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Re: BJs and Costco

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413134814.503

We have a Costco and Sam's right next to each other! I like that Sam's is always way less crowded, but Costco has more selection. You always go to Sam's for gas because the lines at Costco are too long! Continue Reading


Re: O/T My QVC Serta Is Only 2 Months Old and Is Falling Apart!

In Beauty Banter 1412524820.263

Our brand new serta did that that we purchased from Sam's. Only Sam's will come back within 90 days and pick it up for a full refund! We ended up getting a firm Simmon's beauty rest mattress pillowtop mattress from Sears. It has the firm coil that lasts for 10 years + but the top is soft enough for me, where most mattresses, even plush ones were too hard for my back, I weigh around 124. It was our best purchase ever after going to through like 5 mattresses! Sears has great sales too, we paid less than $1000 for our Simmon's cal king! Continue Reading


Re: Dry Shampoo when not washing hair? Shower cap to keep hair dry in shower?

In Beauty Banter 1410053968.01

Shower cap, they sell nice ones at Ross and Marshalls for like $4. Then I sometimes wet my bangs, and style! I can go 3 days without washing again. Continue Reading


QVC Shipping

Last Reply by Toni 973 1410656313.013 | Started by Ladyjenn in TSV Talk

Their Shipping is horrible. I ordered the Samsung TSV last weekend, Saturday night and I'm still waiting for any kind of tracking update. All I can see on UPS is it left the warehouse across the country, and I'm in CA. Terrible, I check every day and nothing has been updated. What kind of shipping is this? Lol Oh yeah it was free. Very unhappy! I can't wait to receive my item! And a week later it's barely left! Continue Reading


Re: Sulfate free shampoo

In Beauty Banter 1409586701.8

I agree, i use them on and off, but my hair is so much fuller, I just started using Dove moisturizing shampoo and oxygen conditioner. Love it. I can even go 3 days without washing without the greasies, which is better for my hair this way too. Continue Reading


Re: Why do hairstylists hate Pantene products??!?

In Beauty Banter 1409585934.613

I tried the Monoi from Carol's daughter and OMG my hair looked like straw, and it had no slip. Not for me for sure. I'm currrently using Dove and Wen once in a while on my color treated hair. Works great, and my hair has volume and is soft. When I use a sulfate free shampoo my hair gets greasy and flat! Continue Reading


Re: Anybody planning to get the iphone 6?

In Electronics Talk 1409542944.313

I hope the prices do go down for Samsung, but not likely, they are coming out with the Galaxy Note 4 in a few days! I'm hoping I like the size, cause I want it! I already have a Samsung Galaxy which is bigger than my DH's Iphone 4, I can barely read it, neither can he! Maybe by Christmas the Samsung's will go on sale. I'm also getting the Galaxy 2 camera, so cool. I love taking pics everywhere I go! Continue Reading


Re: Why do hairstylists hate Pantene products??!?

In Beauty Banter 1409542548.933

I've heard it often before. Personally I don't see what the big deal is, the silicones make your hair look better. I personally think my hair looks better and softer with Tresseme than it does with my Wen. I have a ton of Wen so I mix it with my shampoo, I got it for free. I haven't tried Pantene, but always heard it was bad so I stayed away. It must be doing something well, it's been around since i was a kid! Continue Reading


Re: Any thoughts on the Samsung Camera TSV ?

In Electronics Talk 1409542220.427

I got it in white which sold out. So excited, the Galaxy 1 model got rave reviews on every site, walmart, amazon, samsung, etc. I almost paid more for the first model and backed out and saw that this price was cheaper than the original on sale at Walmart now! I can't resist, they even had the original at Costco, and that sold out, so now that the 2 is cheaper, I had to get it. I have the Samsung Galaxy cell phone so will know how to use it. Love all the filters. Thankful for the easy pay! Yay! Continue Reading


Re: Can you tell me how your SERTA Mattress is holding up?

In For the Home Talk 1402716133

Thank you! I don't expect any mattress to last 10 years. We had a simmons beautyrest that sagged too, they say not to get pillowtops but i have the most luxurious simmons beautyrest in my guestroom that we all love, just need it in a bigger size, and have gone through 3 beds already. Nothing compares to this classic, Not even the expensive line of Simmons, they just don't make them that way anymore. It's 11 years old and feels brand new, we also tried the Simmons comforpedic memory foam, and while it feels great, 2 hours later my entire back hurts. We can return it for a small fee, and S... Continue Reading

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