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Re: HELP! Lola and other fashionistas! I have a challenge for you.

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Yep, slacks would be appropriate - especially if you don't like your arms or legs. Just try to accentuate one of your best features. Continue Reading



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I think you should give jeans another try. They really have come a long way since 20 years ago. They now have spandex and are really comfortable to wear. Not Your Daughter jeans is a good brand to try. Also, I've had some luck with DG2 on the southern channel. Continue Reading



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No, don't wear them because they scream "uniform" to me, and I'm just not a khaki pants kinda girl. They're too boring to me. Continue Reading


Re: Fun Poll: Would you carry a bag like this one?

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Yes. I'd wear that bag dressed up or with nice jeans and a blazer. Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka retired sterling Country Club heart charm bracelet. Anyone else own it?

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I own the bracelet and necklace. I don't wear them all that often, but when I do I feel special. These are weighty silver pieces. Glad I own the set. Continue Reading


Re: Tough decision: garnet heart bracelet review w/pics

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On 2/11/2014 librisfb said: On 2/11/2014 MickD said: Librisfb ~ So, what's your verdict??? It is cute, but I don't think it suits your wrist....I think your wrist looks better with the bigger layered cuffs (I may be biased but I too have a small wrist and layer and layer and layer...the only way this little cutie would work is with a watch as you have beautifully shown.) ~ Mick :) Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Each response encourage me to consider my options. Fortunately, no one's life hangs in the balance here, it is--after all--"just" jewelry. As sweet as this is, I cannot justify th... Continue Reading


Re: Dissapointed In JR J-276205

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Kitty - I don't know. The bubble wrap kinda makes me think you received a brand new bracelet. Usually when it's a return, you never get the bubble wrapping. However, I own this bracelet and I love the second one I received. The first one I got months ago was an obvious return - no sparkle and there were scratches on the underside of the bar closure. My replacement bracelet was perfect. I don't wear this bracelet every day, but when I do, I am proud to have it on my wrist. I wouldn't keep the one you have because I don't think you'll ever be pleased with it. Continue Reading


Re: "Contessa" pearl necklace - so very regal (J290384 review with pics)

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What a lovely collection; looks like a million bucks. Enjoy wearing all your baubles. Continue Reading


Re: Extra TSV links

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It's unfortunate the extra links did not work as you'd intended. However, I appreciate the detailed review. Continue Reading

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