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Re: 32oz size pump

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Just go to the Philosophy website and type in pumps in the seach field. They cost a $1.25. Continue Reading


Re: The Q needs to rethink their postage......it cost them a $100 order tonight

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On 5/21/2015 millieshops said: I wonder what percentage of QVC customers order the way I do. I can count on my fingers the number of times I've ordered more than one item at a time and still have fingers left over. That's true as far back as I can look on my order history - there just aren't 10 multiple orders showing. That's probably why the new shipping is saving me money. That is exactly why the shipping charges do not bother me. I do not purchase nor have I ever purchased multiples of an item from QVC. Continue Reading


Re: How do you acquire your reading material?

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I was a bit of a snob for many years and I would only purchase from real bookstores. My SIL, turned me on to Amazon used books, and used book stores. I have not looked back since. I can't believe how much money I wasted before. Continue Reading


Re: Too Many TV Shows

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On 5/23/2015 Northcoast said: I apologize if it sounded as though I was complaining because that was not my intention at all. I just don't understand how TV viewers keep track of all of the options that are available. That's what I was trying to convey. Obviously, I am in the minority as far as my ability to be informed about of all of the choices. Good for you for those who can and enjoy watching. That is what my DVR is for. I could never keep up with what shows come on, which day, and time. I just program the shows that I am interested in watching, and let the DVR record. I do not watch an... Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations for a case with screen protector, iPhone 6+

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I purchased my case for my 6+ from Amazon. They had tons of protective cases just type in I-Phone 6 +. I paid less than $10.00 for it. I have Amazon prime so no shipping costs were included. Continue Reading


Re: THANK YOU QVC For Regular Size Models

In The Q We Love 1432431195.467

On 5/22/2015 PUPPY LIPS said: And the thin models are fake? LOL. Just sayin .... That made me laugh. Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran TSV

In Beauty Banter 1432430513.307

There was a post on the boards the other day. I can't remember everything because I was not interested in this TSV. I do remember that it would include a color stick, SPF tinted Moisturizer, Mascara, and Argan Oil. I think. LOL Continue Reading


Re: IT Cosmetics - Jamie

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On 5/23/2015 buyornot said: On 5/23/2015 evelomaddict said: she's smart in how she appears. she brings the focus to her line, instead of herself and it sells like mad. the woman is a genius. Oh my goodness-yes!! ITA!!! Continue Reading


Re: Nancy Hornback-OUTSTANDING with Barbara Bixby

In TSV Talk 1432411498.57

Nancy has improved greatly since she first started. I use to find her unwatchable and now I have no problem enjoying a presentation by her. Continue Reading

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