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Re: Happy Birthday Kappy!!

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The happiest of birthdays to a lovely lady who adds so much to this forum. Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: Let's Discuss: Judith Ripka March 2014 visit--what are you getting/interested in?... :)

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LuckyPeach, Thank you for your kind words. The black spinel and multi-gemstone cuff really "rocks". It is gorgeous and a perfect way to update an outfit and jewelry wardrobe (and an heirloom piece). Please do be sure to review it. A June easy pay day will fit in perfect for me. My current easy pays are done in April. Unfortunately, Wayzata is about 237 miles from where I am, and I'm a timid driver. I'm in the northern corner of the state on Lake Vermilion (Tower). It would be so much fun to have lunch if it works out that you do get into northern Minnesota at any point! Continue Reading


Re: March Madness: What Ripka Are You Wearing Today?

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Sheesh, I love how you combined the look of Ripka through the years with the navy slim pants and purple cashmere cardigan. I love hearing what everyone is wearing. I just had a pair of Judith's triple hoop earings on. It was fun to see the shows. Continue Reading


Re: Let's Discuss: Judith Ripka March 2014 visit--what are you getting/interested in?... :)

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Hi Lucky Peach and Ripkanistas, it is great to see Judith back on with so many wonderful jewels! Lucky Peach, so sorry to hear that pneumonia has set back in. It sounds like you had a nice time in Asia and were well dressed and jeweled! If you get back to Duluth at some point, I'm only 85 miles from there and would love to treat you to lunch if it worked for you. Winter is continuing to rage on here with both below zero weather and snow. I love J292393, the 36" station necklace and J290451 the 36" pave sapphire and diamonique station necklace. I have a real weakness for 36" necklaces but... Continue Reading



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Happy Valentine's Day! XOXOXO This is a great group and you are loved and appreciated! Continue Reading


Re: "Contessa" pearl necklace - so very regal (J290384 review with pics)

In Judith Ripka 1392239024.797

Wow! The Contessa pearl necklace is lovely (and your photo of your treasures is beautiful). Such elegance. Continue Reading


Re: Review - Ceylon Sapphire pieces

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These are gorgeous additions to your exquisite collection and wonderful heirloom pieces. Have fun with them! Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 2/8/14

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It is always nice to read your posts. I am sorry to hear about DS#1 and continued prayers go out to him and your family. DTGD is quite the little thinker- I really was amazed at her question. She is a true delight. I missed some of the chats during the shows, have any of your purchases arrived yet? I only placed one order (for the silver TSV), and it arrived today. It is fabulous! I have on my wish list the extra links (now on waitlist). I've had my DB faux furs out this winter a bit. I agree, DB does faux fur so well. Winter in northern Minnesota has been brutal too - plenty of snow... Continue Reading


Re: Pictures of TSV, So Many Possibilities

In Judith Ripka 1391631738.7

Waterbaby,Thanks for your review and photos - they are gorgeous! I am waiting for mine to ship! Your earlier photo (in December) of the estate cuff put me over the edge, and I've been enjoying my estate cuff for a couple of weeks now. Thanks for taking the time to post the photos for all of us to enjoy. Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1391526873.307

I'm anxiously awaiting your reviews. I wish they had had shown the sterling attachments during more of the presentations. I didn't order the TSV until Sunday evening, so my order hasn't shipped yet. Continue Reading

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