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Re: Kenji Goto.

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On 1/31/2015 Smaug said: Sad this thread is getting so few views and comments. I wasn't in most of the day and heard about this on PBS News, but very briefly. CNN isn't doing news at the moment and all the other news stations did not seem to be doing world news. I came here hoping to find out more about this shocking and tragic event. Continue Reading


Re: Bruce Jenner

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Whatever the story, I think his first wife is jumping at the chance to say that's why she left him. I think she's totally lying. He left her for Linda Thompson. Continue Reading


Re: Why do the new bee pins cost so much?

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It wouldn't matter to me, I won't be getting any more. One is enough, although I've bought others as gifts in the distant past. Continue Reading


Re: The Movie "Hachi" and My Dad

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Thanks, september. I appreciate the info. Continue Reading


Re: Fast food confessional

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I like the sausage and biscuit breakfast at McDonald's too, with black coffee. I'm also a fan of their french fries, and the green (mint) milkshake they have around St. Paddy's. Continue Reading


Re: Older Men Pursuing Much Younger Women

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How did this thread get so convoluted? The OP started it by intimating that she was a young woman (think maybe 20's, that's what it sounded like to me) who was being pursued by a much older (70's) man. Then she claimed she was 40. Still later, posters dug up some old posts of hers where she said she was 50-something. So, we really have a 53(I think that was the latest figure) year old woman who claims that a 70 something year old man is interested in her. Yet she doesn't really know the actual age of the man. Wouldn't it be funny if he were actually the same age as she was. Continue Reading


Re: The Movie "Hachi" and My Dad

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Sounds like a sweet and touching movie, but I could never watch it. I watch very few movies about animals because I can't bear to see them hurt or suffering, even if it is only a movie. And this one seems to have been based on fact. Continue Reading


Re: Why do the new bee pins cost so much?

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The little gardenia bee pin is now on waitlist. I'm so glad I got it when I did. It's a little treasure. Continue Reading


Re: Bruce Jenner

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On 1/30/2015 kivah said: His 1st wife said on tv that she divorced him for this reason. He hid it very well from the public - but people around him knew about it. I don't believe this for a minute. I remember there was a big spread in People Magazine when they split, and Chrystie (his first wife) said in the interview that he left her for Linda Thompson, Elvis Presley's former girlfriend. She seemed devastated about it. Two issues later there was a letter in the Letters section from Thompson, slamming Chrystie. The way I remember it, she did not divorce him, he divorced her. I kept seeing a ... Continue Reading

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