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Prices Slashed - George Simonton

Last Reply by Reever 1418863522.64 | Started by fthunt in Fashion Talk

Big price reduction on GS's clothing line. Is he out or headed for the QVC EXIT door? Continue Reading


Re: cheryl's cookies

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418775667.023

Week old cookies from the back of a UPS truck - oh! Yum Yum Continue Reading


Re: Graver's Colo block coat

In Fashion Talk 1418759619.68

I agree about scraps of material - left over from other cuts....and it 'cuts' the body up and looks cheap. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers’s Death Spurs New Look at Outpatient Centers

In Health & Fitness 1418748463.803

Re: Millie........Doctors have to accepted by the hospital board and be on staff before they can perform surgery or any other medical procedures at a hospital. They can't just 'walk' in and use the hospital facility. Continue Reading


Re: Alberti on PMS

In Fashion Talk 1418689847.207

Why can't he sell flashlights and car starting batteries like the other men? Continue Reading


Re: Totally O/T. Advice needed

In Fashion Talk 1418573011.02

I wouldn't go. I have a similar situation - been friends with a lady for 50 years - after surgery she had to go to rehab - but her lazy fat hasn't worked in 20 years (single - has lived with his Mom) won't bring her home from rehab - so guess she's stuck in nursing home. Age 87 When she does pass - I've decided not to go to the wake - her wishes to be cremated - so I'll stay home and say a prayer. Continue Reading


Re: HELP With Slide and Seal Bags, K39446

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418567086.45

I haven't bought the slider but have watched and watched the demo - it seems to defy logic. I find the clips to be quick and easy - works like a clothes pin. Continue Reading


Laura Geller's Statements

Last Reply by willdob3 1418555669.667 | Started by fthunt in Laura Geller

Yesterday (Friday) show with Lisa - re: her baked brightener product - she states that nobody ever gets to the bottom of the compact. What? Do they not like it and quit the product? Personally I love her bright and bronze blush and I have finished at least 4 compacts down to the plastic base. Heard Jacque says the same thing. Confusing! (yes it does last a long time) Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Taylor

In Fashion Talk 1418496334.46

Queen is correct - way too gaudy (although Lisa loved loved every piece - surprise!) and way way over priced for pieces that left you wondering what it was made of. They also took many liberties in "redesigning" pieces like what they 'thought' we would like - not like Phillip's JK pieces which are made to the exact precision of the real jewelry. The vendor was a nice guy but he was sloppy in his presentation - like he didn't do his homework on how to handle LR and be professional. I didn't see one piece of interest. Doubt if this line gets off the ground. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Is this what it is like to live in Seattle?

In Fashion Talk 1418492322.023

Google it but I believe I've heard Seattle is the #1 city on a list of several for rain/fog/gloomy days - year round. My city is down the list 7 or 8th for lousy similar weather. Continue Reading

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