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How much is too much, what is the needed amount....

Last Reply by tansy 1398394366.22 | Started by mominohio in For the Home Talk

of linens for your household? I love good linens, kitchen towels, sheets, blankets, bath, hand, and face towels. I like to keep a good stock of them, have lots of vintage bath and kitchen linens as I like them much better than the new stuff. My question is, what is your rule or guideline for the amount you keep on hand? For sheets, each bed in the house needs a minimum of three sets of sheets, one on, one in the wash and one spare. I also keep different sheets for different seasons. I like flannel in the winter, and lighter sheets in the summer. A guest bed (in our house it is twin size) onl... Continue Reading


Re: Brodie at Rainbow Bridge - April 23

In Pet Lovers 1398351805.257

I'm so sorry for your loss. It is one of the hardest things to do, to end the life of a pet that is so important to your family, and I admire you for knowing when the time is right. It is not easy but it is the right thing to do. Please know that there are many here shedding a tear with you, and sending up prayers for your saddened heart to be healed. I believe that all our lost furry friends are happy, young and whole again over the bridge, and waiting for us one day to join them. Until then, they are in wonderful company with each other, and we must move on to love yet another of God's cre... Continue Reading


Re: Share a favorite saying!

In Viewpoints 1398350859.687

Oh and lets not forget the ever famous "I brought you into this world, and I can take you back out!" Continue Reading


Re: Share a favorite saying!

In Viewpoints 1398350814.62

Thanks everyone! These have been great! Many of them I haven't heard in a coon's age! A few I had never heard, and love adding them to my list. My mom also used to tell us (jokingly!!!!) as she was threatening us about our behavior, "I'll hit you so hard when you wake up your clothes will be out of style!" Or "I'll knock you into next week" again, in a joking manner when we were about to do something we weren't supposed to do or saying something she didn't like. Was talking with my friend again (who's mom was from Virginia) and she said they had a saying down there I'd never heard. When they... Continue Reading


Re: Old Rules? New Rules? Who's got rules?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398341386.93

I'm loving hearing the "rules" of the house from our past, and our family had many of the same listed here. What is most striking to me about these posts, is how several people have a real problem with "rules". This is just how I see it. Life is full of "rules". Call them what you want, regulations, expectations, necessities of life, changing the name doesn't change the fact that throughout life, there is someone, somewhere, going to be making you (and all of us) accountable to the "rules". It will be a boss, the government, the school, etc. Responsible and Reasonable parents set "rules" or... Continue Reading


Re: New 9 X13 baker design-Not TT for a change!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398339944.917

I watched the presentation and thought this 9x13 was really nice. A different take, with the vegetable pattern. It is etched, like TT Floral Lace. I wish we knew if more pieces were coming, as I have a bazillion ceramic 9x13's and really can't justify one more. I thought it was nice because the cookbook was included, but some of the reviews make it seem like the cookbook is not my style. I wish I had a gifting occasion to purchase it for, but not even that now. I have liked some of the Blue Jean Chef offerings, but the lines never seem to go anywhere, and I don't want something that I can't ... Continue Reading


Re: I wish I had more of this in my life..

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398339353.663

When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's, there were a certain circle of people that would just drop by the house unannounced and it was considered normal. In our case, several of them were men friends of my dad's who stopped by to visit after he was disabled and home full time. Others were relatives, and an occasional neighbor. There was always a coffee pot on, home baked goods (even if mom had to pull them out of the freezer) and it was never considered inconvenient or rude. My mom worked full time after my dad was housebound, so if he was the only one there, he'd do the entertaining. To... Continue Reading


Re: Temptation - for Tara and Jill

In Temp-tations 1398251771.82

I love the Vintage Grace patterns as well. There are supposed to be more dinnerware sets on the way, I believe that was posted on one or the other's Facebook page. There were supposed to be new pieces released about a year ago, but were put on hold because of some kind of production problem. The pieces I have (dinnerware, casserole, and 4 mini oval casseroles, and platter set) are of better quality than some of the other patterns I have, and are just beautiful (I have the brown). I had even heard that there might be more colors. At one time, they had mentioned a canister set, and maybe some b... Continue Reading


Re: Bliss Zero Gravity

In For the Home Talk 1398219690.683

On 4/22/2014 kachina624 said: You can also buy these chairs at Walmart, Kohl's and the big box hardware stores for less $$$ and no high priced S&H. The ones I've seen at retail are not the same. They don't have the double stitching on the edges, aren't wide like the XL, and don't come in the same fabric choices. Q's are more expensive, but I think they are a step above anything I've seen, and I've seen these at quite a few different retailers. Continue Reading


Share a favorite saying!

Last Reply by betteb 1398395461.177 | Started by mominohio in Viewpoints

In a post on another forum, Sooner used a saying "worn slick", and I asked her the origin and where she'd heard it. I love old sayings, especially if they are used more regionally. Do you have an old saying that was used in your family or region that perhaps isn't know throughout the nation? Would you care to share? I'll start it with this. I have a friend who's mother was raised in the hills of Virginia. My friend grew up here in Ohio, where her parents moved when they were married in the early 1950's. When they would go across town (all of a 7 to 10 minute trip) and get groceries, they nev... Continue Reading

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