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Re: What Did You Purchase This Time Around?

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I behaved myself - still trying to pare down my wardrobe. Persian Blue pea coat. V-neck tunic - not sure about this one. Not an acrylic fan. Then while watching PMS I ended up ordering Jen Rade animal print sweater in graphite. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Take Out Protection Plans For Your Electronics

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I never purchase extended warranties on anything - appliances, electronics or cars. Over the years I have never had anything happen that would have been covered by the warranty. I am sure something eventually will but figure I have saved enough that it will have been worth it. Continue Reading


Re: So it the Fall Fashion Fest finale. What was your favorite purchase??

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I purchased the Linea pea coat in Persian Blue and the Jen Rade animal print sweater. Continue Reading


Re: Linea LIVE who's watching?

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I watched part of PM style and ended up ordering the Jen Rade animal print sweater in graphite so I did finally cave. Continue Reading


Re: Linea LIVE who's watching?

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Great show. I stuck with my list - already ordered the pea coat in Persian Blue and the sweater in charcoal. I was really tempted by the raspberry pea coat but don't need two of them. See what appears next month. Continue Reading


Re: Louis and Alberti

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I did not watch. Here on the West Coast it was on at 2 am. Continue Reading


Re: jacs notes on the upcoming shows.....

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Am I missing something here? I don't see any inflammatory posts...... Continue Reading



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On 9/27/2014 Mary Bailey said: True! and I wonder why her and not the other girlfriends. He married someone of substance who was educated and she is also 17-years younger than him. Continue Reading



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On 9/27/2014 HAPPY LADY said: I don't do well with swing jackets as Kate2357 mentioned. I am busty with broad shoulders so all that fabric from the shoulders down makes me look top heavy. I do much better with fitted through the torso or at least some shaping. Wish Louis had done a red pea jacket and also a light gray. Maybe next time if the pea jackets sell well. I have the cotton swing jacket in hot pink. I am also busty but found if I sized down in jacket and wore it with a slim bottom - narrow leg pants or pencil skirt I could do it. Continue Reading

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