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HonnyBrown - Thanks for taking the time to let me know you liked it! It is always nice to get feed back and even suggestions. Continue Reading


Re: Nordstrom anniversary sale

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I just checked what I bought at the Anniversary Sale and nothing is on clearance but I would be upset if it was. Ruins the trust! Continue Reading


Re: New D.B. Coat Pics up...

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Hard decision between the navy and the black. I also like the Persian Blue pea coat (I have a coat closet full of coats!!). Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers rushed to hospital

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On 8/28/2014 Lowry83 said: On 8/28/2014 DiAnne said: That is odd because I thought Larry Levin who runs TMZ is a Jew but maybe I am wrong. It's Harvey Levin, and I do think he is Jewish, but maybe he defines free speech in a way that allows all comments to be posted. We may not agree with him, but it is his right to do so. As I said above, I never have looked at comments on TMZ's site, so I have no specific opinion of the comments attached to articles about Joan Rivers. You are right and I knew that. Don't know why I typed Larry?? Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers rushed to hospital

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On 8/28/2014 MJ FAN 4 EVER said: I can't believe the TMZ website! The comments they allow online are sickening. They are hate filled and absolutely distasteful. I know it's "TMZ," but there needs to be some oversight. They are attacking her as a Jew and wishing her dead. The evil out there just makes me sick to my stomach. My thoughts and prayers are with Joan and her family. That is odd because I thought Larry Levin who runs TMZ is a Jew but maybe I am wrong. Continue Reading


Re: Snacks you can't put down

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Really good gourmet ice cream. I cannot stay out of it. Continue Reading


Re: Linea Zig Zag Patterned Skirt Brick Red Multi (A257288) A 'Flame' Piece, Redux

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On 8/27/2014 Goldie76 said: On 8/27/2014 LDOlvr said: I am waiting on my wine LDO ponte maxi..I'll see how the brick looks with this. Also ordered the forest green maxi. If I can't get over the "sparkle factor" sadly I will have to return at least one top. I am first in line to say that all taste is personal and does not have to be defended, but may I suggest that you check out the Vogue before you send them back. We all have different personal tastes. The fact that something like it is in Vogue doesn't impress me in the least. Mine are making their return trip. Continue Reading



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We almost always have some form of a salad with every meal. I think rice pilaf would be very nice with this and a small green salad. Continue Reading


Re: August 31 Today is INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY How do you eat your bacon??

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On 8/27/2014 HonnyBrown said: Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich. You gotta try it!!!! I will second this. I love peanut butter and bacon on a toasted bagel. A little cream cheese added sends right over the edge (and onto your hips)!! Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- August 2014

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On 8/24/2014 LoriLori said: I'm reading "Americanuh" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She's an award-winning author and McArthur Genius Grant recipient who comes from Nigeria..I know nothing about Nigeria and its people. It's all new to me and very interesting. The themes are universal, the writing is elegant and so far I love it. I love that book! I have another book by her Purple Hibiscus which is my next up to read. Hope it is as interesting. Continue Reading

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