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Re: I'm Back!

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I'm absolutely giddy about you coming back!!! You were always....and still are...my most favorite. Welcome back!! I'll start watching qvc again since you are back now. You were deeply missed by many! Mwaaah (kiss) Continue Reading


Re: Peter Thomas Roth Products - Your opinion?

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I've loved PTR products and used for years...especially unwrinkle lip. I did not know he tests on animals...that is a deal breaker for me. No more PTR...he should get smart and realize what he is doing to himself and his company before he loses us all! Continue Reading


Re: O/T Is Christmas over yet?

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I completely agree with you Hyacinth. The shopping craze and shows start earlier every year. Burn out happens quickly anymore. Continue Reading


Re: Dollar store

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Sorry,,I do not agree with most of you. Dollar tree is just fine. I've gotten many items for beauty , toothpaste, etc...they aren't knock offs. They arent trying to make them look like a certain brand. I really don't think you are right about that. As far as expiration dates,,they will be on the packaging,,just look for it. Ive gotten some maybelline, physician's formula etc..there because of misprints on labels,,,like saying it is light color when it is dark,,etc. Doesn't mean they are not good. "Just sayin" Continue Reading


Re: Press on nails

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P.S. As another poster suggested,,I always use nail glue (as the pre stick kind,,don't stay on.) Nail glue makes for a longer wear. Theres a little bit of a learning curve for application and taking off,,but it's now so simple for me. Hope you enjoy your new found fun. Continue Reading


Re: Press on nails

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wear them ALL the time. If you have a store called Dollar Tree near you,,keep an eye out in their makeup section. I got alot of awesome types, colors, designs etc,,for a dollar a box! Some were even Maybelline. If I could afford to buy the more expensive ones,,KISS has some really pretty ones that are gel nail,,at about 8 dollars per box. They look really good even 5 or 7 days after you put them on,,,like a gel nail should. Hope this helps. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Tributes

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On 9/9/2014 fligal said: All of the negative nellies on this page should be ashamed of themselves! We all grieve in different ways. If you have nothing good to say about someone who passed on then keep it to yourselves! Whoever you are( glad I don't know you), you sound quite jealous and you happen to be disrespectful! In whatever way people grieve, for how long and for whom is none of your business! It just reiterates how disrespectful you are! Well said Fligal!! I agree with you and was really confused by the negativity that was spewed by a certain few. I'm no Joan fan,,but she was still ... Continue Reading


Re: O/T beauties in the dental field

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That was suppose to be botox not boots... oops! Continue Reading


Re: O/T beauties in the dental field

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I just now got back to this thread and have not read all the replies...to clarify to those that DID respond..I would like to say....I have not only worked in oral SURGERY but also in general dentistry. I do NOT agree that oral surgeons would or should do perm.tattoos..or plastic surgery procedures unless they have a license to do so. And to reply to another...many dentists do NOT do extractions...they send them to us...which is preferable as surgeons have the training and skills to get it done with less trauma. Also..we don't do boots or fillers as that really should be done by pladtics. Afte... Continue Reading


Re: O/T beauties in the dental field

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Hi snowkita,,Ive been in the business for 37 years.....(OUCH!!!) and what your new dentist is telling you is correct. I have now been in this practice of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery for 22 years...we often,,most often,,do both sides at the same time, as in extracting wisdom teeth or even removing cysts and tumors. It is all dependant on what the patient wants. It is , in this office anyway, beneficial to the patient to have it all done at once since most of them have sedation (costly) so, they choose to pay for sedation once and get it all done. No problems that I've ever seen with anest... Continue Reading

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