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Re: Another iconic brand files for bankruptcy

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I have shopped at both Fredericks and VS. I much prefer VS. I am not surprised that they are going out of business. Continue Reading


Re: California and WEN

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I have never washed my hair every day even before WEN, which I have been using for about two years. I am shocked that people are writing that they do not use a lot more water with this product. I know that I do. My personal decision is to use up my current supply of WEN and then to switch to another product. It's a combination of reasons, most importantly a few weeks ago I looked at all of my bottles and thought about how many dollars were wrapped around those bottles. The water issue is another problem to be taken into consideration. I think that WEN is a great product, and I love my TT. How... Continue Reading


Re: Here's what happened... do you think my actions were justified?

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You were not out of line. If anything you waited too long to make the change. Continue Reading


Re: Early predictions on the Andrew Lessman TS...

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On 4/18/2015 VaBelle35 said: Does anyone know how Spendale Kash works? I had a VIP return last week and they gave me $6.95 in SK. I didn't see how I could apply it but it looks like my SK is now zero. Do they apply this automatically to orders or do you have to tell it you want to apply it? I don't see where it's applied to my order but my SK is zero. It's so odd. I can call CS on Monday and ask, too. CS might still be open. When you look at your total, there is a line that say's spendable Kash. It's towards the bottom of your figures. Price, Tax, S & H etc. It normally does ask you if... Continue Reading


Re: Can I Vent? I don't want to smell like Food!

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I hate floral scents. It does not really matter because we are all individuals with different likes and dislikes. You purchase what you wish to buy and the same with me. Continue Reading


Re: Early predictions on the Andrew Lessman TS...

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On 4/18/2015 Chi-town girl said: On 4/18/2015 Krissie2 said: So is everyone ordering both, or just the eye support? I've never taken the other one, and that warning has me spooked. I'm only buying the Eye Support since this product alone has rave reviews. What is the benefit to adding Astaxanthin? Easy to start adding more supplements with bundle/special offers, so I'm hesitant to add something else that I prob don't need. I just purchased the large bottle of the ES (720) count. I do not see the advantage of adding the Astaxanthin. I am sure that AL will explain to us why we might need this, ... Continue Reading


Re: Early predictions on the Andrew Lessman TS...

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On 4/18/2015 Mary Bailey said: Will anything change at midnight or is there any advantage to ordering it now? It will not change. The only advantage to ordering early would be if you can get your hands on a coupon. Continue Reading


Re: Early predictions on the Andrew Lessman TS...

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On 4/18/2015 Mary Bailey said: I'll be ordering the large size too. I can't wait to see the price. I just can't watch Shannon. I think I'd change the channel even if she was giving out the winning lottery numbers the day before the drawing. I am right with you. I also love the Perlier and Korres shows, and she seems to always present the kick off of those TS specials as well. Ugghh. Continue Reading

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