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Re: Got my cocktail at hand; Ready to Rock and Roll with Louis at 6:00 PM EST!

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Are there any plus size ladies who have ordered the tights. I really would like to order them but I don't know about the sizing. Continue Reading


Re: Whisper Knit Turtlnecks !

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I totally agree the lighter weight works well and I'm glad it's not just me noticing the difference. I laugh because today's fabrics have so much spandex . Continue Reading


Whisper Knit Turtlnecks !

Last Reply by Barbara in Virginia 1407278062.61 | Started by fresh kitty in Linea

I just received the navy today and is it my imagination or has the fabric changed. I have this sweater in every color in the past and when I compared the the new has much more stretch. I noticed that my new WK pants are lighter weight than last years. So is it just me or has anyone else noticed. I still like Whisper Knit and will keep them and not send them back. Continue Reading


Re: FLASH - It's Linea Live - Who's Watching ? ? ?

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Do you ladies really like the short jacket with the sweater hanging out underneath? Continue Reading


Re: It’s Time to SUPER Sparkle!!! Chat With Patrick on Friday, 6/20!

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Hello Patrick, please will they do a full presentation of the jacket. I really need to see them in all the colors. It still is hard to see these shows without Jeanne. The girls need to remember the term Mrs Got Rocks was a lady with money and the finger up in Boca Raton. Continue Reading


Re: Have we seen the pebble crepe tunic and pant?

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Thank-you so much for the info. I will now have to decide between coffee bean or black. I'm loving the matching pieces because all you add is jewelry shoes and purse and away we go. So do we have two different sets to pick from the pebble and the T shirt set. Continue Reading


Have we seen the pebble crepe tunic and pant?

Last Reply by fresh kitty 1401912083.143 | Started by fresh kitty in Linea

I'm confused did we get a sneak peek of these pieces? The numbers are A255182 and A255183 according to The List. Continue Reading


My UPS Man Must Hate me today

Last Reply by ValuSkr 1398865672.63 | Started by fresh kitty in Quacker Factory

Well I received my truck load of Quacker today from the TSV shows. I haven't ordered Quacker in awhile and I must say I'm rather disappointed in the light weight fabrics that are being used. It's not like the clothes are inexpensive either. One of the items was the two piece for $50.00 plus tax and shipping and the fabric is really light weight knit. Continue Reading


Re: It’s in the Bag!!! Chat with Patrick on Wednesday, 4/23!

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What long pants was Marie wearing that matches the tops? Continue Reading


Sunny Leigh is on with Lisa tonight.

Last Reply by winamac1 1397560901.82 | Started by fresh kitty in Fashion Talk

If anyone bought her new items awhile back you might be interested in tonight's show. Continue Reading

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