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Re: Susan Graver- getting pretty pricy!

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I have 4 pairs of Daisy Fuentes pull on ponte knit pants from Kohls, with coupon like $25 and free shipping. They are so polished for work, and yet so comfortable. Normal sizes too, XS-XL, even comes in petites. I fit the small perfectly, no guessing. I would never pay those prices for clothes on the Q. Continue Reading


Re: SHOP HQ on Comcast in Seattle Area -- MIA??

In Beauty Banter 1420304328.067

Thank you, but Comcast doesn't carry it here in Northern CA. Once we buy our new house, its right back to Direct TV! Continue Reading


Re: Legacy French Terry Skirted Leggings TSV -Any Thoughts?

In TSV Talk 1420263109.933

No Nonsense makes these in a two pack in black, for like $32 cotton/poly/span for two! I'm going to try those instead, and they don't look quite as casual as the french terry, and its a normal women's size so I know I take a small, instead of guessing at QVC's strange sizing. Continue Reading


Re: Tips on dealing with MENOPAUSE and husbands

In Health & Fitness 1420258898.717

I'm in periomenopause now, for the last few years. Been to my doctor many times, all they say is try the bc pill, i've tried a few, they make my period last longer, not shorter, and they just don't agree with me. My periods are horrible, where when I was younger, they were short and painless. No kids, so I feel like i'm being punished or something for not giving birth! Ugh, the pain is unbearable once a month, i have to take painkillers to get through it. I had hot flashes for years, but they have subsided for now. I asked about having everything removed, and the doctors say its a surgery and... Continue Reading


Re: SHOP HQ on Comcast in Seattle Area -- MIA??

In Beauty Banter 1420257299.953

We have comcast, and its gone, used to see it on Direct TV in northern CA...but comcast/infinity does not carry the channel. Continue Reading


Re: Desktop, Laptop, iPad, tablet??????

In Electronics Talk 1420257232.013

I have a dell laptop for $400 3 years ago from Walmart. LOVE IT. I just ordered a windows small laptop that is like a tablet also for traveling. I also have a Samsung Galaxy tablet, but really prefer a laptop, doing any type of business, i need a keyboard and a windows platform to log on to my network server for work. I rarely use the tablet. I now have a Samsung Note 4 phone and it so big and easy for me to respond to customer emails! Continue Reading


Re: shipping seems especially slow to California right now

In TSV Talk 1420252020.01

It is always slow, I ordered a large Wen vanilla mint, 3 weeks before christmas never showed up at all. After it shipped out no one had any idea where it went! I had to call, they offered no discount, so I had to ask for a refund. Went to ebay. Continue Reading


Re: Legacy French Terry Skirted Leggings TSV -Any Thoughts?

In TSV Talk 1420209707.723

I think they are really cute, but such limited ugly casual colors? What's that about? Should be black brown and charcoal to start with. Continue Reading


Re: Whoever Recommended Milani EASYBROW brow pencil, thank you

In Beauty Banter 1418794372.52

I use NYX and also WetnWild, but I will try to find the Milani! Continue Reading


Re: How about Diana Perkovic at QVC? She was great at HSN

In The Q We Love 1418494692.62

What happened to Diana? I guess the hosts dissappear all the time and I don't even notice! Continue Reading

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