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Re: Christmas Family Suggestion

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We love to gift a box of Mrs. Prindibles Apples. As long as you know there are no food allergies, that makes a nice gift or part of a gift. Gift card to the local cinema for a couple of movies and enough added on for snacks. Tickets to the nearest amusement park for the next season (if they live where the parks close down for the winter). And not to be too nosy, but if the family is of very limited means, perhaps you could give the mom as large a gift card as you could afford to for someplace like Walmart or Target, and let her choose gifts for the girls, and let them be from her. I don't wan... Continue Reading


Re: Worried about my senior dog

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On 9/19/2014 qvc chick said: Thanks everyone for you help. Well, it turns out it was something very common in senior dogs...its called Vestibular Apparatus. She explained it as the dog getting very dizzy...almost like getting off a roller coaster. Dog sways and falls. The treatment is dramamine. I have been giving it to her the past few days, and she is walking much better. Not a hundred percent yet. But the doctor said the medicine might also be making her vomit. The thing I'm worried about she is not eating. I tried wet dog food (which she usually likes) and steamed chicken. She wo... Continue Reading


Re: Do you know anyone that does NOT have a computer?

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I think we are on the verge of something that happened with TV. When my son was little and in school, there were many families that didn't , by choice, have TV. It was not money or availability of cable service, they just didn't want their kids to sit in front of the television. It was quite a fad in the late 90's and early 2000's around our area. Many in academia and some quite financially well off. I think that time is coming with computers and technology in general. I think in the next decade or so, you will see a wave of families unplugging at home and not having this kind of stuff while ... Continue Reading


Re: Snowbirds

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On 9/19/2014 Qwackertoo said: On 9/19/2014 Marienkaefer2 said: I never liked camping, HOWEVER the motor home that the o/p has sounds like a very nice living space, not like camping at all. Some of those motor homes are really luxurious. I've changed my mind about them vs staying in hotels, no matter how nice the hotel is. I have seen so many gross people, even in the most high end places, that I skeeve when I think about staying in a hotel anymore. I'd rather have my own place, whether it's a really nice motor home, or a small condo. I agree on that . . . which is why for the last 10 years I'... Continue Reading


Re: Snowbirds

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Wow, what a bunch of whiners. Today's campers are better housing than a significant percentage of the world's population lives in daily. What a bunch of divas that "couldn't live like that". OP's "camper" is really a misuse of the word. It is quite nice as she has described it, and even her older, smaller one was as well. These types of living arrangements are located throughout the states in this area. Many are very rural and very beautiful, they sit in the woods, usually along a river or creek, and filled with people who live there all summer, much like the cottages on the lakes or the beac... Continue Reading


Re: Snowbirds

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You live as my grandparents and several of my great aunts and uncles did. Part of the year in Ohio (up north anywhere qualifies!) and part in Florida (Ft. Myers). They loved the life. When I was a kid, I just didn't get it. Why would anyone not want to be where they could sled ride and build snowmen? Now I get it. I can see me living this way someday, but I'm not sure we will ever be able to afford it. We may have to choose one location or the other, rather than enjoy both ways of life. It always seems "new" because you are gone from one place or the other just long enough to miss it, the pe... Continue Reading


Re: old mortgage paperwork

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On 9/18/2014 Free2be said: I keep something, a piece of paper or two, from every mortgage for family history. The oldest is a house my parents bought in the early 1940s for $5,000. That is a cool thing to do. A couple of papers here and there in an old file don't really take up that much room, but are so interesting many years down the road. Seems everyone is so quick to throw away everything these days. We certainly can't keep everything, but I like that you do this. Continue Reading


Re: An embarrassing situation today

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We have had to have a couple of windshields replaced, and Safelite did both. They are great! Very efficient and friendly, easy to schedule with. They made the whole process very easy. Continue Reading


Re: Do you know anyone that does NOT have a computer?

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Yes. Several. My mom is one, and I recently had a couple pair of great aunts and uncles that passed away, and they didn't have or want them. I have another great uncle and his daughter that takes care of him, and they just got their first computer this past year. In all honesty, I'd miss mine for awhile, but I lived most of my life without it, and could do so again. Continue Reading


Re: Worried about my senior dog

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It is so hard with senior animals, as they can have such changes at the drop of a hat. Hope the vet was able to shed some light on things, and please keep us posted on the progress. Continue Reading

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