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Re: Advice, please re dog house for outside dog

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No dog should be left outside 24/7. Why even have a dog? Get a statue of a dog. I would call and report this if it were me. I would never let this go, I'd keep at it until something was done. As others here have said, there are a lot of kind people who would love to give that dog a REAL home. Continue Reading


Re: Fall Hummingbird migration...

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I was so happy to see the hummingbird post. We have a few of them here in the Chicago suburbs around our feeder. A small one and a larger one. I worry about them, it's going down in the high 40's tonight. I hope they will be okay, I enjoy them so much. We haven't had much action at the feeder all summer, but we moved the feeder and bang there they are. We also feed all the other wild birds. Love them all. Thanks for the hummingbird post! Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner September 8 - 14, 2014

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Panda, all good thoughts going your way. And a blessed evening to everyone here from Angie Daisy and me. Fall is in the air here, lovely. Continue Reading



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I don't use Korres, they test on animals. I try to stay away from products that do,not always successful but I try. Continue Reading


Re: Who from QVC went to Joan's funeral?

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On 9/7/2014 va603 said: Wow, Kathy looks great! Sounds like it was a nice celebration of her life. I agree,I think Joan's daughter did it with a lot of class. And I agree Kathy Levine looks the most youthful of the group, she looks beautiful. Continue Reading


Re: Cute cardinals with hats

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Those are darling, I have cardinals all over my house. I love them. I have alot of them outside,too. They love my seeds! Thanks for the cute post. Continue Reading


Re: Ray Rice Cut by Baltimore Ravens

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On 9/8/2014 terrier3 said: A lawyer was just on. She said it goes beyond a domestic assault case to aggravated assault - which needs no victim to press charges. Then I wonder why he isn't facing heavier charges. From what I just saw, she really could have been horribly injured,even killed the way she struck her head. And the awful disrepectful way he dumps her out of the elevator. And this is the Mother of his child. I wonder what HIS mother thinks. Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner September 1 - 7, 2014

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On 9/4/2014 Sheltie Mom said: Almost TGIF. Went to yet another going away party for coworker tonight. Sigh.... Glad to come home to DH, Lily and Oscar. Family is what matters. You all are family too. Isn't it just so wonderful to have a loving home to return to after a long long day? And that was a very sweet remark, we ARE like family here, aren't we? Continue Reading


Re: The Weather Channel!

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We call it "Not the Weather Channel" around my house. Although they do have some interesting storm stories. Continue Reading


Re: NYX Cosmetics

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I love NYX products,too. Love the black label lipstick, except my Ulta is always out of my shade!!. Continue Reading

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