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Re: Can you tell me how your SERTA Mattress is holding up?

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Thank you! I don't expect any mattress to last 10 years. We had a simmons beautyrest that sagged too, they say not to get pillowtops but i have the most luxurious simmons beautyrest in my guestroom that we all love, just need it in a bigger size, and have gone through 3 beds already. Nothing compares to this classic, Not even the expensive line of Simmons, they just don't make them that way anymore. It's 11 years old and feels brand new, we also tried the Simmons comforpedic memory foam, and while it feels great, 2 hours later my entire back hurts. We can return it for a small fee, and S... Continue Reading


Can you tell me how your SERTA Mattress is holding up?

Last Reply by Classique 1404512424.45 | Started by Ladyjenn in For the Home Talk

For those who ordered and received their TSV Serta Mattresses from QVC, I was just wondering how your mattresses are holding up months later? I'm thinking of ordering one today. I've read some bad reviews online, about sagging, and we did order one from Sam's Club (free returns) that was very comfortable, but did start to sag within 2 weeks, but I miss that comfortable mattress! Really interested in ordering another one. Please let me know how yours worked out! I'm interested in a pillowtop. I have a lot of pressure points on a memory foam mattress and have loved the feel of the Serta's.... Continue Reading


Re: PLEASE help me decide!!! PLEASE

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I know someone who had the total gym and it provides hardly any resistance. Save your money! Continue Reading


Re: Opinions Wanted From Those Experienced With Dogs, Floors & Allergies

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Yeah carpet is so gross, I hate to think how much dirt is in there. We have wood floors but also have had laminate. Both are great for dogs. I've had nice laminate installed for around $2.00 a square foot, tons of wholesale or flooring warehouses. You will have your pick, and it makes your space look brand new! Continue Reading


Re: Chaz's Opinion About Coloring At Home

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Kate2357, I agree, its so frustrating. I had a girl who did a great job, and at least she would blow it out and flat iron, not try to do anything fancy, and it looked great, but alas she took off and moved without even so much as a text. I had to call the salon and was told she was gone. Been over a year now and still haven't found the one. I'm in my early 40's and back in the day I would feel so pretty leaving a salon with a blow out and color, now I just dread it. Just want to get it over with so I can have the color and highlights or lowlights done. The last girl totally over layered... Continue Reading


Re: What was your last beauty purchase?

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A bronzer by Physician's formula, buy one get one free at Target. Also today I got Banana Boat's Dark Bronzing Self Tanner for like $7! Continue Reading


Re: Chaz's Opinion About Coloring At Home

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Wow in CA its a minimum $80 for color and then they add on if you want a hair cut or my gosh get a blow out. No one knows how to do a blow out, so I have to come home after spending $100 and redo my hairstyle. So annoying and I've looked and looked for someone good. But I can't afford $150+ every 6-7 weeks to get my color done, by then the grays are coming in! Continue Reading


Re: Serta Mattress TSV?

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We got our Serta at Sam's club, and they offer free delivery and returns, and they have the lowest price, some of them have over 900 coil counts in the queens. We love ours. Continue Reading


Re: GEL NAIL POLISH- Pros and Cons

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I got it once and loved it for vacation, but my nails grow so fast and the ridge by my cuticle kept getting caught in my hair! I finally went back to the salon to remove and it took a while and I can still feel some of it left on my nails? And it cost $10 to remove! How do you remove it at home? Continue Reading

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