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Re: Rec for keeping your makeup brushes like new

In Beauty Banter 1395861036.027

Ladies,,,in case anyone is interested..W-mart has brush guards also,,for much less $. Just an FYI. Continue Reading


Cutest refrig. magnet

Last Reply by stevieb 1393198161.81 | Started by animalsrus in Pet Lovers

Shaped like a cat..and it says: Dogs have Masters...... Cats have servants. Continue Reading


Re: UD Naked2 vs. Too Faced Chocolate bar

In Beauty Banter 1392843066.22

On 2/19/2014 bljed said: On 2/19/2014 animalsrus said: Bljed, thanks for your input.!! No problem, I hope you really like the Naked 2! I first bought the 1 and then exchanged it for 2. Also bought 3 but did not care for it so exchanged it for the Chocolate palette. lol Sometimes its trial and error finding a palette you love. Today I picked up the Tarte CC Matte and really like it! You are so right...I can't tell you how many eyeshadows and liners I have. I still have alot of BE loose eyeshadows in all colors,,but turned 56 in Dec....decided to go more neutral and not glittery. I hate to ... Continue Reading


Re: UD Naked2 vs. Too Faced Chocolate bar

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Bljed, thanks for your input.!! Continue Reading


UD Naked2 vs. Too Faced Chocolate bar

Last Reply by Quinny 1392876731.88 | Started by animalsrus in Beauty Banter

Hi ladies, I am in need of your experiences,,,recently I bought the too faced Chocolate bar eyeshadow palette;;;it is ok but I am not in love with it for the $49 price tag. so, I just ordered the Naked 2 Urban Decay (Like I NEED any more eyeshadows)!! What have your thoughts been if you've tried these..? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: What's your Fave False Eyelashes?

In Beauty Banter 1391640203.797

Looks like no one else has answered. I only wear false lashes because my own have all but disappeared as I've gotten older. I have tried many but can't stand ones that have a heavy band. I am wearing a pair today that I LOVE!! They are ELF brand at target....$1.00!! There are two different types of ELF,,the ones I have on are not varigated but look like natural lashes..they aren't heavy or constricting. I have found my HG of lashes! Continue Reading


Re: finishing powders....necessary or not

In Beauty Banter 1391620861.043

Great suggestions! Thanks again ladies! Continue Reading


Re: finishing powders....necessary or not

In Beauty Banter 1391550731.203

Thank you ladies,,I appreciate the feedback. Time to look at some of your suggestions!! Continue Reading


finishing powders....necessary or not

Last Reply by LuluCCS 1391700067.197 | Started by animalsrus in Beauty Banter

I have never been one to use a powder after makeup application. I have heard many of the MU artists say to use a finishing powder. Ladies,,,what do you think and what are some of your faves. TIA. Continue Reading


Re: Too Faced Chocolate Bar--Worth the $$??

In Beauty Banter 1391544025.673

I bought the chocolate bar over a week ago and have used it everyday!! LOVE!! Am trying to change my eyeshadows from lots of gorgeous colors to using more neutrals for my aging eyes. I have soooo many BE loose shadows that I love the colors,,but they dont work that well on me now. I am also interested in the LORAC unzipped. Continue Reading

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