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Re: What ring was Lisa wearing last night? Mon 9/15.

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Whenever I try to ask CS what the host is wearing I usually get the answer that 'it's probably their own personal piece'. Continue Reading


Re: Have You Ever...Paid For The Order Behind You In Line

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I thought the pictures were funny and some were very sweet, they didn't bother me at all. Naturally someone had to complain about them. Honestly some people can't BREATHE without being nasty! Continue Reading


Re: Have You Ever...Paid For The Order Behind You In Line

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I am going to make the naysayers' day. A few months ago I was at Copperfield's coffee bar when the very nice lady in front of me told the cashier that she would pay for my coffee. I really appreciated the gesture BUT - I ordered a plain black cup of coffee. If I had been paying for myself I would have ordered a white chocolate mocha! Yes, I know I could still have done so but what can I say, that's just me. By the way, this was actually in a coffee shop, not in a line of cars and there was nobody behind me. Interesting thread. Continue Reading


Re: Food Demo employee "Melts Down" in WALMART

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My last job before I retired was with a well known natural foods grocery store, the name of which I probably shouldn't mention. I've seen customers take food to sample that wasn't even a demo. One man in particular would take bits from the hot bar and fruit from the produce department. He would then sit down - at one of the store's tables - and eat what he had stolen. This went on for several months and was so blatant that other customers would report it. Eventually he was told not to come back to the store. Continue Reading


Re: This is really out there, but with proper training, would you want to go into space?

In Among Friends 1410556853.257

Absolutely not, and I have flown in planes many times, but this is different. There's always that element of 'can I really get back'. Then I don't like the way astronauts have to do bathroom procedures, and what if you get that feeling on your skin that triggers the desire to scratch? Yes, I used the word but the board monitor kept telling me that I used the b word. Continue Reading


Re: full moon? Brad Pitt at the foot of my bed last night! arghhhh

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BTW, misspammie - If it was Brad Pitt warning you about something awful happening I don't think you have anything to worry about. However, if it was a departed family member, then I would worry. But you don't know Brad, it obviously wasn't him, it was a dream and he probably was just carrying over the personality he had in the movie since you had just seen it. I can understand your being freaked out about it though, dreams seem to do that, to me anyway. This of course is all just my opinion. Continue Reading


Re: full moon? Brad Pitt at the foot of my bed last night! arghhhh

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When I was really young (like 4 or 5) I had very vivid hallucinations. I was wide awake because I used to hear my mother in the kitchen. I haven't had them since but it sounds somewhat like what the OP had. Continue Reading


Re: little kids on voicemail greetings

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It actually doesn't bother me that much, except in the case of my friends letting their child sing a song, which took unnecessarily long. I have a harder time with cutesy messages from adults. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers Show Reminder

In Joan Rivers 1410542598.477

I keep checking the program guide on the Q main page, but am not finding this show. I would really like to see it if it's going to air. Okay, scratch that. Just found out the show was officially deleted. Continue Reading


Re: I just ordered a Joan River's pin...

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The only bee pin I have of Joan's I got so long ago I don't remember what it was called. It's white with different colored hearts on it. I have her evil eye bracelets in gold tone, the multi color and the traditional dark blue. The dark blue I wear all the time, it's a signature piece. I also recently (before her untimely death) got her yellow ladybug stud earrings. After she left us I ordered her silvertone Italian style earrings (called Lisa's earrings) for my sister for Christmas, and her somewhat smaller silvertone Italian style earrings with pave crystals on the bottom for myself. They'r... Continue Reading

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