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Mon. episode Victor realizes after Summer confirms the hairbrush is hers, and not Faith's, that Nick is Summer's father. Phyllis gets Nick away from Sharon and she goes to Sharon's house and tells her she's there to take her to her wedding. Sharon does not believe Phyllis is there to take her to the wedding - Phyllis tries to convince her that Nick is surprising her with a big splashy wedding. Sharon doesn't believe Phyllis and she asks her what she's really up to. Jack tells Billy that he's going to tell Phyllis that he is involved with Kelly. Billy asks Jack if he's prepared for Phy... Continue Reading



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Monday - Victor is shocked by a secret he uncovers as Phyllis messes things up for Sharon Tues - the Hilary/Devon affair is outed! Wed - Chelsea gets a strange present, Justin Hartley debuts as Adam Thurs - Billy thinks he and Victoria have another chance at love. Fri - Kevin begs Michael to tell Lauren he's sick. Continue Reading



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Mon. spoiler: Phyllis tricks Sharon, Victor comes to a stunning realization, and Kelly wonders about her future. At Sharon's house, Phyllis tells her this time, her wedding will end up just the way it's supposed to. She says Nick enlisted her to take Sharon to the wedding. Sharon's not buying it, but Phyllis insists there's a surprise involved - he's giving her the big wedding he promised in a ballroom. Sharon asks what she's really up to. Phyllis spins a yarn about convincing Nick to let her make up for ruining the last wedding. Sharon wants to call Nick. Phyllis says no - she will blow e... Continue Reading



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I think now that the big story of Adam's return is on Wed. , they're tying up all the loose ends in preparation to the biggest comeback ever ! LOL Continue Reading



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LOL I about broke a tear when Mariah and Sharon got over their differences and now gonna be on level ground. Seemed genuine anyway. Ha I think we're finally on our way to the DNA test results coming out on Mon. I've already posted the spoilers for Mon. Continue Reading


Re: LE Creuset Pans

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Bless your heart ! I like that Caribbean color, myself. Looks like the sky and the ocean. I'm getting my Rachel Ray cast iron out here in a minute and making some chicken and dumplings. LOL Continue Reading


Re: LE Creuset Pans

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I love that light blue, so , pretty, but, to heavy for me. I weigh 160, no runway model, but, I'd have to grow more muscle to use that stuff as much as I cook. I'm loving my half cast iron half aluminum skillet I got at Walmart. That skillet and Sam's club skillets is all I use. Bet your collection is pretty ! Continue Reading


Re: KA 6qt Pro Lift Style Mixer (white) - Want to sell- Suggestions

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put ad in paper, then, meet them in the walmart parking lot what I did. Got rid of my Kitchen aid and bought a Cruisnart (however, it's spelled LOL) arranged a convenient time, told them what I'd be driving, pull way out in parking lot so you don't have to fool with people and traffic. Mine , was older I let it go for 100, I'd ask at least 250 for yours. Good luck ! Continue Reading


Re: I accidentally left my Kerry Gold butter that I just bought from the store out for 24 hours. Is it ok?

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We got a gal in church that turns her heat off at night, period. Most people don't realize how bad some people have to live we're all spoiled. I went up to her and offered her a electric blanket. she refused it. Ours, will be on 68. Can't use one of those electric space heaters either with the electric rates in Amarillo, Tx. They charge half of your total bill for their 'gas usage'. That means if your electric bill is 200 they will charge you another 75-100 for their 'gas cost usage'. Our bill went to 500 in the summer one month and that's when we implemented new measures. No air conditionin... Continue Reading



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LOL Guess Ian will get the last word after all. Victor needs to stay home and mind his own business instead of running around and nosing into his almost 50 yr. old kid's problems. Sharon is so **** stupid she, still, after all this time still thinks she sees Cassie. That irks my butt. No wonder she got pregnant so young and didn't know she was carrying twins. That girl was stupid from the get go. Hope Madame Isodora puts a spell on the whole town (gypsy curse) "you all will not lay with your parents spouses, you all, from this day forward not have s*x without protection, you all will not in... Continue Reading

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