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So refreshing.......Yellow Roses and lemon slices! Continue Reading


Re: What do you use for a toiletry bag when traveling?

In Fashion Talk 1406771429.943

Love the hanging bags. Keep one hanging in my vanity area. Enjoy your travels and hotel stays! Continue Reading


Re: What's Going On With Shawn?

In Among Friends 1406764525.163

Could be a pre-menopause issue? Just thinking out loud.........Always wishing her well. I've always enjoyed watching Shawn. Continue Reading


Re: Dishcloth help please

In Among Friends 1406764343.02

Re: Shower/baths: I use those poufy poufs, and don't have any trouble keeping them clean and never moldy, etc. But, I was in the shower this morning, thinking that one could probably clean them by soaking them in a bowl of water with a denture tablet ("3-minute", mint type) for a half hour or so. Then, rinse well. Could work on sponges, dish cloths, too. Just a thought while showering............ Continue Reading


Re: How do you feel about two-toned footwear?

In Fashion Talk 1406755481.583

I've always liked the 'spectator' look. I like all of the above styles. Continue Reading


Re: Malaysia plane was hijacked

In Viewpoints 1406752846.937

Could be. That sharp left turn toward the vast ocean is a clue, for sure. Continue Reading


Re: Lessman Jasmine Green Tea

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406752751.287

I recall using a bit of Good Earth's (and also Trader Joe's ) Jasmine Green tea in my rice water while cooking it a nice Jasmine flavor. Similar to Jasmine Rice. Thanks for the reminder! Continue Reading


Re: Off topic,but need help!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406752484.293

Nice tips! I love the one re: the shoe bag/holder with all of the favorite snacks! Might use that one for myself! Continue Reading


Re: Another mother in trouble with law for allowing 7 year old to go to park alone

In Viewpoints 1406751980.23

Yes, I like that idea.........'No children without adult supervision' sign. Especially in some areas. It would be up to the neighborhood/community/area. I cannot imagine a youngster playing all alone in our local mini-parks. But, that's just here. Makes me nervous to see tweens walking all alone through wooded and other park areas because they don't seem to be paying much attention to their surroundings. But, that's been a controversial statement/observation. Continue Reading


Re: Is Mary Beth working full time?

In Viewpoints 1406749746.57

I believe the hosts are standing in for other hosts who are on vacation. I secretly enjoy seeing 'mixing up' many shows and many (not all) hosts. It's refreshing. Continue Reading

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