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Re: Leah Williams says.......

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On 8/18/2014 hopi said: On 8/18/2014 Iwantcoffee said: If you have a well planned wardrobe, you will not need a lot of clothes as you will get many different outfits from just a few pieces. okay that's for one month - next month you need another 12 and the next month another 12 and another 12 and another and so on........... ITA!!!! Continue Reading


Re: What Cleanser Did You Use Today?

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1st cleanse Fig/WCM. 2nd cleanse:613 Finished off with Argan Oil and Goddess Curls Gel. Continue Reading


Re: Carol's Daughter Products. WOW!

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I am glad that you were able to find a product that works great for you. Continue Reading


Re: Clarisonic Broke This Morning, Just Won't Work...What Did You Do When This Happened?

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I would contact Clarisonic customer service. The unit should still be under warranty. I am another one that has had my Mia for 4 years so far so good. Continue Reading


Re: ho-hum

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I think that it depends on if you care for what is being offered or not. I have not watched QVC over the last few weekends because I was not interested. Nor, was I interested in yesterdays Gold Shows. Today is a different story. I enjoy beauty products. I watched a few hours this morning, before heading out to an event and I am back home again with the TV tuned to QVC. I will be watching till the end of the day. Tomorrow (Sunday) will be a different story. I don't care about the Vitamix, therefore I will not be watching the "Q" at all. Continue Reading


Re: Reinstating AD on an older Phil TSV?

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I honestly have no idea. I would check with CS. Continue Reading


Re: Insider up~

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On 8/15/2014 lyndajr said: how do you get to the Insider from the website? I usually have to wait for an e-mail link... The next time that they send you the link. Save it to your desktop. Then each month once people start mentioning that it is up, bring up the same saved site and it will automatically direct you to the latest edition. Continue Reading


Re: Insider up~

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Wow! I guess that I am in the minority. I thought that this was the best issue that they have had all year. Continue Reading


Re: Mega Size 3 in 1 Gel....Is today the last day it will be available forever?!!!???

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I DVR'd this mornings show. Rachael said that this would be the last day they are presenting this for the year and that the price is going away at the end of the day. I interpret the statement to mean that it would still be available to purchase online as long as quantities remain, and that the easy pay would go away. To be absolutely, sure I would call and check with customer service. Continue Reading


Re: CarolynG, You Look Marvelous, Dahling!

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I lover her new cut. She is rocking it. It does make her look younger. Continue Reading

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