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Re: Lawdy, Liam is one good-looking man!

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He is definitely eye candy and that Aussie accent just puts the icing on the cake. Love Liam's facial hair. He is one SEXY guy. Did you see his yoga pictures on QVC Blog page a while back? What a body too. HOT, HOT, HOT. Continue Reading


Re: LeCrueset Panod Recipe - Do you have it?

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DiamondGirly, Thank you. I found it from the second link you posted. It is actually spelled Panade. It has onions, greens and gruyere cheese. Every time LeCrueset is on ITKWD they show this. David goes crazy over it. He said the recipe is in the cookbook that comes with the pans but like I said I bought my pan at an estate sale and there was no cookbook with it. Thanks again. You can always count on the Foodies. Continue Reading


LeCrueset Panod Recipe - Do you have it?

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Hey Foodies, Does anyone have the recipe for the LeCrueset Panod (not sure of spelling)? It is like a bread pudding I guess. I have been dying to try it but can't find the recipe even on the LeCrueset website. I bought a LeCrueset pan at an estate sale and am having trouble finding recipes anywhere. I don't think QVC sells the recipe book separately. Any help would be greatly appreciated for your delicious recipes. Thanks everyone. Continue Reading


Re: Seems like yesterday!

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Lisa, WELCOME HOME. You can call me Dear anytime, just don't call me late to your shows!!! Can't wait to watch you again. Have missed you "dearly". I prayed for you and Gino everyday and am so happy Gino is doing well. YOU ROCK GINO!!! Have a GREAT show on Monday Lisa and know that I will be sending you and Gino Hugs and Kisses. WELCOME HOME YOU SWEET GEORGIA PEACH. Continue Reading


Re: My Birthday Treat: An Ultimate Strawberry Cake!

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Happy Birthday Jill. Thanks for the cake recipe. I will try it this weekend. I hope you have a great day. Thanks for the pictures from London too. The trip looked fantastic. Let me know if you need anyone to carry your bags next time, I can be ready at the drop of a hat!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Eat More Veggies – Cauliflower Pizza Crust

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Hi Mary, I have been trying to find a recipe for this crust and here it is. Thank you so much. You are such a sweetie and I love the recipes you post. I must say too that I thoroughly enjoy you on ITKWD shows. You add so much joy and fun to the shows. Keep the recipes coming and I'll see you Wednesday night. Continue Reading


Re: Okay, let's try a silly little food game… anyone?

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ooops, looked at wrong page, it showed peach pie. Tacos Continue Reading


Re: I'm Back!

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Well My Sweet Georgia Peach is back. Lisa I have missed you so much and I prayed you would come back. You and Gino have been in my thoughts and prayers every single day. Please give that big guy a SUPER HUG from me. The Q has not been the same without you. I have learned so much from watching you over the years from clothing to gem stones and keeping my teeth whiter! I can't wait for your shows. I will be jumping out of my skin counting the days. I hope you bring Gino on air too, he is a Hunk, you lucky girl. Welcome Home Lisa. Continue Reading


Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

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Hi Mary Beth, First of all, you would look GORGEOUS in a potato sack!! I really like #3 and #4. I am choosing #3 because it is going to be a Happy and Cheerful Wedding so I feel a lighter color would be better rather than a dark color. Although I do like #4 also, it's a bright and happy time and should have a brighter, lighter color to celebrate it. If there is something going on in the evening, a darker color would be ok. But as I said, you are STUNNING in everything. Have a GREAT time and give my Best Wishes to the Happy couple. Have a Blessed Easter. Continue Reading

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