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Why, some days, Lunchtime specials not up at even 17 minutes after the hour?

Started by mominohio in Viewpoints 1422548348.62

Can't figure out why some days they get it up on time, and others it's 20 minutes or more late. Continue Reading


Re: temptations

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422547510.867

On 1/29/2015 happy housewife said: I am 100% certain this thread was started to cause controversy and angst!! You would. Just how much "angst" can you create over bakeware? Well, pretty much I guess, because you usually do. I love how you can be 100% certain about things you have no hand in or direct knowledge of (OP and their question). Unless perhaps you started this thread? Continue Reading


Re: Go Daddy Puppy Commercial - Yeah or Neigh????

In Viewpoints 1422539261.69

While not the end of the world, I can't really see how the company thought it would be well received. Perhaps that is the key right there. Released it to create a controversy, which puts their name out their in a big way. Some companies, like some people look for attention, whether positive or negative, just want that attention. Definitely isn't going to give me the warm fuzzies about Go Daddy. Continue Reading


Re: The power of brotherly love.....

In Pet Lovers 1422538933.997

As a kitty mom myself, my heart just breaks for you. We have lost many an elderly pet, and while, for me, that is so much easier than a sudden loss of a younger one, it still weighs so heavy on your heart. When a pet is with you for 15 to 20 years or more, you really don't remember life without them. They are a part of who you are. I'm so very sorry for all the recent losses in your life. Please take comfort in knowing that those wonderful, innocent animals had such a wonderful loving life because of your kindness and caring. Bless you, and a prayer for peace in your heart. Continue Reading


Re: temptations

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422538347.37

For a broader view of this product, I recommend going to the Facebook page for Temp-tations (public page), as well as joining the Facebook private page Temp-tationistas Anonymous. Both have lots of input from actual customers and users of this product. There is positive and negative posted on both sites. You will get a better idea of just how much breakage is happening, as people post lots of pictures of the dishes actually damaged in the oven, or crazing and cracking over time. You will see some of the terrible paint and glazing that somehow misses quality control. You will also see people p... Continue Reading


Re: Susan Louise or anyone who can help answer a question about BHG Heritage pattern

In For the Home Talk 1422489035.573

Susan Louise, I just checked the sold listings for those bowls, and some sellers have offered them at really reasonable prices. I'll just keep watching and I'm sure I'll be able to get some within the next year. Thanks again! Continue Reading


Re: Susan Louise or anyone who can help answer a question about BHG Heritage pattern

In For the Home Talk 1422488871.1

Susan Louise, you are the most helpful person! Thank you so much. Those bowls for the poinsettia set are the only ones I have ever seen as well. They are very compatible with any of the BGH Heritage pieces, as they are very neutral. Whoever designed this line was really thinking about adding things over time, and making it very easy for people to build sets over time. I will keep an eye out for those bowls, now that I see what they look like up close. Current seller is a little crazy on their price, but I'm sure more will be listed eventually. In the meantime, I certainly wish they would co... Continue Reading


Re: I'd appreciate your prayers and good thoughts

In Viewpoints 1422460281.14

Prayers and best wishes sent for you both. I'm so glad he was not hurt worse, and will pray for the doctors to be guided to find and help him in any way they can. Also a prayer sent up for you for strength and peace during this difficult time. Please keep us posted. Continue Reading


Re: Is An Omission The Same As a Lie?

In Viewpoints 1422460041.71

On 1/27/2015 Ilikeshade said: Lying by omission is lying, imo. It's deception whether it's the spoken word or the deliberate withholding of the facts. This is how I feel as well, when it is an important relationship in your life, and the subject being discussed is of importance to that relationship. When I feel omission is not lying is when you are confronted or asked something by someone, that is really none of their concern or business. How much you choose to tell or leave out in that circumstance is, to me, totally your choice and not wrong because the relationship or the subject is reall... Continue Reading


Susan Louise or anyone who can help answer a question about BHG Heritage pattern

Last Reply by mominohio 1422489035.653 | Started by mominohio in For the Home Talk

I have my Walmart BHG Heritage winter dishes out right now, and was noticing that I don't have any soup/cereal bowls. I have purchased everything open stock and don't remember ever seeing any regular bowls that usually come with a place setting. I have serving bowls, and the set of three prep type bowls, but not the soup/cereal/salad ones. Does anyone know if they ever made these outside of the boxed sets, in an open stock fashion like the other pieces? I looked on ebay and didn't see anything, and was wondering if I should keep looking second hand, or if they never offered them open stock. I... Continue Reading

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