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Re: What beauty item/line do YOU stockpile.....?

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Shower Gels. I just can't seem to get enough of them. Philosophy Perlier Korres Carols Daughter Continue Reading


Re: Chaz Dean is the only one

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On 4/18/2014 Karena said: On 4/18/2014 TrailBlazer05 said: Bree, Bree, Bree is all Amy talks about on any given show! Don't blame Chaz though for not knowing it's a girl as I'm sure Amy having any kind of baby is not what he spends much time thinking about. Still think it's rather disheartening that QVC made Amy's pregnancy so front & center while Gabrielle's pregnancy has been just kind of there and forgotten about. Hi Trailblazer05 - You bring up an interesting point about the amount of attention on Amy's vs. Gabrielle's pregnancy. Of course, it's wonderful that Amy is so excited abo... Continue Reading


Re: Charged for order but never received TSV!

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This is the same post that you wrote on the Philosophy board. You have been issued a refund. It's the pits, and I would be irritated but life goes on. An option would be to convert your single delivery that you did receive to auto delivery. Call a month before it ships out and change over to UL. Continue Reading


Re: Almost Spit Out My Coffee Laughing Over . . .

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I absolutely hate when they do the before pictures. No woman, would walk out of her house looking like that. They do the same thing whenever they do the Breezies TSV's. Continue Reading


Re: FRESH CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There will be a Fresh Cream TSV in June. I forgot to add that the last philosophy show that they hinted at having a 32oz. size body lotion with the TSV. Continue Reading


Re: Amy Morrison on Beauty Report

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On 4/18/2014 aggravated said: She is unwatchable. Repeats the same sentences and descriptions over and over, right after each other. Often her descriptions are incorrect altogether. She and Shannon - click the changer!! I always click when I see Shannon. Amy, is just clueless so she is just like your ditzy friend that some of us have. We roll our eyes from time to time, but you just let it go, because she is harmless. Continue Reading



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I purchase the Mascara several months ago and I really do enjoy it. I did not purchase the TS, because out of the two 30 minute presentations that I watched I never saw it on a person of color. I had no frame of reference so I left it alone. Continue Reading


Re: Got my Philosophy TSV today!

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I am not a fan of Living Grace either. It smelled like a darn forest. This TSV, I ordered in BG. I don't care for that one either. It does not smell like a hug. It smells floral and something else which I can't put my name on, but is unappealing to me. I kept the BG because I did not think that it was bad enough to return. It's just not a repurchase. I have learned my lesson. I will stick to my two scents that I really do love. PG and UCL. Continue Reading



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On 4/14/2014 willdob3 said: On 4/14/2014 jewelsluvsbeauty said: On 4/14/2014 PinkSugar said: The coupon can only be used once this month on one item. And yes, it can be used on the TS. I have not used it in the last month, and it would not let me use it. The code that starts with april?? right. Coupon codes are never allowed with TS on the day they are the TS. Just read the small print. You can trick the system by using the code before midnight. Exactly! As soon as I found out what the TS was going to be I ordered it. It was probably around 5 or 6 P.S.T. HSN tends to load their items into ... Continue Reading


Re: New Korres

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There is another thread that actually has a picture up of the TS tonight. It's actually being sold now, if you want to look at it on the HSN website. I went ahead and purchased since I had a coupon that you would not be able to use once the TS begins. Continue Reading

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