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Re: Jamie from IT cosmetics....

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All the "saleswomen" have their own spills that they repeat.....Jamie is no different....and I feel like some bother some viewers and some don't.....some others bother others...it is just the nature of the beast. I myself am not watching Susan Graver any longer, I have heard her interrupt the host when they are talking and talking over them when they are giving colors and updates.....and she repeats "we love this", "this will never cling to your back", and "these trousers fit perfectly, see on me, they fit like they should"....just as if everybody buying them is HER size..it is beyond funny.... Continue Reading


Re: Mary Beth's Menu - Tex-Mex Chicken

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Mary Beth, You are awesome, but how do you do it all? You work full time at QVC, you cook, you have a family with kids and your husband. You have a life outside of QVC and you always look gorgeous. You know it would be so easy to not like you, but I do...now please give me your secret. I have trouble getting up everyday and having a minute to myself......I think I need a maid......but I don't know if that would solve my problems or not. You are an inspiration to me, for sure. Continue Reading


Re: Dillard's and Vera Bradley

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Where do you live, the Dillard's near me don't have Vera....thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Thinking of all those affected by Sandy

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Hi Judith, I pray you might be able to help me, I have just today lost my most favorite piece of your jewelry, well I lost one piece of a 2-piece set I put together. I see that the Q no longer has it but hope that you may have it in some of your inventory. It is the platinum princess cut sapphire, purchased in early 2006. It was a bit too large, but I wore it with the band ring that was the same platinum and sapphire and it looked wonderful together and I got so many compliments about it. I so want to get another princess cut ring to replace that lost ring. I had ... Continue Reading


Re: Happy Mother's Day!

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Mary Beth, What a sweet blog for Mother's Day and your Sweet Mother. Even if she is no longer with you, once a Mother, always a Mother. I only know you via TV, but I believe that you show your children love and the best example for life. So sad for your Dad. I know that is coming to me and my Family. We never know who will be left alone. You are fortunate that you are able to live so far from them. My Parents live about 20 minutes away and sometimes, even that is too far, when I get a call at midnight. I hope your Sunday is a wonderful Mother's Day. Your plans sound great and I hope ... Continue Reading


Philosophy "FRESH CREAM"

Last Reply by Bethj 1328105261.09 | Started by tarheelgirl in philosophy

I would like to ask the people from Philosophy to provide us with the Fresh Cream 3-in one shower gel in the large size, preferably with the pump top. I love it and it is so hard to get now. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Jaclynize Susan Graver

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Susan and Jaclyn, I received your twinset, item A213361 and it was very large. I went to order via phone and was told it was no longer available. On air, your showing never mentioned this and Jaclyn was wearing the navy in this item the day you showed it. I would very much love to have this too large size, sent to me in an XL. Could you please locate this size in the scarlet red for me? I think it is the prettiest set you have ever had and was heartbroken when i was told it could not be re-ordered. I ordered my usual size and it was overall too large. Perhaps someone returned an XL and ... Continue Reading


Re: How about a sale now and then?

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AMEN!!!! China is all they do business with.......Susan Graver has some things possibly made in the USA, but that is about it. Continue Reading


Re: jane tracey

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and don't forget her dear family and what they buy!!! Continue Reading


Re: Save on Shipping

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I agree totally, put this person in Washington too! Continue Reading

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