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Re: Bread drawers!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1410750938.43

Use it for hiding items that you frequently use, and that take up counter space. Continue Reading


Re: What is wrong with some of you?

In Among Friends 1410750333.71

Yes, seems as though many folks are 'speaking up' more now-a-days. Including kids and teens. It's a very outspoken era in history. Continue Reading


Re: I Just Found a Large Turtle in My Yard - in AZ Desert?? A Message from Joan? :)

In Joan Rivers 1410749694.1

It needs water and a bit of shade. Maybe set an umbrella over the turtle, so it has plenty of air. Turtles 'hide' inside their shell. Yes a shallow pan of water. Maybe a baking pan, rectangle type, so it can crawl inside, drink water, cool it's feet. Continue Reading


Re: what to do when your children make more money than you :(

In Mom to Mom Forum 1410749333.763

Hope OP returns and isn't afraid to post. There are many family situations where perhaps the parent(s) gave and gave........and then, in their golden years, sometimes their adult children are 'too busy' to return the love, offer a bit of companionship, etc. It's a shame, but it happens and is evident if and when one visits various (some) facilities. Very sad. Continue Reading


Re: Have you seen a drone?

In Viewpoints 1410748754.053

It sure will be a great way to track/catch culprits. Instead of high-speed chases, etc. A lot safer, seems to me. Continue Reading


Re: Have you seen a drone?

In Viewpoints 1410748675.58

Haven't seen one yet. There's a rumor that they will be delivering packages and special mail. 'Problem is' .........so many will be flying overhead. Oh, well, as long as they won't 'drop' the packages in mid-air.......... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else obsess when you have misplaced something?

In Among Friends 1410743663.87

Someone once told me that if you can't find it, then someone took it. Simple as that. Continue Reading


Re: Catheter Ads

In Viewpoints 1410743492.157

Off topic: Regarding commercials..........Who here isn't crazy about the vampire A*&T/ U-verse commercial? BTW: Seems as though they have spent thousands on us on paper mail advertising, too. A couple of mailings per week: large ones, too. Everyone around here is saying the same............ Continue Reading


Re: You might want to check your car's spare tire – especially before a long trip!!

In Viewpoints 1410743152.78

This is an excellent 'alert'. I've passed on the info., and several folks hadn't any idea at all.....now everyone's checking their trunk, making sure. Continue Reading


Re: Macy's Recalls Martha Stewart Collection Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles Due to Laceration and Burn Hazard

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1410742865.807

Martha, Martha, Martha .............. (LOL..........) It's really taking a chance/gamble to put a name on an item now-a-days, unless the person is able to frequently visit the manufacturing facilities (hopefully in the U.S.). Or unless the person has a trustworthy person living near the factory, who will actually work there and oversee every single step. Continue Reading

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