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Re: What's the secret to making a GREAT garden salad?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413909691.84

I always make homemade salad dressing and use salt and pepper on salad. Vary the dressing according to the ingredients in salad. Continue Reading


Re: Sneak Peek - NEW A-LINE WK SKIRT!

In Linea 1413765443.07

I may try the walnut. I have some new dark brown tall dress boots and the walnut tights. I love skirts with boots - just not maxi skirts. Continue Reading


Re: It's OCTOBER! What haunting Linea outfit are you wearing today?

In Linea 1413761825.273

Beautiful sunny fall day after a week of rain. Went to Palisades in Seattle for Sunday Brunch. LDO Tweed jacket in walnut, dark brown silk blouse (Neimans), dark brown pants (Nordstrom), aubergine shoes (Trotters), aubergine handbag, gold Michele watch, bone and brown enamel bangles (Saks), large gold hoops, tricolor rings. Rain predicted to back tomorrow! Continue Reading


Re: Le Creuset

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413754892.243

I have an 8 qt Le Creuset pot I have had for over 20 years (it was a Christmas gift). The only down side I have it that it is white and had discolored at little inside. It is wonderful pot. Continue Reading


Re: Harry London

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413737042.13

It tastes just like chocolate you can purchase at your local drug store - it is not worth the calories. Continue Reading


Re: Oct 14 Today is also NATIONAL DESSERT DAY What's your favorite dessert??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413603041.917

My very favorite dessert is Crepes Suzette. No one seems to make it anymore...... Continue Reading


Re: LR Christmas Show - 10/17

In For the Home Talk 1413602624.283

I decorate in just red and white so I got the white set of trees and the red birds. Looking forward to getting them. Thinking about those white owls.... Continue Reading


Re: The Barry Manilow Show...

In For the Home Talk 1413586801.323

He has had way too much plastic surgery!! My daughter was a big Barry Manilow fan and for her 12th birthday I took her to see him at the Greek Theater in LA. She was thrilled and he put on a really good show. Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green Cardigan...what to wear

In Linea 1413513216.533

I would think tan or camel would look great with hunter green. I think black is too dark. I would look great over medium wash jeans. Continue Reading


Re: Do you do Breakfast for Dinner?? What do you eat??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413507264.633

Last night I had sautéed mushrooms and spinach with an over easy egg (or poached egg) over the top as the "sauce". Continue Reading

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