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Re: Yay

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Way to go! I know from experience what a GREAT feeling this is to get a bill or bills paid down. I very rarely order from QVC anymore. The only credit card other then my Q card is my Belk's card. Very rarely do I use this one too. I just don't like having those card payments! Keep on getting on to the NO BALANCE!!! Continue Reading


Re: Favorite eyeshadow primer for oily lids?

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E.L.F in the tube mentioned in post 7 works Great for me. My shadow never budges, and I use any cheaper brand of shadow. Also, Jordana eye pencil, (big fat one), in color almond is another great one. This was mentioned here on the board. Both are very cheap in cost. I use these 2 all the time and I do my make-up around 6:30 am and it lasts until I take it off between 7:00 to 8:00 pm. Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Self Tanner Discovery

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Sounds good. How long does it take to dry? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Paula's Choice NEW 365 self-tanner -- anyone tried?!?!?!

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I was actually looking at this on Sat. There has been some really good suggestions here on the board. A hard decision for me to make! Continue Reading


Re: Speaking of Philosophy and Rudeness That Prevails Today!

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WOW! I am SOOOO Sorry that you had to encounter this act of down right Rudeness and Ignorance and Unconcern. You handled this in a lot better fashion then I would have. I am the type that I would have taken her aside or ask for her Supervisor and asked what her problem was. I work with the public everyday and even though I don't deal with as much Rudeness as I did for the past 11 years, I still have my share. I try to the best of my ability to live a Christian life, and I know I fell miserably everyday, but, I don't think the LORD expects us to sit by and let people run all over us. I can han... Continue Reading


Re: Your Favorite Self Tanner.......

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On 4/12/2014 AnnikaC said: I use a number of different self-tanners, from Tan Towels to Banana Boat Summer Color, (which is fantastic, btw!), and they all work about the same for me. The issue I have, is no matter how much I exfoliate, or pre-treat with lotion, my feet and ankles always betray the fact that I've used a tanning product. NOT a good look! I recently tried Xen-Tan's Blending Balm, and it's made a huge difference. It's a very thick balm in a stick formula, (kind of like your deodorant), that you apply to problem areas after you apply your tanner. It smooths out those "rough" edges... Continue Reading


Re: Your Favorite Self Tanner.......

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Good Morning Ladies! Just got to my office and was anxious to check for anymore suggestions, and, as always, you ladies ROCK with your information! Wackers, I have also considered the Spray tan. We have a Salon just 2 minutes from my office. I am going to check on the cost. I am also going to check on the Vita Liberta and the Tarte. I am Irish and Cherokee heritage. Guess I got the Irish skin, very pale. But, got the black hair and high ckeekbones of the Cherokee. So, I'm sure there is a ST or the Spray tan that will work for me. I really Thank all you ladies for taking the time to give your ... Continue Reading


Re: Your Favorite Self Tanner.......

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On 4/11/2014 brewhaha said: The sun Nothing would please me more then to get some sun. But, as I stated in reply #4 this is NOT an option for me due to Melanoma and Basil Cell Carcinoma. Continue Reading


Re: Your Favorite Self Tanner.......

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Thanks ladies for the ideas! I will give these a look and see which one may fit my needs. Hope everyone has a Super Week-end! Getting ready to leave my office and enjoy the evening with my DH! Continue Reading


Re: Happy Friday, Beauties -- What did you purchase this past week???

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Hi Kat! I cannot imagine how EXCITED you are to have the temperature you all have. We did not have the snow that all you folks up North had, but, we had some EXTREMELLY COLD weather. Coldest on record in 25 years. We have 71 here today also. LOVE, LOVE the Spring!! Anyway, I purchased the IT CC Cream. Still on the fence about this one. The coverage is just not enough for me. I love the fact about the Physical Sunscreen. I also have on order the Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream. I'm still on the hunt for the HG in foundation, BB, CC, etc.... Hope you have a GREAT Week-end and enjoy every second of t... Continue Reading

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