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Sleep Study

Last Reply by tracytracy 1428659762.207 | Started by Sherlene in Health & Fitness

My Doctor is scheduling me for a Sleep Study to determine whether a CPAP machine/mask would benefit me. He said it would help my diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity - presumably because I am not getting good sleep due to sleep apnea? Has anyone had improvement of the above after getting a CPAP machine? It's always interesting to hear other experiences. TIA! Continue Reading


Amtrak Vacation

Last Reply by StylishLady 1416930916.227 | Started by Sherlene in Health & Fitness

Hello: Has anyone taken an escourted Amtrak vacation? We are thinking about taking one out west on the Empire Builder. We would board in Wisconsin and travel to Seattle, (sightsee in Glacier National Park and Seattle) and come home on the train. Is the train pretty comfortable? how are the bathrooms/showers? Is the food as delicious as I have heard? What about tipping? What would be the best time to go? Haven't contacted a travel/Amtrak agency as we do not the $ saved up yet - so would appreciate hearing about others experiences. Also has anyone gone to the Corrn Palace in Mitchell N... Continue Reading


Re: Amazing Skin on 102-Year-Old

In Beauty Banter 1407711891.933

Yes - my Grandma. She had perfect skin even at age 100. It was smooth, even toned with very few wrinkles! She would make you think of Tova. She worked in the tobacco fields on her fathers farm when she was a child, but her mother always made the girls wear poke bonnets and applied buttermilk to their faces. Her mother also made them play in the shade and cautioned them not get sunburned. The only cosmetics she used was eyeliner, Coty face powder and lipstick. She also did a henna rinse to enhance her auburn hair in the 1920's. Poor Grandma, she was built like Dolly Parton and said she h... Continue Reading


Re: Let the De-Cluttering Begin !!!!!!!

In For the Home Talk 1401234611.723

It is a good feeling isn't it. I'm sure your children will appreciate it too. My folks were Depression/WW2 era kids who lived in poverty and learned never to throw anything away - "you might need it some day." After Dad passed and Mom went to assisted living, we were left to clear out the house they had lived in for 45 years, OMG what a job. I truly think they kept every thing! I have learned I don't have to be a hoarder just because my parents were pack rats! Too much stuff is a burden that makes me nervous and unhappy. I am de cluttering now too. Hope I won't need some of that stuf... Continue Reading


Parkinson's Disease

Last Reply by violann 1395586554.547 | Started by Sherlene in Health & Fitness

Does anyone have experience with this? My mother, who has Parkinson's Disease, has gone, in one week from a functioning assisted living resident to someone who has lost all her strength and is in a rehab center receiving a big increase in her leva dopa medicine. For about six months she was having "panic attacks" every day at 3 pm but come to find out it was felt her Parkinson's medicine stopped working at that time and she "went of the cliff." These attacks are getting worse and more frequent; muscle spasms, extreme pain, rigidness, fear, sobbing, whimpering, panting, vise-like grip in her ... Continue Reading


Radius Toothbrush

Started by Sherlene in Health & Fitness 1384051579.767

Does anyone use this toothbrush? I just got mine. It takes some getting used to because the brush head is so large but so far am loving it. If you use them, did it help your gums health? Continue Reading


Re: Hose or No Hose?

In Linea 1382382030.627

I would go with the knee highs. They would protect your heels and toes from the shoes, and protect your shoes if your feet got hot and started to perspire. I just don't get the no hose trend. I guess I'm old school - unless it was 100 degrees and you were wearing a sun dress you weren't finished without nylons - or you were too poor or too backwoods if you didn't. We always had to wear slips so our dresses hung smoothly and didn't wad up when we walked and god forbid if the light shone through your dress! Thank goodness I was too young for the girdle thing though and that pants are allowed... Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman and Muriel married or living together?

In Fashion Talk 1381614533.49

On 10/11/2013 KathyPet said: HSN doesn't have. Forum to post questions and comments on?? Yes they do. Key in "Forums" in the search box They have forms just like QVC does, but there is not much action on them. Continue Reading


Re: longing for some long ago foods.........do you recall.......

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1381539787.58

On 10/11/2013 annabellethecat said: When my husband was alive, this time of year I would make him Oyster Stew! Most of the people I know never even heard of it. Could you please share your recipe for oyster stew? My Mom made this at Christmas and New Years and we loved it! I think she gently fried the oysters with a bit of their liquid in melted butter with Worchester sauce until the oysters were heated through and the gills got fluttery. Then she added them to heated milk (and a few shakes of celery salt too?). Then we added salt, pepper and lots of crackers to our bowls. Yum. Is your ... Continue Reading


Re: "Smoky Eyes"- over 50 is just scary. Rant.

In Beauty Banter 1380994144.943

I think that commercial is hysterical too. As someone who has worn makeup since 14, a smokey/heavy eye makeup always looked good on me since I wear glasses. Where I work now no one wears makeup, does their hair or dresses up. It's strictly jeans and sweatshirts. I figured I should conform to my work group so I quit with the makeup (I'm at that age where I am invisible to men anyway). It is so liberating! I think I look younger and my skin is better. I admit I look different without it, but I can't imaging going back to the makeup routine every morning! Wasn't there a makeup trend/fad in... Continue Reading

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