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Re: New update on E news tonight~

In Fashion Talk 1409618299.487

I could not find anything either on E! website, however, I did find more recent info for what it's worth: Continue Reading


Re: Electric bill

In For the Home Talk 1409505457.36

I'm also in the Midwest and keep mine at 78. Bills weren't too bad this summer. Continue Reading


An ebook for those who like stories like Doc Martin

Last Reply by colinka 1409504219.13 | Started by knmt in eBook Club

Am halfway through The Young Country Doctor Book 1: Bilbury Chronicles by Vernon Coleman. This is so interesting. It's non-fiction about a doctor just out of training in a small English village, Bilbury. Not done with this one yet and I eagerly downloaded book 2. There are 7 books. It's really entertaining, engrossing and is hard to put down. It's all about his arrival in 1970, purchasing a new car when he didn't have much money yet, people in the village, and patients in this lovely little village in England. Guess I'll be keeping my Kindle busy with all seven books at this rate. <h1 clas... Continue Reading


Re: I am switching from Dish to Uverse

In Electronics Talk 1409456436.42

I did have Uverse internet for years and was very happy with it. Finally couldn't put up with the shenanigans from Comcast TV any more and switched to Uverse TV. I pay $92, includes taxes, for both TV (U200) and internet. I like Uverse TV much much better. The Uverse phone is very pricey and I was not happy with it so I use an Ooma Telo (VOIP) and pay only $4 and change for phone and have no complaints. Continue Reading


Re: free antivirus protection

In Electronics Talk 1409433151.63

I use Avast free antivirus. Good program. Also use the free Malwarebytes and free Superantispyware which I run once a week. Continue Reading


Re: Can't Get Firefox or IE

In Electronics Talk 1409370912.347

You did not state what operating system you have. The latest Internet Explorer version is 11, not 9. If you have windows 7, here's a link for the download: If it is not, just type it in the search box in the the above microsoft link. Continue Reading


Re: Can't Get Firefox or IE

In Electronics Talk 1409321744.907

This is from the Mozilla site. Only difference is version of Firefox: Continue Reading


Re: Any way I can get less junk phone calls?

In Electronics Talk 1409172964.49

I purchased an Ooma Telo (VOIP) over a year and half ago. I love it. One can blacklist individual phone numbers or whole area codes. I was getting tons of telemarketers calling. Did have a phone that did block up to a certain amount, where it would ring once and then disconnect. Not enough for me. However, with Ooma, if the nuisance call is in an area code where I know no one or do not do business(most of them), I block the entire area code. Nowadays it's blissfully quiet. Phone does not ring at all when these boneheads call. I might get a call once a month from yet another area code, which I... Continue Reading


Re: Now the pages are too big for my browser

In Q Did What? 1409155926.653

Try holding the Control key and the number 0. Continue Reading


Re: Need Device to Listen to Radio as a Passenger While Husband is Driving

In Electronics Talk 1407538979.933

When I work out in the yard, I use a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 player It's very little and I plug in earphones and put it in my shirt pocket since it's only approx. 2" x1". It has outstanding sound and has FM radio. Runs around $25-$30. Continue Reading

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