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Re: Could Really Use Some Opinions/Suggestions On A Bunch Of New Neighbors

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Do you have a local telephone book? Usually all of the gov. listings are in one section. Sometimes the front pages. Otherwise, the middle section. Look for Senior Community Services, or something similar. Just call any one of those phone numbers, possibly the main one, and they will direct you to the proper phone number or transfer you to the appropriate office. I'll take a look at my phone book tomorrow. They are delivered to us once a year, and I haven't even looked through it. Always nice to keep our phone books, just in case. Thumbing through the pages, government, and yellow business pag... Continue Reading


Re: Absolutely unreal that PM style is edited for shark tonight

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I'd want the see-through canister tank covered. I'd probably use contact paper. Forgive me. Continue Reading


Re: New update on E news tonight~

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Let's hope this good news is correct! Let's keep wishing, praying, sending powerful full- recovery energy to Joan. Continue Reading


Re: Latest Joan Rivers News (as of 10:50 pm ET)

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Well, let's all wish Joan a quick, full recovery. That's where our energy and thoughts should be right now, after all is said and done. Continue Reading


Re: Another child died in a van

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She was probably texting and/or cell talking, whatever. How much do you want to bet? Texters seem to have side blinders on while texting. Sometimes we have to move out of their way because they aren't looking up to see who/what they will walk into. 'One track minds'. Pathetic. Continue Reading


Re: Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hey, Coconut Vinegar? Hadn't heard of it...........does it have a slight coconut flavor? (Love coconut!) Continue Reading


Re: Question about Americans detained in North Korea

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Not a good idea, for sure. Let the NK's who are Christians there (or want to be) pray and worship in silence. Safer for them, it seems to me. Prayers go freely and directly upwards, IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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Oh, I just looked. Huffington Post regarding Ten amazing beauty uses for apple cider vinegar. (Includes Foot soaks, deodorant, etc.) ............also there were other sites, too, which I haven't yet read. Continue Reading


Re: Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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Oh, while I'm here, one of the Kitty nics (forget which Kitty) suggested mixing one or two tablespoons of baking soda per dose of shampoo, which makes my hair super silky while rinsing the shampoo out. Actually, I haven't used the white vinegar ever since Kitty's nic. Continue Reading


Re: Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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I often use white vinegar as a rinse (diluted with warm water, of course), and after my hair dries, no odor. As far as apple cider vinegar, I haven't used it in years, and I'm going to buy some tomorrow. Possibly the apple cider vinegar has a different, more mild apple scent. Anyway, there were/are lots of uses for the apple cider vinegar. I believe it was on Yahoo or something similar. Maybe Web search 'beauty uses for apple cider vinegar', or something similar. ........... p.s. see my next post. Continue Reading

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