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Re: Could Really Use Some Opinions/Suggestions On A Bunch Of New Neighbors

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I have posted twice now to thank everyone and they got deleted. So I will keep it short and say thank you to all the opinions and suggestions. I think I had given up after 10 years of trying to get help but I appreciate all the answers. I know some of you understand so thank you. Continue Reading


Re: Could Really Use Some Opinions/Suggestions On A Bunch Of New Neighbors

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On 8/30/2014 KathyPet said: On 8/30/2014 Marienkaefer2 said: My suggestion would be for the o/p to call her local Senior Center in her town. They will have the ability to refer her to agencies that can help. My impression is that this situation goes beyond neighbors and parking issues. It's about her health and welfare, as well as that of her pets. Exactly but she just keeps saying she can't for any number of reasons. When someone mentioned getting a reverse mortgage she said she can't because the value of her property has decreased but she has lived there 30 years. You would think that afte... Continue Reading


Re: Could Really Use Some Opinions/Suggestions On A Bunch Of New Neighbors

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I took my mom in with alzheimers for almost 4 years and it wiped me out. I was already sick and ended up with PTSD when she passed away in my home. My so called family was not there for me. I am a Cancer and home and security is all important to me. I had great neighbors before but they all moved away and it's different now. Sometimes I feel like I must have cancer to feel this sick. I have had the worst luck with doctors and have tried many. They don't seem to care and tell me it is hopeless, after awhile you start to feel the same way. I had the worst luck with care givers for my mom the la... Continue Reading


Re: Could Really Use Some Opinions/Suggestions On A Bunch Of New Neighbors

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Thank you to those that understand. The petty and cowardly remarks were very hurtful. I think calling 911 would have been worse. I did not know who the car belonged to since I have so many new neighbors. If you have read my threads you would know how sick I am and to go around to different doors with my cane is too much. The new neighbor has not moved in yet and the old neighbors are difficult to talk to. I have politely asked them in the past not to let their mower service destroy my yard when they come but it never did any good so we don't speak. They put a wood fence in a few years back th... Continue Reading


Re: Tiggi, my Maine Coon, may have cancer :(

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Can you post a live link, I'm not good with trying to copy. Continue Reading


Re: It amazes me

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The real in reality thread is still up. I just read it. Unless there is a different one. Continue Reading


Re: What Did Your Father Teach or Impart to You During Your Childhood?

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My first picture of my dad is him braiding my hair on the front stoop. I had two brothers that cared nothing about learning anything so I mowed the yard, taught me to change a flat tire, let me buy my first muscle car and taught me to drive. He did all he could to protect me from a crazy ex that was after me. He taught me how to cook and garden. We would go to the cellar and he would show me all his marine stuff from WWII. We would watch westerns and war movies together. When my mom grounded me he would unground me! Kindest man I knew. I had always hoped I would marry a man like my father but... Continue Reading


Re: ~News/ General Hospital Hunk Antonio Sabato Jr. Set to Compete on Dancing With the Stars!~

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I will be watching as usual. I can already say he will be getting all of my votes, I don't care if he can dance or not, but I bet he can. He is fit and handsome as heck. Now if they would only get the Ralph Lauren Polo guy on... Wow Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- August 2014 (includes spoilers)

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On 8/28/2014 hulagirl said: On 8/28/2014 luvmyteddy said: On 8/27/2014 Mmsfoxxie said: On 8/27/2014 luvmyteddy said: I don't think I could take another year with this threesome. I wonder what Quinn gave Wyatt that's a gift for Hope. I hope Liam and Ivy start dating. An ugly set of wedding rings, silver, that Quinn hammered out. A perfect symbol of their marriage, IMO. I forgot I did see them and she's a jewelry designer? Now Wyatt is giving her kitty to Liam, that should put her over the edge. He just took it? The fight was pretty far fetched, Bob can barely walk, it was funny. It was the e... Continue Reading

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