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Re: What's Your Proudest Mom Moment?

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Every time I hear my boys say "mom" it melts my heart. They are 29 and 24 years old, but they will always be my little boys...to hear their deep voices say "mom" melts my heart to this day just as it did when they would say it as little boys...it's the most special name to be called, and I cherish my privilege to be their mother! Continue Reading


Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

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I love how you look in dress #4, the sapphire blue is striking on you and really brings out your eyes...I agree that it will photograph beautifully! My initial reaction was to pick #1, the pink one, because it just looked like a perfect mother of the groom dress and the pink was very feminine but when I saw you in that blue, it was immediately striking and really brings out your features! Also, this sounds kind of sappy maybe, but since it is a mother of the groom dress I like the idea of wearing blue since it's your son getting married...and maybe the pink could be reserved for your daughte... Continue Reading


Re: Calista Tools Perfector...No more 1.5 inch?

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Just wanted to let you know that I purchased my Perfector at Bed Bath and Beyond for much less than they are selling it for on the Q. I got the 1.5 inch and it was 69.00 and I used my 20% off cpn on top of that which took off about $14.00. I was thrilled! Continue Reading


Re: Best Irish Party Around!

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Jane, I look forward to this every single year on QVC...I love seeing the vendors and all of the beautiful Irish products! And your enthusiasm shines through, Jane, each and every year! One thing I do miss is the "Irish Pub" set...I was wondering if there's any way the Q could make an authentic Irish Pub set...maybe to look like one of the real ones they have in Ireland; I'm sure pictures could be obtained from one of the vendors...it would be awesome! I do have to say one of the nicest parts of this year's event was the gal playing the bagpipes...I loved that!!!! This year I wanted to buy ... Continue Reading


Re: Get Inspired! Spring Cleaning & Decorating

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Oh Jayne, I do so admire people that like to clean and do such a wonderful and thorough job!! I have to admit...I am not a fan of cleaning. Not that I'm a slob or anything (haha) but I just don't really get that into cleaning. I have a clean house, but I admit I'm what you'd call a "lazy cleaner"...don't move furniture around much to vacuum and just give baseboards a quick "swipe", not a scrubbing! Did you ever see that Swiffer commercial where it shows the girl cleaning the kitchen floor with a papertowel and her foot?! That's me!!!! I guess you could say that one of my favorite cleanin... Continue Reading


Re: Potluck Protocol!

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Leah, I, too, think the "sympathy scoop" is a nice idea!! If I were having a potluck, I wouldn't mind is anyone brought something store bought...after all, not everyone enjoys cooking and I wouldn't want anyone to feel stressed...to me, it's all about friends getting together and having fun! Also, with stores like Wegman's now, store bought is very good! One thing I like to do when I go to potlucks is to bring printed copies of the recipe I brought- if anyone wants it, it's right there next to the dish! Also, if I'm making something for home, I don't always garnish because it's just me and... Continue Reading


Re: My Hair Journey

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Hi Jacque - When you mentioned "sun in" in your blog, I had to laugh! I can so relate to that! I always had high hopes of beautiful sun-kissed blond streaks when I would spray that on my hair back in the '80's and to my dismay, it always turned orange-y on my darker brown hair! My hair seems to be a lot like yours....very straight and very heavy! I also tried perms years ago but they never lasted long on me. I've also experimented with color and highlights. Now that I'm 51, I'm leaning towards golden highlights because I just feel younger when I have some "light" in my hair! I love your ... Continue Reading


Re: Let’s Have a Spring Brunch at My House

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Alberti.....will you please be my friend so I can come to one of your lovely brunches??!! Everything looked so inviting....you have a knack for beautiful presentations and placesettings...I just love the sprig of lavender idea!!! You have a warm smile and an even warmer heart! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas...I may steal a few since they are so charming! Keep up your great work on the Q, also...I enjoy watching you! Happy Spring! Donna in Upstate New York Continue Reading


Re: Sorry, St. Patrick.. no corned beef this year!

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Corned beef and cabbage is one of my favorite dinners! We had ours this past Sunday since my husband will be out of town on St. Patrick's Day. It was delish...corned beef, boiled Yukon gold potatoes, carrots, cabbage, soda bread and Pistachio cake for dessert! May not be the healthiest meat but we have it once a year so no harm done! Also, if you buy the right cut, it is not overly fatty! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!! Continue Reading


Re: For Cake Bakers: Wonderful Cake for Easter Sunday

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This sounds delicious!!! And different from the usual Easter desserts! We're going out for an Easter buffet that offers desserts, so won't need a dessert for Easter but maybe I'll make this for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day! Thanks for posting! Continue Reading

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