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Re: Anyone have a toddler diva

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On 9/16/2014 ccassaday said: I never said we laugh at her. I said we will have conversations when she isn't around and will laugh about what she does. We have just never seen a three year old care about what she is wearing.she is a good little girl and very easy going. Where in your OP does it say this....because I don't see it? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have a toddler diva

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Personally I don't find anything funny about a child at any age screaming and throwing a temper tantrum over anything.....ETA....unless they are sick or hurt. You might think it's cute now but when you keep giving into that kind of behavior when she's young, she will always expect to get her way and it will only get worse as time goes on. Then you will have a real diva on your hands.....good luck with that. Continue Reading


Re: Stacy Ann

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On 9/8/2014 gazelle77 said: On 9/8/2014 lobstergal said: I guess some of us have more important things on our plate to worry about. Like the phrase "When it's Gone It's Gone" ? Or "mushy kissing" ? Seems like you do not have too much on your plate to complain what bugs you! LOL! Now you're stalking my postings LOL. For your information, that was in reply to a question posted by that OP. I don't post on a daily basis complaining & nitpicking about every little thing I don't like about the shows, hosts, models, vendors, merchandise, etc. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: "You have a couch, don't you?" ~ I'm at a loss for how to deal with this.

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On 9/8/2014 Irshgrl31201 said: Frankly I am a little surprised at some of these comments. "It is only 4 days" etc... This woman is caring for a disabled son, her parents, husband and she works. These people have enough money to fly 4 people across the country but can't pay for 4 days in a hotel and they refuse to take no for an answer, insisting, you have a couch don't you? That is insane and I feel the people on here pushing her to take in these people when she has as much on her plate as she does and not only that but guilting her about it as well. The sister has dementia and doesn't even r... Continue Reading


Re: Stacy Ann

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I guess some of us have more important things on our plate to worry about. Continue Reading


Re: Stacy Ann

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On 9/8/2014 brewhaha said: Stacy Ann. Stacy Ann. Stacy Ann. Continue Reading


Re: Are You Falling Apart?

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Hi all, I've been super busy and doing my best to keep up but getting very overwhelmed with it all. There's also a bunch of loose ends and unknowns, so once I get those things behind me I should have a bit more free time and be able to relax. Rebecca, I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your aunt and my sincerest condolences go to you and your family. I'm also sorry to hear that your having more health problems and I hope your doctors can resolves some if not all of these issues soon as you've been through so much. I hope everyone else is well. It's been a long time since many have post... Continue Reading


Re: Stacy Ann

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Seriously? You need a hobby other than to constantly start ridiculous threads picking apart everything you don't like about QVC. Continue Reading


Re: What words or phrases do you get sooo sick of hearing? "Busy Mom"

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When they do the double kiss and actually speak the words "muah muah" after their kiss.....which is kind of uncomfortable to watch to begin with because some hosts kiss, some don't and a lot of times the vendor doesn't know if it's coming or not so they don't know what to do. No need for those greeting kisses on a shopping show. The phrase that we hear nonstop from October until Christmas...."when it's gone it's gone" Antonella when doing jewelry shows...."you know I never push you BUT" and proceeds to explain why we need to order the item immediately. Continue Reading


Re: OT (?)--Do you have a tattoo?

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On 8/31/2014 MarieIG said: On 8/27/2014 lobstergal said: This is the one I got after I lost my husband in December. This is something he would always say to me when I felt conflicted about something. It's his actual signature the exact way he signed every card because I called him Davey & always added the xo's with the squiggly thing under his name. So sorry for you loss. I hope your tat brings you comfort whenever you look at it. It does.....thank you. Continue Reading

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