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Re: May 2014...What scent are you enjoying this month?

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Bath & Body Works French Lavender. Continue Reading


Re: BBWorks new candles....

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I will have to go check these out. I was just in B&BW a couple of weeks ago and didn't see them. Love the frosted jars. I usually just the others out when done, but I do think I would reuse these. Continue Reading


Re: Red, White and Blue decor (with pics)

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Those look really nice Nana5. It looks like you are all set for summer! Continue Reading


Re: Home Reflections Fruit Luminaries w/Flameless Candles - H199012

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Hi Hooty! Been awhile since I posted. We have been busy working on our house that we are getting ready to sell and I haven't been on the computer much lately. However, I have been following the forums using my phone, but I don't like typing much on it. I'm lurking though and keeping up with the Home Forum ladies! Ha Ha! Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I have both the orange and the watermelon. I got the orange last summer and used it all through the fall and winter. I love it! I purchased the watermelon a couple of months ago and I love it too. No problems with the paint on ei... Continue Reading


Re: French Bulldog or Boston Terrier?

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I am in North Carolina so not too far from you. Around here French bulldogs cost closer to $2,000. If you get one that comes from championship "show dog" lineage, then you could easily spend $4,000 or more. I have never been interested in showing and always get a pet quality which cost less. I always spay ours and never breed them. I just always check out the parents and how healthy they are. I would think in Eastern TN you should be able to purchase a healthy well socialized puppy for around $1500 - $2200. Color and markings seem to drive the price somewhat also. Pugs seem to sell for $350.0... Continue Reading


Re: What do you think of this color for living room wall?

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I love it. It is the same color as my kitchen! Continue Reading


Re: Easter in the Making

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Hi! Love what you have going for spring already! I haven't been on the boards much the past few months (bought a new house and am getting our old one ready to put on the market), but I'm trying to catch up now that things are slowing down a bit for me. Your decorating is getting me inspired to dig out my spring stuff! Continue Reading


Re: French Bulldog or Boston Terrier?

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I agree wholeheartedly with wahoogaz about your Nick. I have been in your shoes with many of my four-legged kids and it is so hard to lose them. But like wahoogaz said.. remember you did your best for him and he had one great dog life! If only we could come back in another lifetime and live the lives some of our dogs have! Hang in there. I am a French bulldog owner. For over 20 years we always had English bulldogs. We love that breed, but decided when the last one passed away that we would get a smaller dog, but with a lot of the same characteristics as the bigger English bulldog. The Frenchi... Continue Reading


Re: Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas JPC (and all the other ladies/gentlemen)! I look forward to all of the great decorating ideas we will share in 2014! Continue Reading


Re: Merry Christmas to all my friends

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Merry Christmas moxie! I know this has been a hard year on you. Thanks for posting the Christmas scene - it is lovely (just like all of your decorating). To all the other ladies on this forum - Merry Christmas! I hope your day is one of peace, happiness and good memories of those that are no longer with us. Continue Reading

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