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Re: Does anyone take Youtheory Collagen?

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Hi, RRR............I haven't read the other posts yet, just your last one here............Anyway, wishing you well, and glad that you have something and someone else in your life to keep you busy and look forward to every day. Continue Reading


Re: Lori Goldstein's TSV preview

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Love zippers and hoodies. I'll buy just about everything/anything that is long sleeved and hooded! When I forget my hat, and a breeze develops, there's always a handy hood. Perfect! Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone take Youtheory Collagen?

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I'll have to Web search collagen. I don't know anything about it. p.s. Don't worry, everything will be fine, in the long run. Enjoy what you have right now with your BF, and his DS. Thought I'd throw that in. Continue Reading


Re: It seems that

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Well, all we can do is hope for the best for everyone. It's out of our hands, so-to-speak. Just wishing the best of health and safety for all of them. That's the important thing that we can do. It's very late, so I'll be signing off for now. Tomorrow is always another day, hopefully. Continue Reading


Re: It seems that

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If I correctly remember, she needs a financially qualified sponsor in order to get a green card, (which surprised me, since she is supposedly married to OP's son). It was so confusing on a previous thread, and just when I thought I understood it all, I'm still confused regarding the laws, etc. Continue Reading


Re: It seems that

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I was just thinking.........the DIL may stay there in M. and decide she would rather be here after all. (I've seen this happen. (Other countries)) . . . . Maybe at that time, her mother will help her get a visa back to the US, and then possibly help her financially with applying for a green card, or whatever. Since, If I correctly recall, the mother is financially well. Continue Reading


Re: Reminder: Grocery store thief & women's open purses

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I ran across a news alert this morning regarding the return of waist (fanny) packs! Well, it's about time.................They are very handy, IMO, for grocery shopping, walking, hiking, etc. Continue Reading


Re: It seems that

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Never say never........The baby will quickly grow up and most possibly want to come back to America for visits, or maybe even stay here. Since she is a US citizen. Trying to think positive here..... I'm sure that DIL will be sending your DS photos, videos, etc. which he can forward to you. Anyway, wishing you and everyone well. Everything will work out, and I'm hoping your son's MIL will remain friendly with him, sending him updates, photos, etc. It's all we can wish for right now. Good health and safety for all concerned. Continue Reading


Re: What your favorite punctuation mark says about you. :)

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I'm too lazy to shift and use quotation marks, so I use apostrophes instead! Much easier, if you ask me! Continue Reading


Re: Fresh herbs, are you a big fan?

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On 8/21/2014 brii said: I Steep some chocolate mint leaves in almond milk and make pudding. You can even use it for whipped cream Chocolate mint pudding..........Yum! Continue Reading

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