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Re: A question re: whole nutmeg

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It is wonderful on sautéed spinach also. Continue Reading


Re: A question re: whole nutmeg

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I just grate it with a microplane but I have never bought it from Penzey's. Continue Reading


Re: I hate it when stores move everything around so you can't find anything!

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I am a list shopper at Costco. If I am alone I can be in and out in 15 minutes. They move things around so people like me have to spend more time in the store looking for their item so they will see other things (not on list) and spend more money. I allow myself one extra item but otherwise I am pretty good at sticking to list. Continue Reading



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HonnyBrown - Sounds good. I will have to give that a try. I tried a new Asian Pasta Salad recipe this week end. Not good enough to share unfortunately. Continue Reading


Re: Ants in My Closet--on My Clothes--Everywhere

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I used to have an ant problem mostly in the bathrooms when I lived in Southern California. I have lived in the Seattle area for 25 years and no ants at all - in fact very few bugs except for spiders outside in the fall and then they go away. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a Crab Meat Enchilada recipe

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On 8/31/2014 Carole22 said: I've given up on trying new recipes with crab meat. I have tried AT LEAST five in the past...probably TWO were enchiladas or some other Mexican dish. I have come to believe that Crab meat is too expensive and too mild and sweet to use for most recipes. Find yourself a good Maryland Crab Cake recipes and enjoy! The BEST crab cabe recipes call for few ingredients beyond the crab meat, egg, a few flavorings like Worchestershire. Old Bay seasoning, a hint of mustard, and a slice of cubed bread to act as glue. I've never been happy with recipes that add green peppers, o... Continue Reading


Re: Does anybody have their Labor Day menu planned yet?

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On 8/25/2014 PamelaSue72 said: BALSAMIC-HICKORY SALAD DRESSING/MARINADE/DIPPING SAUCE 3 tablespoons Hickory Syrup 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar *** 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/4 teaspoon dried basil ***raspberry balsamic tastes good too! I have some raspberry balsamic vinegar, so that's what I used. It was delicious! They say you can pour some over ice cream; I'm sure it would be good over pound cake, too....just keep in mind that charred hickory taste. How about including it in your homemade BBQ sauce? That would be good over pork chops or ribs. Even chicken. I'm going to add some to my rec... Continue Reading


Re: It's the "Dog Days" of Summer--August--How Are You Styling Your Linea Today?

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Dinner last night at yacht club in non-summer-like weather. LDO gray crepe jacket, gray silk tank (Talbots), LDO gray crepe pants, antiqued silver strappy heels (Ferragamo), gunmetal watch (Invicta), large gunmetal bangle, large silver hoop earrings, tricolor rings. Today just hanging out at home. See some patches of blue sky through the clouds. Continue Reading


Re: Linea Ladies We Need to Campaign for On Air Presentation for New Tights

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Maybe you should post this on Fashion Talk so that ladies that do not frequent the Linea forum will see it. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody else organizing closets this weekend?

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On 8/30/2014 spookyghost said: On 8/30/2014 shoekitty said: On 8/30/2014 spookyghost said: Do you all have really nice and big walk in closets? I wish I did. My house was built in the 50's. Need I say more! Lol. I am going to put shelves in and make it as roomy as I can but it is what it is. Oh I got a little ot-sorry! Lol. I actually will be cleaning out my closet. Getting rid of the things that I just don't wear. And trying to organize it the best I can. Shoot. Ds is in college so no extra spending here. I actually don't care if I don't buy one new clothing article for the next three years ... Continue Reading

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