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Re: Lots of VESTS in the marketplace

In Fashion Talk 1416072434.363

Love vests, I have a ton. Faux fur, suede, cascading sweater vests, wore one last night! Continue Reading


Re: My facial oil experiment is complete

In Beauty Banter 1416072331.747

I have sweet almond, argan, apricot kernel, castor, jojoba and lavender. I really do like adding argan to all of the mixtures. I've been using castor and a touch of shampoo for my eyelids, as I have a bit of flaking, and it works great. I now add oil to all my body creams, its just so much more luxurious! Continue Reading


Re: My facial oil experiment is complete

In Beauty Banter 1416070916.97

I have a whole collection of organic cold pressed oils from Vitacost. I've been doing the Oil Cleanse Method with a tiny bit of Castor oil, and adding the other oils with it for moisturization. I have have seen some of the clogged pore on my face clear up. I literally pulled the white stuff OUT OF MY Pores after cleansing! Its absolutely AMAZING. Castor oil is the first oil in the OCM cleansing method, but its very drying so I can only use a tiny bit. The bottles are HUGE and less than $9 each on vitacost. Continue Reading


Re: Josie's Argan oil 4X the price as Shea Terra's.

In Beauty Banter 1416070696.973

I have the shea terra's and can't get the top back on the bottle....anyone have this issue? Continue Reading



In TSV Talk 1415926051.497

I just order some Bear Paw boots that are real suede and lambs wool at HSN for $64.99 with free shipping! They are so nice! Continue Reading


Re: Bangs

In Beauty Banter 1415386589.327

I just cut my side swept bangs 2 inches shorter. Unemployed looking for a job in my 40's makes me look 10 years younger. It really helps! seems to be back in style, all the stars sporting them again! Side swept is good cuase you can always brush to the side and stuff for hats! Continue Reading


Re: I got caught going to a different hairstylist...

In Beauty Banter 1415205667.857

I usually get my hair trimmed at Supercuts, the manager there is phenominal. Then I have to get it colored somewhere else. So I try a colorist for about 3 times, and they have no special cutting skills, and end up returning to supercuts for the perfect haircut and she will ask where have you been, and I will say oh its just easier to try and have the colorist cut my hair, but no one cuts like you so I just make two trips and end up spending a tiny bit more, but always go back to her. I just hope she does not end up leaving. I have asked her for her info, but insists she won't leave. I'm ... Continue Reading


Re: Now I'm confused -- Oils v. Moisturizers

In Beauty Banter 1414895738.91

I have some organic cold pressed argan oil that i recently just started adding to all my moisturizers, especially my chest and back which has been really dry from a sunburn over the summer, and i can really tell the difference, i'm starting to just love using oils! My skin is super soft just adding a drop to each pump of body lotion! Continue Reading


Re: It Supersized CC Cream

In Beauty Banter 1414893585.56

I use the Serious Skin Care CC Cream, at more than half the price and i don't need concealer anymore and the best thing is It feels like NOTHING on. Love it. Continue Reading


Re: Trader Joes Pie Crusts....delicious!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414892830.477

Great post, I'm gonna try them. I had no idea! Thanks! Continue Reading

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