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Re: when you start a thread,

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I think it's so endearingly cute how some are so attentive to their threads..just like a good hostess with excellent manners! Continue Reading


Re: Stye

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HonnyBrown...for me the OTC med "Stye" wiped it out! I know what a stye feels like just when it is starting so that is when I start using it. Maybe I'm just lucky! Either way,,,I'll continue with it! Hope you find something that works for you! Continue Reading


Re: Stye

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I have had the best luck with an OTC med called "stye". Nips it i the bud right away for me! Continue Reading


Re: Spaghetti Bake

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Sounds yummily delicious! ( using my childish descriptive word to see if I get chided for being immature again!) Just have to try this...and you know if Britbrit,BeeBee or it it's going to be delicious! Who cares about the over zealous fat patrollers with nothing better in life to do than attempt to ridicule those of us that can indulge once in a while! Adding it to my overflowing list Brit! Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Will we ever get to buy any Lori Goldstein jewelry????

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Her necklaces are almost all from J Crew and Stella and Dot. I have several of the same ones. Very easy to find Continue Reading


Re: I have tried 3 times

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I see 4 of them...all about the same topic Continue Reading


Re: I'm so wanting to purchase Lori's necklaces!!

In Lori Goldstein 1404220714.46

Several of the ones that she has used are from Stella and Dot. Check their catalogue Continue Reading

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