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Re: Botkier

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Delighted to hear you are so happy with your Botkier handbag. I have three of them and adore them all. They are beautifully detailed, functional bags. Continue Reading


Lunch Time Special J288489 5.75 118 Facet Estate Necklace

Started by littleone2 in Judith Ripka 1425140462.027

Great special today - I have this necklace and absolutely adore it (I have a review posted under the necklace or under Lucky Peach's thread). Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: REVIEWS Please post Judith Ripka February 2015 REVIEWS here... :)

In Judith Ripka 1424970785.247

Hi Ripkanistas! Please join LuckyPeach's thread to discuss your reviews. They are so helpful. I received J290447 Sterling & Clad (Tri-Color - sterling, rose & yellow gold) 2.95 ctw drop earring. These are about 1 1/2" long and have a beautiful presence. They are a great "bridge" earring if you love the mixed metal look. I was looking for an earring that would go with my 36" rose gold clad truffle necklace without buying a specific rose gold clad earring. These earrings also look great with the pearl system that was an earlier TSV (I have this in both the gold and silver version w... Continue Reading


Re: REVIEWS Please post Judith Ripka February 2015 REVIEWS here... :)

In Judith Ripka 1424008978.93

Hi LuckyPeach, Great to see you post. I do hope the customer service of Excel Brands will take care of your concerns and quickly resolve them. Anytime there is a transition, one only hopes that the quality and care will be there. I received J288489 5.75 118 Facet Estate Necklace and it is a true beauty. It hangs perfectly on the neckline and sparkles like crazy. It is the perfect piece particularly to wear with a V-necklace with the sparkling rows of diamonique hanging down. This necklace has an adjustment so it can be 18" or 20". An additional adjustment to 16" or 17" would have been... Continue Reading


Re: Some new JR treasures - Pictures speak for themselves.....

In Judith Ripka 1423942882.083

Wow! Thank you for the beautiful photos of these stunning pieces. They remind me of the type of pieces that would have been shown in the "Once in a Lifetime" shows. They are gorgeous - enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: ROUND FOUR - Who's here to chat & laugh?

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Oh my, the gemstone lariat necklace looks fabulous on Judith..... Continue Reading


Re: Round Three! Who's here for chatting and laughing?

In Judith Ripka 1422810211.387

Enjoying the weekend with my fellow Ripkanista friends! Continue Reading


Re: Come and chat & laugh during the Sat. night show!

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Hi Ladies! Great to see you all tonight as well as the lovely Judith. Continue Reading


Re: Let's DISCUSS: Judith Ripka late Jan. 2015 visit--what are you getting/interested in?... :)

In Judith Ripka 1422723350.57

LuckyPeach and Ripkanistas! Hello! It is great to hear that you have finally had a happy ending to your legal case. I know it was more than draining, but fighting the good fight helps so many others too. I purchased J288489 118 facet diamonique estate necklace when it went on clearance about 2 weeks ago. It is lovely with V-neck tops although it hangs a little long on me (I'm 5'3" 107 pounds) so I'll have to use the pin trick. I have a weakness for the estate pieces and those that compliment the v-necks (I'm always trying to make myself look a little taller). In addition, I was at a Sam... Continue Reading


Re: Wow, clearing out items

In Judith Ripka 1422571219.207

Hi! Thanks for your post. I visited my Sam's Club yesterday and picked up 4 pieces with a total MSRP of $2,250 for $234 (including tax). I walked away with a great pair of earrings, a Swiss Blue Topaz cuff, a ring and a pair of heart earrings for my granddaughter. It looked they had things marked at 10-15% of MSRP. They usually price things at 50% of MSRP. The gal didn't know if they were dropping the line or not but she wasn't the regular jewelry gal. I regret not buying more last night (The club is 85 miles away so I won't likely go back before the remaining items are gone). They ha... Continue Reading

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