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Re: Danny N and Hagit Gorali

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I have several pairs of earrings from Or Paz as well as a small hamsa pendant set with a turquoise. I was very tempted to get Hagit's silver heart earrings but went instead with the wide silver scroll ring from Or Paz. I certainly don't need another ring (or any jewelry) but I've always really liked that ring. Continue Reading


Re: John Walsh Does It Again

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I followed that story on CNN. The abuser was a trusted family friend whom the family had trusted to look after their child. Ironically, there is a thread here (I think it was VP) about a mother who was arrested for allowing her 7 year old son to walk to a park about a quarter mile from his house. There were several posts criticizing our society for being paranoid. There was also a post that warned that some abusers were people that the child already knew and possibly trusted. Continue Reading



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I'm not Greek (at least not in this life) but I've been obsessed with Greece for years, starting with Greek mythology when I was a pre-teen. I love Greek food, Greek pastries, Greek coffee, Greek music and of course Greek jewelry. I visited Greece years ago and that's where I picked up my love of evil eye jewelry. I also have a gold 'bee' pendant (the Malia pendant), the original of which is in a museum in Crete. I visit our local Greek church festival every year and always indulge in the food and pastries, and pick up bread, olives, honey and a piece of jewelry, usually something with evil e... Continue Reading


Re: Selling your old gold and silver

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I agree with the posters who say they would never mail anything. I've sold gold to a local jeweler at different times. Sometimes I got more, sometimes less. I've never sold silver. Continue Reading


Re: O/T What to get person from England from the States?

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I've lived in Wisconsin (am back in California now) but if the lady likes to read, how about a book of local folklore? I have the book 'Haunted Wisconsin' and another one on local Wisconsin legends that I like to pick up and still read every once in a while. Continue Reading


Re: Danny N and Hagit Gorali

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I'm very tempted to buy those little silver heart earrings of Hagit's (they're very different and to me they look more like leaves than hearts). Only $33 and free shipping for a pair that was on my wish list. Continue Reading



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I have two pairs of Roman glass earrings, a small pair with a pearl from Or Paz and a larger pair that is not from QVC. Both are cast in silver. You do need to be somewhat careful with this glass as it is fragile. I would never buy a ring made of this, not just because it's easier to get a ring wet but also because one careless knock and it could be damaged. I love the color and patina and the history behind it. I've always been a history afficianado and I like the idea of wearing jewelry that's over 2000 years old and is actually still very attractive. Since I have scads of jewelry I probabl... Continue Reading


Re: Handsome face on the royal baby!!

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I have no idea what Andrew's daughters look like nor do I care. But he was considered a fairly good looking guy in his younger years anyway. Maybe it was just that when compared to Charles he didn't look that bad. (Gasp!) SERIOUSLY!!! Continue Reading


Re: Handsome face on the royal baby!!

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On 7/19/2014 ILikeShade said: Oh, this is brutal. (Even though I had a good laugh). At this point in time I think he definitely looks like a Middleton, but that could change and William is pretty well favored. And actually, Queen Elizabeth was quite attractive when young. I remember seeing a film of her coronation in a bioscope and I thought she was lovely. And come to think of it, Prince Andrew is not a bad looking guy either. I think the odds are stacked in George's favor. Continue Reading

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