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Re: April - Hooray! How are you styling your Linea today?

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Needed to make a trip across the lake to the restaurant supply store and to purchase some of the special curry I like. Meeting friend for lunch also. Linea TSV jacket in iris, WK striped short sleeve in wisteria and turquoise, navy pant, navy ballet flats, navy bag, Michele watch, gold hammered bangle, large gold hoop earrings, tricolor rings, etc. It is raining again. Continue Reading


Re: 15 years from now: what 2014 fashion trends will we look back & laugh or cringe at?

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Print or floral cardigans Maxi dresses and maxi skirts High/low hems I don't wear any of these but I am sure there are others I am guilty of! Continue Reading


Re: Strawberry Sour Cream Cake

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I made this yesterday and it was very good. I shared a couple slices with a neighbor and I am taking the rest to a volunteer group tomorrow(I don't need to eat all of this!!). Thanks for the recipe. Continue Reading


Re: DH and I thought this was the BEST movie we have seen this year!!!

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Saw this movie in a theater several months ago and really enjoyed it. There were a lot of good movies out around the holidays this year. Continue Reading


Re: April 16 Today is National Eggs Benedict Day or Day of the Mushroom Which one do you like to eat??

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On 4/16/2014 bichon_emma said: On 4/16/2014 fleetwood said: My answer is... both. I very rarely eat eggs benedict but love it. Mushrooms are a constant in this house. I like them raw on salads and I use them in many dishes that I make. I am such a mushroom lover that I will order my pizzas with mushrooms being the only topping.(well along with cheese, that is) LOL Happy Birthday to your brother. Mushroom pizza is my favorite Love the wild mushroom pizza with truffle oil at California Pizza Kitchen. Eggs Benedict long time favorite but don't indulge very often! Don't make at home anymore ... Continue Reading


Re: Can anyone suggest a cookie sheet that won't warp when it goes in the oven?

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I buy my cookie sheets at a restaurant supply store (never have noticed brand) and they never do that. Continue Reading


Re: Let's talk tulips

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On 4/15/2014 JustJazzmom said: I use bulbs as the first part of my 'garden show' here. Once they are done, the perennials I have planted with them come out and cover the leaves. Wait till leaves turn brown in the fall before removing the leaves. The bulbs need the green leaves to make food for the subsequent flower in the following year. I do that also but with the tulips in pots (mostly because of the squirrels and because I want to see them from the family room) and I put the daffodils in the ground. I love the white Thalia daffodils and have them planted in front yard. Continue Reading


Re: Strawberry Shortcake Recipe Request

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I always use angel food cake. Continue Reading


Re: Cottage Farms products

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I usually get sucked into purchasing something from Cottage Farms or Roberta's every year because I am so anxious for spring (this year it was the braided Rose of Sharon). I like to purchase locally at the nurseries (not Lowe's or Home Depot). The plants they sell are most likely to succeed in my area and I also like to support them. Continue Reading


Re: Let's talk tulips

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I treat tulips like an annual. In the fall I plant them in three large pots on the patio (with chicken wire over the bulbs to keep the squirrels away) and then plant winter pansies over the top. Right now they are beautiful - I pick a new color scheme every year. In a couple of weeks I will empty the pots and plant geraniums for the summer. I just ordered my bulbs for next year. Continue Reading

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