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Re: Happy Birthday BGDC

In Judith Ripka 1416974826.873

Wow, Anisha!!!! Thanks so much for posting. Thanks Donna and Ffan, too. I had a lovely birthday and wore a favorite canary suite with my live, love and laugh cuffs. I hope to do all three all year long!!!!!! Thank you, ladies! :) Continue Reading



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To get into the mood, copy & paste! Continue Reading



Last Reply by qvcfreak 1417048181.377 | Started by BGDC in Judith Ripka Continue Reading


Re: Paging BGDC

In Judith Ripka 1416762335.193

Wow, Merrylass, that is some collection of clad!!!!!! Hi Anisha! Still waiting for my blue heart to land. I love your combo so, but then I remembered that I have the perfect necklace and earrings to pair it with. It will be a bit less formal, but for my purposes it should be just fine and dressed up with fancy hands - lol. Do you remember the necklace with the moonstone and bt cab stations? Have that with the moonstone earrings. That should be very pretty, too. I hope I get this soon!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Playing with my JR jewelry - Pictures

In Judith Ripka 1416318582.847

Very clever and very pretty!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Finally a Message From ME2ME

In Judith Ripka 1415983697.947

You hang in there!!!!! You have a lot to fight for and your spirit at this horrible time is amazingly strong. I was happy to read debsgirl's post. You can beat this! Lots of love, BGDC Continue Reading


Re: New Ceramic Watch is up for order

In Judith Ripka 1415310539.823

Very hard to choose a color. I have the previous ceramic in black and white, so I guess it's time for blue. Do I need another watch???? Hmmmmmmmmmm.......... Continue Reading


Re: JR Zodiac Enhancers - Pictures

In Judith Ripka 1415292614.153

beautiful! love it on the black cord, too! Continue Reading


Re: Paging BGDC

In Judith Ripka 1415292537.603

just switched my waitlist order to 5 thanksgiving ez pays. dying for that necklace to put it on. love the earrings as well. bravo! Continue Reading


Re: Paging BGDC

In Judith Ripka 1415291324.113

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous suite!!!! I love it! Thank you for the pic! I can't wait! Continue Reading

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