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Re: Harry London Chocolate has disappeared from the QVC site

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I ordered the 6 lb. tin for immediate delivery. The order date was Nov. 22 so they had plenty of time to ship it before the fire. I called a few days ago and the rep said to just wait.. it will be shipped (no mention of the fire). I called a couple days after that and I asked the rep to find out what is going on. I called yesterday and the rep finally told me about the fire. My EDD was today and of course who knows when and if I will get it. QVC is not handling this very well. We should have been notified about the fire and delay, so we can find another gift for the recipient. This is an anno... Continue Reading


Re: Keurig TSV 11/17...

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It's definitely not a new model. I bought it when it was a TSV in November of 2012. Continue Reading



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I don't think the accessories are useless. For those who have never had an Apple product they need earbuds, car charger, case, etc. That plus the lifetime support and it easily adds up to more than the QVC price. Apple is keeping the original iPad Mini in their line so the QVC model isn't outdated at all. Continue Reading



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On 11/14/2013 Lynnj said: Even if it were a TSV, I would never but it from here or any other shopping channel with the way they raise the prices and include useless accessories that you'll never use. Plus, I am furious with how this past weekend they offered the iPad mini as TSV, offered it at a price much higher than if bought at say the apple store, and portrayed this to be the latest and greatest technology. Anyone who reads about technology news knows that apple was just about to release an updated iPad mini. Which they did a few days later...cheaper than what the outdated TSV price was. ... Continue Reading


Re: A Heartfelt Farewell from Jonathan Redford

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I hate to be negative but I had to turn off the Q every time Jonathan came on. I'll leave it at that. Last edited on 8/23/2013 Continue Reading


Re: Rubbing backs of hands to prove make-up's staying power.

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On 1/12/2013 beach-mom said: Most of the time the products on the back of the hand are eyeshadows and eyeliners. I know I don't have oil on my eyelids. Mally's liners stay on me. I've done the hand test, and I also used my fingers to rub. They DON'T come off. My DD has done it too, and they DO come off her hand. Go figure - we're all made differently. I don't think the demonstration is "worthless," and I don't think it "looks really fake." I think the makeup mavens, like Mally and the others, are really trying to show the lasting power. It works for some, maybe not for others. But it's better... Continue Reading


Re: Dear Miss Mally:

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I was looking for some information about Mally in Google and got this link. Gosh, you ladies sure are snarky! Whoa! I guess you are perfect and and everyone loves everything you say. Do you have anything else to do than to nick pick everything. Hey, I have an idea for you, DON'T WATCH MALLY if she does so many things you don't like! Last edited on 1/12/2013 Continue Reading


Re: What Kind of Cookies Do You Make for the Holidays?

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Please note: David, you told us how to get the orange drink recipe on the Vita-Mix page. It is not there. David, please go there and you will see ... there is no link to any recipes at all. AND in trying to find this blog I clicked on Meet the Hosts and the link is not working. It just kept taking me to the home page. Continue Reading


Re: Time For Cookies!

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Leah, is the black sweater with sequins at the bottom that you wore on Tuesday 11/27 available at QVC? If not, can you say where you got it? It's fab-u-lous!! Thank you! EDIT: I found it on QVC .... A210797 Last edited on 11/27/2012 Continue Reading


Re: Our Royal Palace Princess

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Your pup is adorable! I just want to say that you are a superstar host. You have much talent at selling and making the shows fun to watch. There are some good hosts but truly you are far and away better than anyone. You are blessed with a charismatic personality and I hope QVC appreciates you! Jane Treacy and Lisa Robertson are also shining stars but you are at the top of the heap! Continue Reading

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