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Re: IN PROCESS....anyone else notice this?

In Viewpoints 1409180323.683

I have a bag that shipped on the 23rd but it is still there. I hope the system is wrong. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- August 2014 (includes spoilers)

In TV Talk 1409180197.053

I don't think I could take another year with this threesome. I wonder what Quinn gave Wyatt that's a gift for Hope. I hope Liam and Ivy start dating. Continue Reading


Re: Received Dooney & Bourke Sept. 13th TSV and It's a Winner!

In Dooney & Bourke 1409156336.75

This is the last bag I will get from Q. I ordered it on the 21st and it showed shipped on the 23rd but is still sitting at the warehouse in PA four days later. My EDD is tomorrow. I don't think that will happen. I would cancel if I could. Continue Reading


Re: No Words necessary.... Lena Dunham.. What was she thinking?????

In Viewpoints 1409156009.103

I thought G. Rancic's bleached hair looked much worse than Lena's. Continue Reading


Re: Having Trouble Opening Any Icon - Keep clicking and nothing happens

In Electronics Talk 1409150453.03

Sorry, I was trying to type fast since I had so much trouble getting on. I had an IT guy coming and decided to wipe down my HP notebook and I think the keyboard was dirty. When I finally got on and then realized the Q was down all night for me. I have to figure out a way to clean the keys because they are still sticking. I think there is a spray out there. I don't know what's going on with Q but an item that was shown shipped on the 23rd is still sitting in their warehouse today. Continue Reading


Re: You know that commercial for Sears Optical with the woman and the raccoon

In Viewpoints 1409149890.157

I almost wrote Sears when I saw this commercial. After my raccoon thread and the dangers of them I am upset every time I see this. I knew something would happen. A raccoon is not a kitty by any means. Continue Reading


Having Trouble Opening Any Icon - Keep clicking and nothing happens

Last Reply by Matty6 1409151029.28 | Started by luvmyteddy in Electronics Talk

Finally got on here but can't open email and I keep hitting the space bar below - don't use a mouse. Any ideas? Have turned on and off but it took an hour to open internet. I need my phone numbers out of Microsoft email and won't open. Clicking start or anything doesn't work. Nothing working. Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite modern invention?

In Viewpoints 1408908834.847

Indoor plumbing if you know what I mean... Continue Reading


Re: Evil Eye Jewelry.....Do you like it/wear it?

In Jewelry Talk 1408907574.99

I like the jewelry but I bought the evil eye baseball hat from Bravo when the Housewives of OC were wearing it. The most well made hat I ever bought. Continue Reading

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