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Re: Paging Anisha

In Judith Ripka 1414692526.79

Sorry you have been sick. I have knocked unconscious by some virus for a week, too! I am so happy to hear that it's a winner! I am really looking forward to getting mine now! Enjoy - feel better - can't wait for pics. Continue Reading


Paging Anisha

Last Reply by BGDC 1414692526.47 | Started by BGDC in Judith Ripka

Did you receive your bt heart clip-on yet? I didn't see a review, so I am wondering if it was not to your liking (weak in color). Continue Reading


Re: And then Came the Doublets, and the Sky Began to Shine

In Judith Ripka 1414603905.533

On 10/28/2014 Blondelle said: Just gorgeous and stunning on you! Is this the same doublet as the blue monaco smaller oval ring? Do these pieces work with the JR2 blue crystal pieces? YES and YES, and that is exactly what I wore them with. I had the oval monaco on the other hand (mama bear, baby bear), and two JR2 blue crystal cuffs in the mix. They are perfect together. Continue Reading


Re: Paging BGDC....

In Judith Ripka 1414245590.987

Hi Anisha, No, I passed on it as I am a little over-extended these days. I read that your blue topaz heart is on its way. Sighhhhhhhh........... I do have the topaz and amethyst on waitlist, figuring by the time they arrive I might be ready to pick one. It will all come down to color and saturation. I hope that you get a great one! Pics please!!!!!!!! That piece is so beautiful, and I bet it would look just amazing on pearls for the total modern grown-up Cindy (rella) feel. Continue Reading


Re: Paging my friend in Dallas....

In Judith Ripka 1414245262.243

On 10/24/2014 Dallas-Dame said: I own a pair of canary quartz dangle earrings from her JR2 collection, BGDC. They're SS with a bit of of earring is bezel-set round and dangling from that is a pear-shaped drop...about 1-3/4" long overall. Can't remember the name of the collection but they really look lovely with the necklace. I'm photographically challenged or would so like to post a photo for you. I agree that a drop briolette would be stunning. Thank you for your good wishes and have a great weekend! They sound perfect! I think that I have seen them on JR's site, which is prolly ... Continue Reading


Re: Paging my friend in Dallas....

In Judith Ripka 1414245037.137

On 10/24/2014 motherinlaw said: In the very near future, I plan to place a JR2 order and you have inspired me to get the canary cuff that I have always wanted. It will be the wide estate cuff with the three large ascher cut stones....each one about five carats. There is also a medium version with five ascher cut stones but the wide cuffs from Judith are just fabulous! Thanks for the photos and the push over the edge.... LOL!!! :) Those cuffs are beautiful!!!!! I have been known to push people over the edge, but not necessarily by jewelry! Continue Reading


Re: Paging my friend in Dallas....

In Judith Ripka 1414166181.507

Very happy to hear that you like them DD. Wear them in good health! I have had my eye on that sideways emerald ring since it first appeared. It is on waitlist, but I think it is so cool. The newer estate one is gorgeous, but it's too like the one I have. I have yet to see an earring that I like for this suite. I'd love a drop briolette for a change. I think that would be stunning. Continue Reading


Re: Pave black spinel & diamonique cuff

In Judith Ripka 1414165905.46

It bothers me as well. Thank goodness there are enough of us left on here to chat during the shows. It's a matter of principle to me. I know there is another place to participate, but this was our place and I'm not being pushed off the reservation. That is why I post pics and reviews. I try to liven things up a little on here and stay focused on the jewelry, not on the negativity. Continue Reading


Re: It Kept Calling My Name...Had To Get It!!

In Judith Ripka 1413844750.76

That's a beautiful ring! You will get a lot of wear of it. Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: Ripkanista dog/animal lovers O/T - my Yorkie Paris II

In Judith Ripka 1413591263.65

Sammycat, You said it!!!!!!!! Totally blessed. Continue Reading

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