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Re: The Pet Chat Corner November 24-30, 2014

In Pet Lovers 1416941156.08

I hope all of you here have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones: two and four legged ones. From me Angie and Daisy. Continue Reading


Re: Shop HQ

In Beauty Banter 1416416878.103

I rarely watch that channel because it's mostly watches and strange acting hosts. There are two that are just plain weird. I think one is named Alison and the other is Connie. They act like they've imbibed on something more than coffee. Continue Reading


Re: Just have to ask about your peanut butter habits.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416416512.97

On 11/19/2014 Tampa Lady said: I am a big peanut butter freak ! Peanut butter by the spoon, any kind. Peanut butter on Grannie apples, etc. Love this stuff! Same here!! Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner November 17-23, 2014

In Pet Lovers 1416416211.237

Watching the weather around the country....hoping all of you in the path of that unbelievable snow are safe. It's only mid November and this? We've had awful cold here but very little snow. Looking like another horrendous winter. Continue Reading


Re: Roses Zone 5 or colder

In In the Garden 1416415821.173

I live in the Chicago suburbs and it was way below zero alot last winter, my roses survived. I used to leaves method mentioned before. I have those little wire fences I put around the roses and stuffed the entire thing with dead leaves. I cut the roses down before I did this. Good luck. Continue Reading


Re: I'm almost too embarrassed to ask...

In Book Club 1416102783.49

Mocha, I just retired too! And I know exactly what you mean about being too exhausted to concentrate after a long day at work. Now I'm enjoying reading so much. Right now I'm reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. I'ts a good read, she's a fantastic writer. If you like historical fiction I think you'll like this. I usually don't care for fiction but this is kind of semi-fiction. A librarian recommended it to me Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner November 10-16, 2014

In Pet Lovers 1416102047.987

Hello everyone. Hope you're having a nice quiet Saturday evening. We are. Spent the day working around the yard and then rearranging our bedroom. It was cold but sunny here today. Expecting a little snow tonight. Panda so glad your feeling pretty well and back here with us. It was so thoughtful to have your DH post news of you. luvmyteddy that's pretty funny that you're kitties like that little hand, cute. Hope you all have a nice rest of your weekend from me Angie and Daisy. Continue Reading


Re: Still liking The Paradise? Not a spoiler

In TV Talk 1415995013.62

He needed a good slap! But I see the unintelligible French woman will be back this Sunday,sheeesh. Continue Reading


Re: Clark's Lady just jumped the shark.

In Fashion Talk 1415994773.757

I heard her say people will trust you more the other day. I thought then how silly, I didn't hear the breath comment but it's just as silly. Guess she's runnin out of cliches and making up new ones. She has to sell the shoes and she's trying. Continue Reading


If you saw it, what did you think of St. Vincent?

Last Reply by DiAnne 1415466038.873 | Started by MoJoV in Movies

It had a few moments but for the most part, disappointing. The opening scene..ugh. Continue Reading

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