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Re: Is the search function not working for anyone else but me?

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I found this: Continue Reading


Re: More Info On ALL The New Kindles (including the Fire)

In eBook Club 1411076591.357

On 9/18/2014 yellowkitty said: Thanks for the heads up, Knmt ! I have been waiting for Amazon to come out with a new Fire. Like the 8.9 I have the current 8.9 HDX and the video is absolutely stunning. Also like the rear AND front camera. Got it during a lightning deal on Amazon last month at a really good price. I use the Kindle dedicated e-readers for books. Continue Reading


Re: cable users - do you pay extra for boxes?

In Electronics Talk 1411075349.59

I have a Uverse box and DVR--all in one-- $7.00 per month. Continue Reading


Re: More Info On ALL The New Kindles (including the Fire)

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On 9/18/2014 travelin grandma said: I use a "real" camera, also and wonder if you can somehow hook it up to the Kindle to put your photos on it. Yes you can. You load the photos from your digital camera to your pc. Then connect the Kindle to the pc to download the photos to the Kindle. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Horrible New Computer Virus

In Fashion Talk 1411014221.67

Sounds a lot like the one that hit businesses over in the U.K. Continue Reading


More Info On ALL The New Kindles (including the Fire)

Last Reply by mima 1411133437.21 | Started by knmt in eBook Club

This one is on the new dedicated ereader as well as the Fire tablets that were just announced. In fact, all the new kindles are on the Amazon site now with all the specs. Continue Reading


Peek At New Amazon Dedicated E-Reader

Started by knmt in eBook Club 1410989491.84

Looks interesting, possible price increase, below is link for your info: Continue Reading


Word of Caution: Get Your Kindle Books Only At Amazon

Last Reply by adoreqvc 1410860005.447 | Started by knmt in eBook Club

Whether the book is free or you want to purchase, just be careful and get your Kindle books only at Amazon or a trusted site that would link you to Amazon. According to the article in the link below if you download a kindle book anywhere but from Amazon, someone could hack into your Amazon account. Continue Reading


Re: kindle fire hdx

In Electronics Talk 1410816186.4

I got my 8.9 Kindle Fire HDX 32GB about a month ago on Amazon in a Lightning deal. Agree it is terrific. Why don't you check other shopping channels online since they are the ones who most likely will have them with multiple payment options. Or save up and get one. Amazon usually puts out a new model in the last part of the year and reduces the price of the previous model. Continue Reading


Re: Wha do you think the most comfortable shoe brand is for you?

In All About Shoes 1410443717.377

Aerosoles work for me: well-made and very comfortable. Continue Reading

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