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Re: Joan Rivers rushed to hospital

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Re: What is the easiest (least amount of stress) way to activate a Tracfone?

In Electronics Talk 1409057452.523

I bought the phone thinking I could do it,wrong.What a terrible mess,nothing with qvc,so I said to myself send it back which I did.Enough said! Continue Reading


Re: Bag Lady Back!

In Lori Goldstein 1408798207.207

I acgree, horrible things she sells. Continue Reading


Re: Jill Duggard (Of 19 Kids and Counting Is Pregnant)

In TV Talk 1408640255.243

It didn't surprise me she would be having a child soon.I will say that I do watch the show.All the the kids are so pretty,if thats the word I use.They are brougt up like they live in another world.Some of their actions are really strange.That issue of no kissing or touching seems so wierd.But then when all is said,the kids never stop coming!A person's body can't take all that,wondering if DR. said stop!Now anotherone getting engaged,that will be another show! Did anYone ever notice{if you watch] you never see michelle kiss any of the kids,except JOSIE?she just talks in that low manner speech.... Continue Reading


todays denim&co show

Last Reply by happy housewife 1408536428.127 | Started by bewise in Denim & Co

I truly enjoy Carolyn's d&co. show,but I am so tired of hearing her tell us,how many items she has,or my Mother has this or my sister wears this.I do not care who has these items.I know its a sales pitch,but that does not make me think that I should buy it.That is my thought. Continue Reading


Re: OMG...take a breath!

In Fashion Talk 1408024620.197

That is one person I will not ever watch,don't care what she is selling. Continue Reading


Re: Jayne Brown is just an excellent host.

In Fashion Talk 1407588226.383

I Totally think she does a wonderful job on her own.When there are more than one it gets to be a mess. Continue Reading


Re: Was Mally using a Bullhorn?

In Mally 1406727447.097

She is out of control with her screaming. Continue Reading



Last Reply by kimthib 1407254793.21 | Started by bewise in TV Talk

Any one watching this series?I so enjoy it,but I do like this type of show.Something a little different. Continue Reading


Re: Opinions on The Divide

In TV Talk 1406207675.01

First time to watch I really enjoyed the series. Continue Reading

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