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Imitation Game

Last Reply by LoveShelties 1422546536.393 | Started by MoJoV in Movies

We just saw the Imitation Game, what a great movie. Exciting funny and sad. Downton Abbey fans the man who plays Tom is in it. A perfectly cast movie IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Brown rice in Prepology

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422306547.723

CHICKENBUTT you are one of my favorite posters here. You always have something informative to add. Always good information. Just wanted to say thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Is This A Scam

In Electronics Talk 1422025476.667

On 1/23/2015 Goldenlocks said: She should report it to the local PD. It would be nice if the Feds would stop these scammers: perhaps if enough reports come in they will do something. Apx six mos ago I got a strange call from "Windows" from a guy with an Indian accent, demanding I turn on my computer 'cause Windows needed to do a very important update. When I finally told him - well you know what I told him - he threatened to come to my home (supposedly he could tell where I lived - yah, right!). So, I copied down his number and called my local PD. They told me this scam was going around the a... Continue Reading


Re: January 2015...Happy New Year...Please share what scent you are enjoying.

In Candles 1422025052.42

Went through 3 three-wick BBW Fresh Balsam candles (that's the real Christmas scent to me). Just starting a BBW Fresh Bamboo,lots of scent. I purchased Walmart candle called Coastal Woods, it has a fairly good throw for the price. Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner January 19 - 25, 2015

In Pet Lovers 1422024326.237

Happy Friday everyone. It's a dull gray day here with snow coming. But it's January in Chicago so what's the beef?:) Panda hope everything is good with you. I hope 2015 is a wonderful healthy year for you. Lucylover I must have missed your post about your sister's Yorkie. That's so awful. What a tragic thing to have happened. Your sister will have her hands full with those two new little loves. They don't replace the lost one but I know they'll wriggle their way into your family's heart. Two Yorkie pups, that sounds like so much fun. We've had a lot of different breeds of dogs but never ... Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed in pricing trends on Denim & Co

In Denim & Co 1422023462.303

I SO agree with you. I almost purchased a pair of pull on jeans for spring yard work and couldn't bring myself to push the button. The final cost was going to be around $40. I just couldn't see paying that much for those kind of pants. I don't mind paying a fair amount for clothing but I don't like to feel gouged. And a lot of the reviews mentioned inconsistent sizing. Continue Reading


Re: Is This A Scam

In Electronics Talk 1422022474.157

This is a well known scam. And it isn't just for seniors,my daughter's boyfriend got the call and he's no where near senior age. It must be working for the jerks if they're still at it after all this time. Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner January 19 - 25, 2015

In Pet Lovers 1421678851.853

Hope everyone has a great week ahead. Looks like we're in for a nice weather week here,sunny and 30s-40s,can't ask for better in Jan. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know...

In Book Club 1421644641.54

I've said it a million times : smart people on this board. Thank you, Dawg lover! I can't wait that long but I guess I'll have to :( Continue Reading

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