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Re: What Cleanser Did You Use Today?

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1st & 2nd cleanse FIG. I put in the Lavender re-moist tonight and will leave in overnight and rinse out in the morning. Continue Reading


Re: TSV order already shipped?

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I ordered the SHP on Friday August 29th and I received a shipping e-mail on Saturday August 30th. The same with the TSV. I ordered it on Saturday and received my shipping confirmation e-mail on Sunday. I have never seen QVC ship anything so fast. Continue Reading


Re: OT---Does anyone have the new Keurig with carafe?

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On 9/1/2014 HonnyBrown said: Kate, too many of us have the "old" k-cups by Keurig and everyone else. They aren't going anywhere. You can descale using vinegar. That's what I did with my K40. It works like new! I agree with you. I descale with vinegar, and this December I would have had my machine for three years, and it's used daily. I also don't believe that Keurig will discontinue the K-cups, too many customers have those machines. I am sure that it was Kohls getting rid of their supply. Continue Reading


Re: OT---Does anyone have the new Keurig with carafe?

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I think perhaps you were seeing one of the older Keurig models, not the newer 2.0 Brewer for $119.00. ****I stand corrected. I did an internet search and Target does have them currently back ordered right now at $119.00 dollars. I did not verify if I was comparing apples to apples, but it did look pretty similar to what I have seen advertised on QVC and Keurig site**** Continue Reading


Re: Fall Seasonals - When to Use

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I am not one that will stick to a seasonal time table. I always have open TT, Fig, 613 (although I only use this CC once a month) and lately I have been mixing the WCM with the Fig for my second cleanse. I am more interested in using items in order of purchase. For example I just purchased SHP. I do not plan on opening that seasonal next although I am dying to see what all of the hoopla is about. I have three other seasonal formulas that are at the head of the line. Continue Reading


Re: Heads Up!

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On 9/1/2014 HonnyBrown said: On 9/1/2014 icezeus said: I was under the impression that were only going to poof long running threads once a year or am I confusing two issues here. LOL ice, that was one of the survey choices. Did that one win? I didn't see the results of the survey. HonnyBrown: They posted the results a few weeks ago. They have decided that at the beginning of each year that they will poof long running threads. There was a big uproar about it, so they may have changed their mind but I have not read anything differently. Continue Reading


Re: Wen Chat - September

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On 9/1/2014 CaitlinH said: Thanks so much bebe! I am most likely going to get the 32oz ftp & the mousse/sc set, the honey is intriguing me :) I do believe Dooters hinted towards a set of all 3 16oz fall CC's if I'm not mistaken. I haven't tried any of them so that would be my next purchase, here's to hoping it happens! This would be awesome. I am not a big fan of FAS, but I would be in for the FTP and the FGP. On a purely selfish note I hope that this does not debut on the 27th of this month. I am attending a wedding on that Saturday. The "Wenners" would purchase it all up and I would be... Continue Reading


Re: Heads Up!

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I was under the impression that were only going to poof long running threads once a year or am I confusing two issues here. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Does your hair look as good as the WEN models?

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No, it does not. It does look very, very good and much better than before I started using WEN, and stopped using heating tools. I would say that I am pretty close. I should have mentioned that I am AA. My natural hair texture is looking good like Katia's, and I aiming for the moisturized look of Wendy's hair. Continue Reading


Re: Any Women of Color WEN Users Out There?

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On 8/30/2014 Mirage08 said: On 8/30/2014 islandgrrl said: Just curious if other women of color have been buying during this visit. Any thoughts, tips to share? I bought the TSV in BGT (first time trying), a 16oz Tuscan Pear (first time) and my beloved TT oil. I know that many of us are committed to Fig. My hair is natural, shoulder length, curly and medium-thick but also pretty fine. I have been using TT as always for my first cleanse then substituting SAM for Fig during my second cleanse (mixing in SHP every other time). I am actually liking the results. I think Fig may be heavier than I rea... Continue Reading

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