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Re: Sleep Apnea

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One product that is being advertised on TV and I use - is Biotene (spelling?) in several options: sprays, etc. Check at your local drug store as there may be other products available. If one doesn't work for you - try another. Good Luck My cousin uses one of those machines for sleeping but don't know if she also experiences dry mouth. My problem is from medication. Continue Reading


70 yrs old and 'drop dead gorgeous'

Last Reply by sunshine45 1409178001.26 | Started by fthunt in Beauty Banter

Always the same verbal comments and word phrases! (click) Ref: IT and Helen Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix Presentations

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This is BLACK This is YELLOW and we also have RED and 1500 in GREEN. (the reason I finally gave up watching his kitchen shows but love it when David is away on vacation and Rick or a female host fills in) When Rick fills in - I love watching...he's so loose and funny! Continue Reading


Re: What is the best way to freeze meals?

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I've found it depends on the type of food/meals you're freezing. Meatballs in sauce - works well, lightly freeze on a dish first and then wrap in alum foil or plastic w/zip lock or foodsaver. Just reheat and cook some fresh pasta to go with it. Perhaps sliced meat, like turkey, pork, not so much because it dries out unless you add gravy when reheating. It's kind of trial and error and your expectations of what makes a good thawed & quick meal. Continue Reading


Re: So excited....then read the fine print....resin filled

In Jewelry Talk 1408107182.423

On 8/14/2014 chrystaltree said: ....and your point is ???? why such a snippy remark? Was it really necessary? I got the OP's point immediately - and I've experienced the same thing - an item is beautiful - price is affordable - but you learn upon additional information that the item isn't all it appears to be. Continue Reading


Re: curry chicken

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Easy stove top - cooked breast of chicken cut up in to medium chunks - mix together a can of cream of chicken soup (no water unless you need a dash later) and curry powder. Pour over chicken pieces in sauce pan and heat. Serve over rice. You can add onions - peas or whatever you want. Can't get any easier than this dish. Continue Reading


Re: Microwave Pressure Cooker

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1407368861.45

"would the times stay the same?" Heavens NO! You'll burn your house down cooking a stew in the micro for 60 minutes! Continue Reading


Re: Come On QVC- Where's the Quality???

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On 8/4/2014 chrystaltree said: So, stop buying stuff. So agree with this statement - Stop buying the stuff! Continue Reading


Re: Eating a lot of fruit & teeth

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I just heard health report that says to brush (again) after eating oranges and tomatoes because of their acid base. Very bad for teeth. I can't eat ice cream nor cold anything.........yes, I use Seysodyne (spelling) every night. and it helps over all. Continue Reading


Re: I need ideas for wall decor!

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It takes patience and searching and more searching. I'm fussy and not interested in potted plant pictures nor animals. I finally found what I was looking for by going to Google - search under wall deco - art - paintings - wall accents, etc. You'll be directed to everything from J C Penney to expensive Home Decorating sites. You'll need a slight idea of what your Dad likes - as others here have pointed out. Try to make it 'fun' rather than an 'job'. Go Shopping! Continue Reading

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