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Re: 1000 Year Old Medicine May Treat MRSA - Too Good To Be True?

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There is so much to be learned from the 'forgotten' ways. We should look more to the past, while we continue to look to the future, as many answers are there, that have been forgotten and overlooked for a long time. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn Gracie

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On 3/30/2015 victorian vixen said: She doesn't have the hands to be selling jewelry. If I were a vendor I would want my jewelry to looks it's best shown on beautiful hands. Sorry.... but it's just my opinion of which I am entitled to. That is like saying all clothing models at Q need to be thin, tall,or pretty or whatever. The people buying the products have hands of all shapes, sizes and age, and I think it is great to show the jewelry on all different kinds of hands. I get sick of all things being sold today, being shown with/for/on the young and the perfect. Continue Reading


Re: Mary QVC

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On 3/29/2015 sparklestar said: I like Mary. She is funny and I enjoy her. I think she would make a great host. I agree! I think she is genuine, fun, and makes great transition time while David goes from one set to another. I was not fond of the whole set up at first, but now I really enjoy her, and she has grown and improved over time. Continue Reading


Re: vacuum storage bags

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I have used them for linens only, and things come out rather wrinkled, but not to the point of ruining them....yet. Be sure whatever you put in is thoroughly dry, and not in a humid room as you seal them, or they may mildew. When I do blankets and quilts, I wash, machine dry excessively, then leave them over the bed or a couple of chairs for a day or two, just to be sure there is no hidden dampness. Continue Reading


Re: Questions of how to deal with yard waste???

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Please check the correct times and seasons to burn in your area, because even in the country, we are subject to fines if caught burning during times it is restricted, and oddly enough, spring is often just that, a banned time. We burn much of our yard and tree trimming waste, and as we are near the woods, we can dump some there as well. Be sure to allow yourself many hours to monitor the fire and embers, have a hose ready, be sure to be clear of over hanging trees and vegetation, and wet the surrounding area before lighting. Try to think ahead, and get everything done and in the pile before ... Continue Reading


Re: What to gift for a Baby Baptism?

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On 3/30/2015 babyb said: Waaaaaaay back when I was growing up, I can remember sitting with Mom and Dad and siblings each and every night, reading from Little Visits with God, and that is the book I choose each time I get invited to an event like this. There are some very nice Willow Trees that I like giving to my grand daugher for special events, too. I have that book as well! What a great idea, a really nice book. Another that would be appropriate would be Robert Louis Stephenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses". I have a copy that must have been my dad's based on the publication date, and we... Continue Reading


Re: Expired Canned Goods?

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Refreshing to hear so many with the common sense approach on this subject. Usually when this question comes up, the answers are a panic of food poisoning epidemic warnings being spewed. Most canned goods are good at least a year beyond the expiration date, and most will perform just fine several years past. Tomato products can be the exception, as they will go bad sooner. As everyone else has stated, check the cans for bulges or leaks, and discard if they have such. There have been studies done on cans found that were many decades old, and while not the best tasting, the food has not been dan... Continue Reading


Re: What to gift for a Baby Baptism?

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Another vote for savings bond. It can be accompanied by a small token gift as well. Continue Reading


Re: Why would this be?? Every friend I had in high school, has had knee replacement,

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On 3/30/2015 violann said: I cannot adequately describe how much better my weight bearing joints feel after major weight loss. I had made a list of all the good things that might happen if I could lose weight BEFORE I began making major lifestyle changes, and that was one of them. And at 85 pounds less, it has happened. No more knee pain! I'm so glad that worked for you, but it didn't for me. I had gall bladder troubles about 2007 and knew I was going to have to have surgery. I didn't want to do it at my then 310 lbs, so I lost 135 pounds over the course of more than one year. I felt worse af... Continue Reading


Re: We moved and it's a beautiful day

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This sounds lovely! I'm so glad the worst of the work is over for you, and you are able to settle in. Enjoy your new surroundings. Continue Reading

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