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Re: Are You Falling Apart?

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Hi everyone, I feel absolutely horrible that I haven't been here in quite some time. I've been put on some new meds that have literally s*cked the life out of me and they've been switched up numerous times in a short period. I apologize that I can't get to everyone individually but another issue I'm having is with my eyes lately, everything is blurry which in turn gives me a terrible headache if I'm on the computer for too long. The lowdown on Sarah is that she is doing well but feeling a bit of pain in her pelvic region and the cerclage stitch is being taken out next Wednesday.....we could p... Continue Reading


Re: Are You Falling Apart?

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Hi everyone, I haven't been feeling well since the surgery on Friday. I go back in tomorrow to have the stent removed and hoping I'll feel better after that comes out. I also lost a childhood friend on Monday to cancer, he was only 45 years old. Glass, I'm glad you're feeling up to getting out to work in your gardens again. I hope your ear is better. Rebecca ~ how awesome that you have delicious berries right in your own backyard! I only have 1 small tomato plant on my back patio because the deer & bunnies eat everything in sight on the ground....even in the pots on the ground. I love t... Continue Reading


Re: Are You Falling Apart?

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Hi friends, I'm just stopping by for a minute before I go to bed and wanted to say thank you to you all for your thoughts & prayers. bullyluv ~ you asked why they don't just remove the stone. The answer is because it's stuck in the tube because it's so large and they can't just pull it out whole. The size of it is the major issue and I was told the edges could be sharp and jagged so it could tear the tube or do other damage therefore they will break it up first, then remove the pieces all while I'm under anesthesia. They will try to get it all out but if there is anything left behind it w... Continue Reading


Re: Are You Falling Apart?

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On 6/19/2014 sfnative said: Hi Everyone, It certainly has been a tough week for many of us and I certainly hope we all wake up on Monday to a better week. DH is feed our granddaughter now, so I must be brief. At physical therapy, I'm making strides and keeping pace, but really pay for it afterward. Am still waking up at night with knee pain, though. Found out today that the two areas of pain are relative to two muscles that haven't been doing their work correctly because my knee was mal-positioned prior to surgery. Now that the knee have been replaced, the muslces are back where they should b... Continue Reading


Re: Are You Falling Apart?

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On 6/21/2014 Glass Lady K said: Oh lobster, I'm so sorry to hear this. When will all this end. Darn! I just hate pain and life seems to be so full of it. My ear is just killing me today. After three painful visits to the doctor, I'm going to a specialist. I may just ask them to put me out. I was in tears at the last appointment again. Pain free tomorrow!!!! Glass, it just doesn't seem right that we keep having all these issues....one thing after another while the rest of the people get off scott free.....it doesn't seem fair. I'm sorry you're in so much pain & hope they will sedate you t... Continue Reading


Re: Are You Falling Apart?

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Hi all, Sorry but this has to be brief today. I went to the ER in terrible pain early Friday morning (3am) to find out that I have a HUGE 21mm kidney stone. They sent me straight to the Urologist for surgery and had a stent put in. Next step is to see him again on Monday and find out what he's going to do next....he mentioned trying to break it up so it can pass naturally. All I know is that I want it out NOW!!! Unfortunately this isn't my first go around with kidney stones so I know what I'm in for. On another note, Sarah's baby shower was today and it was very nice but I couldn't enjoy i... Continue Reading


Re: Are You Falling Apart?

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Hi everyone, I haven't been feeling well lately aside from the usual pain and I'm not sure why...maybe it's a coincidence that I started a new med last week and that's when I started to not feel well. It's something I've been on before but not mixed with the other meds I'm currently on. I went to the appointment at the dental school and they confirmed what I was already told, that I have an abscess and need another root canal done on that tooth. The post grads do that kind of work so I am waiting for them to call me to make another appointment to have the root canal done. I will have to pay, ... Continue Reading


Re: best week killer??

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On 6/9/2014 JustJazzmom said: Salt remains in the soil for a long time-- those who had Superstorm Sandy wash out their yards had a lot of trouble replanting plants until they got a salinity test done on their soil. I'm not a fan of these 'homemade' weed killers. Why would you put soap with dyes in it and salt and other chemicals into your soil? If its not safe to be around your pets, its not safe for you either!! You are better off using either a hoe or the old fashioned method-- using a dandelion tool and/or gloved hands to remove weeds. I'm sorry if what I have to do to get rid of my weeds... Continue Reading


Re: best week killer??

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The vinegar/salt or Epsom Salt/Dawn dish soap works extremely well. You may have to do a second spray if the weeds are big and deeply rooted and it's most effective on a hot, dry day. Just make sure you don't spray it on anything you don't want to kill! Continue Reading


Re: Unclaimed property and debt (MOM)

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On 6/9/2014 bonnielu said: Solved in my case. It was just a bit of cash, no strings attached. It seems my mom had some sort of refund while she was in Arizona. The check is in the mail I was told. I guess I might not really understand what it was for but I am no longer worrying. I intend to share it with my sister and it was to be a surprise. Thanks for all the messages. It made me feel better. I have no clue if the debts of parents are transferred. The estate is the only responsible party for a deceased person's debt, not an individual...in other words, being a child, spouse or related to s... Continue Reading

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