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Re: Bill Cosby ugly situation

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A good number of women reported it right away in past years to no avail. So far, there are 19 women. What an arrogant, pathetic human being. Continue Reading


Dedicated E-Reader Kindle On Sale Today (11/27/14)

Last Reply by lovescats 1417216683.32 | Started by knmt in eBook Club

If anyone doesn't want to pay a lot for a Kindle e-reader (wifi) there's one on Amazon today for $49 which is regularly $79. It's one with special offers which never interferes with what you're reading. They also have other models on sale as well. Continue Reading


Re: Black Friday shopping. So excited! Question on photo copied coupons

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Don't know specifically about Macy's but most stores will not accept photocopies of coupons. Even when one goes to coupon sites, they limit you to two coupons you can print for a particular coupon. Continue Reading


Re: New: Downton Abbey Perfume

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On 11/25/2014 i like celery said: On 11/25/2014 beckyb1012 said: Breaks down to about $35.00 for the set of seven. Not bad price wise compared to Dept. store scents. Now it is higher than say Shania Twain's perfume. The size of each of the roll-ons in the gift set ($244.99) is 4 ml. The other sizes if individually purchased ($74.99) are 8 ml roll-ons. Well, 4 ml each times 7 bottles is still under an ounce! (4 ml =.135 ounce) Love the show. They can keep their perfume. Continue Reading


New: Downton Abbey Perfume

Last Reply by Peridot1947 1416960483.44 | Started by knmt in Beauty Banter

It's a bit too pricey for my budget since it is pure perfume, but I would like to see what the fragrances smell like. Description does nothing for me. For perfume, I have to smell it in person, try it out and see if the fragrance lasts or works with my chemistry. One way to make $$ from the terrific TV series. Continue Reading


What Is Your Favorite Christmas Commercial?

Last Reply by annabellethecat 1417228325.373 | Started by knmt in TV Talk

I'm not fond of any commercials, however, the one Christmas commercial that has been on for years is the Hershey Kisses commercial where they're little bells ringing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." Simple. And it's one I favorably remember. I think some of them want us to remember the product, but we do in a negative way since the commercial is obnoxious. Let's just talk NICE commercials if one can use that adjective with commercials! Continue Reading


Re: DWTS- is it over?

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Spoiler for those who recorded DWTS and did not watch it yet from Monday night: Continue Reading


Re: vhs to dvd, advice/product suggestions needed

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I have a Toshiba DVR 670. It has the capability to dub tapes to dvds. I have dubbed some tapes to DVD which worked out well. However, you won't get the digital quality of the DVDs today. It can only copy the previous resolution of the tape. Got mine in 2007 on Amazon and when you can find this model, the price is well over $200. I primarily use it for DVDs only today. Continue Reading


Re: I don't do Black Friday shopping, do you?

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Never. I would rather hang from my fingernails than go near a store on Black Friday! Continue Reading


Re: Rutabagas

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Love them. I get the small ones which are sweeter, mash them and enjoy with mashed potatoes. Continue Reading

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