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Re: Can't Take Jayne and Pat Any Longer

In Fashion Talk 1422670708.523

I like both of them when they are alone presenting, but together, they are a recipe for disaster! I'm all for fun and love a sense of humor, but there's a difference between having a sense of humor and having a giggle-fest which to me, reminds me of middle school aged girls and not the least bit professional at all! Can't change the channel fast enough! Continue Reading


Re: 26 Compliments for 26 Amazing Co-Workers: Happy National Compliment Day!

In The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Q News 1422241281.777

Jennifer...you paid beautiful tributes to your coworkers and I'm sure they have plenty of compliments to throw your way too! I truly enjoy you as a host...you are very down-to-earth and I feel like I could be good friends with you if I ever met you in person! You have a smile that lights up the television screen, and a pleasing disposition and friendly and pleasant speaking persona...just love to watch your presentations but you're on during hours that I'm asleep so I don't get the pleasure of watching you often...hope you make it to prime time soon! I do enjoy reading your blogs and you cl... Continue Reading



In Temp-tations 1422239087.803

I have to add that while I own many Temptations pieces, I've only had problems with a couple of pieces. Never had any break in two, but have had some crazing on a piece I use in the oven and then also had some chipping that I feel was not from being clumsy or from misuse...I feel that a few pieces chipped too soon after purchase. I rarely put any of my Temptations in the dishwasher so can't blame the chipping on pieces being "roughhoused" in the dishwasher. My personal opinion is that TSV's harbor what may be the most "problematic" pieces. From past experience when I've ordered sets that... Continue Reading


Re: Superbowl menu ideas

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422149704.27

Pizza, chicken wings, chili, veggies and dip, fruit and dip, submarine salad (big green salad with turkey, salami, ham, tomatoes, onions and hard rolls cubed and topped with sub sauce instead of the usual Italian dressing - delish and different) potato chips and dip, tortilla chips and hot cheese dip and whoopee pies for dessert. It's more like an eating party than a Superbowl party as we are not a big football fan family but I guess everyone looks forward to it as it gives us something to look forward to in the middle of winter!! Continue Reading


Re: "So How Did You Two Meet?"

In Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends 1420128622.753

Beautiful story...I love to hear how people met. You and Steve make a very complimentary couple! Someone else said it and I will echo it...would love to be friends with guys like you! You look like you love to have fun and family and friends are important to you. Have a happy 2015! Continue Reading


Re: Christmas desserts

In Recipe Swap 1419362194.803

Funny about the Nabisco chocolate wafer cake...I'm making it for Christmas Eve as it's a family member's birthday and this is so easy and delicious and not as heavy as a regular cake! It's funny how it's so simple but so good! I usually add a bit of vanilla and sometimes malted milk powder to the heavy cream before I whip it also. It's very versatile as you can add any flavorings you want...one time we put cherry pie filling on top and it was so good...kind of light a lighter version of a black forest cake! It's nice when old recipes stand the test of time! Continue Reading


Re: What hot and cold items would you serve with subs for Christmas Lunch?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1419361765.187

I like the ideas of soup. Our local store sells premade dill and spinach dips that I've bought in the past and I've served that with cut up fresh veggies. A pasta salad would be good but I wouldn't do that along with the veggies and dip...an either/or choice! Also deviled eggs are nice if you don't feel like it's too much work...easy to do the night before. I think a big fresh fruit salad is always good or you could also do cut up fruit with a fruit type dip. For dessert I would do things easy to eat out of your hand like cupcakes or cookies or even brownies. Sometimes I'll buy those mi... Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Chrismas gifts from Santa ---what were yours?

In Beauty Banter 1419360756.23

As a child I remember being thrilled with an Easy Bake oven! Also cabbage patch dolls and a Spirograph! As an adult, my son was born Dec. 22nd. At first I was dismayed when I learned his due date would be in December, but we've learned to make his day special and to have it not get lost in the celebration of Christmas. Also, I'll never forget that year he was born back in 1990...it really made me treasure the true meaning of Christmas because I knew how it must have felt when Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph! Continue Reading


Re: Xmas Ideas PLEASE!!

In Health & Fitness 1419360429.11

How about a grill type pan so she could prepare healthy foods like fish, boneless chicken breasts, etc. Also a healthy eating cookbook would be nice along with some rubs or seasonings to make healthy foods less bland and more flavorful. There are some nice books on the market that correlate healthy eating/recipes along with exercise tips also. Exercise or yoga videos would be good and maybe a yoga mat which you can find at sporting good type stores. Continue Reading


Re: How Do You Decorate for a Pool Party? With a Fancy Cocktail Wreath!

In For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs 1402774511.02

Jill - I made this exact type wreath two summers ago...can't remember where I got the idea or if I just thought of it since I had a surplus of those drink umbrellas, but I decided after I made it to use it as a candle ring on the food table at our picnic and everyone commented on it! Bet it would also be cute on a drink table. Happy summer! Continue Reading

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