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I have several of your pieces and the compliments are always abundant. Having recently lost 166#, I look to fashion icons such as you for guidance. I have learned so much about fashion and accessories from watching you. THank you and keep up the fabulous designs! Continue Reading


Re: Baby, It's (Getting) Cold Outside!

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I wanted to thank you Lisa for all that you have taught me about fashion and accessories. I have recently lost 166# and knew nothing about fashion. Hard to dress fashionably when everything is shapeless. I watch you and Shawn religiously. I have gained a sense of fashion thanks to you. My closet is comprised of Rachel Zoe, Attitudes by Renee, Joan Rivers, Issac Mizrahi, LOGO, Bob Mackie and more. I have strangers come up to me and tell me how fabulous I look....that never happened before. Thanks, Lisa! Keep up the fabulous work and I will keep watching!!! Continue Reading


Re: Chicken & Dumplings & A Visit from Chef Anne Burrell! All This Sunday!

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Happy Birthday, Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my comfort foods is grilled cheese and tomato soup....the other is mac and cheese. My Mom used to make that for us and it just reminds me of her. Can't wait to see Chef Anne.....I just love her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: My Time with Mary Beth - Week of Oct. 24th - Time in the Kitchen

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I love my Kitchenaide.....and can't wait to make this cake. My KA is a work horse....it has gotten me through some really heavy holiday baking and wedding cookie baking as well. Thanks, KA and QVC for this mixer Continue Reading


Re: In the Kitchen with David PM Edition- April 27th Show

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I had weight loss surgery, so I am very conscious about what I eat. I weigh or measure everything I eat. I avoid high sugar foods such as cookies, pastries, pies and eat fruit instead. Greek yogurt helps boost my calcium and protein intake. Nothing deep fried and pasta is kept to a very rare occasion and it is whole wheat. I also drink protein smoothies or protein water to make sure I get my 60-80 grams of protein in every day. Continue Reading


Re: Responding to all of your Cook's Essentials questions!

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I just got my 6qt pressure cooker. I decided to upgrade after discovering that the 4qt was too small. What I notice is that the airtight/exhaust valve on top of the lid is very jiggly and wobbly. This wasn't the case on the 4qt. That valve was firmly seated. I want to know if the valve on the 6qt is supposed to be that wobbly....for example, when I move from exhaust to airtight, it doesn't stop....it slides past and goes to exhaust on the other side. I have to purposely stop at airtight and sometimes, it seems that I have to go back and jiggle it to make the steam build up. Hope that I... Continue Reading


6 qt Cook's Essential Pressure Cooker

Last Reply by sharke 1302115579.513 | Started by Cherubcrnp in Kitchen & Food Talk

I just received my 6qt Pressure Cooker. The exhaust/airtight valve on top of the lid is rather loose. Having had the 4qt as well, the valve was well seated in the lid. This valve on the 6 qt is not. The pressure cooker works, but I seem to have to play with the valve to make sure it is in the position I need. Is this normal for this Pressure Cooker? Continue Reading


Re: In the Kitchen with David PM Edition - April 6th Show - Entertaining Ideas Event!

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Welcome back from vacation....I hope you had a great time. I love making bacon wrapped scallops....when I make appetizers, it depends on the occassion. Sometimes it is just something simple and sometimes elaborate. But now that you mention it....I do love deviled eggs! Continue Reading


Re: A Must Try At Sam's Club.......Oh My....

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I have had this fish and you are right....it is really delicious!!!!! I also highly recommend this fish Continue Reading


Re: In the Kitchen with David - March 27th Show - Cooking on Q Day!

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Chocolate in any way is a good thing...milkshakes, chocolate covered strawberries, with peanut butter, coconut, marshmallows....it doesn't matter. Chocolate is a food group. I am so looking forward to Sunday....I will be watching all day. I especially can't wait for ITKWD!!!! Continue Reading

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