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Re: Walk With Me!!

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Hi Jane.... Have to walking in Cape May, NJ; either on the beach itself or on the long boardwalk all the way to end where you can see the beautiful lighthouse! Even walking around the streets and admiring all of the beautiful houses and yards! Here in upstate NY, there is a beautiful area called the glen where there are paths through the woods. I love to walk our black lab, Cody there. It's a place where you can forget all your troubles and walk and become one with nature. I've been walking there almost 30 years and it's been a wonderful place where I can get lots of exercise... Continue Reading


Re: Sadie and Zoey Lu

In Pet Lovers, Health & Fitness, Hosts & Personalities 1424363384.207

Dan, Your story was so touching and hit so close to home for me! We felt all of the same emotions when we lost our beloved Bailey, a female black lab back in 2012. The emptiness of the house, the spot where her dog bed was in our tv room, the huge void that couldn't be filled. I remember thinking how profound our love for our pets could be. The whole dynamic of our house had changed...the silence was deafening!!! Our hearts felt like they had been ripped out. I would rather be physically hit than feel that kind of emotional pain again! We did the same as you...we decided we couldn't bea... Continue Reading


Re: Mother of Groom question

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Your future daughter-in-law sounds lovely and easy going! If she told you to wear what you are comfortable with, then you should go ahead and wear a long gown if you are concerned about your legs. As long as you look presentably put together, I'm sure no one will gasp and think "Oh my gosh, a long dress at this time of day?" I know I would never think that! I think you will look beautiful in a long dress, and more importantly, feel confident and happy...and able to enjoy yourself and this important moment in your life! Congrats! Continue Reading


Re: Feb Fashion Trends

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Am so looking forward to the new PM Style and your bring freshness and fun to your presentations and I'm so excited to see the new set and new time...I'm a night owl! I think you'll do a great job! Continue Reading


Re: Hosts' outfits on a FASHION show

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It really doesn't bother me that the hosts don't wear Q clothing when presenting long as they look nice and presentable, I don't care. As someone else mentioned, the models are there to show you how the clothing looks on... I thought Shawn looked beautiful, as did Amy. Continue Reading


Re: Have You Noticed the Models...

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Funny you mentioned this...I just noticed the other night that the very pretty and usually smiling model Stacy looked very serious! I would hope the models aren't being told not to smile...I'd much rather see them smiling than looking too serious (or mad!) Continue Reading


Re: ** I'm Loving PM Style Tonight With Jayne and Courtney **

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I miss Lisa R. and enjoyed her on PMS, however, the presentations and offerings seemed to be repetitive week after week. I enjoyed Jayne with Courtney. I do agree that Courtney can sometimes be kind of "valley girl-ish" (ha ha) but overall I like her. Have to agree though that those pants she was sporting tonight were totally distracting...too loud and also too long! Now Lisa her! She's got a great personality and breathes life into clothing presentations! Wasn't crazy about that tunic she had on tonight, but to each her own...I'm sure everyone doesn't agree with all of my li... Continue Reading


Re: With Spring, comes Spring Break!

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Lisa, That Mexican getaway looks FANTASTICO!!!! I'm in upstate NY and today we got 5 inches of snow on top of the 11 inches we've already had on the ground for a week! Ughhhh! I'd give anything to be in the white sand and turquoise water of Mexico! Love your fashions on QVC, and even more, I love your bubbly personality! You truly have a zest for life and for fashion and it shines, shines, shines! Keep bringing us the pretty things that keep us happy! Also, your girls are so beautiful...they have gotten older looking so quickly! I watched the reality show that was on (was it called Harr... Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran is the epitomy of

In Beauty Banter 1423448986.633

I think Josie is a lovely, inspiring woman...both inside and out. On the outside she is simply lovely...from her soulful eyes to her magnificent smile. On the inside she is simply lovely...she seems like a caring and compassionate person and puts a lot of her heart and soul into being a wonderful mother to her children as well as into her company and the products that she promotes. She seems to be, as someone else said, very genuine. I would love to meet her. And I do use and love many of her products. Continue Reading


Re: 4 Items that helped you stay warm at home this winter?

In Fashion Talk 1423448135.23

My keurig coffee, Malden Mills fleece sheets, our pellet stove in our tv room and our pets: black lab,Cody and Himalayan kitty, Chumley and Persian kitty, Zoey. Our pets give us warmth because they melt our hearts....year-round! Continue Reading

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