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Hey, Joan....I have tons of your pins and love them all. However, can you come up with a Jewelry Pin where we don't have to put holes in our clothing? QVC used to have one...a rubber stop to place the pin in and 2 magnets that clasped between fabrics. I will be watching to see what you come up with. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Christmas with the Wardens

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The next time you feature the pressure cooker, could you demonstrate using beans? Thanks. Continue Reading


Can we see more of the inside of the bags please?

Last Reply by yellowkitty 1402455107.207 | Started by venox6625 in All About Handbags

Nothing irritates me more when the hosts expect us to purchase a $200-300 dollar bags w/o showing us how the inside looks! Enough of throwing it over your shoulders, people. Open the bag up so we can see inside! Thanks. Continue Reading


Reed and Barton

Last Reply by Sooner 1352772403.657 | Started by venox6625 in Kitchen & Food Talk

Could the Barton and Reed Company produce a set of silverwear that has a touch of goldtone to it? Perhaps incorporate in the pattern design? Many of out here have china sets that have gold rims around the dishes. Wouldn't that be nice to have a touch of gold in the silverware to match? Continue Reading


Re: A New Way to Wear Dennis Basso

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Love Dennis Basso Products, but how about hats to match those gorgeous coats? Continue Reading


Re: The Creative Juices are Flowing

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Love you clothing line. Would like to see that swing dress of your with a v-neck line and a tad longer.....mid calf length? Plus size gals would look better in that dress with those changes. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Photos of Spring & Summer Designs

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Susan, I luv your swing dress style, however, could you do a V-neck and Mid-Calf length? I think those 2 changes will make a 3-X size more attractive? Continue Reading


Re: In the Kitchen with David - February 27th Show

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Maple-Pecan Roasted Brussel Sprouts 1 1/3 cups chopped toasted pecans 8 Tablespoons butter, softened 6 Tablespoons maple syrup salt pepper 4 pounds brussel sprouts trimmed 4 Tablespoons oil Position a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat to 450 degrees. In a small bowl, stir together the pecans, butter, maple syrup and season to taste w/ salt and pepper. On a sheet pan, toss together the brussel sprouts and canola oil. Season to taste w/ salt and pepper. Roast the brussel sprouts, shaking the pan and rolling them around every 5 minutes to promote even cooking until they are richley... Continue Reading


Re: B.Makowsky Handbags & Footwear

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Would someone please get a message to your hosts who feature handbags? We want to see the insides of all the bags offered. Sometime the lining is different on the inside of the bag although of the same style. In addition, we want to see all the interior compartments. If the hosts would just spend half of as much time focusing on the inside as well as the outside, more of us may purchase. Continue Reading

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