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Re: Painful Periods and Hysterectomy

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I actually know a lot about it, I work in healthcare and I have a pre-existing condition.... I could only obtain health insurance by working. Now I can only afford it through working and its getting harder and harder to find an employer that will pay even some of it never mind offer it and these are major healthcare providers, tightening the costs on everyone to pay for people who don't have insurance. Most employers now offer healthcare and you pay the entire premium, which is like paying cobra. I actually voted for our President. Continue Reading


Re: Painful Periods and Hysterectomy

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She said I would not need hormone therapy and they would leave in my ovaries, which makes me feel better. Now that I'm having migraines she won't even prescribe a regular estrogen based birth control, she said there is a stroke risk. I'm afraid of the depo shot because I am scared to death of bleeding and cramping for 3 months (each shot stays in you for 3 months). If I thought it would work, i would have done it years ago....I have so much to think about. I'm applying at the healthcare company I work for (temp job for 6 months) permanent positions to hopefully secure healthcare that is a... Continue Reading


Re: Painful Periods and Hysterectomy

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Lilysmom, she called it a total hysterectomy (for what I can tell my insurance for cost reasons) but said its laproscopy and they remove the uterus through the vagina. I guess its a one day thing? She said if she were me that's what she would do, but of course, now with the unaffordable care act, everything is about cost, and she said for now to try the depo provera shot, if cost is an issue. I said what about a ultrasound, or tests, and she said its very hard to see any endometriosis, only cysts on those kinds of tests, and she can prescribe them, but it would most likely not show much an... Continue Reading


Re: Painful Periods and Hysterectomy

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So another question before today's appointment, don't they need to do any tests before doing a hysterectomy? Continue Reading


Re: Painful Periods and Hysterectomy

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I asked about the ablation several times and they insist well if I don't have heavy bleeding it won't help anything. Maybe I should wait, hopefully have different insurance in a few months and be off of cobra...and start all these doctor visits over with new providers. Continue Reading


Re: Painful Periods and Hysterectomy

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Thank you ladies....I don't even know what to ask at my surgical consultation tomorrow? Also I don't have any evidence of fibroids or endometriosis? I only have pain right before and during my period, not really out of my period, except for sinus headaches. I also have crohns, but it seems to be ok. My last test was about 3 years ago, wouldn't this medical provider want some tests first before a hysterectomy? They said well the birth control is not working, so that is the next step? I'm terribly confused and tired of dealing with this....I will ask them this tomorrow.... Continue Reading


Painful Periods and Hysterectomy

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Hi, sorry if this is too personal a question for you guys, but I’m going for a hysterectomy surgical consultation this week. I have extremely painful periods, am 45 years old and for the past 6-7 years my periods are debilitating. I have migraines for 2 days and severe cramps, that I never had when I was younger. I’ve tried the BC pill, some just make me bleed and cramp for weeks at a time, tried the Mirena IUD, etc. I’m going to try the Progest cream that gets a lot of good reviews to help regulate my hormones, but other than that I’m not sure how much longer I ca... Continue Reading


Re: Question for long-haired girls.

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I have long hair and I use maybe 4 pumps of Wen! I also use a deep conditioner afterwards, not wen. Continue Reading


Re: Hair cutting question for those in the know

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Thinning shears, i love using them on my bangs, even bought a pair. Helps get rid of the bulk when layering hair and soften bangs, if used correctly! But I have straight/wavy hair. Continue Reading


Re: Cream type facial cleanser - unscented - need recommendations

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Walmart brand makes a dupe for the Clinique cleanser for around $10 and I picked up the Olay Total Effects Cream Cleanser and finally something cleaned without stripping, though it was not unscented! Continue Reading

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