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Re: Help for vertical lines around lips

In Beauty Banter 1406656634.127

I use Peter Thomas Roth unwrinkle amazing for me. Continue Reading


Re: Rose Gold

In Beauty Banter 1405105492.113

Thank you all for your input...I truly appreciate it!!! Continue Reading


Re: Rose Gold

In Beauty Banter 1405095431.15

Ladies,,thank you very much. I will look into these. God bless!!! Continue Reading


Rose Gold

Last Reply by Lucky Dog 1405114787.4 | Started by animalsrus in Beauty Banter

Ladies,,does anyone here use or know of a beautiful rose gold eyeshadow.? Doesnt matter to me if it is powder, cream, loose,,etc. I'd really appreciate any feedback,,I don't seem to be able to find this shade. TIA!! Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore mascara RAVE

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On 7/8/2014 BellaCarro said: Is there any significance to the name? Miss Manga seems an odd name. Regardless, though, if it's good, what's in a name? Is it volumizing? Lengthening? How is it to remove? Yes,,it is an odd name but it refers to anime. The anime characters are drawings or cartoonish type,,,that have huge eyes and long, LONG lush lashes. Its called being Manga. Something like that anyway. Im no anime lover,,,this is just what I heard someone say what manga meant. Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore mascara RAVE

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winamac,,too bad it didn't work well for you. I guess everyone has different chemistry and things that work. I have used the voluminous,,but couldn't reach all the small lashes because the brush is too big. I guess I really like the idea and feel of the flexhead..:-) Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore mascara RAVE

In Beauty Banter 1404850269.453

Hi kabella,,,I didn't even notice if it is waterproof,,,sorry!! But yes, it is new. I think it's only been on the market for a few months. I saw some reviews of it on youtube,,that's when I decided to give it a try...and the brush has a flex head so it gets all the hard to reach lashes. LOVE!! Continue Reading


Drugstore mascara RAVE

Last Reply by F1wild 1405033665.28 | Started by animalsrus in Beauty Banter

Ladies,,I just got a new mascara that I've been skeptical about,,,but OH BOY does it thicken my lashes. I used to have very lush lashes but they are so thin now and I've not found any mascara that really works so I have used fakes. Now,,Im hooked,,,I don't see myself having to try anything else,,this stuff rocks! Loreal Miss Manga~~~ hope it works for you! Continue Reading


Re: shaving the tops of your arms

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion..however, calling it bizarre or doing it because the industry says just dumb! I have several friends who shave the arm hair above the wrist to the elbow,,smooth , and easier to apply self tanner. I started it to see what they raved about,,and now I like it that way too. As the old saying goes "don't knock it till you try it" Continue Reading


Re: Is there anything close to philosophy's pure grace scent?

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On 5/22/2014 mistriTsquirrel said: This stuff reminds me of Pure Grace. I smelled it when I was at Rite Aid. I bought the lotion and the spray because I love PG...but this stuff lasts about 2 minutes before the scent is gone. I won't buy again,,,now am interested in the Carriere,,,thanks for the advice ladies. Continue Reading

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