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10grands, I, too, thought he would cast the foot, but he wanted the boot instead. I hate it. I don't think it fits right. I go back in a month. It is broken on the left side of the foot. The foot is still swollen and it hurts like the dickens. But thank God it was only my foot. It could have been my hip. I was lucky. Sorry the baby is suffering. I will say a prayer for her. It is hot and muggy here to. Continue Reading


Re: Daily Positive Thread for Friday

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Gloria, the 50 thread is going good. You have many friends here. Blessings to you and Linus. Blessings to all who post here. May God meet your needs. Have a good day in the Lord. Continue Reading



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Kittyfan, hello to you and may you have peace and comfort. God bless you. Snappy, get well soon. Sorry you're in pain. Will say a prayer for you. Please say a prayer for my foot. It hurts and that shoe they gave me to wear only makes it worse. Continue Reading


Re: Happy 50th Linus and Gloria!

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Have a great party. Happy Anniversary. Continue Reading



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Hello ladies...I fell and broke my left foot. I was coming out of a restaurant and fell off the side walk and broke my foot. I had to get up myself which was no easy chore. I am fine. Went to the foot Dr. and he gave me a shoe to wear. I hope it heals fast. My bones are old, Ha! I am clumsy. I wish you all peace and comfort. I worry about MamaS. I hope she posts soon. I am thinking about my beloved Buck a lot lately. I miss him even now. He passed in 2001. I hope you are all well and know that I think about you all often. Thank you Snappy and Fran for keeping this thread going. ... Continue Reading


Re: Daily Positive Thread for Wednesday

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Lovestopaint, thank you for your prayers. I am picking up some pain meds later today. Please pray for America and the awful beheading of an American journalist. Please pray that we will be safe here and they don't come to this country. Jesus is coming back soon. Time is short. We need to be ready. Blessings to you all and God bless you all. Gloria, hope you feel better soon. Continue Reading


Re: Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

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Gloria, I hope you have a good time at your party. How many years have you been married? Congrats. I fell and broke my left foot. The Dr. put me in a shoe that I have to wear until the bone heals. He said about a month or so. My bones are old. I tripped on the side walk and fell. I'm clumsy I guess. I'm going to church tomorrow night despite the shoe. God bless you all and have a good evening. Continue Reading


Re: Daily Positive Thread for Monday

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Jesus is always with us if you are saved and He is your Lord and savior. Praise His name. Blessings to all here. Have a good day. Continue Reading


Re: Thought for the day

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That everyone love one another.... Continue Reading



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Hello Fran, good to see you here. Hope you have a good day. Love ya! Continue Reading

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