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Re: I don't do Black Friday shopping, do you?

In Fashion Talk 1416712352.41

Never. I would rather hang from my fingernails than go near a store on Black Friday! Continue Reading


Re: Rutabagas

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416334206.34

Love them. I get the small ones which are sweeter, mash them and enjoy with mashed potatoes. Continue Reading


Re: Does Gigaset need antivirus protection?

In Electronics Talk 1416190918.2

On 11/16/2014 Debbie555 said: I sure didn't know this! I don't use any for my iPhone or ipads, pretty sure you don't need it for. I just got a kindle fire 6 and didn't know there was antivirus for that! Sure, I use Mobile Security and Antivirus by eset from the Amazon app store as well as Clean Master to keep the excess "junk" off my Kindle 8.9 HDX. Both are free. Continue Reading


Re: Kindle Fire HDX

In Electronics Talk 1415863862.977

On 11/12/2014 Mayfayre said: Just a head's up that Amazon is pushing through it's newest Sangria OS update to the Fire HDX 7's now, which makes them on par with the new HDX 8.9's OS. To check to see if you have it, go to Settings > Device Options > System Updates. If you have the latest operating system it will show "Fire OS 4.1.1". Exactly. My 2013 Kindle 8.9 HDX updated to Sangria last month. In my opinion the difference between the 2014 and 2013 8.9 HDX is not significantly different. Sure, there some minor changes, but I'm very happy with the 2013 model. It just depends on what you... Continue Reading


Re: Adware Removal?

In Electronics Talk 1415830381.323

The following work well for me and they are free: Malwarebytes-- https://www.malwarebytes.org/antimalware/ Spybot: http://www.safer-networking.org/ Make sure you get the free versions and be careful when installing that you don't sign up by accident for any "free trials" of the paid version. Continue Reading


Re: Printer is Off Line

In Electronics Talk 1415826449.577

You may have to uninstall and then reinstall the printer software. Continue Reading


Re: Kindle Fire HDX

In Electronics Talk 1415517218.1

On 11/8/2014 Sandgirl said: I am thinking about getting it too. Anyone know anything about security? I mean is it safe to log onto my email & banking info? I leave for vacation in a week and I would really like to take this with? Android is pretty safe, however I use the Mobile Security and Antivirus app by Eset, which is free on the Amazon site. In addition I have the app, Clean Master for my Kindle Fire 8.9 HDX which cleans up all the junk that accumulates. Both apps are free on Amazon. Both apps have been working very well for me. Continue Reading


Re: Need facial products that don't break me out and don't break the bank

In Beauty Banter 1415516489.257

I have sensitive skin and have no problems with Alpha Hydrox products that I purchase on neotericcosmetics.com. Every month they usually have some kind of special and their products are effective and cost is reasonable. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- November 2014

In Book Club 1415429622.26

On 11/7/2014 sunala said: On 11/7/2014 knmt said: <em>Maximum Insecurity: A Doctor in the Supermax by William Wright, MD.</em> The author is a physician who grew tired and bored after 30 years in private practice and decided to work in a prison. Pretty funny reading about what the convicts try to pull and his acclimation to working in a Colorado high security prison with a lot of inmates with nothing much to do other than claim how sick they are so they can get drugs: World's apart from his private practice. I read it on my Kindle, but it's also available in Nook version and paper... Continue Reading

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