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Re: MOP/Diamonique Cuff (J295566)

In Judith Ripka 1408423599.03

Prove it. post a pic of your TJMax cuff. I'd love to see it, and I don't mean that in a who drank the cool-aide sense. Just want you to back it up. Continue Reading


Re: Awesome new ring J295502

In Judith Ripka 1406686610.697

Hi Pepper, You picked out a winner! You know what I'm thinking - The MOP Eclipse suite was so pretty, and maybe this is the silver version in a way - with a twist. I bet this whole suite is lovely, and I am putting it on my wish list. I saw the mop doublets in the yellow gold and they were so beautiful with such a glow. The matching clippie and EARRINGS, (gorgeous), are very pricey though. :( I will keep it under my radar. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Hope you are feeling well and recouping! Continue Reading


Re: Waitlist white cord!

In Judith Ripka 1406675435.97

You will LOVE IT! Enjoy and have a very happy b'day! Continue Reading


Re: JR quartz and crystal stones...

In Judith Ripka 1406562793.577

Very pretty enhancer! Enjoy! Classic JR for sure. :) BTW - I have and enjoy a lot of crystal pieces; canary, pink and light blue. The canary is my favorite! There are also other colors now that were used in the JR2 Estate line - sapphire, emerald and ruby (colored crystal, not stones). I think she also did a wide cuff with real blue sapphires that I once saw in Bloomingdales and it was gorgeous. I have also gone with purple crystal doublets in the Brite Nites collection, and they are gorgeous! In a doublet form they look just like amethyst to me, and the design is beautiful. Continue Reading


Re: What Happened to all the Threads?

In Judith Ripka 1406501301.083

It must be your iPad, BQ. Everything looks the same. Continue Reading


Re: Pearl necklace J296988, Pictures.....

In Judith Ripka 1406223074.293

What luster! They look beautiful on you, Anisha. Wear them in the best of health and happiness. Gorgeous! A true winner! Continue Reading


Re: Butterscotch cuff & ring review w/pics

In Judith Ripka 1405683764.497

Gorgeous! Wear them in the best of health!!! Continue Reading


Re: White Cord - PICS!!!

In Judith Ripka 1405683577.13

LOL - Thanks, Sheesh. I have learned the hard way with iPhone selfies to point chin UP for photos!!!! When photographing necklaces, look up to the sky! Continue Reading


Re: White Cord - PICS!!!

In Judith Ripka 1405650597.04

Hang in there, Pepper. I'm sorry that you have an infection. Dr. needs to step up antibiotics. So crummy that this happened, especially at this time of year. Work hard at your PT, and wear your Ripka on the days that you are rotting home. (lol). It will cheer you up! Especially rings and wrist pieces that you can look at and admire. Take care! Continue Reading


Re: White Cord - PICS!!!

In Judith Ripka 1405610223.387

Thank you Chi-town Girl and BQ. This one rocks! It's very H-A-P-P-Y and fits right in with my new theme song - lol. Clap along! :) Continue Reading

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