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Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

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Hi Mary Beth, First of all, you would look GORGEOUS in a potato sack!! I really like #3 and #4. I am choosing #3 because it is going to be a Happy and Cheerful Wedding so I feel a lighter color would be better rather than a dark color. Although I do like #4 also, it's a bright and happy time and should have a brighter, lighter color to celebrate it. If there is something going on in the evening, a darker color would be ok. But as I said, you are STUNNING in everything. Have a GREAT time and give my Best Wishes to the Happy couple. Have a Blessed Easter. Continue Reading


Valerie Parr Hill-how to email Val

Last Reply by Hoggie 1425007432.923 | Started by AuntJudyQ in TSV Talk

I'm such a fan of Val's products. She always says to get in touch with her to let her know how you like her items or to make suggestions. I don't do facebook or twitter or any of the "social media" networking, only good old fashioned email. Is there a way to send Val an email directly to get my request, ideas, etc. to her? I tried but there is NO WAY to send anything to her there either. Does anyone know of an email address? Appreciate any help. I wish QVC would have a way to email the vendors like they do the Hosts. I have a total Valerie home and love it. Continue Reading


Re: David said, "Lisa is getting ready to make a big announcement!"

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I have been saying since Joan Rivers passed away that I'm sure Lisa R. was promised a nice position at Joan Rivers Worldwide. I even emailed Lisa and told her that before she left, when she first announced that she would be leaving the Q. I told her I could see a very nice office waiting for her at JRWW. She did say that she would be going to NYC a lot for meetings. I am betting that is where Lisa is headed. Although it may not be announced publicly because of all the problems she has had in the past with the stalker situations. She may not want to put too much info out there. Joan always ado... Continue Reading


Re: Cottage Farms Team Live Chat All Day!

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Hi Cottage Farm Team, I ordered the TSV Sedum. Looks gorgeous. Do I have to fertilize it at all? Does it have to be in full sun? Phillip showed a square frame he built to hang on a wall like a picture. How is it being held in there? I saw a video of Phillip and Jill making it and it looked like he put a piece of chicken wire over the top of it then added the frame around it. Is that correct? If I use it in between pavers and it takes over and covers all of the stones, can I trim some of it off the stone (so I can see the stone) and replant the clippings that I trim? Can't wait to get it. Love... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone know if David...

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no, david said ITKWD is NOT on anywhere sunday. He will however be hosting a garden show from 1p - 4p and ITKWD will return to regular scheduling next week. does anyone know where his schedule is posted for his book siging tour? mary said two weeks ago that it is out but never said where it is posted and I don't doe facebook. Continue Reading


Can't Take Jayne and Pat Any Longer

Last Reply by K9buddy 1426526038.93 | Started by AuntJudyQ in Fashion Talk

Started watching Fashionably Late but can't take Jayne and Pat any longer. Are they on something? All they are doing is talking nonsense and cracking up hysterically at everything even when there is nothing funny. They are making themselves look bad. Please put them back on early in the morning and leave the prime time to the professional hosts. Used to enjoy watching them but not any more. Continue Reading


Re: He proposed!!!!!!

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Angel and Glen, CONGRATULATIONS to you both. Thank you for sharing, it makes me feel like I was part of your special day too. Did you set a date? Can't wait to take this special journey with you Angel and Dennis Basso offering to do your wedding gown. Don't get better than that girl!! Keep us posted on THIS BLOG PAGE, AS I DON'T DO FACEBOOK. Love to both of you. Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear Liz Taylor rep let it slip, he knows where Lisa is going...

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winamac1, I emailed Lisa several months ago when she first announced that she would be leaving the Q. Anyone can email a host. Click on Meet the Hosts, click on the host picture and at the end of their bio there is a link to send an email. Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear Liz Taylor rep let it slip, he knows where Lisa is going...

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As soon as Lisa announced she was leaving I immediately emailed her and told her that I thought there would be a nice office waiting for her at Joan Rivers Worldwide with David Dangle. It seems odd that she announced shortly after Joan passed, that she was leaving the Q. She also has stated several times on air that she would be "running to meetings in NYC and LA". Joans' company is in NYC and Melissa lives in LA. What a coincidence. We'll see. Continue Reading

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