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Re: Lemon Picnic Cake

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My children used to love this cake when they were little and I loved it because it did not require any frosting!! Continue Reading


Re: Food for Aunt

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I have been taking dinner once a week to a friend of mine who has had brain surgery. My recent dinners have been Mushroom Quiche and Salad, Green Onion Noodle Soup, Chicken Enchiladas, Curry Meat Loaf, Baked Chicken Thighs and salad. I have dinner with her and arrange the meal so there are leftovers for her to have another day. Continue Reading


Re: Review for new necklaces J321803 and J321804

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I am thinking about the blue waterfall necklace. Do you think it would look good with a turtle neck in the winter? Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use white pepper?

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It does have a different taste but I use in cream sauces, egg salad, etc. Anything I do not want black specks in. Continue Reading


Re: Denim and Co TSV

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I think it would be nice and cool on a hot day. I love cotton even though it needs ironing. I was already to purchase the green (not a pastel fan) until I noticed the eyelet is only on the front. Continue Reading



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On 5/27/2015 ChiliPepper said: No blooms on mine yet. I can't wait - they are so beautiful! I don't cut them & bring them in the house though because of the ants that always seem to be on them. Mine don't have ants this year but some years they do. I cut them and leave on the patio overnight in a pitcher of water when ants are present. Usually they are all gone the next day. I love the smell of them in the house! Continue Reading


Re: May flowers - Linea style!

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On 5/27/2015 rac71 said: I am trying to decide what accessories to wear with my new embroidered top, A265607. I plan to wear it with the cotton/span pull-on legging but have no idea what jewelry to wear with it. I think a necklace will be too much, given the embroidery. I have e black with pink. Thrilled that it has pockets. http://www.qvc.com/Linea-by-Louis-DellOlio-Embroidered-Short-Sleeve-Top-BlackHot-Pink,-Large.product.A265607.html?upsh=1&sc=A265607-CSWB I don't have that top but I think earrings and a bracelet would be plenty with the embroidery. Continue Reading


Re: May flowers - Linea style!

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Off to a mammogram appointment with a stop at fish market for some Copper River Salmon on the way home. LDO jean jacket in aqua, silk striped knit t-shirt in dark aqua, light aqua and navy (Neimans), navy pants (Nordstrom), navy bag (D&B), navy ballet flats (Van Eli), gold watch (Michele), large gold bangle with turquoise and coral stones (Saks), large gold hoop earrings (Costco), tricolor rings. Continue Reading


Re: Sneak Peek - GORGEOUS Maxi Dress - OMGoodness!

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This is an easy pass for me because of the poly span fabric. Continue Reading


Re: I have Mama Mia on (Abba music)

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Great music to do housework to!! Continue Reading

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