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New Charm Bracelet?

Last Reply by Kachina624 1432848289.91 | Started by BGDC in Judith Ripka

I saw a clad spacer and silver amethyst charm listed as new. Maybe the bracelet itself has been revamped. Hmmmmm........ Continue Reading


Picture of J322509 Judith Ripka Sterling Scattered Blue Topaz Enhancer

Last Reply by motherinlaw 1432848136.577 | Started by BGDC in Judith Ripka

The silver has a very high shine indoors, too. It's very nice! Now, if only they would drop the price on the cuff about $600 - Lol............ Continue Reading


Re: Another New Watch - Madison

In Judith Ripka 1432828864.453

That looks like the interchangeable strap watch. They have up the wrong picture. I saw the Madison yesterday and it didn't have a dmq. bezel and it was cushion cut. They have so many watches now that they can't get the pictures right. WHOOPS! My mistake. NJG has pictures of both on another thread, and the watch that I was speaking about is the Lola. Does that mean that the old strap-changer is now a single player named "The Madison" or are they just similar looking? I love my watch!! I have to admit though that I don't change the straps often and tend to wear it mostly on the blinged out on... Continue Reading


Re: New watch in metal (choice of color) - J323358

In Judith Ripka 1432766625.843

I happened to cancel the Lexington when I saw that it was a pre-order, and now I am happy that I did. I love the cushion cut shape on this Lola watch, and as you accurately noted, it was the shape of the original silicone watch. IF I should treat myself to another watch, this would be it, but my watch box (s) runneth over. At some point one has got to say WEN - I mean when - and yes, I buy that, too! Gallon size TSV on its way - lol. Continue Reading


Re: ?? On Lexington Watch

In Judith Ripka 1432325562.697

I don't think that watch shipped yet. It's been up for order but doesn't ship until June something or other. Any relation to sammycat, grammycat? Continue Reading


Re: Whose watching today!?

In Judith Ripka 1432307625.533

Hi Kappy! Nice shout outs! :) Continue Reading


Re: Whose watching today!?

In Judith Ripka 1432307569.793

Hi everyone! I just turned the show on. Everything looks so good! Judith looks smashing. I love her slide necklace and enhancer. Continue Reading


Re: Another New Watch!

In Judith Ripka 1430784241.78

I hear ya about the pricing. What did the old silicone watches go for? Anyone remember? I don't think they were close to that price. If I am not mistaken, they were under $100! It's hard to tell or know if either watch is a true white, which is why I am happy to have the ceramic one. I think I will stay with that until these get some reviews or a presentation. Continue Reading


Re: Another New Watch!

In Judith Ripka 1430773777.67

Well, since I post this they put up the pics of the new colors for the Chanel watch. After seeing it in white, I think that I prefer this one. It looks more modern - and yes, Kitty, the purple is great! Continue Reading


Re: Another New Watch!

In Judith Ripka 1430757434.807

Lol - Then again I just noticed new summer colors on the Chanel watch, one being white. I think that I will give that one a whirl instead because it can also go dressy. It comes in pink and turquoise, too, but there are no photos. It is also less expensive. My children will appreciate it! Continue Reading

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