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Re: What Is The Best Spiral Ham

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You can also purchase Honeybaked ham in small packages by the slice. I do that often for sandwiches. Good way to taste it to see if it is worth the price for you. Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Best Spiral Ham

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Honeybaked is the best! Because you don't have to cook it or heat it (they recommend serving at room temp) you have your oven free. Continue Reading


Re: How would you describe the Wisteria color & with what do you wear it?

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I love the color and I think blurple is a good description. I only have the v-neck sleeveless WK that I wear as a vest. Nothing Linea that I wear with it but I am coveting your bluish purple suede flats! Love a colored shoes! Continue Reading


Re: Jean jackets

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I love jean jackets. I have a couple of D&C ones that I wear when I work at the food bank. I have two that I purchased at Nordstrom (they are not boxy). I also have a couple of IML knit jean jackets that are very comfortable and warm. Continue Reading


Re: Just Got Back From Olive Garden Restaurant

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I was there once - probably 10 or 15 years ago. I prefer quality over quantity. Continue Reading


Re: Ordering A Pizza What's Your Pizza Combination ?

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Thin crust only. I like the wild mushroom pizza at California Pizza Kitchen. Hate pepperoni. Now I am hungry for pizza. I can't remember the last time I had one - at least three years or more!! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone catch James Corden?

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I fell asleep in the very beginning so I missed it also. Continue Reading



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On 3/23/2015 happygal said: What part are you cleaning, the outside or the inside above the soil line? (I assume you are cleaning with the plants still in them? What's dirty about them, collected mineral deposits? I don't understand and never clean my pots except maybe to brush off exterior spider webs, etc. I live in the Pacific Northwest and these pots have been outside in the rain about 8 years. They have mineral deposits and moss on them. I was just trying to clean the outside because I don't think I can clean the inside lip without damaging the plants. I have already scrubbed them w... Continue Reading


Re: Carole Hochman Pajamas

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I have never purchased them but saw a large table of CH near the entrance of Costco last week. Continue Reading


Re: Would you wear these shoes?

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I would. They look like fun! Continue Reading

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