buy Peeps?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397581053.737

Don't like them - never did (here too) And I hate sugar stuff - glad to see some other people feel the same - my friends think I'm nuts for not loving sweets. Continue Reading


Re: How do I bypass password

In Electronics Talk 1397580897.43

I understand your question but...can't help you! LOL I also didn't want to 'sign on' just to get to the internet so my computer guru guy made the necessary setting. I use windows and Internet Explorer and love not having to give a password. Ask some your smart friends for help and I'm sure it's not difficult once you know how. (it might be where 'security' is listed on COMPUTER icon) Good Luck............. Continue Reading

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