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Re: The Pet Chat Corner April 21-27, 2014

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Hello everyone. Hope you all had a nice Easter. We just got back from a whirlwind visit to our son and granddaughter Ava. So nice to see them and sad to leave them. We dropped our eldest granddaughter off at her school,St. Louis University and continued on to Southern Illinois. We took Daisy and left Angie at our daughter's. Daisy is a great little traveler But if there happens to be another dog at a rest stop...LOOK OUT. It's going to be cold here tonight in the Chicago burbs, 32! Hope you're feeling better Panda with yorur back. So nice to see NcChange and sweetie Hero! Lots of hugs to you ... Continue Reading


Re: Best healthiest meaty dog food (not dry) for a small older dog?

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Mima, the same thing happened with our Daisy. She was not eating and not acting right, took her in and they did all kinds of tests. Best they could come up with is she hurt her back (she's a jumper). We feed her chicken breast and rice. But I would also like to give her some canned dog food. I don't know if she's getting all the nutrition she needs. I used to give her some dry too but she started choking on it. She's a 10 lb. Brussels Griffon. Happygal, thanks for the website. I'm going to check it out. Continue Reading


Re: What beauty item would you not purchase again?

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tarte Cashmere waterproof eyeliner pencils...awful. And Wen did nothing for my hair except make it limp,wasted my money. Continue Reading


Re: Loved Issac's Comment!

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I think Albany is unwatchable if you're over 6. I can't stand being talked to as if I'm a child. She would be great hosting some kid show somewhere. Continue Reading


Re: Do dogs really go to heaven?

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On 4/20/2014 kcladyz said: I am a 'sensitive" and I saw the ghost of 2 of my dogs. My St Bernard that died when his hart gave out during a violent epileptic fit. I saw his ghost that night and for a few weeks later ( so did others in my family) And I saw my basset hound so yes i believe our pets have souls and move on to a better place after death. Years ago when my daughter was small I saw the ghost of her beloved cat Rocky. The cat had not come back one night (we used to STUPIDLY leave him outside sometimes) and for months afterward my daughter would say she could see him behind her in th... Continue Reading


Re: I think I owe Lori Goldstein an apology

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I just saw Antonella doing a Lori show for a minute and I thought Antonella looked great in the vest and black outfit she had on. Very flattering. Antonella should most definately purchase that vest in that color. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Going To Watch Fargo

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We watched it and liked it. It's very much like the movie, twisted and funny (and verrry violent). Fargo was such a great movie I wondered how they were going to do this. Also John from PBS Sherlock is one of the main characters. These English actors are so good. And Billy Bob is always his crawly self :) Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner April 14-20, 2014

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Doxie my MIL had a wonderful sense of humor and was a rabid animal lover, she would have laughted out loud at your post :) Don't mess with them geese,boy. There is a lawsuit here in Illinois about a guy being killed by a swan! Knocked him out of his kayak and he died. Not funny but people should wise up,no? I hope all of you here have a wonderful Holiday, however you celebrate..Easter or Passover. Or just celebrating Spring is good too. Continue Reading


Re: YOGURT discussions......This is a "no" brand for me......

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Thank you for that info, who woulda guessed? Fishy yogurt. Stonyfield is my brand, that's a good citizen company. Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner April 14-20, 2014

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Hello everyone. After a lovely couple of Spring days, it is now SNOWING in suburban Chicago. Whatever.. I have a "lovely" smelling story about my girls and what they got into yesterday. I came home from work (working since 6 am mind you) and I let them out in the backyard, I briefly went to change my shoes and they were ready to be let in. Daisy is a blonde girl and she was a very dark brown from head to toe, I'm wondering..mud? Took a closer view of them and WHEW..they had been rolling in somebody's poop (racoon, skunk?). They stunk to high heaven. I put Daisy in the laundry room tub ... Continue Reading

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