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Re: The new London Blue Topaz MOP ring/earrings.....

In Judith Ripka 1429342019.883

I hope that you are right, motherinlaw. I have been waiting for a LB enhancer for a long time, and there have been bracelets, cuffs, now rings and earrings. At some point it has to show up! I like it with MOP, too! Continue Reading


Re: My Precious Furbaby, Tia, Crossed Over The Rainbrow Bridge Today

In Judith Ripka 1429226993.733

I'm sorry for your loss. I know how bad it feels. Continue Reading


New Moon Watch

Last Reply by Jersey Born 1429582815.593 | Started by BGDC in Judith Ripka

I collect JR watches, and when I saw the two new watches, I immediately went for the pared down Regent - which I have learned won't ship for awhile. I just took a good look at the moon watch, and I have to say that it is really growing on me!!! The color of it is beautiful, and it is certainly different. It's whimsical, and I don't know how much I want to invest in whimsical these days, BUT when I looked closely, I noticed how the diamonique doesn't go around the entire bezel but just around the moon side and how the stars are purposely placed to serve as time markers - very clever. I am ... Continue Reading


Re: ripka weekly show

In Judith Ripka 1429027724.8

Thanks, Sunshine. New stuff........and it does sound like JR will be there herself and that other designs outside of jewelry are on their way. That's very exciting! Littleone2, I agree. I wish the shows were on in the evening. I think that once they see a following they will change the sched. I am happy for Judith that she gets to design things outside of jewelry and spread her wings as an artist. I am sure that this is a very happy moment for her in her career, and I wish her the best of luck. With her impeccable taste and sense of color and style, I am sure that whatever she sends our w... Continue Reading


Re: New ripka watch

In Judith Ripka 1428947903.86

I ordered it earlier this morning without having noticed that it won't ship until June. That is awfully disappointing! I have seen the regent on others and loved it, but when I bought one for myself the diamonique seemed a little much for me, so I am very happy to see this one! Continue Reading


Re: ripka weekly show

In Judith Ripka 1428947320.91

I'm wondering who will represent every week. Maybe it will be the young lady that has been doing the late night shows? Was there any mention about that? Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1428937823.643

And she comes back blasting!!!! LOL! but she's got a point! Continue Reading


Re: New Ripka LOVE necklace is $164

In Judith Ripka 1428500193.81

quite a typo. all three numbers were wrong. happy to see that they made the change either way. somebody is listening. Continue Reading


Re: New Judith Ripka "LOVE" Necklace

In Judith Ripka 1428275026.897

Oh, boy...... I can't imagine it's as bad as you're painting it out to be! Well, I still am a big fan of Judith and love her sense of style and design. I think her stuff is wonderful, and I hope to see some good "deals" soon. I thought the TSV cuffs were great and fair in price. I didn't buy them because I didn't need them, but not everything is outrageously priced......just some things........ Continue Reading

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