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Re: Did anyone buy the Valerie Par Hill deer?

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The same deer are available elsewhere, as someone posted on this forum about it awhile back. I went to that website to check them out, and they were the same. Now I just can't remember which website it was. I'll do a little looking later this morning, but I have to go for right now. I'll get back here when I can, and if no one else remembers what thread it was, I'll try to find it. Continue Reading


Re: the view, new season

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Never have like the show, or most of the cast through the years. Continue Reading


Re: It is normal for parents to follow when adult children move away?

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I think, like many have said, it depends on individual family circumstances and wishes. But in general, I think that parents following adult children in a move is intrusive if the couple is still relatively young and without children. I know many families that when the young couple have been married a while and the grandkids have come along want grandma and grandpa to move closer after they retire, but in my opinion, it should be by invitation only, and should come a number of years after the young couple has had time to be alone and discover their independence, and establish their own family... Continue Reading


Do you like to vary the style of your decor, or do you decorate...

Last Reply by ValuSkr 1413909335.55 | Started by mominohio in For the Home Talk

the same throughout your home? By this, I guess I mean, in general, do you stick to say one type of decor (like Victorian, contemporary, country, modern etc.) throughout your entire house, or do you mix it up a little? The same with color schemes. Do you use the same color palate throughout, or do different rooms have different colors? I have to say that with colors especially, I vary. I have one bedroom (spare) that is done in rose/mauve's, one that is now tans and browns, and the master is greens and dark burgundy. As far as style, some of the rooms vary as well. If I had to classify my liv... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Regret Getting A Memory Foam Mattress?

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We bought one several years ago, and it is rather firm (we like that), and while I can't say I wake up feeling great, I do feel better now than with any other mattress we have had over the years. My lower back feels much better, but sometimes my neck and shoulders hurt. I have tries a number of very expensive pillows as well, but can't seem to solve that problem. Continue Reading


Re: Love this christmas decor from Amazon

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Those are nice. I bought the VPH church and cottage, and while they are more detailed, these look like they could be made by the same company, as the style and colors are very similar. I really like the vintage look of these paper buildings and glad they have started to remake some, because the old ones are hard to find in good quality, and when you do, they are expensive (and most are small that I've seen). Continue Reading


Re: Top Halloween Candy

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On 10/20/2014 turtle52 said: Important--please read: Having a son with SEVERE food allergies, especially to peanuts, NO ONE should give trick or treaters candy that contains peanuts. Peanut allergies can lead to and have lead to death in many people. If my son SMELLED or ate any amount of peanuts, he had to go to the emergency room to have drugs administered through an IV to stop the reaction. He would vomit and break out in hundreds of itching hives all over his body due to this allergy. My son is an adult now and has a very self-imposed restricted diet, but as a child, I had to instruct him... Continue Reading


Re: Duraflame cost to operate flame only

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Agree with post #1 I have a Duraflame and I use the flame effect alone all through the year. It is the cost of a 40 watt bulb, and maybe a tiny more that makes the thing inside turn to make the flames dance, but I never see the difference on the bill. Continue Reading


Re: Defective Luminaras

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I had my last one (purchased this April) quit as well. It was the only one in all the many I have purchased, but it really bothered me because they are so expensive. I don't have the receipt, but did purchase it from Q so could track it that way to report it to the company. Skylands, did they make you pay to ship the defective one back or exactly how did you have to handle it? And thanks for the info. Continue Reading


Re: Harry London TSV

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On 10/19/2014 Joann1218 said: First of all, I opened this post to read the comments about Harry London because I am thinking of getting this. What I did not expect to get was the banter back and forth between two posters. I am not interested in reading your fighting - very childish in my opinion. Each one wants to get the last word and dig it to the other. Please let's keep the comments to the subject of post. And remember, everyone is entitled to their opinions whether you agree or disagree. And your post is different from those you quoted, how? Continue Reading

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