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Re: I'm afraid . . .

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Just 'forget about it', and continue on. I'm sure that W. can't remember who said what, etc. It is a job that I wouldn't want, for sure. (Rolling eyes: ) Continue Reading


Re: I'm afraid . . .

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In a long column of replies, it's sometimes difficult to know who said what. 'They' probably thought that you, O/P, were the 'culprit'. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone successfully downgraded to Windows 7 from Windows 8/8.1?

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Someone gave me an inexpensive 8.1, new, still in the box. I'm afraid to even attempt using it. I love my W7. Perfect! For me, anyway. So easy, so simple. Life is good. (Shy, nice, content rolling eye emotion) Continue Reading


Re: I'm afraid . . .

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I don't keep tract of who folks are or what they've said (well, almost), but I wouldn't worry about it. I don't recall anything mean being said by you. Continue Reading


Re: California Becomes First State to Ban Plastic Bags

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I'm thinking that for areas near an ocean and/or lake, it's probably a good idea. I don't have a dog, so I'm guessing folks just buy a package of pooper-scooper bags for dog walking? Continue Reading



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I like to try sitting in various chairs, in person. Continue Reading


Re: 24 Hour fashion clearance

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DG2 FRINGED KNIT TEE #331-404 ........... 19.99 plus 1.99 S&H. In two sizes: Either Regular or Plus. Black or white. Continue Reading


Re: 24 Hour fashion clearance

In Fashion Talk 1412112920.683

Anyone see the DG tee with tie/fringe on the sides? I tuned in just as they were moving on. She said it's limited. I'll try to find the item number. Continue Reading


Re: The Wedding Dress

In Viewpoints 1412091211.59

Very beautiful dress. I must say that Courtney's dress is one of the most beautiful that I've ever seen, too. Continue Reading

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