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Re: Stone Block for Sharpening Knife and Garden Tools

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On 5/21/2015 gardenman said: Sharpening stones are really more for honing/refining an established edge than sharpening a dull tool. A good sharp file will be your best tool for sharpening most garden tools. You can carry it right in a back pocket for quick tune-ups while you're working. In a few seconds you can get a nice new edge on a hoe/weeder and be right back to work. A file is probably the only tool I don't have, I will have to get one. What exactly is it called? I did use the stone and it helped enough. The big clippers are a pain for me because of fibro so I usually use the little pr... Continue Reading


Stone Block for Sharpening Knife and Garden Tools

Last Reply by gardenman 1432252472.6 | Started by luvmyteddy in In the Garden

I bought this stone block several years ago and was wondering if it worked on garden tools like large clippers and twig cutters. It was meant for kitchen knives but not sure on larger tools to trim bushes. It's two sided probably 6x4 inches. Do I run it down the blade a certain way or angle? Would it work on lawn mower blades? I got it at an estate sale so there were no instructions in the box. Continue Reading


Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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late last night Tarzan crawled into bed with Papa Kitties still play at 11 months old then they make up Continue Reading


Re: Survivor finale

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I was surprised there wasn't a thread last night. Dan and his angry face is right, I hope he and Rodney never comes back. Mike deserved to win and I was afraid Carolyn might. I don't like the repeat shows but I am happy Joe and Woo will be back. Continue Reading


Re: Bachelorette - Who Watched? Possible Spoilers

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Britt said on Kimmel last night that drunk Ryan did go to her hotel that night. They are saving the scene for next week's show, of course. I'm glad Britt wasn't picked, she is dingy. Think of all the clothes she got to keep. The girls get a pretty fabulous wardrobe for doing the show. Continue Reading


Re: how's Your Baseball Team Doing

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Royals still in 1st place - ahead by 2 games This is exciting!!! Continue Reading


Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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Well the finalists for the Petmeds contest have been picked and Tarzan and Teddy didn't make it. Who couldn't love a face like this! You can vote now and maybe win a TV. I wonder if anyone from pet lovers is on there? Continue Reading


Re: DWTS - 5/19/2015 - Finals - Possible Spoilers

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I will be disappointed if Noah wins based on his fans. There is no way to compare his dancing with the other two and be fair. Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of new york.....5/19/15.....with "news", spoilers, gossip

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Too many shows on tonight, I will have to re-run it later. Trying to watch the last Letterman shows and Kimmel has George Clooney on and Britt. I quit watching Shahs when MJ put her dog in the freezer, that was it for me. Continue Reading


Re: DWTS - 5/19/2015 - Finals - Possible Spoilers

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I hope for Val and Rumer and Riker and Allison second. Allison is married to Twitch, the DJ on the Ellen Show. Continue Reading

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