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Re: Better Homes & Gardens holiday Christmas heritage mistletoe dinnerware

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On 12/21/2014 Susan Louise said: Is everyone that has purchased pieces of these BH&G Christmas dinnerware enjoy using them as much as we do? What pieces do you all have? Which ones are your faves? I wonder if BH&G will continue adding to this dinnerware collection (started in 2009?) next year of if this year was the last and they will start a new collection. Wish I could use a crystal ball This is exactly what I have wondered the last couple of years. BHG does the same type of thing at Walmart for the fall season, and this year's additions to the collection were, in my opinion, f... Continue Reading


Re: Unsalted butter for homemade cookies?

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Almost all baking recipes I use call for just 'butter' and that has traditionally meant salted butter. I see and use very few recipes that call for unsalted butter, and have never bought or used the unsalted. I think it would be a very fussy type recipe indeed to have the difference noticed if you used salted instead of the unsalted. As for the spreading of cookies, you have already stated some good reasons why they may be spreading, but using butter will make cookies spread as well. Shortening seems to help them stay thicker, plumper, and softer, while butter will cause spreading and crispn... Continue Reading


Re: "Today I stopped caring".. A GREAT READ!

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As the daughter of a former police officer (and later a professor of law enforcement), I can relate and tell you this is how they sometimes make it through the day. Their ultimate goal is to try to do their job, to the best of their ability, to protect and serve those who are law abiding and victims, and go home in one piece to their families. The streets in even the smallest towns are so much more dangerous and violent than at any other time in my lifetime, and each and every interaction they have with the public has the potential to go bad. They have split second decisions to make. They ar... Continue Reading


Re: Those who make homemade gifts for the holidays..

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I wish I could knit, or weave a basket like Bluegrassbaby, or sew or craft something worthwhile, but I just bake and make candy for the holiday. And yes, after that last discussion (and many of the same last year), my list of people to give to has decreased. I know for certain that those I give to are eating the items, request them, and enjoy them. This year, the following was placed in the Lock And Lock TSV bags with bowls that Q had earlier this season for several families or individuals, and big trays for my son and husband to take and share at work. Each gift had a mix of the following: B... Continue Reading


Re: Those who make homemade gifts for the holidays..

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On 12/21/2014 Bluegrassbaby said: While it's not food, I weave baskets for Christmas gifts....as in, make the basket itself. I've been weaving for almost 15 years more or less, and used to sell them at craft shows. I discovered this hobby from my neighbor while we were in the military, and it helped pass the time while DH was deployed. That neighbor turned out to be one of my BF's..... What a wonderful gift! I love baskets, and to get one handmade by someone you know would be the ultimate. Hope those who receive them know how lucky they are. Please feel free to put me on your gift list at an... Continue Reading


Re: In the Kitchen with David 12/21

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I think it is great that you who don't like this recent change to 'breaking in' on the In The Kitchen With David for a very long presentation of the TSV, no matter what it is, are posting your dislike. I don't like it either. But I know why they do it. David is one of their biggest sellers. He can sell more TSV's during his presentations than other hosts move in an entire hour long show. It's all about the money. They know that they have a captive audience, so to speak, when David is doing his show, and they take advantage of it to push the TSV. The fact that many are tuning away and not com... Continue Reading


Re: Mrs. Prendable Apples are NOT on the List!!!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1419192470.267

On 12/21/2014 Plaid Pants said: On 12/21/2014 Deb1010again said: P.S. Did anyone read my post above from Mrs. Prindables? It says they're currently NOT on the list of infected places. Agreed. But it would seem that people would rather get themselves all in a panic over it, rather than actually read any credible statements. You can't educate those who refuse to learn. *sigh* Perhaps the 'uneducated' here are the ones who cannot read between the lines. Words like 'not currently' don't translate into 'completely cleared' or 'safe to eat'. And if one reads the CDC's complete statement, they ... Continue Reading


Re: Is your home most always "guest ready"?

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On 12/21/2014 Clover29 said: On 12/21/2014 luvpoos said: My house is pretty clean. I suppose I could dust more and there usually are dishes sitting in the sink waiting to go into the dishwasher. Dog toys scattered on the floor. We very rarely have drop in guests unless it my best friend and her s/o. They could care less what the house looks like, they come to see us. I use to be a June Cleaver, but those days are long gone. That's my major source of untidiness. Our dog has his own toybox, and I am forever putting his scattered squeaky toys back in the box, only for him to take every one out ... Continue Reading


Re: Beware: Shopping at Pottery Barn

In Beauty Banter 1419180253.19

On 12/18/2014 Q4U said: On 12/18/2014 Scotnovel said: On 12/18/2014 Kathleen said: I like Pottery Barn. I shop there in person - don't worry about returns and price changes. Policy changes won't effect me. I agree and frankly I don't expect a company to give me credit when something I've purchased goes on sale soon after my purchase. I just don't have time to monitor that type of thing and I don't believe companies have any obligation to honor a sales price when the item was not on sale at the time of my purchase. I bought an item at a price I was willing to pay and if it later goes on sale ... Continue Reading


Re: Mrs. Prendable Apples are NOT on the List!!!!!

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On 12/21/2014 Pook said: Commercially produced are ones that are mass produced by machinery and then sent out to stores to sit on the shelves and not the hand dipped ones made elsewhere to order like Mrs Prindables. And yes I think this is turning into mass hysteria here!! I guess some won't ever eat apples or caramel again because it's not know exactly what caused it. Oh for heavens sake, these Mrs. P apples are commercially produced. Just who at the CDC defined to you that this brand is not commercial? As for mass hysteria, I think the OP of this thread is the one hysterical. Continue Reading

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