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Re: IT CC cream- so disappointed.

In Beauty Banter 1432473258.397

Received a small sample from IT website - thought it was special so purchase a tube and got more samples. Medium doesn't seem to do much for me - there is a shine that does lift the light to my face - but "M" just makes me look dead. My standby Revlon is thin liquid and gives me a slight tan appearance. Won't be buying more CC. Continue Reading


Re: Nancy Hornback-OUTSTANDING with Barbara Bixby

In TSV Talk 1432410578.18

Nancy has definitely grown on me! Quiet, classy and knowledgeable - whereas some other hosts (no names) are brash and loud and/or talk constantly giving the vendor not a chance. (not difficult to guess who) And - she is beautiful - natural and not gooped up with bushels of hair and fake nails. Nancy is a breath of fresh air. Continue Reading


Re: Who is wearing these horrible Clark's sandals?

In Fashion Talk 1432307331.897

I need Narrow so I just giggle at the ugly styles. Continue Reading


Re: Hope Lisa Mason is okay

In Q News 1432307238.267

I agree with observation that Lisa is not the same person (more nervous than before)....I get strong vibes that she HAD to return to a stable paycheck. I don't feel comfortable watching her work. Continue Reading


Re: Interesting-Q brands my consignment shop will not accept

In Fashion Talk 1432298635.35

Interesting but it makes sense I guess. QVC brands have been over-exposed by being on TV and most women already have a load ......and don't need to buy second-hand of more QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Important!!! Account info.

In TSV Talk 1432214458.453

Thanks for the information - I just deleted my cc's too. I don't purchase much anymore so why have this info sitting there. Thanks again!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Shawn went to Puerto Rico!

In Fashion Talk 1432134207.74

Some people missed the point - she mentioned it 4 times in Monday show alone - 'took this hair curler to PR', "laid on the beach with this".....and referenced it at least 5 times before she left. Me Me Me Me (who cares?) Continue Reading


Shawn went to Puerto Rico!

Last Reply by nonethanks 1432136373.72 | Started by fthunt in Fashion Talk

WOW......I'm Impressed! *Closed for Commenting* Continue Reading


Re: Pricing is OUT of CONTROL

In Fashion Talk 1432041534.697

Check QVC Clearance Dept - I just ordered 3 (colors) of one D&C top and one Isaac and another D&C at reduced prices. Tons of Susan G, George S on sale as well as other vendors ......I saved enough to cover the cost (free) of a couple of tops. I agree...prices are now over the top on the Q. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason

In Fashion Talk 1431962780.617

I so agree - trying too hard to look like a Marilyn Monroe or some other se* bomb. Shawn and Lisa are so not reaching the finishing mark. Looks silly and so annoying. Lisa's style is awful in my opinion. Continue Reading

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