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Re: Andrew Lessman - April Schedule and TS's

In Health & Fitness 1427578646.08

Thank you for posting. I was wondering when he would be making his next appearance. I need some more of his eye support vitamins. Continue Reading


Re: Over the top Courtney

In Fashion Talk 1427576197.607

I was not a fan when she first arrived. However she has grown on me greatly. It seems to me as if she has finally grown up, and she has a good sense of humor. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason returning????

In Q News 1427136237.363

On 3/23/2015 Luv_My_Beagle said: On 3/23/2015 RedConvertibleGirl said: She will probably be back representing Super Smile again, that would be my guess. She was just visiting with Dr. Smigel and his wife. Also, Michael Connor posted that we'd be seeing more of her. That's what I was thinking, too. Me three. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone going to order the upcoming tsv?

In philosophy 1426960291.427

This one is an easy pass for me. Although, they are offering one of my favorite scents UL. I just do not need another bottle of EDP/EDT, and I have never been a fan of their Creme Body Butter. It just has the weirdest texture/consistency to me. It always feels sort of gritty. Continue Reading


Re: What Cleanser Did You Use Today?

In WEN 1426959980.157

Oiled my hair and scalp overnight. 1st cleanse TT 2nd cleanse 613 & SHP Dime size of Fig as leave in and a dime size of Au Naturalle creme Glaze. Continue Reading


Re: Any Women of Color WEN Users Out There?

In WEN 1426959766.803

On 3/21/2015 WennerEsha said: Hello I have been a Wen user for about 2 years. I love Chaz. Ladies please share your thoughts about the Italian Mandarin Fig and the Bamboo Green Tea. I have 4A/3C hair. Naturally Curly. I currently use 613, Fig, TT and all seasonals. Thank you I am also a 3C/4A hair. My fav's are also TT and FIG. I use the seasonals but I can't use them alone. I always have to mix with more moisturizing formulas. I took a chance and ordered the Mandarin Italian Fig. I tried the BGT awhile ago, but I did not particularly care for it. I found it very drying. However I only used... Continue Reading


Re: Which products and in what order to use them

In philosophy 1426468487.46

Carol, Philosophy has a 1-800 number that you can call and speak with someone in customer service. They can direct you to someone that can help you with the order in which you should use different products. Continue Reading


Re: Do shopping channels sell blocks of time (hours) to vendors?

In Q Did What? 1426468144.07

On 3/14/2015 Johnnyeager said: Thanks for the verification. It's so obvious. I think you have to be somewhat deficient or dense to think otherwise. I guess it makes business sense to them to sell the station and its viewers, I sure would for the money. As a viewer and buyer, you like it, or you don't. It is what it is. Just because someone may have a different opinion than yours does not make that one deficient or dense. I choose to deal with facts. I do not know and neither do you. If you choose to cite a reliable source, than I will change my opinion. Continue Reading


Re: For Those of Us Who Choose NOT to be on Facebook

In Suggestion Box 1426459232.017

On 3/10/2015 KailaS said: My job does not allow me to be on Facebook. Interestingly, I have a doctor--young and new--who requires patients to sign into personal medical information via Facebook accounts. I have tried to explain to the doctor that not everyone is on Facebook. I might as well have told him that I was born on Mars. I guess to someone in his mid 30s, someone my age (almost 68) is from another planet. LOL I find this very hard to beleive. I would double check to make sure that you have not misunderstood your doctor. Continue Reading


Re: HairMax Leaving the Q?

In Beauty Banter 1426458996.7

It probbaly means that a new and improved version is coming out. Continue Reading

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