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Re: Jeans for Over 40's

In Fashion Talk 1419012574.827

On 12/18/2014 GoodStuff said: You've been given some good suggestions for jeans to try.......but few things are as individual as finding jeans that fit! Every woman's shape and proportions are specific, and you'll have to get out there and try on jeans to find a style and brand that work best for you. There's no way around it; it's you and a pile of denim struggling to the death in a fitting room. Daunting, but true. Goodstuff, you are sooo right! I find Lee jeans work the best for me. I prefer a close-fit bootcut or straight leg jeans. That style gives me a longer-leg look. Tapered is not f... Continue Reading


Re: Adobe Reader

In Electronics Talk 1418620737.777

Adobe is safe IF you go thru the Adobe site. Not a good idea to click on any popups---ever! Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a tried and true, not too labor intensive cinnamon roll recipe.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418620120.357

Here's another easy recipe with frozen bread dough for Ooey Gooey Breakfast Rolls and it uses butterscotch pudding: Continue Reading


Re: Adobe Reader

In Electronics Talk 1418619781.787

I never go thru the popups. One never knows. I just go to the Adobe site to download (and if you do not want McAfee, be sure to uncheck the box), Continue Reading


Re: Any lovers of rainy, "dreary" weather out there?

In For the Home Talk 1418619276.76

I've always loved cloudy, cool, weather. A gentle rain is nice, too. Continue Reading


Re: Thanks to all who recommended the Meltdowns by Signature Club A!

In Beauty Banter 1418003849.4

On 12/7/2014 Colonel Meow said: On 12/7/2014 marky said: I love the French Vanilla and I'm not even a "vanilla" person. It removes my makeup and leaves my face clean and soft. I did try the peony in the past and it burned my eyes. I know that they offer BOGO a couple times of year on these meltdowns--not sure when that is. That is obviously the best time to purchase once you find the one you like most. The BOGO free is going on right now! That's why I finally took the plunge. So, I'm noticing from replies on this thread and my earlier one that there have been other scents available in the pa... Continue Reading


Re: What Is Your Favorite Christmas Commercial?

In TV Talk 1417991744.437

I have to add this one to my Hershey kisses commercial. It's a new one for UPS and very sweet: Continue Reading


The CUTEST commercial!!

Last Reply by colliegirls 1417827777.323 | Started by knmt in TV Talk

Saw this on TV recently. I LOVE this commercial! Continue Reading


Re: Peter Pan Live - anyone watching tonight?

In TV Talk 1417750056.057

I'm watching now. Allison Williams is NBC Newscaster, Brian Williams daughter. She's pretty good. Didn't care for Christopher Walken as Hook. I thought Cyril Richard in the old 1950's Mary Martin production was the best Captain Hook. This new one is not a bad production. If anyone wondered like me as to why they use women to play Peter Pan, here's the answer: Continue Reading

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