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Re: IBS help

In Health & Fitness 1404782725.047

I also have IBS. I drink fennel tea. Believe it or not fennel tea will stop the cramping faster than any medicine my Gastro has prescribed for me. Check out the website Heathers help for IBS. There is a lot of good information there for people living with IBS. City Continue Reading


Re: nice bath towels???

In For the Home Talk 1404191972.133

Another vote for Restoration Hardware. I won't buy anything but these. I have found none better. The color selection is beautiful as well. City Continue Reading


Re: What Helps Most for IBS?

In Health & Fitness 1392621601.97

Tiamaria, great advice. I have dealt with IBS for many years too. I have been through many meds some of which you mentioned, but none of them has done as much good as the fennel tea. I have been ordering this for years, won't go anywhere without it. Honestly nothing stops the cramping and discomfort like the fennel does. The peppermint caps are ok, but like you said if you have GERD hard to take them. My Gastro recently talked to me briefly about amitriptyline low dose, apparently there is a study out there that's supports the use of this drug for IBS. I have not tried it, but we discussed it... Continue Reading


Re: Free Lipstick From Clinique

In Beauty Banter 1392282698.723

I did not get the card, but All Heart is one of my daughter's faves. Did you get the card from the Clinique website? I usually just purchase at cosmetic counters in dept stores and have not heard of this. It is a beautiful color, in the red family but not too dark. I would love to pick a tube for her, as she iis always concerned they will discontinue her favorite colors! City Continue Reading


Re: Le Creuset Deals

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1391653712.473

Just wondering, aren't the LC pots found at Marshall's seconds too? I guess I just always thought because of the price they had to be. Anyone know? City Continue Reading


Re: Amethyst

In Jewelry Talk 1391588441.87

I think it was maybe 5 or 6 years ago, The Q offered a pear shaped ring in amethyst and also in citrine, small diamonds around each large stone. I don't remember if it was African or Brazilian, I think Brazialian. Anyway, every time I think about that ring I get so annoyed I didn't order it. It was really pretty. As I remember it the reviews were fairly good with the exception that the ring was somewhat top heavy, so it need to fit very snug so it would not slide on the finger. I can still see that ring on Leah's long fingers... City Continue Reading


Re: Grown men walking around stores in football jerseys

In Fashion Talk 1391396329.427

On 2/2/2014 namealreadytaken said: When I go for my pedicure, I wear socks with sandals in winter and on leaving, I put the (thong) sandals on without the socks. Call me crazy but I am not paying for something that is going to rub off on shoes or socks on my way home. I often wear a pair of raw silk pants, cashmere sweater, a long coat of cashmere and wool with a faux mink collar but I then go home and allow my toes to dry for a period of time before putting on "real" shoes. This is so me. I finally got tired of my feet freezing. I had this pair of toe socks- given to me as a gag gift. I cut... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone remember what blanket item Jill B tells the story

In Fashion Talk 1389574051.34

Thank you DooBdoo, and okiebug. I just wanted to read the thread again, someone I have known a very long time is hurting, and thought I would read again. Always helps me to get different perspectives. I want to help her and at the very least offer some comfort and support. City Continue Reading


Does anyone remember what blanket item Jill B tells the story

Last Reply by Citychic 1389574051.347 | Started by Citychic in Fashion Talk

About giving it to someone when they were grieving. I would like to locate that thread and have not been able to find it. thanks for any help you can give. City Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite VS fragrance?

In Beauty Banter 1384833232.137

VS Basic instinct hands down. This is discontinued but have been able to find it at the semi annual sales. There is never a time when I wear this that someone doesn't ask me what are you wearing? I love Malone and others, but this is the one that both men and women ask me about. I have worked in the healthcare setting for so long that I tend to use scented lotions more than perfume, and in this scent it is enough. I like my fragrance to be such that someone would need to be close to smell it, hate my fragrance to show up before me! City Continue Reading

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