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Re: Did anyone hear Jane Treacy's Christmas gift suggestion with the Clark's shoes ?

In Clarks 1414333171.773

I personlly do not believe anything the hosts will say .That is just a line for you to buy.I sometime just have to shake my head for some of the crazy words out of their mouth. Continue Reading


Re: Rachel

In The Q We Love 1413984771.163

I think she does a terrific job,they certainly need to use her more often.She explains things well. Continue Reading


Re: PM Style

In Q News 1413896079.23

I don't know what is is about her,but I cannot stand listening to her talk,so when ever I do watch{which is not often] I turn her off. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa & the PM Style Crew

In Fashion Talk 1413290080.06

This is my reply,I don't care that she is leaving.All this nonsense of her going just makes me laugh.This fanfare will go on forever I am sure. Continue Reading


Re: O/T My QVC Serta Is Only 2 Months Old and Is Falling Apart!

In Beauty Banter 1412514009.47

I still can not believe that any one would buy a mattress on line.Maybe I don't get it? Continue Reading


silver day/susan graver

Last Reply by ROMARY 1412287752.717 | Started by bewise in Viewpoints

Today is silver day.Many people will enjoy,but they just had to put susan right in the schedule. Continue Reading


Re: todays denim&co show

In Denim & Co 1412168789.177

I have started the same many times,about her awful sale pitch.I do think sheis a wonderful host,explains everything great no matter what she sells.I would rather watch her over others.The other nite I turned Shawn on what a train wreck,both talking at the same time,off it went Continue Reading


Re: First Clooney Wedding Pictures

In Fashion Talk 1412082294.17

I agree with sue in houston,beautiful. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1411913799.12

He is sooooooo good looking.Loved him in ER and will continue to love him! Continue Reading


sat,am style with jayne

Last Reply by HHC1 1411865733.953 | Started by bewise in Beauty Banter

While the host from AD TATCHA was presenting Jayne said ,naturally she use this,all her family uses this plus her 15 yr old niece use'sthis.This is expensive stuff,why would this niece not use a product at the corner store.Sometime the sale pitch just about makes me scream.That was when I turned it off.I do enjoy Jayne when she is on her own,but today was crazy. Continue Reading

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