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the orthoheel man

Started by bewise in Fashion Talk 1395667925.71

I do wish he would talk slower,some time you can hardly understand him. Continue Reading


Re: my five wifes

In TSV Talk 1394659128.17

Here we go again,if you misspell a word,you get trashed.Oh well!Guess everyone is more perfect than me. Continue Reading


my five wifes

Last Reply by lacey1 1395102731.47 | Started by bewise in TSV Talk

If you thought the sisters wifes was bad,you need to watch this group.They act like they are not even friends.Then to top it all off,they have 24 kids.One wife wants to have more.They all act very moody,not friends at all.I know we can live the way we choose,but this is a train wreck. Continue Reading


Re: The most beautiful older women at the Oscars are the ones who...

In Fashion Talk 1393868830.33

When Kim Novak was young she wore her hair short,now that she is a senior she has this long hair and looked terrible.She sure had her faced fixed up to. Continue Reading


main sell for the day,susan is alway there

Last Reply by HiLo 1393694293.507 | Started by bewise in Fashion Talk

No matterwhat the main item is on,she is always selling her stuff.lots of silver,but susan is there. Continue Reading


Re: Who to trust… the groundhog or Carolyn Gracie?

In Fashion Talk 1392214822.397

Neither,both don'nt know the weather answer! Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver - et someone else talk, will ya?

In Susan Graver 1392056544.053

Yes, she is sweet and explains things well,but she needs to let the hosts talk,I don'nt watch or buy ,so the the gals that like her presentation can watch. Continue Reading


Re: Please Stop Talking Over the Hosts

In Susan Graver 1391782770.23

Susan will never stop,it will never change,so do not even bother.Can not watch her. Continue Reading


Re: susan graver

In Q News 1391695317.113

Another dayof Susan,come on.! Continue Reading


Re: Star Jones Clothes Line...thoughts about that one????

In Fashion Talk 1391611781.45

who cares,she wanted to make some extra money! Continue Reading

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