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Re: I'm so wanting to purchase Lori's necklaces!!

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Several of the ones that she has used are from Stella and Dot. Check their catalogue Continue Reading


Re: Why does QVC give Linea such Rotten hours?

In Linea 1403789348.74

Well....welcome back Debbie Downer! Continue Reading


Re: 72 inch bead necklace

In Linea 1402887604.783

Looks like we have a troll on the loose Continue Reading


Re: radiation?

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Deb..I had BC in 2004. I went thru chemo(yes..lost my hair)and radiation. I had 38 radiation treatments and I did them on my lunch hour. They are just about 5 minutes. Takes longer to undress than have the treatment. Towards the end,I started getting a little tired,but not enough to miss work. You will be amazed as to how easy it is! Best wishes! The radiation doesn't cause hair loss. It is one of the chemotherapy agents that causes that. Continue Reading


Re: RE,I'm going to a wedding next week!

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I will never stop giggling about the deviled egg thread. One poster said they are to be called angel eggs from now on. They should not be named for the devil. HUGE WAR erupted! Continue Reading


Re: What's your go-to recipe when the family (or you) needs a quick dessert?

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Qualitygal...will you post the recipe for the Kraft pie please? Continue Reading


Re: Love, love, love cold salads for summer lunches

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I have alot saved from one of my favorite former posters Carol1229 that are scrumptious. She posted pictures of them all too. I can't get to them right now,but one could do a search.Anyhow,they are delicious..I tried them all! Those are my favorites! Continue Reading


Re: The commenting period has closed. What! When did this start happening? Tried to comment on food for the wedding.

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So..we need to rehash all of this again? Brit got lots of good recipes from posters that understood that she was looking for recipes,not to be judged. Is there a reason that many of you feel the need to tell the world that you dont like potlucks when that was not even the question? Maybe a "I don't like potlucks" thread should be started to allow many of you to feel like you are being heard..again. Continue Reading


Re: I'm going to a wedding next week and they have asked everyone to bring a dish.

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One of the most enjoyable weddings I have been to was held in a barn,and was a potluck. Best food ever and no one wanted to leave! Continue Reading

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