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Re: Using Up My Creams & Serums!!!!!

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I have just begun doing this as well. I gathered up all my unused/unopened products that came in skin care kits and realized I have more cleanser than I can use in a year's time. I just kept getting these kits because they had a couple products I really liked and the price when you buy in a kit is a great deal. However, when you have more than you can use, I realized the savings aren't there anymore. So I cancelled all my auto deliveries and plan to just buy more products when I actually need them. Continue Reading


Re: Why is Fairly Medium NEVER offered in kits?

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Well shoot, that link just brought you to the's the 5th choice. Continue Reading


Re: Why is Fairly Medium NEVER offered in kits?

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I believe this is the color she is referring to$uslarge$ I think it just isn't a popular enough shade for them to put it in the kits. I wear fair to fairly medium depending on the time of year also. I have a smaller size now of medium that I just mix with my large fair to make up my own as needed. I don't use enough of the medium shade to justify another large size, so I just get that color w... Continue Reading


Re: Looking for suggestions for natural, cruelty free bath and body

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On 10/14/2014 rat2e said: Korres shower gels are the best IMO. They are made from natural ingredients and the scents are natural as well. The other products I have tried are great as well. The shower gel is a must for me. Korres used to my favorite as well, however they lost their cruelty free status this past year. I am now in search for another brand now also. Continue Reading


Re: What is the lightest, whitest liquid foundation?

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Have you checked out Kat Von D at Sephora? Her Lock-It Tattoo foundation goes very light. I wear the Fair in bareMinerals which is lighter than Fairly Light and still has pink undertones, and Kat Von D has colors that are even too light for me! I would definitely check it out. Her line is also cruelty free in case that matters to you. Continue Reading


Re: Bare Minerals Bare SKIN BEauty Radiant 7 Piece Collection September TSV!!!

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I went to Ulta and swatched Porcelain against Shell and Linen and there is no way I could wear either in place of the Porcelain, especially in the winter. The linen might work in the summer, but definitely not in the winter. It wouldn't make sense for me to buy this kit even at the great price, and not be able to wear it until next summer (I live in MN so our summers are a bit shorter here). The rest of the kit looks terrific though. Continue Reading


Re: Bare Minerals Bare SKIN BEauty Radiant 7 Piece Collection September TSV!!!

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On 8/20/2014 Tamra410 said: On 8/20/2014 poregirl said: On 8/20/2014 lavendar said: I wear Fair in BE foundation powder. I switch to a cream foundation in winter and would like to try this. I have fair skin with pink undertones. What would be the best color for me? I don't think I can get to Sephora before the TSV. same for me. Maybe a call to BE would help? Bare Shell is the lightest cool one in the TSV that I see. I also wear fair and have pink tones and was matched in Bare Porcelain. I ordered it anyway and will try to make it work. Please update us on the color match when you receive th... Continue Reading


Re: Poo-Pourri

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I got the four pack of different scents and while I didn't NOT like any, my personal favorite is the Original. Definitely get a multi pack of different scents so you can see for yourself. None is overpowering in the least and I would have been fine with any so far. BTW, it really does work! Continue Reading


Re: Glamour 'Eventually' Shipment #3

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Yup, mine came a little while ago also. Frustrating, I only have two auto deliveries and both are "delayed". Continue Reading


Re: IT A254525 (from March) - future shipments?

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I haven't received any emails regarding this but I checked my status and ship date was switched to 7/8. Continue Reading

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