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Re: Heartfelt Thanks from Shawn Killinger and Joe

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Shawn and Joe, Put your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder. Now squeeze real hard. That is a Hug full of Love from me to you both. You are in my thoughts and prayers always. Your Faith and the Love you have for each other will continue to bring you comfort. Shawn you have been soooooo missed on air and we can't wait for your return but you take as much time as you need Sweetie. We will see you soon. Love and Hugs to you Both. Continue Reading



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Hi Joan and David, I love the TSV jacket. I have a request. I would love to see this brought back in a reversible style. The quilting on one side and the other side the color of the trim but not quilted. Colors I love are: Brown with Teal, Navy with light Green, Khaki with light Chocolate, Black with Red. I hope you can make this happen. Love everything Joan brings to the Q. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Pinecone Bee. Anything pinecone, I'm for. Would love to see more readers. I have a beautiful pair of Joans' that are an orchid color with bling on the sides. Haven't seen the fitover sun glasses that ... Continue Reading


Re: Have Questions For Our Denim & Co. Team? Ask Away! I’ll Be Answering Throughout the Day Today, July 15th!

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I have several aunts who would love to order clothing from QVC but they are only about 4ft. 6inches, or so. There is no line that they could wear and it makes them real sad. They love all the fashions but everything is too long, shoulders are too wide, tunics look like night gowns on them. Is there any QVC can start a line for PETITE PETITES. I'm sure they are not the only small ladies around. Once you get older, you shrink, or are that small to begin with. Thanks for considering this request. Continue Reading


Re: Easter Memories & Birthday Celebrations!

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Stephen, Thank you for sharing beautiful Ireland with us. I would love to really visit some day. I'm glad you had a great birthday with your family. Happy Birthday. Can't wait to see you all back in the States at the Q. Would love it if you would share some of your favorite Irish recipes with us. Judy Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone remember this host?

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I remember Patricia. I think they called her Pat. I thought she looked a lot like Jane Tracey. I miss Dave King. I thought he was fantastic. Loved the video he did with Lisa Robertson one Christmas where they sang Baby It's Cold Outside. Loved it. Wish he would come back. Continue Reading


Re: Gluten-Free Nutella Berry Almond Cake Recipe

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Hi Mary, I eat nutella by the tablespoon. I'm addicted. I have even put a tsp in my coffee (didn't add any sugar). FANTASTIC. Keep the recipes coming Mary. Love em. By the way, Mary you add so much to ITKWD shows. Love how you and David interact with each other. Would love to sit down and have a dinner with you both or better yet, be neighbors. See you Wednesday night. Judy Continue Reading


Re: Happy Easter from Ireland!

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Stephen, You need to do the eggs with your Leprechan hat on them Loved seeing you all on St. Pattys Day and can't wait for the Rose of Tralee. Hurry back. "HOPPY" Easter. Judy Continue Reading


Re: Play Our Baby Guessing Game!

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Amy: April 21 - 10:30am - 6lbs/6oz - 19" Gabrielle: May 2 - 4pm - 7lbs/8oz - 20" Best wishes to both families Continue Reading


Re: A Sentimental Family - Hosts At Home With Jacque

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Jacque, Great pictures - thanks for sharing. I do have to admit though when I first looked at the picture of your Mom and Dad, I was wondering why you had a picture of Rick Domeir's Dad. He really resembles Rick. Keep up the great work, I'll be watching for you. Continue Reading


Re: CD on Meditation?

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On 4/1/2014 maggie59 said: Peggy Cappy's meditation/relaxation CDs are excellent. So are her yoga videos. She makes yoga doable for all ages and all levels of flexibility. I love her Yoga for the Rest of Us because I am flexibility challenged LOL. I learned about her when I saw her on Public Television. I agree Maggie59. I have all of Peggy's DVDs and CDs. She is FABULOUS. Her new DVD for Strength and Balance was just released. I ordered it today. I will be going to New Hampshire sometime in May/June to take a Yoga class with Peggy. Can't wait to meet her. Continue Reading

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