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Re: What Cleanser Did You Use Today?

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Oiled scalp and hair overnight. 1st cleanse TT & 613 (extended) 2nd cleanse FIG & SHP (extended) Cantu Shea Butter leave in overnight. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone know if Tea Tree 32 oz ......

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There will be a TSV offered on March 21st. TT is not the featured product, but I am sure that there will be a few specials featured around this popular CC. Chaz is also on tongiht, check your guide. Continue Reading


Re: What happened to the hired female Wen Rep?

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She was on last night with Chaz. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone getting the Philosophy TSV?

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On 2/21/2015 Shelbelle said: I dont care for Purity cleanser. I also would never use the HIAT Eye cream, mineral oil based, would give me milia. I actually use the HIAT eye cream and I like my results, but I can only use it once a day. I noticed that when I was using it morning and night, that I started getting those tiny little bumps under my eyes. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone getting the Philosophy TSV?

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This is a pass for me. I actually use all of these products except for the night cream. The sizes are just too large except for the purity face wash. I don't understand why they just can't offer good pricing on configurations that are of a smaller size. Continue Reading


Re: $3.00 is just fine

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On 2/20/2015 RedConvertibleGirl said: There will always be the complainers unless it's FREE. Some people will never be happy. And Prime is OK if, like you said, you purchase a LOT. I also noticed the items available on Prime aren't always the cheapest either - they have to pay for that free shipping somehow, and some items will cost you more to make up for it. I have noticed the same thing. I always check my pricing, because prime is not always the least expensive option. I am debating about keeping it or getting rid of it later on this year. Continue Reading


Re: Ladies, you look lovely!!

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I agree. The ladies look lovely tonight. Continue Reading


Re: OT - What is everyone giving up during Lent??

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On 2/18/2015 Snowpuppy said: On 2/18/2015 BellaCarro said: I will fast today. Getting up and making it to 7:30 am Mass on time was a good start. Not rolling my eyes at the co-worker who told me I had dirt on my forehead I thought was pretty good too. (Really, you've lived over 40 years and never seen a Catholic on Ash Wednesday- there I said it).<br /> However, rather than give up I will add. Several years ago our parish priest spoke about mindfully adding prayer to your daily life. That really resonated with me. You don't have to be one particular religion to do that. Take some time ea... Continue Reading


Re: I have the worse case of shingles..............

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I am going to ask my doctor about the shot on my next visit in a few months. Between, the commercial and hearing more and more people talk about it I am starting to become nervous. I did have Chicken Pox as a child. I have had two co-workers that have come down with it. The most recent one was over a year ago. She was an older lady well into her 60's and she did not report back to work for at least a month. When she returned she was still in a lot of pain. I was sitting in my cubicle one day and I heard someone crying, I went to check on her and it was her. That was how much pain she was in.... Continue Reading

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