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Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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On 11/30/2014 Bird mama said: Hello there Lobstergal - how are you doing? Did you have a decent Thanksgiving? Hi Bird mama. I'm very relieved that all that snow is gone! I had a few invites but I wanted to stay home and have a quiet day alone on Thanksgiving. It's just not the same without my DH and I'm just trying to get through these holidays as best as I can without him. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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On 11/25/2014 Bird mama said: Think of the song "Oh Christmas Tree" Oh Lobstergal, Oh Lobstergal, please tell us how you're doing ~ Oh Lobstergal, Oh Lobstergal, I cannot help it, I worry ~ Has all the snow gone down the drain, please tell me you did not get rain Oh Lobstergal, Oh Lobstergal, I hope that things are better Oh Bird mama, Oh Bird mama, I'm so sorry to make you worry.... Oh Bird mama, Oh Bird mama, the past week has been such a flurry Yesterday the temp got up to 60 degrees and it did rain but not as much as was originally predicted. There were many flooded areas, thankfully ... Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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I'm finally back for an update. The crew didn't show up until 2am Saturday mornings to clear my driveway so by the time I was able to get to bed last night I had been awake for about 48 hours. Thankfully my cousins DH and my brother were able to get here yesterday to clear the snow from my roof and awnings which are permanent....the large one over my front porch was starting to sag in the middle and it probably wouldn't have taken much more weight before coming down. Today it was in the 40's so the melting has started....they are very concerned about the creeks. Now I'm hoping that my sub pum... Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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Hello, Just wanted to pop in to say that there really hasn't been much change since my last post. I was doing okay until today but the lack of human contact really started to get to me after being all alone and trapped for 4 days. One bit of "good" news is that my cousin & her DH managed to drive to my house tonight after the travel ban was lifted and he was able to clear a small path from the end of my driveway to my side door so I can at least get out of my house now if I need to. The contractor I called Thursday to clear my driveway with heavy equipment called and said they would be co... Continue Reading


Re: Getting smell out of clothes

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Soak the clothes in water & vinegar overnight then launder as usual. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone living in this blizzard?

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KimmC, I totally feel your pain and don't blame you for being upset. So much for the city of good neighbors on my street too....Tuesday night when the snow started piling up, the guy directly across the street from me was snow blowing not only his driveway but the street in front of his house. Well guess where he aimed all that snow....MY driveway!!! Now he knows that I'm widowed since last December and disabled, but does he care, NO!!! I've been trapped inside my house alone since this all started on Tues and believe me when I tell you that having no pets and no human contact really starts t... Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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Hi ladies, Sorry I haven't been back sooner, I've spent a good part of my day trying to see if I could find someone with large enough equipment to come dig me out. Since the street has been cleared and the plows are getting through, now I have approximately 7 feet of snow at the foot of my driveway. I've located someone local with the proper equipment to dig me out but they can't get to me until Saturday (there goes the Christmas budget) so I will have to sit tight and wait it out. The temps are supposed to rise over the weekend which will result in major flooding. Had I known this was coming... Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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Hi everyone, Thank you all so very much and a very special thank you for my dear friend sfnative for asking for prayers on my behalf. I've lived in Buffalo for most of my 47 years and have been through many snow storms, ice storms, blizzards, etc but I've never been trapped inside my house like this before. As most of you know I lost my DH suddenly late last December and am disabled so it's been a little frightening being trapped inside and all alone. As I type this there is approx. 6 feet of snow now surrounding my house completely and I finally had no choice but to call around today to find... Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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On 11/19/2014 TexasMom1 said: Prayers going up for your safety Lobstergal! Is there any way you could crack a window open just a tiny bit, like in a bathroom, so allow some air circulation? I know it is hard when the temperatures are so bad. What did the firemen suggest? God bless you and hope you get some rest tonight. Thank you TexasMom. I hate to let any heat out but I suppose I could just to be safe. The firemen were able to find the vents and clear enough snow off to get my furnace working again last night so it's been ok since but the weather just started turning for the worse agai... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone living in this blizzard?

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Yes, over 5 feet of snow already and another 2-3 feet coming now Continue Reading

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