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Re: Pearl necklace J296988, Pictures.....

In Judith Ripka 1406223074.293

What luster! They look beautiful on you, Anisha. Wear them in the best of health and happiness. Gorgeous! A true winner! Continue Reading


Re: Butterscotch cuff & ring review w/pics

In Judith Ripka 1405683764.497

Gorgeous! Wear them in the best of health!!! Continue Reading


Re: White Cord - PICS!!!

In Judith Ripka 1405683577.13

LOL - Thanks, Sheesh. I have learned the hard way with iPhone selfies to point chin UP for photos!!!! When photographing necklaces, look up to the sky! Continue Reading


Re: White Cord - PICS!!!

In Judith Ripka 1405650597.04

Hang in there, Pepper. I'm sorry that you have an infection. Dr. needs to step up antibiotics. So crummy that this happened, especially at this time of year. Work hard at your PT, and wear your Ripka on the days that you are rotting home. (lol). It will cheer you up! Especially rings and wrist pieces that you can look at and admire. Take care! Continue Reading


Re: White Cord - PICS!!!

In Judith Ripka 1405610223.387

Thank you Chi-town Girl and BQ. This one rocks! It's very H-A-P-P-Y and fits right in with my new theme song - lol. Clap along! :) Continue Reading


Re: White Cord - PICS!!!

In Judith Ripka 1405610105.107

On 7/16/2014 Pepper22 said: BGDC, stunning!!! Thanks so much for all of the pictures. I love seeing the different enhancers on this cord. Mine has shipped....just waiting on its arrival. Hopefully tomorrow!! I know you will get lots of wear out of this cord. Enjoy!! Take care You are going to love it, Pepper. It will really brighten your day! Do you have the white ceramic watch? I love them together. Feel good!!!! xo Continue Reading


Re: White Cord - PICS!!!

In Judith Ripka 1405610007.26

On 7/16/2014 debsgirl said: You're killing me! I missed out on the necklace; by the time it comes thru on wait list, summer will be over. Please give me the item # for the new heart! J295575 it's wait list now, but worth waiting for. it will look great on the black cord or a chain as well. Continue Reading


Re: Wow! Judith Ripka Interchangeable Sterling CulturedPearl System

In Judith Ripka 1405609717.05

Enjoy your new necklace(s)! Wear them in good health! Welcome to the forum. :) Continue Reading


Re: Ripka Peek...

In Judith Ripka 1405609218.47

Great going Me!!!!! I just cancelled yesterday's wallet and switched to this elegant little beauty. Muchas Gracias! Continue Reading


Re: My Clad Ice Cube Bracelet Arrived Today...

In Judith Ripka 1405554549.027

On 7/16/2014 Dallas-Dame said: Thanks so much for your kind comments BGDC and newjerseygirl. I'm wearing it today with the yellow clad Regent watch and it's certainly putting a smile on my face whenever I check the time. The lock and clasp are nice and tight...a real stunner! That is a very good point that you make D-D. The bracelet is EXTREMELY well constructed. Everything locks and loads perfectly and very securely. I pushed this bracelet since day one, and I am so happy to see that everyone finally caught on. Gorgeous alone, next to a watch, stacked with glitzy cuffs, stacked with any... Continue Reading

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