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Re: If you eat Thanksgiving out, where do you go. Restaurant-wise, not grandma's.

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When we go out on Thanksgiving, we head to The Amish Door Restaurant in Wilmont Ohio. It has the best Thanksgiving buffets I've ever seen. It is quite a drive, so we only go if the weather is certain to be clear and roads clear. This year I cooked and had some friends and family over. It was a nice change, as we had gone out the last three years or so. As for the leftover thing, I don't care at all for Thanksgiving leftovers. Turkey once is more than enough for me. We had our first ever smoked turkey this year, and I will enjoy another round of that tomorrow, but after that, I'm done with it... Continue Reading


Today was Valerie's last scheduled on air visit for the season!

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I knew that she didn't have any more one or more hour shows, but I'd think she would have some one or two item appearances through the middle of December. I know she brought so many nice and new things starting with CIJ, but this is the peak gift shopping time, and I'm surprised and saddened that she Q doesn't have any more new things coming from her the next couple of weeks. I get that the holiday decor has kind of reached it's peak time, but candles and other home decor make nice gifts, and I'll miss seeing her for awhile. Seems like they are going really heavy on the beauty products this s... Continue Reading


Re: For Luminara Fans...

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I really like these birch candles. I think they can be used in so many different styles of decor and can be the anchor of many different seasonal vignettes. Especially fall and winter decor, but really usable in spring and summer too. Continue Reading


Re: First weekend in Dec., we're decorating!

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The day after Thanksgiving, all the fall stuff will be put away, and my tables and surfaces stripped of the "regular" decor stuff. Saturday and Sunday, my guys will be out of the house at a swap meet, and I can get the Christmas out and up with no one to interrupt me for meals etc. The goal is to have it all done by Sunday afternoon, the packaging boxed back up and put away. I have way more decor than I use each year, and I'm finding it a big hassle to get it out and put it away every year, so as I'm working on it, some of it is going to have to go. I want to get it down to where, excluding t... Continue Reading


Re: Remember the "QVC Sampler" shows?

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At least days like this are a nice mix of things. So many people complain about a whole day of any given thing, and with this, it can be on in the background, and things that catch your eye can be watched, while the rest just goes by. I kind of like this for a change, not for everyday, but a nice change. Continue Reading


Re: Ruining Black Friday

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I'm done shopping so I don't care what the deals are out there. Everyone has exactly what I know they will want, it is here, wrapped, and paid for. Rock bottom prices on electronics and such don't excite me. If I need a new whatever, I look when I need that item, and make the purchase when I have time to compare features, prices etc. I used to enjoy BF shopping, but no way I want to do it anymore, or wait for even the online specials because it is too close to the holiday to depend on the companies getting it right when they ship. Continue Reading


Re: As you look back at this year, what will you be giving thanks for?

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The biggies for me this year That my son didn't get hurt in his recent car accident That my husband is still employed at a good job that provides for everything we need financially while others still struggle to find or keep decent jobs. That as my mom approaches 80 years old she is still in great health and active. Continue Reading


Re: Nurse who had Ebola asks bridal shop for refunds

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On 11/25/2014 shesallthat said: On 11/25/2014 terrier3 said: She lost tens of THOUSANDS of dollars in business because this woman was in her store. Yeah, right. What an ignorant shop owner, IMO. tens of thousands of dollars could be made/lost with just one client depending on the dresses that they chose! And like it or not, there will be people who won't go to that shop for quite some time to come. I'm not saying it is logical or right, but I'm sure there are some possible clients that will look elsewhere because of this, which will translate to further losses for this business. Continue Reading


Re: Nurse who had Ebola asks bridal shop for refunds

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On 11/25/2014 shesallthat said: she is riding the gravy train brii! zales just gifted her with a free engagement ring a few weeks ago! What a load of Cr@ p! Make a stupid judgement (not self quarantine), effect so many other lives because of it, and get rewarded. Gotta love our society. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Christmas music?

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I love Christmas music, mostly older stuff, not so much new stuff. I prefer the 40's sound or the traditional hymns, with classical thrown in. I listen to Christmas music all year, but just like I do all other forms of music, a little here, a little there. I don't really like one type of music for too many hours or days on end. I really like to mix it up. I enjoy classical, big band, 70's, some rap, country, current pop, blue grass, and even Broadway musical stuff. I really like to mix it up. Continue Reading

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