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BE Daily Chat for ~ Sat. June 29th ~

Last Reply by catstamper 1372554305.78 | Started by kiki2 in bareMinerals

Hiya chickies. I worked all day but got home late too. Market & Drugstore errands. I head back in early this morning. So, short & sweet. Next week I'm covering one of my cohorts vaca weeks. I'll be in some long 8 hour days back to back. Fingers crossed for me, please! Bethee, I was so sad to read about your eyes and couldn't stop cringing with the idea of the needle IN your eyes. But, if it'll kick this d*a*m**n* infection to the curb once and for all, I'm all for it FOR you! Sapphire that IS a lot of rain. Whoooa. I hope you get a new camper sooner than later. Wonder if this roof cou... Continue Reading


BE Daily Chat for ~ Thurs. June 27th ~

Last Reply by sapphire 25 1372365365.533 | Started by kiki2 in bareMinerals

Good Morning BEauties. I'm really sorry this wasn't up earlier. I've either been on the go, very focused around here getting more done {lately I've had a sense of urgency to get it done. For forever it's in the stage of working at it yet it doesn't 'show' yet that I have worked on it. I'm also massively tired of talking about it. gaaah} or... I'm working. I've also had to study/read more for work. Without a Prestige Mgr. around I've picked up on the education aspect for this dept. given the newness rolling in for the different high end brands. I've rested best I can and getting to sleep earli... Continue Reading


BE Daily Chat for ~ Sun June 23rd ~

Last Reply by sapphire 25 1372006699.443 | Started by kiki2 in bareMinerals

Hiya BEauties. Really long day today. I got home and sat down here to read only to fall asleep sitting up, haha. Laid down waiting for dinner and it was a surprise it was still hot by the time I got up to get it. Ah well, it was a good day. We had 4 Reps from different Companies today. Urban Decay, tarte, Calvin Klein & Exuviance. Man the place was hopping with makeovers! Tons of fun listening & watching when I didn't have my own to do. Bethee it sounds like you needed to do nothing after the past couple of weeks you had! hellokitty, oh I'm so sorry to hear about your furbaby with the... Continue Reading


BE Daily Chat for ~ Sat. June 22nd ~

Last Reply by Bethee 1371958379.23 | Started by kiki2 in bareMinerals

Hiya girls! Looks like I'm not the only one busy with a full plate. Bethee, your working tons! I'm just so sorry on why your working so much. I hope Boss appreciates you even tho she has far greater things on her mind I'm sure. Oh I remember the big bag cell phones. It's funny now but we all thought we were so with it having one of those cumbersome things, lol. I'm still behind the times having just gotten a basic keyboard last year. Lovie, still with the A/C! grrr Really glad that guy who claims to of fixed it didn't get any money yet. Oh my, H...and the car trials. How did you ever figure i... Continue Reading


BE Daily Chat for ~ Thursday June 20th ~

Last Reply by catstamper 1372114644.993 | Started by kiki2 in bareMinerals

Hiya BEauties. Well I didn't get home from work until near 1130. I unpacked, did my chores, ate a BIG bowl of my fancy salad from the Farmers Market and here I am...SO ready for bedtime. What a FULL day! It's such a beautiful evening and I'm really hoping we have another nice breezy no humidity day again thru the day. How is everyone else's weather fairing? I can't believe this is June weather. It feels like a stroke of luck every day recently! I didn't hear back from V so maybe she's having a grand ole time after all. She wasn't looking forward to this trip that much. I'm really hoping every... Continue Reading


Re: Daily Chat, Wed., 6/19/13

In bareMinerals 1371662005.773

Hiya girls. it's a quickie check in. I've been, am, in a busy couple of days. I found some new motivation to work on this place. Once certain decisions were made the dominoe started to happen again so I kinda know what I'm trying to do, haha. Lately I've felt a certsain urgency TO get this finished. Life is growing fast and I need my home base to be settled and calm. Not chaotic with piles of stuff to deal with that drain energy just looking at them. I think I'm sick & tired OF looking at them. But it is taking full focus for me to achieve this when I'm in it. If I dare turn the computer ... Continue Reading


BE Daily Chat for ~ Satr. June 15th ~

Last Reply by poregirl 1371422353.303 | Started by kiki2 in bareMinerals

Hiya BEauties. Ok, straight up, I've been out tonight with friends from work and having a good time. Hmmm,, don't know if I can encapsulate the past 2 days or not. I'd read up to Wed pm and started a post, then it became more about getting to bed then anything else. Right now I've retained nothing. I was super good about doing nothing guiltlessly yesterday until I had to get ready for work. Today, the shop. Gosh, it was SO much fun tonight! I was REALLY out with a great group of people having a super fun time. I think I'm still a little stunned by it all. Now again, I've got to get ready for... Continue Reading


BE Daily Chat for ~ Thursday June 13th ~

Last Reply by poregirl 1371295880.757 | Started by kiki2 in bareMinerals

Hiya girls. I know, it's laaaate. I had a long day out and after dinner fell out! I didn't think my day had taken that much out of me.sheesh Now of course, I'm up and I know I won't be back up later this morning in time. I did end up making something of what was left of yesterday. I got a wheelie trip done, cleaned the kitchen floor and hung 3 pieces of art up in there! {This place might get to be a home yet!} It's so nice coming in the back door and seeing them up on the wall! I used that new Command System with the sticky back that when you pull the tab down it releases off the wall withou... Continue Reading


Re: What happened to Weather Everything liner sealer?!

In bareMinerals 1370989859.6

We all know THAT horrid feeling when something we love gets discontinued. Since this keeps coming back up I looked for reviews outside of Ulta on this Laura Gellar product poregirl had posted & I had seen it, but couldn't find any. Description looks good tho! {Macy's carries it too. Ulta's info is always rotten} Shadow Shifter Shadow/Liner Transformer Duo $17.00< ULTA Item #: 2256208 Laura Geller Shadow Shifter Water-Resistant Transformer seals in your favorite Baked and powder eyeshadows and eyeliners transforming them into richer, water-resistant colors. To use: 1. Squeeze one dro... Continue Reading


Re: bareMinerals Passionate For Pastels

In bareMinerals 1370986841.457

I actually got this kit as gratis during some training we had. {BE finally got reps in our area so they brought us all in}. I've loved wearing the gray/grey brown combo so far. On me it actually looks grey on grey and I love that look! It was worthy of a few days back to back which is a rarity. I still have to try the pink & brown look with this quad. Soon! Sorbet I didn't even open. Since I have so many open blushes I opted to try it on in the store one day and glad I did since I couldn't get it to show up on me. The gloss I didn't open either...too many open that I don't use! One reason... Continue Reading

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