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Re: My Trip To Ulta, and IT Cosmetics

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The only product I have tried that you mentioned is the CC Cream, and I love it! I am very fair like you, and the fair color is a great match for me. I find it a nice consistency for me with good coverage. I don't find it too heavy or cakey as long as I don't use too much. I once used a full pump and it was way too much and really aged me by exaggerating my lines, but if I only use the amount of my pinky finger nail it's perfect. I know that doesn't seem like enough, but it's perfect for me. Usually I use my fingers for liquid or cream foundation, but this one I prefer a brush. You may... Continue Reading


Re: Tablet advice needed please

In Electronics Talk 1393164364.883

I decided to stick with the Samsung since I'm so pleased with my Samsung smartphone, and the advice to stick with an operating system I was already familiar with helped in that decision. Since I'm not familiar with all the numbers and terms used with these type things, I decided to check it out in store and after telling the salesperson what I intended to use it for, he recommended the Galaxy over the Note and Pro (too much wasted on those for my use). Thanks so much for the advice given. Continue Reading


Re: Going back to Laura Geller

In Laura Geller 1393126373.673

On 2/22/2014 SunnyinSEPA said: I have tried and tried to love Laura's products, but I've given up; specifically, her foundation. I've tried medium, fair, and porcelain. Medium and fair are too yellow and porcelain is too light/white on my skin. I loved the concept of B&B, but it just didn't work on me. I have a few other products (bronze and brighten and a blush) which will last me a lifetime. They are so highly pigmented that I only have to touch a brush to them and it's enough for an application. I had that same problem with the B&B. I can wear fair only in the summer if I've been... Continue Reading


Re: Tablet advice needed please

In Electronics Talk 1392562080.903

On 2/16/2014 YoungSinema said: I would avoid an iPad if I were you, unless your smartphone is an iPhone. Since you said you were "technology deficient" and said that you own a nook, I think you should go with an android tablet. That way, you don't have to learn the operating system on the iPad. Thank you for the advice! My phone is an android and I am very happy with how it works, so I will definitely take your advice and check out an android tablet instead of the iPad. I hadn't even thought of having to learn a new operating system, so I'm very grateful you mentioned that. Continue Reading


Re: Tablet advice needed please

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Thanks for the advice. It sounds like it would be worth it for us. I really appreciate the input. Continue Reading


Tablet advice needed please

Last Reply by Naryn 1393164364.883 | Started by Naryn in Electronics Talk

Hello. I don't post over here, but I am hoping for some advice from those that know their stuff. I am pretty much technology deficient and need some advice on tablets. I have a desktop computer, laptop, Nook, and smartphone already but am considering also getting a tablet. I do online shopping, video streaming, check email and play app games. I honestly don't even know what a tablet has to offer, so I'm looking for advice on if one would still be worthwhile. I use my smartphone a lot for online searching and videos, and find the laptop too bulky (17") for use a lot of the time. I also ha... Continue Reading


Re: Good deals on BE website

In bareMinerals 1392434418.587

I confess...I bought my second Year of Beauty. I threw in a couple more sets to ensure free shipping (and more ) but I have wanted another of that collection since I got my first and I couldn't pass it up at that price. Continue Reading


Re: Mally's 3rd - Easy on the Eyes- palette

In Beauty Banter 1392433301.127

This is my favorite palette of the A-D also. I got both of the first ones and the last one (so all 4 total available), and I think this color variety blows them all away. So glad I kept this A-D. Continue Reading


Re: What products should I try in Drew Barrymore's line?

In Beauty Banter 1392354092.44

I tried a lipgloss from this line when it first came out and loved it EXCEPT for the overpowering floral scent and taste. Since then I have been afraid to try anything else in case it also had a scent. Usually scented products don't bother me, however this one just made me sick. Can anyone tell me if the other products also have a floral scent? I would love to try some other products. Thanks!! Continue Reading


Re: I have have just been through the ringer trying to place order on companies site...

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I believe it is their policy that you can never cancel/change an order once it's submitted. I don't know if they use different warehouses or if everything ships out from just one (and where to the phone calls go??). I know a lot of people have problems ordering from their website. I have placed probably 20 orders from them in the last few years and only once had problems. I had placed an order during one of their flash sales (ask most people who order during these...there are lots of nightmares during one of their flash sales) and called weekly for three weeks straight to check status only... Continue Reading

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