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Re: The Pet Chat Corner April 27 - May 3, 2015

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Good evening everyone. Hope this is the beginning of a great week. Weather here is perfect to me. Breezy and 50's. Angie and I went for a two mile walk in nearby woods,we were both in heaven. Panda,thats a sweet story about your friend Denise,I hope she does well and you two can spend some time together. Still thinking good thoughts for our Doxie and her beloved girl. Luvmy Spaniels,that was such a serene picture and saying. Thanks. We have some friends in town from AZ. so DH and I will be busy for a few days, fun stuff! Continue Reading


Re: ALL TIME LOW...Ripka at Sears now

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On 4/26/2015 Hooty said: On 4/25/2015 Karnerblue said: What difference does it make where you buy it from. JR is still JR. You too good to shop at Sears????? Obviously she is! I buy all my appliances from Sears, and they sell other brands besides Kenmore now, and they deliver and take the old appliance Most of my appliances are from Sears,too. As for jewelry if you like something and the price is right why is the store so important? My brother gave me a beautiful pair of sapphire and gold earrings last Christmas and gasp! he bought them at Sears. I kept them anyway ;). I bet the money Judith... Continue Reading


Re: Or Paz

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He is very cute and does a nice presentation. Continue Reading


Re: Burt's Bees Candles

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I purchased the Toasted Almond scented melts...fragrance was great. I'm going to get the candle next time I'm at Walmart. They are soy. Continue Reading


Re: Evine hosts seem so happy.

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I like a host named Sara, she seems professional and dresses well IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Q is just 'unwatchable' - everyone talking at the same time!

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On 4/23/2015 dragonflyveb said: This seems to happen on the news channels as well, especially CNN and MSNBC. When they have a panel of experts discussing a topic, sometimes they ALL talk at the same time and nobody will yield the floor. It's like, if they wait for their turn, they "lose." I mute the TV until the host moves on. The sad thing is that I want to hear their thoughts, but it is too hard to tease it out of 3 ongoing monologs! JMHO, Dragonfly I totally agree about CNN especially. The thing that reakly bugs me is the host asks a five minute question of a guest,taking up all the guest'... Continue Reading


Re: OT/My brother is being honored at the veterans hospital he worked at

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How great he is being honored for helping those who do so much for us. We could never thank him and them adequately. Blessings to you and your family. Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner April 20 - 26, 2015

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Certainly will pray for dear Doxie and her beloved Schatzie.. We saw a few FLURRIES here this morning. I worry about all the featherless newborn birds,it's going to be frosty here tonight. Ugh. Hope you all have a nice evening from Angie Daisy and me. Continue Reading


Re: Sissy Houston says......

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So tragic. I can't imagine what torture this must be for the people who love her. Continue Reading


Re: Why Carolyn?

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On 4/22/2015 acim said: I just wish she'd be honest about her size.. Her size APPEARANCE fluctuates tremendously (go back and look at some of the older product videos shes in), but golly, she's alw ays a "large"..... But golly its kind of odd to take such an interest in a host's size. Continue Reading

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