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Re: That Fudge for One Recipe

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1400374624.527

Thank you, Barbara ! I know what dessert is tonight ! Continue Reading


That Fudge for One Recipe

Last Reply by Deeby 1400374624.563 | Started by Deeby in Kitchen & Food Talk

Quite awhile ago someone posted a recipe for fudge for one person that was made in the microwave in a Pyrex measuring cup. I made it once and it was delish ! I've lost the recipe and sure would appreciate it if someone would post it again. Thanks ! Continue Reading


Re: Do You Remember Rosewater and Glycerin?

In Beauty Banter 1397596173.983

I just ask the pharmacist to order it. It was about $8. I like it for flaky shins. I also add a snort to lotion. Glycerine is a humectant, attracts moisture. Continue Reading


Re: Would You Be This Vain

In Beauty Banter 1397456240.25

I think it's lovely really. I've let myself go for so long that I envy her having such femininity. I lost my Mom 3 years ago. Lost myself then too. Continue Reading


Re: Clothing on hosts WAY too tight!

In Beauty Banter 1395260516.39

Carolyn's a 3X or I'll eat my hat. We could be twins. I know fat because I AM fat. Continue Reading


Leaving The Forum

Last Reply by melting 1391802222.257 | Started by Deeby in Beauty Banter

I've decided to leave. Because I'm conservative I get nailed here. I take it as a compliment, but the attacks are not why I'm leaving-it's the whole vicious package. If someone disagrees with someone else, out come the claws. Judging from this forum, world peace isn't coming anytime soon. Many of you here should be ashamed of yourselves. It's hard to believe that many of you are happy, healthy, prosperous, well adjusted people.     Continue Reading


Re: I Have Two Eyes, Two Legs...

In Beauty Banter 1391718173.973

I don't know why my post went to two threads. Cyberspace glitch? I have learned not to post at all though. It's just an open invitation for the bullies to race to the playground. Continue Reading


Re: I Have Two Eyes, Two Legs...

In Beauty Banter 1391656850.793

I'm posting about two different things, that's all. One is using singular when plural is correct, the other is mention of another annoyance. Most threads veer off into other areas. I forgot one more: What's up with "as well" instead of "too"? I know as well as you do... lol, that "as well" is British. But this isn't Britain. To the "mean girls"-I knew you'd show up. Get a life. Time to leave the playground. Again. Continue Reading


Re: I Have Two Eyes, Two Legs...

In Beauty Banter 1391655073.743

Bella, most of us are cracking up and just relating. I think YOU need to get out of the house more. Lighten up, you may like it ! Continue Reading


Re: I Have Two Eyes, Two Legs...

In Beauty Banter 1391645087.68

Flavors rather than scents-YES !!! STUPID !!! Can when it should be may. To that waiter I'd say, "I don't know, can you?" Working on it-gross. Continue Reading

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