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Re: Let's DISCUSS: Judith Ripka May 2015 visit--what are you getting/interested in...? :)

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LuckyPeach, So good to see you but so sorry to hear you have been fighting that illusive bug. My prayers are with you. Everything seemed fine on my end for awhile but now my weight is dropping again. I'm still working with the probiotics. I looked up the regime you were on and it looks very good. I'm so sorry to hear about panic with your sweet little Yorkie but am glad she is safe. We had a heartbreaker about a month ago as we had to put down one of our labrador's. She was the neighbor's dog but had been with us for about 8 years (the neighbor moved and couldn't take her with him). As we st... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone around to chat during the 10pm show?

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Harold's wife, let us know you you like the collar necklace. I'd love to see it in person. I'm falling asleep. It was great chatting, Ripkanistas! I am going to sign off early. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone around to chat during the 10pm show?

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Kaplan, How sweet of Miss Judith to bring up your name (and with such warm Fondness). Continue Reading


Re: Anyone around to chat during the 10pm show?

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Kaplan, Are those the gorgeous emerald and pink sapphire cuffs you have? They are incredible! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone around to chat during the 10pm show?

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Pepper22, Ouch....not fair that you were sick at Easter too. Sometimes those bacterial bugs are tough to treat, too. Antibiotics are needed, but they can wipe out all the good bacteria and then leave you so susceptible to getting sick again. I had treatment for h. pylori in February and now am trying to rebuild with probiotics. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone around to chat during the 10pm show?

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Hi Ripkanistas, I am late to the party. Judith is looking lovely as ever. I ordered a set of the Live, Laugh, Love cuffs for my daughter yesterday. I know these were on an event price before, but I didn't get her a set at that point. Pepper22, so sorry you are under the weather and had to miss your great niece's wedding. Kaplan, I saw the photo of your granddaughter (I assume that is her) in your facebook post yesterday (I ended up logging on after the chat was over), and she is gorgeous. It sounds like you have great fun with her. The MOP or Green Goddess eclipse earrings look scrumptio... Continue Reading


Re: breast biopsy

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Getter, my prayers are with you. The vast majority of breast biopsies come back negative. Technology has come a long way, and the employees are very well trained to make you as comfortable as possible. I'm hoping they gave you a brochure to explain the procedure. The needle biopsies are not too uncomfortable unless you are really small (I'm small and the first positioning would have shot right through my breast). Even if you are very small, the actual biopsy takes just minutes (you will probably be there 1 1/2 hours just with the multiple steps of images, positioning, biopsy & suctio... Continue Reading


Re: ....NEWS FLASH....

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Great to hear from you. I am sorry you have been under the weather. I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, too. Lisa Mason is such a delightful host, and it will be great to see her hosting the 2 hr. Ripka show tomorrow. I'll be watching in between chasing my 2 year old grandson and 4 year old granddaughter. I'm looking forward to weekly shows. See you all tomorrow! Continue Reading


Re: J290373...Judith's Asscher cut estate cuff.....

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Congratulations on the two beautiful cuffs. I love the estate pieces. The lunch time special price on the cuff was wonderful -- I looked and they only had large left (I would have needed the small). Receiving your canary JR2 cuff must have been great fun - it will be a classic staple in your collection. Enjoy your new pieces. Continue Reading



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I am sending love and prayers your way. It is good to see you on the Board again. They do have a lot of Ripka on clearance and also on Lunch Time Specials (the LTS go pretty quickly). Continue Reading

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