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Re: Cynthia Lennon (Johns 1st wife) has passed away

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Cynthia was much more than John Lennon's first wife, and I can't imagine why she would want to spend eternity with the jerk. I could not stand him, though I really liked the other Beatles. Paul was always my favorite. He wrote 'Hey Jude' for Julian after his father left him and his mother. I hope Cynthia has found peace. Continue Reading


Re: I like animals more than people.

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I feel the same way. Love animals, people not so much. Continue Reading


Re: Mc Donald's testing all day breakfast

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Yes, I think sales will probably go up. I also like the idea of getting breakfast items such as egg mcmuffins or sausage on a biscuit with fries instead of a hash brown. I noticed another poster said french fries at her/his McDonald's were 'nasty' but they're great where I live. They're just testing it right now, but I hope they'll make it a regular part of the menu. Continue Reading


Re: Announcement by QVC Team: "NEW! Site Navigation Changes"

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I never shop online. I've used the phone ever since I started with QVC back in '93 and have no intention of changing that. I only use online to see what's available. Continue Reading


Re: Stop with the umm.....

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On 3/26/2015 BigOrangeKitty said: I don't know about Jill, but have you ever tried to listen to Erin Burnett on CNN at 7 pm????? It's "ah ah ah ah ah ah" every three words .... I can't stand it! I have to turn her off, it's so annoying! I don't know how you can even hear that much. She talks so incredibly fast, it's like she swallows half her words. Continue Reading


Re: Just in.................

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Wasn't he also charged with home invasion and mental abuse? Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite television house?

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Mary Richards' studio (the original one, not the apartment she got later) on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I have in fact tried to pattern my own place after it somewhat. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Think This Is Possible?

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Actually, I don't think this is all that unusual. Not speaking from personal experience (I'm not married) but I have known people who more or less live this way. Continue Reading


Re: Jewelry Aficionados - Here I Go Again

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If you do get the ear protectors, would it be possible to attach them to sterling silver earrings? I love sterling silver and have blessedly insensitive earlobes. I feel bad for anyone who loves silver earrings and is unable to wear them. I like gold too but silver is my favorite. BTW Pommom, I have a rescue Pom who is the love of my life. Continue Reading

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