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Re: Let's DISCUSS: Judith Ripka micro-mini visit April 2015--what's up/getting anything?... :)

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Hi LuckyPeach, Nice to see you. I didn't buy anything from the things they aired, but did buy the Love Necklace and gave it to my daughter for her birthday (30th) on Monday. She "loved" it! I also ordered a clearance 17 1/2" heart lock necklace (on easy pay) which they didn't air. I debated that purchase because the piece is a little similar to something else I own (but only a little similar). Did you purchase anything? How are you feeling? After a massive antibiotic treatment for h. pylori, I think all the good bacteria in my body was wiped out. I believe you had a stomach bug coming up from... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone about to chat during the show?

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Thanks, Kappy, I will be sure to wish her a happy birthday from you. It is the big "30". Where does time go? I agree about the periwinkle nails. Gosh, the hour went by way too fast! Nice chatting! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone about to chat during the show?

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The golden beryl looks incredible. I love that we are seeing things in all price points. Kappy, yes, my daughter did "love" the "LOVE" necklace. It is a design that works well for all ages (as so many of her pieces do). Continue Reading


Re: Anyone about to chat during the show?

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Motherinlaw, We must have been posting at the same time. Hello! I didn't mean not to greet you! Kappy, Yes, it is way too quiet. Nice to see Suzanne today again too. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone about to chat during the show?

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Hi Kappy & Jersey Born, Nice to see you both. Looks like it will be a quiet afternoon on the forum. The 14K necklace sure is a wow that they opened the show with. Of course, I adore the 17 carat bracelet they are showing right now, however, it is just not in the budget at this time. I did buy the Love necklace which hasn't been aired. It is a lovely piece, I gave it for my daughter for part of her birthday present. Continue Reading


Re: Who else will be watching tomorrow?

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I am here watching (Saturday). I'm excited to see the new items! Enjoy ladies. Continue Reading


Re: ripka weekly show

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Thanks for the posts. I am looking forward to the weekly show. I am surprised, however, that it is during the day hours when many people are working. I am delighted to hear that it sounds like it will be Judith who is representing the product during the show. Beth is excellent also. (I haven't seen late night airings with the other presenters). Continue Reading


New Ripka LOVE necklace is $164

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Just thought I'd give you a heads up that the new Ripka LOVE necklace has been priced at $164 and $3 shipping. I believe the $431 price must have been an error. I think it is really a nice piece and have it on my wish list. Continue Reading



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GlitterPus, the Mama Bahama necklace is a stunner and very versatile. I have a real weakness for the 36" necklaces. You asked about what item in current stock we felt was best priced. I haven't taken the time to look at all the current stock but thought I'd comment that the Pearl System necklace (no longer in stock) was a real "deal" when it went to event or clearance pricing (I admit to buying the it at the TSV price and loving it and then picking up the gold clad on the very reduced feature/event pricing). The recent live, love, laugh bracelets were 1/2 of the original offering cost dur... Continue Reading

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