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Re: WHY???

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MLB - is the Major League Baseball line. Look at the Dooney website, under Grafica and you will see several items offered. They are coated cotton with the emblems of various MLB teams on them. Zappos offers returns for 1 full year. Plus, they pay the shipping both ways. Just an FYI. If you buy on Leap Year, Feb 29, date, you get 4 full years to return your purchase. I don't know of ANY other company that does that!!!! The previous poster was correct, $300 is the same whether or not you make payments on that money. I have seen my bank statements sometimes and the Easy Payments coming out. ... Continue Reading


Re: So what do people think about the new "FAUX LEATHER" products??????

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Our local boutique said that, after looking at samples & discussing them with her staff, decided not to order them. They didn't think that customers would pay that price for plastic. (Her words). I went to check them out in person. No luck. Continue Reading


Re: whats your favorite style dooney?

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I really love my Dillen 2 Drawstring, my Florentine Medium Toggle crossbody and my Lexington (original, pebbled leather). I have a lot of Dooney purses and totes, but those immediately come to mind as my favorites. I'm getting ready to sell a few of the ones in my collection. Continue Reading


Re: deep grief

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My condolences. Continue Reading


Re: Death & children

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The children did very well with this experience. There were a few questions. Not as many as I anticipated. I'm sure that more will come. Thanks for discussing this with me. Continue Reading


Re: Resurrection

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They do offer a lot of shows on the same time. 60 Minutes has CBS by the short hairs! It is NEVER pre-empted!!!! Therefore, it airs in its entirety EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK, then The Amazing Race comes on and then, the next and the next...each one pushed back because of some sports program, then 60 Minutes. It's so frustrating. CBS is also a bear to watch something later. Since they are not big on "sharing". UGH!!!! I like this show, but I really wish they would explain a bit more. I think that he could be speaking to the sheriff's wife too. It was so sad when all of the other children left Jacob... Continue Reading


Re: Death & children

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He (our 7 year old) and our younger twins were told yesterday. Our oldest asked to attend the services and say good-bye to his grandfather. I am going to let him skip the whole casket portion if he chooses to do so. We were not terribly close to this man. His choice & his loss. Still, I will go and support my husband and my son. My husband adored his father, as most boys do. He is taking it hard. Thank you for all of your insights. Death is a normal part of life. I do not think that any child needs that image in their young mind. I am sure they will go for an open casket. I'd rather he... Continue Reading


Re: Death & children

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UPDATE: My FIL passed this morning. My husband's stepmother called and informed him while he was on his way to work. (Love communicating by cell phone.) anyhow, I called my MIL and informed her. My FIL's Mom is too frail to travel from a few states away and will not attend the services. Tonight, we will tell our children together. Thank you for all of your comments. I don't want to traumatize my son. (Our younger children will not attend the funeral either way.) we were "cordial", but not "close", mainly because my FIL was not that warm & friendly kind of person towards me. He was nice to... Continue Reading


Re: Nail polish & mature women

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It's nail polish! Wear it! I have seen some odd colors, but I've also worn some that people have both complimented and questioned. Forest green, deep navy, road cone orange (I have two new bottles for spring). I may not wear neon yellow in my clothing, but on my nails? Why not? I can change it in a few minutes. Continue Reading


Re: Death & children

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Thank you everyone. I appreciate it. The only pet we have lost since he's been here died when he was a year old. Continue Reading

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