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Re: Anyone Use Frozen Onions and/or Frozen Green Bell Peppers?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1412960137.127

Have not used frozen onions, but I use frozen chopped green peppers when I make chili and I have no complaints. Continue Reading


Re: Rash Flare Around Neck/Ear for a Couple of Weeks...

In Beauty Banter 1412553735.33

Is it itchy? Could be a jewelry (nickel) allergy. Another possibility could be a sensitivity to laundry detergent or fabric softener: have you changed laundry products lately that you use on your clothes and bed sheets and towels? Or new perfume or medication that's new? One almost has to be a Sherlock Holmes if it’s an allergy. And if it won’t go away, and it is some kind of contact allergy, it won’t go away until you eliminate the cause. Continue Reading


Re: Finally found the best curly hair product ever made!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1412536411.363

My hair is naturally curly and I've been using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Grooming Pomade. Received a sample about 5 years ago and have been using it ever since. It has always kept my hair frizz-free and with a great shine. One does not need a lot and my hair feels so soft. It's primarily for short, naturally curly hair. Continue Reading


Re: Red Eye Radio very honest discussions from 1 AM to 5 AM EST Texas

In TV Talk 1412237098.707

Have been listening to Eric and Gary on Red Eye Radio for quite a while. It's a super radio show and both of them are really well-versed and well-spoken on the subjects discussed. Continue Reading


New Movie Online (Free) Before Opening in Theaters: It's called One Chance

Started by knmt in Movies 1412235595.483

Just watched the movie One Chance online. Wow! Good, uplifting entertainment Yahoo is showing the whole movie online (free) through October 9. It opens in theaters on Oct. 10. It's the story of Paul Potts who loved opera, was bullied and wound up on Britain's Got Talent TV show and won. It's funny, tender, and such a heartening story. It was produced by Simon Cowell and has the director who did The Devil Wears Prada. And I was glad I had a box of kleenex handy. Here's a link to the article. And within the article there is a link to watch the movie: https://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/how-the-... Continue Reading


Re: If you had to survive on the food that's in your house right now, how long would you last?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1412150677.94

I'd make it happily for two weeks since I just went to the grocery store today. Could make it another two weeks not so happily. Continue Reading


Re: Microsoft has announced WINDOWS 10

In Electronics Talk 1412149848.627

According to the below blog, Office 2013 is transferable. http://blogs.office.com/2013/03/06/office-2013-now-transferable/ Continue Reading


Re: Microsoft has announced WINDOWS 10

In Electronics Talk 1412149454.02

Maybe they're trying to stay as far away from unpopular Windows 8 as possible! Anyway, here's a link on "10": http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-jumps-to-windows-10/ Continue Reading


Re: Kindle HDX ??

In Electronics Talk 1412125740.563

Check toward the bottom of this article on HDX wifi problems: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/517739/20131029/amazon-kindle-fire-hd-hdx-top-7.htm#.VCtSyRb-TbB If the above does not work, contact Amazon Kindle Support. Hope your other new tablet will work properly. Continue Reading


Re: Microsoft Office

In Electronics Talk 1412063549.573

According to the Microsoft site it is compatible: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compatibility/CompatCenter/ProductDetailsViewer?Name=Microsoft%20Office%202010%20Home%20and%20Student&vendor=Microsoft&ModelOrVersion=14&Type=Software&tempOsid=Windows+8.1 I would personally never purchase the 365 since it's too darn expensive. I have Windows 7 with Office 2010 and I'm sticking with it as long as possible. You might find a decent price on Amazon for the MS Office Home & Student version. And you might even luck out and find one with disks. Make sure the MS Office Home ... Continue Reading

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