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Re: Please no pockets on the chest

In Denim & Co 1410205079.917

I don't like pockets either on the chest... I have a flannel western shirt (yes tis the design to have pockets).. but the darn ends of the flaps curl up and remind me of waving hands. Like lookie here!!!! Continue Reading


Re: OT: Computer Scammers At Work

In Beauty Banter 1408052860.06

When they call at work.. I say just a moment and I will get my IT Tech and Security Officer on the phone to fix them... man they hang up fast! Continue Reading


Re: Cart Caddy Heavy Duty Tote Bag

In Suggestion Box 1402343696.113

I have used these in the past and soon need to replace a couple of them. Tried the red version, they were horrible. The original blue ones were bigger than the newer blue ones, but they both held up well. But if you can't wait, search on grocery cart bags at amazon, there are a couple similar ones there. Continue Reading



In Q Did What? 1402080400.32

Yes Spurt I did see that photo of the "tossed in the box" packing on one of the other threads. Maybe it was a test of the "robotic packers" I read about recently. But then again they are not supposed to be in use for a few years maybe? They used to say not to buy cars produced on Mondays or Fridays, Monday crew was hungover and Friday crew was thinking about "happy hours". I wonder if our orders being filled are exposed to crews like that? Continue Reading



In Q Did What? 1402007361.153

And the other saying............ "the more things change, the more they stay the same"! Did we ask for too many changes? Are we the cause. I think not! You know sometimes the hosts/vendors let a word(s) slip from their mouths in their hurry to speak and sell. This morning I heard Pat say the sphill about ordering two of the same items to same address and get 1/2 off shipping, coz that way they can THROW them in the same box. I said out loud "thank you Pat for that acknowledgement - throwing vs packing - our items". My visual of packers tossing at open boxes as they go past them on the convey... Continue Reading


Re: "You're exactly right"

In Q Did What? 1401931009.537

Could always make a drinking game out of the program.. take a drink (happy juice) when ever the phrase is used. Continue Reading


Re: How can you tell if a movie is going to bomb?

In Q Did What? 1401482765.4

I remember that movie.... If a movie has actor/actress I like, then I will see the movie, Some have been good, some bad. And what I like, seems some of the critics don't like. I am sure even the movie makers are surprised when one of theirs bombs. To answer your question.. I am clueless on how to tell... Continue Reading


Re: New clothing brands

In Suggestion Box 1401465083.147

@insomniac... hmmmm now I wonder if the famous (or infamous) road kill collar coat is still hanging (or laying) around in the old warehouse.. YEP.. sure is. At least they are down to 2 sizes only now and not top dollar, but still one would think it would have gone to the big outlet in the sky by now to make room for other items. First review was Oct 2010. Continue Reading


Re: Jennifer

In Q Did What? 1401464273.23

Just once I would like to see the hosts pull that plug outta their ear! And show me a shot the production room.... oh what a visual that would be. Scrambling around for a way to get their voices (producers) back into their heads! I see the hosts struggling on some days, trying to find new words to sell the same OLD products. Continue Reading



In Q Did What? 1401425854.167

Epilator, lets see who winces on that demo! Great play by play call once again Spurt, LOVE the feet shots, with faces and the bones. Maybe now Marker Man will get inspired, maybe use glow in the dark markers too. Lights down please in the studios... watch the lines become straight! Continue Reading

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