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Re: New kindle fire hd 6

In Electronics Talk 1414528557.177

I've been looking at that particular Kindle for a while. I'm so anxious to hear what you think. Please post here? Thanks. The cost and size are really a hook for me. I have an older Kindle with the keyboard. Love it, use it all the time. Would like to be able to do more on it, though. Continue Reading


Re: Project Runway: Season Finale

In TV Talk 1414527886.717

I thought Sean was the most talented of them and deserved to win, also. Kini is very talented, too. It was touching to see the love he has for his family. Continue Reading


Re: Robin McGraws- TS

In Beauty Banter 1414527326.127

On 10/28/2014 gazelle77 said: With all the plastic surgery and botox she has had, it is embarrassing for her to push skin care that will make you lovely. EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER sells fragrance. It is a big money maker for celebrities. They do nothing except sell their name and watch the money roll in. What is the percentage of the sales that go to this charity of hers? And What is HER percentage? I would think with all her FABULOUSNESS( as she is using that word selling her fragrance).... book sales, and being married to a multi millionaire, she could afford to give ALL THE PROCEEDS to thi... Continue Reading


Re: Disgusted with host (Gabriel? on at 9:48 PT or 12:48 ET, Friday Oct. 17th)

In Pet Lovers 1414207657.077

On 10/22/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: On 10/20/2014 MoJoV said: I understand how this could happen. We now have Daisy, a Brussels Griffon, because she nipped my Granddaughter on the lip. Daisy looks like a stuffed animal and Granddaughter treated her like one. Some pets and small children just don't belong together. Luckily, DH and I took Daisy and now couldn't live without her. Granddaughter lives hundreds of miles away and we don't get to see her often enough but when we do,Daisy and she are kept apart. See, this upsets me. Children need to be taught that animals are NOT stuffed toys and... Continue Reading


Still liking The Paradise? Not a spoiler

Last Reply by Judaline 1414259144.363 | Started by MoJoV in TV Talk

I wasn't liking it for a few episodes (the French woman with the unintelligible accent for one). But the last few are bringing me back. Anyone still watching? Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner October 20 - 26, 2014

In Pet Lovers 1414205791.393

Panda, still thinking good thoughts for you and your family. I'll be so glad when all this is behind you, FOR GOOD. And it's always good to be able to speak with somene who has been through the same thing. Everyone is different but it's good to know what to expect. Dapet glad to see you are back and that you had some nice company throughout your recovery. I bet Yankee misses you now that you're back at work all day. Doxie, what kind of snakes were those? We were walking in the woods the other day and saw a lot of little Fox snakes crossing the path. My son down in southern Illinois has a... Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner October 20 - 26, 2014

In Pet Lovers 1413918845.973

Thank you Panda for keeping us up to date. You have a lot of good friends here all keeping up the prayer and good thoughts for you and your family. Hope all of you are having a great day. It's gloomy and windy here to day. But that's okay,it's Fall and Daisy and Angie are sleeping at my feet. Continue Reading


Nice Yankee coupon

Last Reply by VaBelle35 1413943874.63 | Started by MoJoV in Candles

Went to the Yankee store today to buy my November Rain candle and I received a coupon for buy2 get 2 free from 10/27-11/30. That's a nice coupon for Thanksgiving hostess gifts or Christmas. Just in case anyone is interested. I also took a candle back to B&B that had only burned down half way and couldn't get to relight. They gave me a new replacement. Someone on these boards posted B&B is no longer cruelty free so I may not be the great customer I was there. Anyone know if Yankee is cruelty free? Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner October 20 - 26, 2014

In Pet Lovers 1413850572.25

Many thoughts and prayers for our dear, sweet Panda. Continue Reading


Re: Question about Labs (dogs)

In Pet Lovers 1413850451.373

On 10/20/2014 Lilysmom said: I finally got smart and bought a raised dish for food and water with a surround so food and water doesn't get on the floor. Much easier to manage. Raised food dishes should always be used for Labs. We had a Lab who got "Bloat." After the expensive surgery to save his life the vet said big, barrell chested dogs should always have raised food dishes to help prevent "bloat." It won't completely eliminate the threat, but it will help. Continue Reading

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