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Re: How many have heard this story?

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Hadn't hear this story yet, and so very sorry it has to be told. I can't imagine what that family must be going through right now. Such a happy and special time in their lives, now so tragic. I will state yet again, this is why officers often make quick decisions, and why things go bad. Every single encounter in their day has the potential to end this way, and why when stopped or questioned, everyone should stay calm and cooperate. Can you imagine what it must be like, to have to consider that every encounter throughout your day must be so critically scrutinized? Continue Reading


Re: Northern Toilet Tissue

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There is also one with a ceramic frog TP holder. I think they are hilarious! Can you imagine having to live your life in the bathroom, and having to witness everything that goes on there. Funny! Continue Reading


Re: How do you make your lemonade?

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From the plastic container that Country Time Lemonade come in! We don't have it very often, and I don't like it well enough to take the time to make it from fresh. I'd rather have plain water with some lemon wedges in it. Continue Reading


Re: Where is the REED and BARTON and other past favorites?? Why keep showing all the same stuff over and over?

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On 5/21/2015 aroc34 said: And Fenton stopped making its traditional art glass in 2011. Now it makes glass jewelry. And what a sad commentary that is. Such a fine American institution, all but gone. We used to go down to the factory each summer for the tent sales. They had so much more beautiful things that never made it to QVC. I still have several vases, and several lamps that are just beautiful. Continue Reading


Re: What's the most useless kitchen item you've seen on QVC?

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On 5/21/2015 ceh said: On 5/21/2015 curlywhitedog said: house_cat: I saw your response to my post on the other thread and thought I'd come over here and leave a post for you. As far as useless kitchen items go, I would have to say it's the Rachel Ray Melamine garbage bowl although by useless I don't mean it's without function, I just mean it's the most useless thing to buy. Don't the people who bought this bowl and paid $19.99 for it have anything else in their kitchen to use for their discarded peeling, egg shells or onion skins? Makes me shake my head in wonder... Maria Agree!! I remember... Continue Reading


Re: Need A Recommendation For A Thermos That Keeps Liquids Hot

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On 5/21/2015 Runner26 said: I recommend: Contigo. I know QVC used to sell them; I'm not sure if they still do as I didn't do a search before posting but you can get it at many places. Just do a google search. I bought one for myself years ago and probably bought 6-8 as gifts as it was such a big hit. These are great as well, but not for hot things for more than a couple hours. I use mine for ice water, and it keeps all day, even in a hot car. Continue Reading


Re: Need A Recommendation For A Thermos That Keeps Liquids Hot

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On 5/21/2015 Bhvbum said: I have found in my business where I need to keep coffee and hot water for tea, hot, a thermos with a GLASS liner works best. The steel and plastic ones just dont work. I have found if I boil water and pour in my glass thermos it will still be hot 8 hrs later. I don't add tea but let folks make the tea when ready because the water is always hot. Also I pour a little boiling water in the thermos for a bout 15 sec to heat it up, pour that out, and fill with the boiling water. I completely agree. I have tried everything, and nothing retains the heat like a glass lined Th... Continue Reading


Re: Plan accordingly....forums to be shut down 1am-7am et to deal with the inappropriate posts/posters

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On 5/21/2015 scotttie said: Someone on the Community Forums posted that this will impact discussons on the TSV since it airs at Midnight EST. No TSV discussion until the next morning when many people go to work. I think that will be incentive for them to get this fixed. I never saw the posts but it is my understanding it was thousands of them ? Someone using a spam program obviously. This should be a really big concern for Q, as the talk around midnight about the TSV can bring a lot of people to the site. Continue Reading


Re: Wedding money

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On 5/21/2015 Hoovermom said: On 5/21/2015 mominohio said: On 5/7/2015 Clover29 said: I'm just curious, when everyone says "send a nice card", is there ever a situation where one would send a card that isn't nice? What is an un-nice card? A cheap one from the dollar store. Usually a 'nice' card is a better made, fancier one from something like Hallmark. You really should check out the cards at Dollar Tree, made by American Greeting cards. I buy these now after watching people (loved ones included) not even look at the card or looking for a nano second and discarding them. Hallmark doesn't ge... Continue Reading


Re: Have you gone into the host blogs?

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I have enjoyed the blogs as well. Don't go there often, but have like what I've seen when I do. Continue Reading

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