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Re: Roman Glass pieces--water damages them?

In Jewelry Talk 1414259419.1

I would never buy a Roman Glass ring, and I'm not a nurse. I don't really understand why anyone would make rings out of this substance. That said, I really do like Roman Glass, and have two pairs of earrings, one from Or Paz, one purchased in a shop that sold Israeli jewelry. So far, both pairs have held up nicely. However, I have lately heard that what is being sold now (on Q) is not as good as in the past, and that there seems to be more flaking, even in earrings. I still think that if you want to give this as a gift, earrings would be your best option. Good luck with whatever you decide. ... Continue Reading


Re: I am SOOOOO tired of Halloween, and it's still

In Viewpoints 1414258958.25

On 10/25/2014 TaxyLady said: I agree! I don't like this holiday. I never understood why a day would be set aside to worship the devil and express his evil. I suggest you buy some Jane Austen DVD's and watch until this Halloween is over. Not only is this post extremely ignorant, it is also incredibly offensive. I agree with the poster who advised you to research it, but of course you won't do that. People like you have tunnel vision. Continue Reading


Re: I am SOOOOO tired of Halloween, and it's still

In Viewpoints 1414199018.32

It's my absolute favorite holiday, in my favorite month, in my favorite season. Continue Reading


Re: My house was robbed last night.....

In Among Friends 1414174086.66

On 10/24/2014 abbeythe8th said: On 10/24/2014 Bobbisue said: Mj12, the money was in a drawer upstairs. Someone had to know it was there. I was asleep on the sofa. took a sleeping pill while watching TV and fell asleep. The robber had to pass the sofa to get to the stairs. The back door was locked. He came in the front door. I had it unlocked because my son always forgets his key. I told him he will have to keep the key with him or ring the bell. That door will be locked. Nothing else was taken. Someone knew where to look. I think it was one of my son's friends. Is the reason you are not call... Continue Reading


Re: Would like some feedback on this

In Among Friends 1414095858.027

On 10/20/2014 BlueCollarBabe said: What your friend did and your reaction to it hints of something else wrong in the friendship. Nobody stays seated at their table once the food is eaten anyway. Sounds like an excuse and I think she meant to be hurtful for whatever reason. I would see it as very indicative of how she regards you and your family and, personally, that would be the last time I would have anything to do with her. ITA. I would drop this "friend' like a hot potato. Continue Reading



In Honora 1413997180.903

I just received the black pearl crescent moon earrings in a beautiful satin pouch inside a box. The earrings were lovely, just what I expected. Continue Reading


Re: Kate Finally Is Able To Leave The House

In Viewpoints 1413946184.553

She still looks a bit queasy to me. Very lovely, but queasy. Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the remark about Lisa from Dennis Basso last night??

In Fashion Talk 1413910233.38

On 10/21/2014 traveler said: She used to joke about being married to Barry Ort, KJL vendor. Several years ago during a KJL show, Barry Ort and Jacque G. were saying that Lisa and Ort were married and Lisa was in Italy at the time. Ort was mourning the fact that 'she left without me.' I really don't get this continual joking about Lisa being married. Continue Reading


Re: Public drinking fountains, yay or nay

In Viewpoints 1413867632.447

On 10/20/2014 NoelSeven said: On 10/20/2014 brii said: Nay on drinking fountains. Nay on public bathrooms. Me, too! In fact, I don't understand why people always need to have a drink of water, either carrying it, or using a public fountain. If I think I need something to drink, I go into a coffee shop or restaurant or even a fast food place for tea. Honest to God, I do not get walking around with a water bottle. For me it's a medical issue. As a diabetic, I need to have water available. I frequently forget to bring a bottle so end up buying one. There's really no need to slam people for ... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone still have a rotary phone?

In Viewpoints 1413867412.537

I only see them in old(er) movies. Don't know of anyone who has one anymore. Continue Reading

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