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Re: Watch Out – From Real Life to Red Carpet!

In Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka, TSV Talk 1353583673.04

Judith: Please use more real stones in your work. I tire of the diamonique in everything. Continue Reading


Re: Watch Out – From Real Life to Red Carpet!

In Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka, TSV Talk 1353583621.9

I live in Lima OH and wonder how we can learn of your events? I called in one evening when you were on with Rick back in February. I was your last caller and told you about the heart ring my dearest friend and I own. She got it for me the year when my mother was dying and I got it for her the year her mother was dying. What a bond it brings to us when we wear it. Not only is it fashionable, but it is inspirational when we look at our hands and find that we are thinking of each other across the miles and wishing the other well. Please keep some items in an affordable range so that we can ... Continue Reading


Re: Springing Ahead

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Tara:More of the mini muffin bakers. I use them for appetizers. Purchased the crab cakes from QVC and cut them in thirds. Put each section in a small muffin pan. As soon as they came out of the oven, I walked around to each guest and offered them one. They loved the dish! I had to make sure all my dishes were left as many guests wanted to take them home! lol More Mini Muffins Please and Buffet serving pieces like the two tier 3 bowl server. I love the sets that add a few extra pieces so I can give them away.The lids make it so easy to share. Also, I need to get lids to replace a lid t... Continue Reading


Re: Temp-tations Made in China

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i LOVE MY TEMPTATIONS However, Make it AMERICAN! I know other Temptationistas like me want to save jobs in America. Please, keep the quality and have a big promotion that you now make in America. I would sincerely appreciate that effort, Tara. There have to be ceramic companies here that would not affect your bottom line. Libby Cupp, LIma OH I use and give Temptations but will cut back on ordering until you make a change. Continue Reading


Re: Sweet days of summer...

In Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka, Hosts & Personalities 1313284420.01

Judith: This is Libby, your last caller on your anniversary show. You ARE my designer. I recently discovered your blog. What fun to see your travels. Living in rural Ohio and my best friend in rural Missouri, your jewelry keeps us close during times of stress and illness. I am recouperating from major spinal surgery (unexpected) and Trish is still helping her critically ill mother (87). I look forward to new shows - like the bysantine seven bracelet.I was interested to see it sitting on two stones set to mean family on laterally on top and one on a diagonal below. In the mideast these ... Continue Reading


Re: Barbara Bixby shows

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On 6/4/2010 Geer1 said: Thanks, can't wait! Is Barbara OK? She was not on the show with her TSV. WHY? Continue Reading

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