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Re: Am afraid to upgrade to Windows 11?

In Electronics Talk 1397951349.757

Lovestodance, it's Internet Explorer that needs upgrading to version 11. No big deal. Continue Reading


Re: Velveeta Cheese

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397176267.497

On 4/10/2014 LEXIE said: False alarm...was a marketing ploy.... Wrongo! I heard this earlier this year around Superbowl time. Problem was high demand! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone love Doris Day???

In TV Talk 1396806861.283

On 4/3/2014 Shelbelle said: Pillow Talk, one of my all time faves!!!! Those that get ME TV, Sun 4/6, they will be airing the old Doris Day sitcom from 1970 beginning at 3 PM ET. Thanks, Shelbelle! I'm all set to watch on Sunday. Love METV, MeTooTV and Cozi. They just don't make good series on TV like they used to! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone use Dead Sea Salt as a sole treatment for psoriasis?

In Beauty Banter 1396690365.78

I don't have psoriasis, but do have seborreic dermatitis which some seem to think is related to psoriasis. Have used a scrub some years ago that contained Dead Sea Salts, but I didn't care for it. A few years ago I discovered Gene's Vitamin E Cream which only comes in 16 oz. jars. This cream is fabulous (and reasonably priced)! It is sooo soothing to my very sensitive skin. It won't cure psoriasis, but it will be very calming on the skin. I wouldn't be without it. I like it so much I'd like to shout it from the rooftops. I purchase it on, but I understand some Sam's Clubs carry it... Continue Reading


Re: Calling All Natural Curly Tops. Help Please?

In Beauty Banter 1396677299.43

I've been using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Grooming Pomade for about 6 years and absolutely love it! Received a sample at a luncheon and another gal with naturally curly short hair and I have been using it ever since. It's primarily for short, naturally curly hair and gives a great shine and best of all is a winner when the weather is humid--no frizz. My hair always feels soft. Wouldn't be without it! You don't need much and the jar lasts a long time. Continue Reading


Re: Makeup Alley....

In Beauty Banter 1396663629.013

Have enjoyed MUA for years. And what's really nice is that one doesn't get bombarded with zillions of emails from them. Continue Reading


Re: Call The Midwife Returns this Sunday on PBS, March 30!

In TV Talk 1396135764.3

On 3/29/2014 keri said: If you like CTM, you'll certainly enjoy reading this: 7 Reasons "Call The Midwife" Is One Of The Best Shows On Television Thanks for the link, keri! Continue Reading


Call The Midwife Returns this Sunday on PBS, March 30!

Last Reply by Judaline 1396956829.293 | Started by knmt in TV Talk

Yay! Can't wait. Such a good show! Continue Reading


Re: Question About HDMI Cable

In Electronics Talk 1395978671.753

I agree with Lynnj. By the way, the red, whte and yellow "thingys" is called the RCA connectors. It's either the connectors or the HDMI cable--not both. Continue Reading


Re: Stupid question - hot flashes?

In Health & Fitness 1395872318.223

On 3/26/2014 ellaphant said: You need a new Dr. Amen to that! Continue Reading

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