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Re: Stop with the umm.....

In Fashion Talk 1427511422.103

The trouble with 'Ummmm' is..........that's it's catchy/catching. Continue Reading


Re: Please give us more long sleeve and short sleeve shirts

In Lori Goldstein 1427505459.55

Yes, more long sleeves with perhaps a tab or ruching for the three-quarter sleeve ladies. Also, I love 'camp shirt' styles. Short sleeves. Wouldn't mind a few true elbow sleeves on some items. Continue Reading


Re: IMAN TS-March 28th

In Fashion Talk 1427505320.96

I'm not crazy about palazzo pants (for myself), although I do like the navy printed choice. Thanks, O/P for reminding us to watch! Continue Reading


Re: Do you think this is true?

In Viewpoints 1427505054.98

I think that I can find/recognize good on my own, without having the opposite around to 'remind' me. Continue Reading


Re: Evil

In Viewpoints 1427501805.92

Some people are just plain mean. And that's that. Same with wild animals. Some are mean, attacking just about everything in site. Some, not so much. Continue Reading


Re: It's That Time Again

In Viewpoints 1427491316.103

Wow!.........Seems as though it's Monday; I blink a few times, and 'low and behold', it's Friday all over again! Enjoy your weekend, friends. Continue Reading


Re: Amada Knox...

In Viewpoints 1427490990.703

p.s. Nothing against other countries, etc., But I'm always thankful that we have our present court/trial system. It really is in place to protect the innocent, more or less. I like the idea of twelve jurors, where applicable. Our system just seems very fair in many/most instances. Better than the alternative, I'm thinking. Continue Reading


Re: Amada Knox...

In Viewpoints 1427490706.397

Slightly off topic: It's tough to travel now-a-days without being in some sort of tour group. Never know who will be in a similar situation just because that person was nearby or in the area. So many stories, in general, in various countries. Better to stick with a tour group. Also, I'm very much not crazy about sending teens overseas to 'study', unless they are kept very isolated, on campus, with an adult supervisor at all times and places, etc. One just never knows exactly where teens will wander in foreign countries. Continue Reading


Re: Dad has a new friend........

In Among Friends 1427490300.31

Someone in a certain field once told me that, in general, men often marry within a year or so after a spouse's death. I don't know how true this is. I'm guessing that they are the ones who are younger in age, though. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn's Purple Dress Is So Pretty

In Fashion Talk 1427490000.153

As a side-note, I just viewed the video. First of all, on my TV screen, the dress looked pink, also the sweater's background. Secondly, the outfit looked a lot better online on the video. I have a feeling that my TV was set on another setting (Wide, and not on Normal, Zoom, etc.). So, I'm modifying my original post somewhere above. Continue Reading

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