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clothes that are so tight

Started by bewise in Fashion Talk 1433006376.48

I just had to complain.The clothes that the models wear are skin tight and look terrible.We all are different sizes and ages.They sure try to sell the clothes.I for one don't appreciate it.YES,THE MODELS ARE YOUNG AND very thin. Continue Reading


Re: The Fugitive

In TV Talk 1432734835.383

I so enjoy all these old shows,yes I am old!! Continue Reading


Re: The Little Couple Returns tonight - Marathon All Day

In TV Talk 1432734421.277

They trully are great,wonderful program. Continue Reading


Re: My Letter to Kelsey on Graduation Day

In Mom to Mom Blogs 1432473170.73

What a wonderful letter to your daughter.Dan,when ever I see you on QVC,how kind and great you sound,so having your daughter ,work so hard,its no wonder her life has been good.Good job,Dad. Continue Reading


Re: PM Style

In Fashion Talk 1432387742.367

The bottom line for me is,I don't watch anymore.Have seen Amy for a few seconds,and do not care for her,or Shawn.They have the same clothes or items all the time,plus prices are much higher,so I hardly buy any more.Been a customer many years,spent much $,but have to move on. Continue Reading


Re: Kelly and Michael Show -- Pretty Disheartening-- (OT)

In Fashion Talk 1432317020.867

yes,Mariah LOVES her chest! What ever program she is on,she comes on half naked.Yes,its all about her. Continue Reading


Re: Cost of clohing on the Q

In Fashion Talk 1432301196.593

I totally agree,everything is higher in price.There are just a very few items I purchase can go elsewhere cheaper,an no shipping charges. Continue Reading


Re: Suzanne Sommers top value

In Beauty Banter 1431521122.827

I think she is on every shopping channel trying to sell her stuff! Continue Reading


Re: Tracfone activation torment

In Electronics Talk 1431263811.74

I also had terrible time with my tracphone,i did everything I had to do,so I sent it back to QVC.That was a complete nitemare. Continue Reading

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