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Hello ladies....It is 5 degrees here today. I had a Dr. appointment but I'm going to cancel it due to the cold weather. I hate traveling in this kind of weather alone. I wish Buck were here. The snow has stopped thankfully. Hello to Fran and Snappy. Blessings to all here. Stay warm and dry. Continue Reading


Re: Prayer Requests

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Be assured that little Cooper is in my prayers...God bless Cooper... Continue Reading


Re: Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

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We are being hit with all this snow. Yesterday I had someone come over and clean my sidewalk and clean off my car and now it needs done again. It is snowing again right now. Blessings to all. Gloria I will pray for your sister and friend... HAVE A GOOD DAY. Continue Reading


Re: Daily Positive Thread for Sunday

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It's snowing here right now. 3 to 5 inches is all we plan on according to the forecaster. We are to get lots more snow tomorrow. Blessings to all. May God answer all your prayers. Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Cafe........a great place to chat!

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Hello Lovestoteach, I am glad you miss me. I miss you too. Are you going to be a grandma again? Congrats to you and hubby. Continue Reading



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Hello Loves, thanks for missing me. I miss you too. Happy retirement. Is it correct that you're going to be grandma again? Continue Reading



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On 1/23/2015 phluphy said: Possummink, how adorable BabyBenzi peeking around the corner, you find the most precious pictures bar none. Love the kitty on the stairs, almost can't see him/her, camouflage is so good. The kitty on the couch looks like a Persian. Cute too. Wow is that snowman HUGE!! Snappyfrappy, so happy the Doppler test came back ok. Very good news. Your hearing test will be ok too, and they do have so many new devices to give you if it isn't. As we age the hearing, eyesight and what ever else you can think of gets a little rusty. We'll have you fixed up pronto. Take care, sayin... Continue Reading

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