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Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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Titan is getting closer and closer to me. He will let me pet him twice a day. surprise, surprise Continue Reading


Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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I'm having problems posting pics. Continue Reading


Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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I've had more trouble with my neighbors again. One of them has been pulling my metal fencing up by the street where they have ruined my grass and I have been trying to plant grass seed. Yesterday my fence was yanked out and bent to pieces again. A dead rodent in my backyard and that was disgusting. The neighbor was out yesterday cleaning his driveway and sweeping everything over into my yard. I finally lost my temper after 9 months and went outside where we finally had it out. The one roommate that was messing with my fence (because I saw her do it) is getting kicked out along with her boyfri... Continue Reading


Re: Should I be feeding a feral cat???

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I am happy to be here, I have been very sick and wasn't sure I was going to make it. Teddy is still with me and my wonderful vet came over to bring her more pills and check her out. She is slowing down on her eating and falls sometimes outside. She fell in my rose bushes the other day and luckily was wearing her winter coat, the one time I didn't watch her it happened. She never barks but she did then. My vet said she looked good and might even last a few more months which really shocked me. I don't think it will be that long. Since I hurt the ribs in my chest it is hard to pick her up but he... Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- April 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Has anyone seen the previews of a new women's show called Queens of Drama with Donna Mills? Taylor (Hunter Tylo) is one of the women on the show. Rats it's on POP which I don't get. I would be shocked if Wyatt got something out of Nicole unless she gets really drunk. He couldn't be more obvious and annoying with his questions about Rick. They will be surprised when they find out it is Maya and not Rick who has the surprise. Continue Reading


Re: Mad Men

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On 4/15/2015 sommertime said: luvmyteddy-- That's cool! I didn't mean for it to sound like a contest, but is there a trophy or something?? If I can stay awake I will usually watch the encore show right after MM airs and I usually will pick up something that I may have missed the first time around. I love dogs and cats, too! You win Megan's mother or Roger Sterling. I'm keeping Hamm. Continue Reading


Re: Mad Men

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On 4/15/2015 sommertime said: On 4/15/2015 lovestoteach said: I thought the mom said "I took all you deserved" too. The mom is a piece of work. Since Don has a low opinion of women (is this true?), I wondered if he gave the check to Megan because he realized when she gave the ring back that she wasn't a gold digger. (maybe he thinks all women are gold-diggers?) The pair just didn't work, that's for sure. He was really torn up when his daughter said she loved him as he dropped her off from a visit (blast from the past). Maybe he was thinking that this is pure love, which he had never known. I'... Continue Reading


Re: Recent LOGO TSV ...

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On 4/14/2015 Mtnbikegirl said: On 4/14/2015 luvmyteddy said: I wondered about this. Glad to hear you like them. The LOGO TSV for May 18th looks pretty. I received my Insider today. 41.92 Is it two pieces? The online version isn't out yet. I like it! Thanks for posting! one piece top Continue Reading


Re: Mad Men

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Megan's mother said I took everything you deserted. Since she is supposedly leaving her husband I assume her mother wanted the stuff for her own apartment. I could have done without all the French talk! Waste of time. I was surprised Megan left her ring. When Don was told how women acted and what they wanted from a man he couldn't have been more right. Megan said everything to Don that the man said she would and then took the money. Don is a cheat and a liar but he does take care of the women he throws away and he tries to be a good father. He is such an interesting, complicated character ... Continue Reading


Re: Neighbor's Vicious Dog

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On 4/14/2015 fortune said: Wow! You guys are the best! I tried to call the neighbors--but they've changed all their phone numbers. I can't go to their door, because the dog will charge me when they answer the door. So, I will put a note under their car windshield suggesting a muzzle and chain, call animal control, and get an ultrasonic dog repellent. Personally I would not mention a muzzle or chain in your note or even leave a note. That will make them madder. Most owners don't think their dog is vicious or they don't care. I would call AC but I don't think it will do any good. Something has... Continue Reading

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