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Re: Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy

In Recipe Swap 1416870308.567 me,it's nice to have one last thing to worry about at the last minute. I usually don't have anyone helping me in the kitchen. Continue Reading


Re: Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy

In Recipe Swap 1416868759.86

Best gravy ever! And very easy to incorporate the pan drippings into this gravy. The best of both worlds! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone had a dental implant....I am going to a dentist for a consult for one...

In Beauty Banter 1414337754.377

blueLagoon...99.99% of the time an orthodontist has nothing to do with implants. I think you have your dental specialties confused. Generally an oral surgeon or periodontist. Continue Reading


Re: Honey Crisp Apples Are Here!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1411052990.853

I have been getting them for 89 cents a pound. Have made a few small batches of applesauce...DELICIOUS! Needs no sweetener. Continue Reading


Re: Altuzzara!

In Fashion Talk 1410956546.507 then search altuzzara and they all come up...easy! Continue Reading


Re: What size is Mary Beth?

In Liz Claiborne New York 1409751739.77

Looks like I am way off. I was going to guess a 14. Continue Reading


Re: Tights?

In Fashion Talk 1409748877.527

No,we don't. Continue Reading


Re: when you start a thread,

In Viewpoints 1409333509.2

I think it's so endearingly cute how some are so attentive to their threads..just like a good hostess with excellent manners! Continue Reading


Re: Stye

In Beauty Banter 1409027325.69

HonnyBrown...for me the OTC med "Stye" wiped it out! I know what a stye feels like just when it is starting so that is when I start using it. Maybe I'm just lucky! Either way,,,I'll continue with it! Hope you find something that works for you! Continue Reading

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