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Re: Shawn Killinger - A Personal Story

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My condolences Shawn. Unfortunately, I have been there. The loss of a child is the worst heartbreak ever. Take the time that you need to grieve. (((Hugs))) Continue Reading


Re: Vera Bradley TSV July 17, 2014

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I like the colors of the African Violet. I'm not getting the TSV though. I'm thinking of picking up an accessory piece to go with another tote that I already have. Continue Reading


Re: Tessuta Handbags

In Dooney & Bourke 1405628000.9

I saw that email. That's a gorgeous bag! Continue Reading


Re: Anybody watching MISTRESSES?

In TV Talk 1404183376.423

Not much. The ladies had an intervention/chat with Savi. Joss thinks she's doing Zach. So far, she hasn't...not on screen. Dom was hit on by the new associate. She claims that she wants to get more cases & be partner at the firm. Continue Reading


Re: What Do You Do With Your D&B Dustcovers?

In Dooney & Bourke 1404182617.313

They make great travel laundry bags. Continue Reading


Anybody watching MISTRESSES?

Last Reply by luvmyteddy 1405448816.01 | Started by MSA2004 in TV Talk

April's new boyfriend, Daniel the Artist, is up to something. Savi and the Accident Dude, Zach? Odd pairing. But, I think Dom is on the way out. I love Savi's estranged husband. Why is Karen dressing up? Not that hard up for a date. Google or not. Continue Reading


12 year old cat issues

Last Reply by terrier3 1405523878.333 | Started by MSA2004 in Pet Lovers

Our twelve year old pet cat has stopped using her litter box. So, I bought her a brand new one. I scrubbed the floor, bought new litter and thought that would fix the problem. No. She's still at it. I made her an appointment at the vet, as I read that sudden litter changes could be the result of an infection. She eats. She plays. She's our only animal. The dog died several years ago. Depending on what the vet says, will determine our next action. Continue Reading



In Mom to Mom Forum 1404143338.37

The office isn't as bad as the commute. Several of these women sit right next to me day after day and just plain ignore me. It's rude. I don't want to party or bar hopping, but it hurts a big to be ignored when I'm sitting right there! Thank goodness for my Kindle and the ability to sit someplace else sometimes! Continue Reading


Re: Fit Bit Walker's Club....welcome in. :)

In Health & Fitness 1404143149.473

I have a FitBit One. I'd love to join you! I charge mine by plugging it into the laptop while hubby is playing his game at night. It charges pretty quickly. Continue Reading


Re: Please, Please, Please help me...

In Health & Fitness 1404142966.76

Walking everyday will help you loose some weight. Cut carb intake. Boost fiber intake. In two weeks, you will not drop significant weight, maybe 5-7 lbs. if you do it PERFECTLY and never miss exercising. That said, with only two weeks to go, buy some SPANX, see a seamstress, get your dress altered, allow for time to get that done! Notify the bride and go to the wedding. Continue Reading

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