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Re: denim and Co tsv

In Denim & Co 1424785342.417

Even with the shipping charges down,I hardly buy denim&co any more.They have gone up in price alot.Can buy locally cheaper. Continue Reading


Re: Issac, please stop saying "LIKE" in every sentence.

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1424785181.187

I totally agree have stated this before,I do like him,but his vocabulary is terrible.Can watch a few minutes,then the channel is changed. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone getting the Philosophy TSV?

In philosophy 1424537657.327

no way veryexpensive for me can spent that $ some where else Continue Reading


why all the sleeveless dress's on tv reporters

Last Reply by MoJoV 1424620620.74 | Started by bewise in Fashion Talk

Please, please tell me why all the sleeveless dress they are wearing?Anddont tell me that they want to show their arms>It is the dead of winter,all the states have cold,cold weather,and we still see them have naked. Continue Reading


Re: So what did you all think of Madonna's outfit for the Grammys???

In Fashion Talk 1424033713.38

She looks terrible and yes,she should grow up.A person gets to a certain age and youhave to think twice! Continue Reading


Re: ** I'm Loving PM Style Tonight With Jayne and Courtney **

In Fashion Talk 1423576717.43

I also enjoyed the show,Jayne does a wonderful job.When she is alone.She knows the product and does a great job.All the silly stuff with her side kick is gone.Great showJayne! Continue Reading


Re: Ortho visit that has me steaming mad! What do you think?

In Health & Fitness 1423407293.257

I usually see my PAalways,until something serious enters.He is well informed and takes his time with me.You are over reacting. Continue Reading


Re: Linda Davies

In Fashion Talk 1423061035.44

She is on every wed am. Continue Reading


Re: I had a mystery date Saturday nite

In Beauty Banter 1423060952.59

You are very lucky to have a husband as you have.I wish my man was still here.Blessing to you both. Continue Reading

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