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How many new sweaters are coming?

Started by fresh kitty in Fashion Talk 1428087617.423

I'm totally confused this season. I knew the sailor sweater but now two new sweaters showed up and did I hear there is cardigans coming. Why all the mystery it makes it difficult to plan out my purchases when your on a fixed income. So I might have to give up the sailor for the one that was just posted. Is anyone else as confused as I am? Continue Reading


Re: Linea Leisure Jackets, Tops and Pants have posted

In Linea 1422561541.273

Does anyone know what colors the long skirts are coming in? Continue Reading


Re: The 'List' For January Shows (1/30 11AM ET/6 PM ET)

In Linea 1422297792.8

Thank-you so much for this list. I can't remember when so many clothes and jewelry being sneek peeked all at the same time. So now I feel prepared and ready to shop. Continue Reading


Does anyone have a list available?

Last Reply by Sheesh 1422124911.093 | Started by fresh kitty in Linea

There are so many items coming on the next show I can't keep track anymore. So if anyone has a list it would be greatly appreciated. Continue Reading


Re: Who's watching the two hour show?

In Linea 1414431190.313

Look at the bracelet on kate! Continue Reading


New funnel neck poncho?

Last Reply by JustJazzmom 1413580018.46 | Started by fresh kitty in Linea

I really want to order but I'm afraid that it will be scratchy. It's the same fabric as the other sweaters and some ladies are saying its scratchy and around the neck area can be super sensitive. Continue Reading


Re: Linea LIVE who's watching?

In Linea 1412017249.52

Thank-you Sammijo for the color info. I went and ordered two colors in the pea jacket but I do want the swing jacket to so what can I do? Continue Reading


Re: Linea LIVE who's watching?

In Linea 1412016997.167

Could someone tell me what colors the new swing jacket come in? Continue Reading


Re: Linea LIVE who's watching?

In Linea 1412014476.54

Mustang Shar what color in the pea jacket? Continue Reading


Linea Ladies Are You Watching The Show?

Started by fresh kitty in Linea 1412013960.703

I wasn't going to order the pea jacket but it gorgeous so now what color? Has anyone received this jacket yet ? Continue Reading

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