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Re: seems like were in Fantasy Land!

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As some others have hinted at, not all of everything Q pushes for the holiday season ends up in each and every person's house or lifestyle, It is more about getting ideas, a little fresh or added decor, a new recipe, and a new twist on the old table settings. Many of us enjoy a number of hosts and vendors, and like spending an hour or two with them here and there. Q does a good job of enticing viewers into the holiday spirit, even though many think it is way over commercialized. My view is, if watching, getting inspired, and then cooking, decorating, and gift giving makes you happy, reminds y... Continue Reading


Re: VPH October 24th Sneak Peek Album

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Just came her to post the same thing, you beat me!! I was disappointed that there isn't more new stuff. Seems like they really unloaded the new stuff in July and now we are getting a lot of reruns. Happy shopping everyone! Continue Reading


Re: What is the most important feature (to you) in a flameless candle?

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On 10/21/2014 scatha_guardian said: I don't like the fact that many candles have gone to 4-8 hour timers. I prefer the 5-10 hour timers. And I like my candles BRIGHT! That is why I usually get the white or ivory color. As Lisa said recently on one of the shows, when she gets home, she has so many flameless candles on in her house, that when she opens the door, it looks like a religious ceremony is going on! Don't know if I added this before on this thread (age is catching up with me, ya know), but I like the Candle Impression programmable timers. I wish every flameless candle had this featur... Continue Reading


Re: What is the most important feature (to you) in a flameless candle?

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On 10/17/2014 happy housewife said: On 10/17/2014 depglass said: I just want them to work. Oh, and no wax. Aren't they all wax? No, not all are wax. Some of the taper kind are plastic, but you can't really tell on the good ones, from a distance. And that new brand that Q is carrying with a "real" flame (Solare?) has one version that is actually glass. Some of the outdoor ones are a resin type material as well. Continue Reading


Re: JoAnn's (Yeah, that place…)

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On 10/22/2014 shesallthat said: On 10/22/2014 ical said: On 10/22/2014 StylishLady said: I had a disagreement concerning a return at our local store. I have not been back since. There are many places where I can purchase items like they sell. That happened to me, and I was completely horrified at the Salem Witch trial under which I was placed. I had purchased the entire remainder of a bolt of fabric, but with the question asked (on my part): If this does not work, I can bring this back, right? And the answer was "yes". So the girl measured the remainder of the bolt, put the price tag on the ... Continue Reading


Re: Texting

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The danger of texting and driving is the reason we don't even have the texting feature on our phones. I have a high school senior, and we have never allowed phones to be enabled to get or receive texts. As he gets older and moves on, we will probably get in tune with the times, but I actually don't have any reason at this time to even want that feature. I'm sure that will change as he gets older and moves away, but for now, one less worry. I think many parents won't deny themselves things even to ensure safety, and give in to peer pressure to have what everyone else does. Continue Reading


Re: Lawnmower Parents: Do You Know Any?

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dooBdoo, I think you are on to something there. Information overload is critical here (and with many other circumstances these days). We are constantly bombarded with all the latest information/studies/ trends etc. When you are a new parent or the parent of an only, you only have the one experience, and one shot to "get it right". I think this drives some parents to go too far. I will say, that at least these kids have someone who loves them, wants to protect them, wants them to succeed and be happy, they just go overboard with it. The world is full of kids who grow/grew up with no one to ta... Continue Reading


Re: TJ Maxx -

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On 10/21/2014 darcy3 said: I stalk TJMaxx's holiday decor like a cougar! I check out everything that comes in that I want, and wait until it goes on sale in the days leading up to Christmas. If it is something I really want I'll get it, but their end of season sales are great! Sometimes I make a quick stop in on Christmas Eve day and see what's on sale and I'll go back the day after Christmas when everything is 50% off, then 75% off etc. I get such a high shopping for holiday decor. Last year I stalked a large wreath with vintage style ornaments and jewelry on it that started out at $50, but ... Continue Reading


Re: JoAnn's (Yeah, that place…)

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I don't sew or do much in the craft way, and I have always found JoAnn's to be expensive. I have shopped there only when I needed fabric for school costumes and projects, as we don't really have anywhere else that offers a good selection of fabric. I'm sure if I was more sewing oriented, I'd like the place better. Continue Reading


Re: Your Thanksgiving Table

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I would love to have enough space to place everything on the table, but don't. Even when the table has all leaves in it, I feel it is too crowded and doesn't look good with all the food on it (for a big holiday meal that is, now if it is just a regular meal with a salad and a lasagna, I can still make the table look nice with the food on it). I go to a lot of trouble to set a holiday table, with centerpiece, tablecloth, placemats and chargers, candles, cloth napkins arranged in rings etc. so I don't want to get the table too full with the food. It makes it uncomfortable for people trying to j... Continue Reading

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