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Re: Libby a update...

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On 5/3/2015 tigriss said: Interns have book learning, not experience that comes with time and exposure to a variety of different life happenings. Hopefully Libby and your family have taught him the most important lesson a doctor needs to know, "Miracles happen every day!" This! And, we should all pray for him and all the medical professionals that hold our health in their hands on a daily basis. I pray for them to find wisdom, answers, kindness, compassion and hope. I pray that they be guided to the answers they need to help us thrive. Continue Reading


Re: Beach/ Shore style decor

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Not really. I had family that lived near the shore in several places, and even there it gets old fast. A well placed vignette or so of beach or lighthouse or something isn't offensive to me, but I bore very easily with things along those lines, and wouldn't want to live looking at them everyday. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have a clothesline and if so, do you use it?

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On 5/4/2015 LipstickDiva said: On 5/4/2015 mominohio said: I don't have a dishwasher by choice. Our kitchen is rather small, and I removed the one that was in here when we moved in. It gave me a lot of extra cabinet space. Dishwashers ruin dishes. They put a film on things after only a short time. I'd never have one because of that factor alone, and the glasses taste funny after a time because of the water deposits on them. I can always tell when I'm at someone's house and drink something whether or not they have a dishwasher. Doesn't matter, city water, softeners, or well water, they damage ... Continue Reading



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On 5/4/2015 kittymomNC said: Just one more example of "new or different", as in technology, is not always better. My son came across a whole collection of memorabilia about a young airman who was killed in WWII at an estate sale. It's an amazing collection of letters to and from this young airman and his family, letters from other people, letters from the War Department, etc. There are many pictures of him, his plane, his crew, with writing on the backs of the pictures, and so many other things -- I can't imagine a family selling something like this. Apparently his sister's daughter held the ... Continue Reading



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On 5/4/2015 KYToby said: Kids have so much to learn in school, there is no real reason why cursive needs to be taught as a writing skill. Times change. We no longer use calligraphy. Should that be taught? Why not? The cursive taught just 20 years ago is different from what was used 200 years ago. How far back do we go? Just as the technologies of pen and paper changed communications (none of us use cuneiform or hieroglyphics, do we?), technology has changed how we communicate now. Humans are adaptable, and this is something that serves no useful purpose other than enforcing the belief that be... Continue Reading



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On 5/4/2015 Krimpette said: How are the kids going to read historical documents? And even old family documents? Such a shame. If we live long enough, we might get high paying jobs as 'translators'! But in reality it isn't funny. Another old skill headed to extinction. Continue Reading


Re: Prices

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As soon as the shipping went down, the prices went up. Some to the point the item's total cost is now more than before shipping reduction. They think we were fooled. Continue Reading



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My son is a senior in high school, and they were still teaching it when he was younger. My friend teaches first grade, and in her system it stopped this year. Stupid move. I think the fine motor skill it develops would alone, be enough to keep it in the curriculum. Continue Reading


Re: Update on friend who doesn't have health insurance

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On 5/4/2015 petepetey said: <br /> The guy is this post is a medical doctor...he just chooses to not have health insurance (for whatever reason). Reason they don't want insurance-if either gets a terminal illness they will just let it be and pass away naturally. No chemo, no expensive treatments to save themselves. If they have other illnesses they will pay for them out of pocket. They also don't have medical screenings like you or I would to find out if they have an early stage of anything. They feel their healthy lifestyle is giving them better odds of staying well. He is old enough ... Continue Reading


Re: Iconic McDonald's?

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Interesting. They have been slow to change and offer more healthy products, relative to a lot of their competitors. They are extremely management heavy. Too many chiefs, and not enough indians has been their practice for a long time. There is just a ton of competition that wasn't there 30 years ago. There are so many choices out there now, and many are competing with the prices that McDonalds is charging. More people coming into the breakfast market has to be hurting them as well. Their food really isn't all that good, overall. And the prices are getting too high for the quality. Continue Reading

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