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Re: Let's Discuss: Judith Ripka early December 2014 visit--what are you getting/interested in?... :)

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Hi Lucky Peach and fellow Ripkanistas! I am enjoying the show tonight on my laptop. My budget says I must refrain from new purchases. I did get the 14K gold clad inserts on clearance (they arrived this week) for my pearl system and they are great. Enjoy your purchases ladies! Continue Reading


Re: 14 kt clad interchangeable beads now on clearance too.

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Thank you for your post. I just checked and the extra silver and 14K gold clad link inserts are also on sale. I wouldn't have looked if it weren't for your post. I have been wanting the 14K gold clad link inserts but held back because of the price. I am going to have to think about the other bead inserts too. I have not seen the Adventurine or Chalcedony inserts. Thanks again! Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone still have/use your Peterboro Baskets??

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I love my Peterboro baskets. I bought three of the large wrought iron (maybe 39" tall) racks that hold three Peterboro baskets and gave two to my daughter and I kept one. I also have a great office sorting basket and a couple of others which I use regularly. I also liked the Longaberger baskets, but I don't think those were ever presented on QVC (just home parties). Continue Reading


Re: Ripkanista dog/animal lovers O/T - my Yorkie Paris II

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LuckyPeach, I am reaching out with a great big hug, prayers and much love. SammyCat, you summed it up so beautifully. LuckyPeach, you and your husband are angels on earth for your mission of love and caring for the wonderful rescues. I am truly sorry to hear that Paris II (Pootie) has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. The furbabies you have won the lottery on earth. SammyCatt1, thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of some of your furbabies that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Our only child walked in a benefit for the local shelter last weekend and called us because no one had a... Continue Reading


Re: Let's DISCUSS: Judith Ripka October 2014 visit--what are you getting/interested in?...:)

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Good Morning, It is quite quiet on the forum this a.m. Where is everyone? LuckyPeach, I am sorry to hear of your precious doggies struggle with kennel cough. We are animal lovers and you are so kind to adopt from the shelter. We have been supporters of our shelters, too. I pray that this bout is over soon - it sounds like with the tiny size of the Yorkies it is a much tougher battle. One of our cat rescues (12 1/2 years old) got sick a couple of weeks ago and the battle was quickly lost. He was a "world class" cat (very dog like), and I doubt we'll ever see a personality so unique. I... Continue Reading


Re: Let's DISCUSS: Judith Ripka mini Sept. 2014 visit--what are you getting/interested in?... :)

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Hi LuckyPeach and DinoBaby, I totally missed the mini visit but did want to chime in after-the-fact. LuckyPeach, the cross is lovely - it looks like it is rich with sparkle. DinoBaby, I hope you get your backordered/waitlisted monaco watch. I'll be looking forward to your reviews on the items you ordered. Easy pay sure does make things more tempting and easier! I promised myself to only have one easy pay item on my account at a time after I paid them off a bit ago. Needless to say, that didn't work for me! I received a card for 2 easy pays on request and have already ordered another item. I s... Continue Reading


Re: Be Here or Be Square!!!! The 2:00 Show is about to begin.......

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Oh, oh..... OTO's tonight .... I got pulled away from the show, DTGD wanted to go swimming in the lake (brr......cold ----- her parents said they wouldn't go in so I went in with her). I can't wait to hear all the reviews. The pearl necklace system in 14K clad was my easy pay purchase. Sounds like the Ripkanista's have some lovely things coming. I love the Ambrosia bracelet. Continue Reading


Re: Be Here or Be Square!!!! The 2:00 Show is about to begin.......

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Hi Ripkanistas, Nice to see you and chat. I am finding the event prices and easy pays very tempting. I had paid off my easy pays a bit ago and promised (myself) not to have multiple items going at once again. So far I just added one item on easy pay (and one not on easy pay). Lots of pretty treasures..... Continue Reading


Re: Who's here for the Ripka 10:00am show?

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Hi Ripkanistas, I'm here and enjoying the shows. I purchased the truffle 36" necklace in rose gold clad and the interchangeable pearl necklace in 14K clad (previous TSV) - I must be done! Enjoy. Continue Reading


Re: LET'S DISCUSS: Judith Ripka August 2014 visit- what are you getting/interested in?... :)

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Hi LuckyPeach and Ripkanistas, LuckyPeach, I'm so sorry to hear of the back spasms and stress and was hoping this summer would find a reprieve of that for you. Things are quieter here and DTGD is getting ready for preschool so I will have a lot more free time. I personally think age 3 is young to send the little tikes off, but I'm sure it will be good for her. I'll still have my grandson, age 1, several days a week but he is much more "mellow" in personality than the little girl. Those event prices are killing me! I purchased J290468 (interchangeable necklace in clad) although now I'm wo... Continue Reading

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