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Re: Ripkanista dog/animal lovers O/T - my Yorkie Paris II

In Judith Ripka 1413783665.163

You are so welcome Peach. I totally empathize with people who know what it is to truly love a pet. I feel almost sorry for those who don't know that blessing. Unfortunately Kirk's Folly's online site closed on October 17. Their factory will officially close on November 1, but their factory sale on October 31 has been cancelled, so it may already have closed as well. When my Maltipoo died, Jenniefer Kirk sent me a Rainbow Bridge keychain free of charge. It was gestures such as these that made this family so special. I will miss them. Thank you so much for your good wishes regarding my little P... Continue Reading


Re: restaurant coffee

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On 10/19/2014 ivey said: There is a little Mexican restaurant close to my home, and they have the best coffee ever. It is already brewed in a liquid form, comes to them in a box, and is great. The brand is Douwe Egberts. I checked and I can buy it online, but I don't know how a container would keep for just one person. The restaurant has been really good to share their "secret" to me--even letting me look at the machine they put it in to warm it up. Yum, may have to go tomorrow. Other good place--McDonalds. Wish they would quit with the Equal, though. I was born in the Netherlands and Douwe ... Continue Reading


Re: Ripkanista dog/animal lovers O/T - my Yorkie Paris II

In Judith Ripka 1413777491.5

I have been in your shoes and will be again one day. I lost my beloved Maltipoo in 2010 and before that, my darling Maltese in '99. I have never gotten over either loss, I've just adjusted but even all these years later there are times when something will remind me of one or the other and I still tear up. I have a rescue Pomeranian now. You mentioned Kirk's Folly in an earlier post, (Jenniefer also was a Yorkie mom) and in one of their newsletters I came across this saying - "Those of us who choose to surround ourselves with lives more finite than our own, will always be subject to the most h... Continue Reading


Re: restaurant coffee

In Viewpoints 1413776188.067

I like having my morning coffee at home, but if I have an early errand to run, there are two places I usually stop. One is Peets Coffee for a white chocolate mocha. The other believe it or not, is McDonald's. I really like their hot, black coffee and usually order a sausage on biscuit with it. Continue Reading


Re: Kirk's Folly Arrivals--Show and Tell

In Jewelry Talk 1413746199.467

I'm posting this specifically because on reading this thread I noticed that one poster was very disappointed to have missed out on the Garden of Eden ring (her daughter's name). I just wanted to state that it's available on Q's website for a last clicks price of $27 and change. I didn't want to do a shout out to this poster, because that might mean that others would immediately go there and it would then be sold out. Of course that might happen anyway, but I just thought I'd try doing it this way. I didn't get in on the frantic final sales but I have enough KF jewelry since I've been buying t... Continue Reading


Re: As is items ?

In For the Home Talk 1413687917.523

On 10/18/2014 MTH said: So glad to hear that Issie. I hope I'm as lucky! Hope you are too MTH. But if not, you can always return them. Continue Reading


Re: OT: Ever bought on Ebay outside of US? China? Experiences...sizing...shipping...etc.

In Beauty Banter 1413684670.86

I stopped using ebay years ago because it was getting to be too expensive of a habit, but I used to buy charms from England all the time. I thought they had the best charms, and I specifically collected Lincoln Imp charms. Never any problem. Continue Reading


Re: As is items ?

In For the Home Talk 1413667965.34

I've always had good luck with 'as is' items. Last June I ordered the Buddha Curl hoops from Novica on an 'as is' ezpay basis, and they were perfectly fine. Continue Reading


Re: My daughter is in pain

In Mom to Mom Forum 1413667671.643

I know that there are laws to protect the disabled. I would look into that and also, it sounds to me as if her manager is deliberately targeting her. Continue Reading


Re: Shirley Temple gone at 85.

In Viewpoints 1413646514.21

Strangely enough, the first time I ever saw Shirley Temple act was in 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' as Katrina Van Tassel. It was one of the offerings on 'Shirley Temple's Storybook' from the late 50's/early 60's. She had blond hair and was dressed in a Dutch outfit. I asked for, and got, a copy of her storybook in book form for Christmas that year and I still have it. I discovered her early movies as a youngster later. Continue Reading

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