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Re: Whoever Recommended Milani EASYBROW brow pencil, thank you

In Beauty Banter 1418794372.52

I use NYX and also WetnWild, but I will try to find the Milani! Continue Reading


Re: How about Diana Perkovic at QVC? She was great at HSN

In The Q We Love 1418494692.62

What happened to Diana? I guess the hosts dissappear all the time and I don't even notice! Continue Reading


Re: Cost of Wen Oils

In WEN 1418360065.54

I just tried my first wen oils on Ebay. Great price for two bottles! Continue Reading


Re: How are our Californian Community Members?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418359696.17

I'm in Norcal....I don't think the storm is as bad as they predicted, but it did rain all day. Just thankful for the water! Thanks for thinking of us! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use/try the SSC Vitamin C products?

In Beauty Banter 1418017154.717

I have the C cleanser, peel/mask and serum. I personally like it it a lot and have reordered it. Continue Reading


Re: Iman TS Handbag, I ordered, did you?

In Fashion Talk 1418016959.853

I don't get why they are bringing this bag back and rave about it, I did see all of the horrible reviews of the first one? I think it would be great, if the quality were good. Joy goes on for hours about it. Do they not read the reviews? You know these bags are like $10 in China. Continue Reading


Re: Amy Morrision

In TSV Talk 1418016181.953

She has invisalign, lol. Continue Reading


Re: Juviderm Voluma...Do you love it?

In Beauty Banter 1418016068.803

How much is it? The spas and derms around here charge like $800....just wondering how much it costs, I would like to get some on the jowl area.... Continue Reading


Re: Honey baked Ham ?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1417931692.327

We ordered a honey baked ham for thanksgiving i think 10 pounds was like $95. Went to pick it up the monday before holiday, line was an hour long with no place to park, even though we had ordered one. Forget that, went to Sam's Club got one for $25 it was delicious! Continue Reading


Re: Lots of VESTS in the marketplace

In Fashion Talk 1416072434.363

Love vests, I have a ton. Faux fur, suede, cascading sweater vests, wore one last night! Continue Reading

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