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On 10/31/2014 LuvitorLIT said: I'll be cheering on the new Adam I don't care what he looks like just as long as he puts Billy in his place. Maybe Nikki will off herself by driving drunk she more annoying now and Christine will be relieved. Will Phyllis kidnap Sharon and scare her until she remembers what happened? I will be cheering for Adam too Luvitor. Cocky Billy needs a good kick. Continue Reading


Re: MyPurMist Steam Inhaler

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Do they have it on the Q? I want to get one for my husband. Continue Reading


Re: POCONO Killer found and captured

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I so glad that cop killer finally was finally apprehended. I'm sure the people that live there will be happy to have their lives return to normal. Continue Reading



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On 10/30/2014 aubnwa01 said: On 10/30/2014 Sharke said: Plus, Hiliary ! LOL And, Blabby Abby! You can add Maureen on that list. She is on my last nerve. Continue Reading


Re: *Y&R: Fans of Y&R Soap Discussion Group*

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On 10/26/2014 panda lady said: On 10/26/2014 Sharke said: we all already thought of that song hahahahha Ok...makes sense why it's stuck in my head! That song has been stuck in my head since Sharke mentioned it. Continue Reading


Re: Help! How do you clean your hardwood floors?

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I use vinegar in water and squeeze the mop until it is almost dry. Continue Reading


Re: Any Highmark customers with UPMC doctors?

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Why do some of you have to be so mean? Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Hasselhoff

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The last I read about her was that she had cealic disease. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Spoiler, Re: Michael Baldwin ........ it is not a rumor!!!

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Another character I like, I can't believe it. ....I hope Christian isn't sick . Continue Reading

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