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Re: A Sentimental Family - Hosts At Home With Jacque

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Jacque, Great pictures - thanks for sharing. I do have to admit though when I first looked at the picture of your Mom and Dad, I was wondering why you had a picture of Rick Domeir's Dad. He really resembles Rick. Keep up the great work, I'll be watching for you. Continue Reading


Re: CD on Meditation?

In Health & Fitness 1396557418.617

On 4/1/2014 maggie59 said: Peggy Cappy's meditation/relaxation CDs are excellent. So are her yoga videos. She makes yoga doable for all ages and all levels of flexibility. I love her Yoga for the Rest of Us because I am flexibility challenged LOL. I learned about her when I saw her on Public Television. I agree Maggie59. I have all of Peggy's DVDs and CDs. She is FABULOUS. Her new DVD for Strength and Balance was just released. I ordered it today. I will be going to New Hampshire sometime in May/June to take a Yoga class with Peggy. Can't wait to meet her. Continue Reading


Re: White before Memorial Day

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any stylist or designer will tell you that there are NO RULES ANYMORE. we should all wear what we want when we want and that's what I do. I don't dress to please anyone but me. step out of the box and wear that white ANYTIME. Continue Reading


Re: Getting out my sassy sandals – and springtime recipes – for March 30 Cooking on Q!

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Temp-tations 1396112586.94

Thanks for the recipe Tara. I can't wait to try it. Also, thank you for doing this on the Blog Page and NOT Facebook. We don't all do facebook and should be afforded the same info as the facebookers. Please do more on the Blog Page. We are your customers too. Continue Reading


Re: Burning belly fat....

In Health & Fitness 1395609351.203

what about the products from re-body, like SafSlim that is supposed to get rid of belly fat starting in 2 weeks. Naomi Whittel brings them on the Q. People call in and say the really work but I've wondered myself. Good luck. Continue Reading



In Q News, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk 1395088919.343

Hello My Irish Friends, This day is fantastic. I wish the 24 hour shows would come back. I have been dying to try Inis but I have asthma and don't know if it would bother me. There used to be an Inis Free offered but I don't see that anymore. What was it free from compared to the regular Inis? Can I get a sample mailed to me to try first? Also, would like to have contact information for Sinead Flood and someone from Killarney Crystal. I have a few ideas for some pieces of jewelry I would love to see made. I don't do Facebook so I can't look them up there. Only do the old "snail mail". Tried F... Continue Reading


B ring Kirks Folly Back NOW

Last Reply by yellowkitty 1395081781.35 | Started by AuntJudyQ in Jewelry Talk

Is anyone else p'od that Q has dropped Kirks Folly? They bring in tons of money to the Q and this is what they get for it. I just got an email from Jen Kirk saying that they were looking forward to their 22nd year at the Q in April and looking forward to their Summer, Halloween and Holidays shows. She asked that everyone contact QVC and request that they be brought back. She said she hopes QVC has a change of heart and they can return. I just called QVC and spoke to a supervisor (Gloria) and stated my disappointment with QVC for what they are doing. I requested her to notify the Corporate off... Continue Reading


Re: 4 Days Until St. Patrick's Day! How Are You Getting Ready to Celebrate All Things Irish?

In Jewelry Talk, Q News, Hosts & Personalities 1394740432.61

Hi Stephen, I am sooo excited about St. Patrick's Day and seeing all of my favorite Friends from Ireland. I look forward to it every year along with the Rose of Tralee day too. I can't wait to see what you will all be bringing. My credit card is ready!! My corned beef and cabbage will be cooking while I am shopping. I do wish you would go back to the way it was several years ago and do a FULL 24 HOURS instead of scattered shows here and there throughout the day. I know I'm not alone there. Come on all of you QVC/Irish lovers, lets' demand the 24 hours come back. See you soon Stephen. Continue Reading


Re: ATTN: CRAFTERS!!! Guess what's returning to QVC this Wednesday, March 5 3pE/12pP???

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Hi Jacque, Was sooo excited to hear the return of the crafts. I miss the old craft days QVC used to do. I don't like the paper crafting too much, along the lines of scrapbooking. I like paper crafting where you can make things like flowers, keepsake boxes, paper wreaths or lanterns. What I really love is the glittery stuff. There used to be a vendor that brought a lot of glittery crafts to QVC. I think her name was Tina Lewis, maybe. She had the absolute best craft projects. Tshirts, picture frames, jewelry, etc., all with glitter. I also love needle point and embroidery. Of course, now with ... Continue Reading


Re: Homemade Chocolate Bark & Vote for Your Favorite 2013 Moment

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1392582329.11

Hi David and Mary, My fave candy is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. I'm ADDICTED!!! I vote for #3 - Chigs and Pickens. Got to love it. Also David, love having Mary on your team. She is so much fun. The kind of person you wish you lived next door to and were best friends with. Keep up all the GREAT work. I never miss a show. Judy Continue Reading

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