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Re: Honora going cheap....(spoiler alert - this is only my opinion)

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I have several pairs of earrings from Honora, some pearl studs and a pair of sterling pearl station drop earrings, all white. My favorite pearl earrings from Q however, are a pair from Ireland, a silver trinity knot with a white topaz and a white freshwater pearl dangling from it. It's a very small and dainty pair, and actually my favorite pair of pearl earrings overall. I've also gotten some very pretty pearl earrings from Or Paz. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers jewelry today

In Jewelry Talk 1397687876.907

That unfortunately does not include her gardenia bee pin, the one and only piece of jewelry that I still want to get from Q. Thanks anyway though. Continue Reading


Re: Shell Jewelry

In Jewelry Talk 1397685592.743

I like MOP and abalone earrings, but mostly I love actual shell jewelry. That is, real shells made into earrings and necklaces. One of my favorite pairs of earrings is a pair of shells from the St. Lawrence River that I've had for over 30 years. I lived in Toronto (Canada) for a while and worked in a gift shop that was owned by relatives and which sold Canadian handicrafts. For some reason, those shell earrings went very slowly, but they were my favorites of anything sold in the shop. Continue Reading


Re: Woman Fired over $200 Tip

In Viewpoints 1397179946.55

I think that after all the furor, she did get her job back. Continue Reading


Re: Woman Fired over $200 Tip

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I can see why some folks think the tip indicated $200; but I don't think it looked all that clear, and the fact that it wasn't totaled should have been a red flag. Continue Reading


Re: Quiz~~What Historical Era Do You Belong In?

In Viewpoints 1397176690.497

I got Biblical Times. Thanks croemer! This was fun. Continue Reading


Re: ROGUE POSTER - Farnell Scootsmoot - I reported this person to QVC & they are taking action to stop his posting

In Jewelry Talk 1397045527.457

Bebe777 - I noticed that this person was at the end of just about every thread. Started out saying 'In testing' then 'Intetesting'. I also thought at first that it was 'interesting' . Also, whoever this is apparently just started posting today, on this date (April 9). Thank you for taking the trouble to report this. Hope it gets resolved. This is one of the oddest things I've ever seen on here. And you're right, on checking the dates, these are all old threads. Continue Reading


Re: Got My JBK Rams Head Bracelet

In Jewelry Talk 1396998012.393

I don't know how the JBK bracelet is put together, but I have several such 'head' bracelets, from Greece and Turkey, and in silver. I just squeeze them together to make them fit around my arm, a little above the wrist. Gently of course! Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1396963744.543

Thank you stevieb. That is a shame. I thought his presentations on artisan crafted jewelry from different parts of the globe were some of the most interesting on Q. He seemed truly passionate about it, and always seemed very proud that QVC was helping and encouraging the artisans in some of those countries to realize their full potential. I also really liked the way he would describe where the artisans got their inspiration for the jewelry. While in India for instance, he used to show photos of the walls in the Taj Mahal and explain how a design would be taken from one of the designs on thos... Continue Reading


Re: JOAN's 'Fruit Charm Bracelet'....ADORABLE!

In Jewelry Talk 1396939009

It looks really cute and colorful. I've got Joan's gardenia bee pin (smaller version than her usual) with the leaves for wings on my wish list. It might well be the last jewelry item I get from Q. Continue Reading

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