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Re: He proposed!!!!!!

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Angel and Glen, CONGRATULATIONS to you both. Thank you for sharing, it makes me feel like I was part of your special day too. Did you set a date? Can't wait to take this special journey with you Angel and Dennis Basso offering to do your wedding gown. Don't get better than that girl!! Keep us posted on THIS BLOG PAGE, AS I DON'T DO FACEBOOK. Love to both of you. Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear Liz Taylor rep let it slip, he knows where Lisa is going...

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winamac1, I emailed Lisa several months ago when she first announced that she would be leaving the Q. Anyone can email a host. Click on Meet the Hosts, click on the host picture and at the end of their bio there is a link to send an email. Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear Liz Taylor rep let it slip, he knows where Lisa is going...

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As soon as Lisa announced she was leaving I immediately emailed her and told her that I thought there would be a nice office waiting for her at Joan Rivers Worldwide with David Dangle. It seems odd that she announced shortly after Joan passed, that she was leaving the Q. She also has stated several times on air that she would be "running to meetings in NYC and LA". Joans' company is in NYC and Melissa lives in LA. What a coincidence. We'll see. Continue Reading


Re: Iris

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Iris' last name is Simms. Continue Reading



Last Reply by qualitygal 1414681701.59 | Started by AuntJudyQ in Kitchen & Food Talk

During ITKWD tonight Mary said that we could find Chris Pryme's Christmas Cookie recipes if we clicked on the TSV picture, they would be there. I did that but there are only 3 recipes and none are for her Christmas cookies. Also the recipe for her chocolate/peanut butter covered chex mix should be there and that isn't either. Does anyone know where to find these recipes? I don't do Facebook but tried to find them on David's FB page but didn't see them there either, as far as I could get and can't find Chris on FB at all. Can't find her on Pinterest either. Please help if you can. Thanks every... Continue Reading



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Remee, I clicked on that but I don't see the dinnerware sets. You know, the service for 4 (usually 16 pieces - dinner plates, salad plate, soup bowl and mug). Continue Reading


Re: The holidays are coming! What are a few of YOUR favorite things?

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Tara, One of my favorite things is the Harvest Pattern, of which you do not bring enough of. Several weeks ago you said the dinnerware service for 4 sets in Harvest would be coming real soon. When will that be? It always sells out so fast and I NEED to get it for my Harvest collection. Also, this blog said that you would be having specials on your facebook page EXCLUSIVELY for people who do facebook. NOT FAIR TARA TO THE REST OF US THAT DON'T DO FACEBOOK. I spend as much on your products as anyone and I should be offered the same specials. Please include all of this facebook stuff on the blog... Continue Reading


Re: Top Halloween Candy

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I buy Reeses peanut butter cups and Roche` for ME!!!! My neighborhood doesn't get any trick or treaters, there are no little kids around here. So I trick and TREAT myself!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson and me...........

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Shawn, What a FANTASTIC tribute to Lisa and a testament to a true Friendship between you both. We will all miss Lisa and we haven't even met her! So I can only imagine how difficult it will be for all the Hosts to say goodbye. But I am sure Lisa will not be out of your lives or far away. Friendships like that are never broken. Thanks for sharing your memories. I enjoy hearing about the "behind the scenes" activities. I feel like you all are Family and it's nice to have that personal connection when, like I said, we have never met. Take care Shawn and all the best to you and Joe and Lisa. Continue Reading

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