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Re: Angela, the model, races motorcycles

In Fashion Talk 1405947022.813

She does ride motorcycles,she also nods her face when ever the camera is on her.They really are not talking to her. Continue Reading


Re: Suzanne Somers - seriously?

In Beauty Banter 1405880500.06

Firstly they will say anythin for you to sell,seconly I WOULD'NT watch anything she is selling.She is a littly cooky! Continue Reading


Re: Jamie from IT cosmetics....

In Beauty Banter 1405603993.277

I totally agree Jamie is class act.She seems so real and honest.She is one gal that I will watch complety.Some of the vendors with make-up are just way too much to watch. Continue Reading


Re: How about some Straight hemlines?

In Lori Goldstein 1405296053.9

We all are not 20 something or have modal figures.Many of us are older and would look real stupid in one of those hem lines that are longer in the back.Of course I realize the young is what sells. Continue Reading


Re: Beach Bumming With Bree & Family

In Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends, Mom to Mom Blogs 1405028131.687

Hi Amy so glad to see all your beautiful pictures,now you are a family,blessing to you! Continue Reading


Re: Jayne Brown

In Fashion Talk 1404824207.083

Jayn does a terrific job by herself. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's current beauty picks includes Living Proof Shampoo/Conditioner set....

In Beauty Banter 1404824032.983

What ever they are selling,they either have four items,or they use is all the time,get real! Continue Reading


Re: enough wen

In Beauty Banter 1404149030.61

They will say anything to sell.I can not think of anyone spending almost 200 dollars for beautiful wen hair, Continue Reading


Re: Dan Hughes

In The Q We Love 1403787786.903

I enjoy Dan also he is class act,knows the product well and yes,he is funny! Continue Reading


Re: Sharon on the Friday morning show

In Fashion Talk 1403288841.083

Sharon did a wonderful job,they should use her more often.As far as I can see,they need to use only one host. Continue Reading

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