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Re: Y&R Thursday and Friday

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I'm waiting for the day when Gabe confesses...I wonder how many months away that is. Continue Reading


Re: How do you feel about kids playing on top of Memorials?

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Very disrespectful. Children nowdays aren't taught respect even toward people. I see this every week in church where they think they are on a picnic with the backpacks parents bring full of cereal and drinks and toys to amuse them when they should be teaching them to be quiet and respectful. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Thursday and Friday

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I wish Gabrielle would come out and tell Chelsea he is Adam...maybe today. Do you think they will pair Stitch with Abby? Continue Reading


Re: How long do you leave your coffee on for?

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I don't think it tastes good after it has sat in the pot that long. I usually just make enough for us. On the other hand my husband has had coffee that was left in the pot over night and he says it tastes fine. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

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Great news, I love Lisa Mason, a classy lady. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Thursday and Friday

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I don't like Sage, just something about her. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Spoilers for Monday, March 23

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Is Kelly really dead? Did they say she committed suicide? Continue Reading


Re: Non-Keurig Coffee Pots

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On 2/28/2015 Stila said: Bunn, had mine for over ten years. The best! I had my Bunn for about 10 years too Stila and it still works as good as new. Continue Reading

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