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Re: Kim Kardashian - Really?

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I have s friend who managed a big book store in the loop downtown Chicago. Alot of famous people came through there for book signings. She said the biggest celebs were the nicest and didnt have big entuorages and big demands. The second raters all had big demands and tons of hangers on and treated people badly. Kim is a third rate celeb if that. Can't stand the entire bunch. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- May 2015

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I'm just finishing Ann Perry and the Murder of the Century. What an awful crime it was. I've been reading her Victorian mysteries for years not knowing what a giant skeleton she had rattling around in her closet. Anybody read this book or are you a fan of her mysteries? Continue Reading


Re: Movie review: Far From The Maddening Crowds~

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On 5/24/2015 Vamp said: I am a big Thomas Hardy fan and was pleased to see this has been made into a film. While I haven't seen it yet, I have heard from a friend whose opinion I value that it was excellent. Thanks for confirming this. I can't wait to see it! I'm a Thomas Hardy fan,too. Matter of fact I was rereading Far from the Madding Crowd before I knew the newest movie version was coming out. Continue Reading


Re: Your Clothes are Killing Us (CNN article)

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SO glad the founding fathers and those that we celebrate this weekend DID try and save the world. Continue Reading


Re: Your Clothes are Killing Us (CNN article)

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I know all the things said in the article are true but hardly stop to think about it. Thanks,OP, for the eye opening reminder. Do the higher end stores buy from responsible manufacturers in India and China? Is that an oxymoron and we are fooling ourselves and them us? I don't know. There are companies that manufacture exclusively in the USA. They have mostly jeans and tshirts. May I need to dig more to find more. Continue Reading


Re: Hope Lisa Mason is okay

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That must be awful to start feeling ill when you're on live TV. I hope she's feeling better soon. Continue Reading


Re: Clothing running large lately.

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The last pair of D&Co. capris I ordered were 2 sizes too big,not just the usual one size. At this rate I'll be an XS like everyone on camera. On no planet in any galaxy am I an XS! Continue Reading


Re: Venting

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Chickenbutt!!!! I am so happy to hear Ru is better. I just go out of my mind with worry when my two get sick and felt all your anxiety right along with you. Blessings to you and your DH and of course Ru! Continue Reading


Re: The Pet Chat Corner May 18 - 24, 2015

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Changed my name to skylark during the name changing hubub. I used to be MojoV. Im still MojoV.,though. My name is Mary Jo thus Mojo. Panda glad you're doing well. And you'll be wonderful with the 1st graders. I think they might be more fun and eager. But that's just an unprofessional opinion. My sweet granddaughter did arrive safely from Spain and we've been having fun and shopping. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone spotted an orange flyaway cardigan lately?

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I was at Penneys and Kohls yesterday and that color was everywhere. In clothing and bags. I love and all variations of it. Continue Reading

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