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Walmart Mainstays Jersey Sheets!

Last Reply by bowlicious 1391727401.247 | Started by Ladyjenn in For the Home Talk

Anyone know where to get these Walmart Mainstays Jersey 100% cotton sheets for a cal king bed? I absolutely love them on my other beds..... BB&B does not have as good reviews and Targets are not 100% cotton and supposedly they pill. Anyone have any ideas? Love these sheets...and the price, well forget about it! All these years buying expensive sheets and being dissapointed... Continue Reading


Re: Almay Colorsmart Foundation

In Beauty Banter 1391491710.54

I used this for years. Now I'm using Wet and Wild Fergie's BB Cream and like that too....sometimes I mix the two. I'm also trying the W&W Coverall Cream Foundation, just picked it up today. I don't like heavy foundations, they feel gross. The best setting powder foundation I am currently using is NP Set. OMG it's amazing, my skin looks so much better with that on top of anything even just moisturizer. Continue Reading


Re: Which Shark Navigator Model is Best?? Too Many Out There...Help!!

In For the Home Talk 1389116097.06

Its very confusing. Personally I never use the lift away option, so if you can save money with getting one without the lift away, that's what I would do. Both of ours have that option but I just don't use it. They are truly the best vacuums I've ever had and I've had dysons. They always pick up, always. Sometimes we have to cut out some hair from the roller but that's it. And don't forget to rinse out the filter from time to time! Continue Reading


Re: best multivitamin(OTC) to take over 40 for women

In Health & Fitness 1389115840.02

I take the gummy vitamins. Haven't found anything else at Costco or Sam's. Dr. Oz said we don't need calcium not sure what to take. I just began juicing with my new Nutribullet so hopefully I will have more energy. Continue Reading


Re: Westin Heavenly Bed?

In For the Home Talk 1389115669.6

I think its a Simmon's Beauty Rest and very comfortable! I have two Beauty Rests, one I love and one I don't. I would love to have the westin bed! Continue Reading


Re: Easy Decision on Up Comming Joise Maran TSV.

In Beauty Banter 1389115265.857

Whatever Shawn and Josie had on their face last night, no thanks. They both looked terrible, and I must say they both usually look gorgeous! Josie looked like she just got out of bed and so did her makeup. Her lipstick and eye makeup was all over the place and her skin was white was a ghost. The last thing I want to look like! Continue Reading


Re: Fun Discussion: If you could only use ONE drugstore/Target/WalMart Makeup brand what would it be?

In Beauty Banter 1386957769.87

Loreal. I could not live without their Voluminous Mascara. Simply the quickest and the best, one coat. Continue Reading


Re: Salux Washcloths are Wonderful!

In Beauty Banter 1386346486.96

Maybe I got a bad one, too harsh on my skin, so I can't use it, and never on my face. Continue Reading


Re: New Way to use Cleanse with Wen!

In WEN 1386346242.41

The conditioner is the remoist, yes. I have both the sweet almond mint and the pomegranate. I don't know it just works quicker and easier for me. My issue with wen is that is does nothing when i first put it on, no matter how much water I use, and I find some of my hair comes out, and this way with more slip, I don't find any hair in my shower as well. I would still do a deep condition once in a while either way. My second day hair feels so much cleaner! Continue Reading

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