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A big one that stands out is our vacation when I had just finished 6th grade. My grandparents, my parents, my brother and I left Ohio in June, driving with two travel trailers (this was about 1973) all the way to California and back. Of course the usual things that people do were memorable, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, etc. but the real memories were in the daily things. My brother and I broke out with chickenpox once we reached Albuquerque NM. There was no air conditioning in the cars or trailers, it was hot and we were miserable. No doctors for us. We were diagnosed by my grandma, and kept... Continue Reading


Re: Are you a good listener, or would you rather do the talking?

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I hope it counts that I try to be a listener. The older I get, the more I realize how important real listening is. I tend to talk plenty, especially when someone else doesn't have much to say. I feel the need to pull them out and get them to communicate. And if someone wants an opinion or advice on something, I'm usually willing to give them my take. I find that as time passes, I ask for a lot more input than I did when I was younger. Perhaps that is a sign that I am listening more. Continue Reading


Re: Good Friday...not so good

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Jules, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your father. No amount of "forewarning" can really prepare us for the emptiness and sadness. I hope it helps that there are many here holding you in our thoughts and prayers today. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday Cooking...am I the only one who feels this way?

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I'm so glad everyone can share their feelings and experiences here. It helps when things change in our lives (maybe not necessarily to our liking) to know others have gone through the stages, and have found ways to celebrate and be happy, just differently than before. I don't think there is any right answer to these dilemmas, each answer is as different as the people and the situation at hand. I think maybe we shouldn't be afraid to try something different than we are used to for a holiday celebration. It might be the new tradition, or it might flop. We can always go back to the old ways, or ... Continue Reading


Re: For my decluttering Friends.

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On 4/19/2014 casuallady said: This is such a difficult time of the year to know where to start (in PA) after the rough winter. The windows are dirty, the fireplace needs cleaned out and the mat thrown away, the garage, shed, the branches in the yard, the porch, and the list goes on. We baby sit grandkids 2-3 days a week, so we need to be very efficient. I know many of you are feeling a little over whelmed, however after many years, I am trying to remind myself to break the projects into mini projects. Lets continue to update and encourage each other. "Happy Easter"!!! This year it will just b... Continue Reading


Re: Wire baskets, trivets and lids

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On 4/19/2014 gkelly5744 said: On 4/12/2014 kaybee said: On 4/12/2014 Yorkiebeebs said: I think I'm giving my wire baskets to the Goodwill and I will keep the covers. I thought maybe just a couple of each size and give the others away. I don't know what Goodwill would do with those baskets. If they're useless with the Temptation ware then they'd be even more useless without....wouldn't they? Maybe someone could make crafty decor out of them or something with silk flowers I suppose. I agree kaybee, giving them to Goodwill would be a waste, IMO, I have many sizes and use them for different ways... Continue Reading


Re: Saw a new line of Luminara

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On 4/17/2014 SHOPR said: On 4/15/2014 yellowrose said: You just had to do it, didn't you Shopr? LOL I've been WOWED and I told myself no more candles unless I'm wowed. I LOVE that candle and it would look awesome in my home. I really like the picture of it being displayed in a box. With the price, not even including shipping, it won't be coming to my house but mominohio I'm happy for you. What a perfect gift from your mom. Happy belated birthday, feel better and enjoy those candles. (I'm a little jealous) thanks for the picture shopr, even though it's killing me not to buy one. You're welcom... Continue Reading


Re: Valarie

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Valerie still has some nice things, but not like back in the day. I find most of her wreaths to be cheap and tacky looking. I like the days when she brought the ones with dried flowers and eucalyptus. Many of her offerings were done with a high end look, like something you would find people living in fine old historic homes buying and displaying. Now much of it is cheap looking mercury glass (I like a little of it but enough is enough) and so many things I see on other sites. I'm definitely not a Valerie basher, and I have many of her things in my home, but I think Q is looking to keep merch... Continue Reading


Re: For my decluttering Friends.

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My inside decluttering has been minimal lately, as I've had to declutter my yard of sticks and branches after this horrible winter. We have lots of old trees, many of which need taken down, but that takes money, and the spring clean up takes a couple of days each year now. The yard does look better, and we have to get it done before the first mow. We would usually have mowed at least once already, but had snow again early this week. I started cleaning out the garage this past week, as it is the single most cluttered place in the house. All winter, things got left because it was just way too c... Continue Reading


Re: Lancaster PA area- Amish quilts??

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If you know your quilts, I apologize, but if you don't, be careful about where and what you buy. Prices are so over inflated at some locations (we have our own "Amish country" here in Ohio) and many of the quilts are all or partially machine sewn, in case you are looking for all hand done. Continue Reading

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