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Remee, I clicked on that but I don't see the dinnerware sets. You know, the service for 4 (usually 16 pieces - dinner plates, salad plate, soup bowl and mug). Continue Reading


Re: The holidays are coming! What are a few of YOUR favorite things?

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Tara, One of my favorite things is the Harvest Pattern, of which you do not bring enough of. Several weeks ago you said the dinnerware service for 4 sets in Harvest would be coming real soon. When will that be? It always sells out so fast and I NEED to get it for my Harvest collection. Also, this blog said that you would be having specials on your facebook page EXCLUSIVELY for people who do facebook. NOT FAIR TARA TO THE REST OF US THAT DON'T DO FACEBOOK. I spend as much on your products as anyone and I should be offered the same specials. Please include all of this facebook stuff on the blog... Continue Reading


Re: Top Halloween Candy

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I buy Reeses peanut butter cups and Roche` for ME!!!! My neighborhood doesn't get any trick or treaters, there are no little kids around here. So I trick and TREAT myself!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson and me...........

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Shawn, What a FANTASTIC tribute to Lisa and a testament to a true Friendship between you both. We will all miss Lisa and we haven't even met her! So I can only imagine how difficult it will be for all the Hosts to say goodbye. But I am sure Lisa will not be out of your lives or far away. Friendships like that are never broken. Thanks for sharing your memories. I enjoy hearing about the "behind the scenes" activities. I feel like you all are Family and it's nice to have that personal connection when, like I said, we have never met. Take care Shawn and all the best to you and Joe and Lisa. Continue Reading



Last Reply by AuntJudyQ 1414207019.307 | Started by AuntJudyQ in Temp-tations

Not too long ago Tara McConnell said that the Harvest pattern dinnerware would be here soon. I haven't heard anything since. Does anyone know of a date for the airing? I don't do Facebook so I can't follow anything there if she posted an update there. I started collecting the Harvest a few years ago and it is so hard to get because it is seasonal and Tara doesn't bring enough of it. It usually sells out before it gets aired or within 30 seconds of it being shown. If she brought more, she could sell more, hence more money for her. I have heard people call in and say it should be available all ... Continue Reading


Re: Jill Bauer's Nail Color

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WOW. Thanks everyone for the great info. I wasn't sure if anyone knew what the color was. I really appreciate all the help. I will definitely look into this and find that brand. Enjoy the Fall Season everyone and thanks again. AuntJudyQ Continue Reading


Jill Bauer's Nail Color

Last Reply by ccassaday 1413495944.61 | Started by AuntJudyQ in Beauty Banter

Does anyone know what that beautiful nail color is that Jill has been wearing lately? It's a really pretty purpley/orchid and is very shiny. It's one of my favorite colors and I would love to get it. I wish the hosts would give these details. Continue Reading


Re: Hawaiian Chicken Recipe - Mary Beth's Menu

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Hi Mary Beth, This sounds so good. Can't wait to make it. Keep all these delish recipes coming. Thanks again. Continue Reading


Re: Celebrating Joan and a Special Message from Melissa Rivers

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Melissa, Cooper and David, I am still in a state of shock that our Beautiful Joan has passed. It breaks my heart. There was no way possible to be in a bad mood or down in the dumps when Joan was on air. She had a very special gift to be able to lift spirits and make you laugh even when you thought you couldn't. I loved her dancing on the air when they played her music. What energy she had. Joan may have been tiny but what a powerhouse she was. I just sent Lisa Robertson an email yesterday to ask about Joan's line staying active. Actually, I BEGGED for it. I am so glad David that you will be c... Continue Reading



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David, My heart was crushed when I heard the awful news about what happened to Joan. I was praying so hard that she would be able to pull through and come back to us. I feel so bad for Melissa, Cooper and you, David. I loved Joan's outlook on life and she certainly did live everyday to its fullest. I have so many of her products from the clothes to the jewelry and I love them all. I do hope you will continue Joan's line on the Q and come back very, very soon. I can't believe that we will never see Joan's beautiful smile again on tv but her light will never go out. She has inspired me many tim... Continue Reading

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