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Re: Robo Calls From Your Own Number...Is This A Problem For Anyone Else?

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Yep, when I 'took a message' from a solicitor, she gave me my own phone number! I said, 'Thank you, and I'll give them the message and your phone number'. Continue Reading


Re: Do not call

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I'm on that list, and instead of probably 40 calls a day, it's down to about ten. Mostly from lots of solicitors pushing solar, and various 'charities' (which some of them are tweeked names. Similar, but not the exact names/ones we know of and trust). I can't even mention what a couple of these solicitors said to me. Twisted thoughts, for sure. Continue Reading


Re: Jeans with holes

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I'm going to buy a few patches and iron/scatter them around on older jeans. Just a thought! Might be cute! A trend? Continue Reading


Re: Jeans with holes

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Doglvr: 'Before we know it', the next big trend will be patches over holes! (Another million dollar idea, and still no check....lol) Continue Reading


Re: The New PM Style with Shawn

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Iloveacop: Shawn calmed it all down, seems to me. And, just in general, I know what you mean. Seems that that kind of activity is very common now-a-days, with a certain age group. Even with professionals. I really don't know where it came from (maybe college?). In general, that activity reminds me of The Price Is Right. (Although my dear mom and dad loved that show, for whatever reason; they had so very calm personalities.) Continue Reading


Re: The New PM Style with Shawn

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Shawn is 'just right' for PMS. Yes, too much Perricone. And the other one sure has a lot of energy.....too much coffee? (lol, in a nice way). Continue Reading


Re: laminate hardwood and formaldehyde

In For the Home Talk 1425355997.01

I missed 60 Minutes, and thank you for the link/video! Same old story of companies not testing products manufactured in 'C.'. (Almost) Nobody seems to care these days. We should probably buy our own meters or contraptions and test the stuff ourselves. Again, that's why I'm in favor of more regulation in certain instances. Unpopular as it is. Continue Reading


Re: What's A Good Moisturizer Without Anti-aging Actives?

In Beauty Banter 1425349410.127

Cetaphil Unscented. Only I buy the national store brands/substitutes. Work just as well. Continue Reading


Re: Probiotics

In Health & Fitness 1425349236.42

Gooday: Yes, if our tummies are working just fine, then all is well. Sometimes folks hear about 'this and that' and go out and buy various remedies. Normal tummies are perfectly balanced and really don't need any biotic invasions to upset the balance. . . . .It's all about balance. Continue Reading


Re: Seeking Your Advice

In Health & Fitness 1425349028.11

I had a boil or two when I was a child, which required a penicillin shot at the time. Continue Reading

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