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Re: SIMPLIFY 2015, WEEK 5--All can join! Support for those who want to spend less

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Nothing to report. I am just checking in. I want to to make sure that thread stays alive so it's important for everyone that cares about this topic/subject to post each week. Continue Reading


Re: Host not responding to emails

In Q Did What? 1422389501.6

On 1/27/2015 Krimpette said: Maybe next time, you can post on the jewelry forum with the name and time of the show you were watching. Perhaps someone else saw it and might recognize it. I think this is the best suggestion. I can't even imagine how many e-mails they may receive throughout the day. I would want to jump! Continue Reading


Re: Gallons of WEN

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I purchased the Wen Gallon TT last June for a few reasons. I love TT and use it the most frequently. I do not have long hair. It's only to my shoulders, but I enjoy the ease of just having to do a few pumps vs. the multiple pumps required from the 32 oz size or 16 oz sizes of CC. I also enjoy the gallons because The TSV's specials are not bargains for me, since I am not really a fan of Chaz's other products. The oils, styling creams etc. They are just ok for me. Like I stated earlier I love his CC's. It makes sense for me to just purchase these items as stand alone products. Continue Reading


Re: What Cleanser Did You Use Today?

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Oiled my scalp and hair lasst night. 1st cleanse TT (extended) 2nd cleanse Fig (extended) 613 (extended) Nothing but curl sealer, Fig Styling cream, and Argan Oil. Continue Reading


Re: Is there a Vitamix TSV coming up

In TSV Talk 1422130688.44

I do not see one listed in the Insider for the month of February. However tomorrow is 24 hours of cooking on the Q. I am sure that it will make an appearance. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ditch their moisturizer for argan oil?

In Beauty Banter 1422130411.043

I have started using it under my day moisturizer. It works perfectly. Continue Reading


Re: California Dreaming -- My LA Getaway

In Jewelry Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1421872055.36

I am glad that you enjoyed your visit to our State. Sometimes, it helps to see it through another persons eyes. Continue Reading


Re: toGather is gone

In Beauty Banter 1421871268.74

I did not understand it. Hoever I do not use pinterest so perhaps that is why. Continue Reading


Re: Hosts Interrupting Product Specialists!

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On 1/20/2015 stevieb said: In most cases this is an argument that falls on deaf ears with me, as I figure the hosts tend to know easily as much about the product as most vendors and, for the most part, I find most vendors superfluous... That said, I make it a point to NEVER watch Rick but I broke that little pact with myself last night because I was interested in seeing what I assume was the first Roberta's show of the year... I'll never break that pact again. Granted, I make no bones about it, I cannot abide Rick, but even for him he was in orbit last night. I also doubt that he's any kind o... Continue Reading


Re: Nutisystem Fast Five - no thank you!

In Health & Fitness 1421808611.21

Whenever they show the food it never looks appetizing. That is what is supposed to reel you in. No thank you, but much success to those who have tried it and thrived with the program. Continue Reading

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