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Re: Can anyone help me with lymphatic drainage?

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Spookyghost,I go to one of the hospitals in my city that has a Lymphedema clinic.My oncologist referred me there when I noticed that my arm was starting to swell. At first I was referred to a PT in a different setting. It was not the best experience. She was doing manual drainage on me,but had to have her notes with her the entire time. I didn't get very good results. The difference between PT and a LANA certified practicioner is like night and day. Lymphedema is pretty complex and the patient has to be very dedicated. I hope you get some help. And I agree with Wadzilla...water water water... Continue Reading


Re: Can anyone help me with lymphatic drainage?

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I have lymphedema in my R arm. I go to a LANA certified specialist. I wear a garment daring the day and a different one at night. Myself,I would never go to just a massage therapist for treatment. Part of the treatment is teaching you how to manual drainage yourself. The touch is very light. It almost mimics the feel of your body in water when you are swimming. I know that when I am draining my lymphatic tissue that I need to create a place for the stored up lymph to go. You learn this by getting educated on the lymphatic system. I start with very light massage on my neck,then my collarb... Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn Looks Nice

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Are you confusing Antonella with Carolyn Kathy Pet? Continue Reading


Re: Swishing/Pulling

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Will...thanks for informing me that oil pulling and flossing are different. I will pass that word around the dental community I am active in. Tell them I learned that on QVC. AS I mentioned,my experience is from my office only.We are asked DAILY if oil pulling will take the place of flossing. And,as I mentioned,this is mostly from patients with very poor oral hygiene.They are not committed to good oral hygiene,with basically a low dental IQ. I will repeat,this is experience from my office only. Continue Reading


Re: Swishing/Pulling

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Most of the oil pullers that I run into in my dental office would rather swish oil for 20 minutes than floss for 2 minutes.Makes alot of sense huh? BTW..most of us in dentistry have seen poor results for oil pulling. Most of the oil pullers that we encounter are the ones that have poor oral hygiene to begin with and are looking for anything they can do rather than meticulously brush and floss. This is my experience only..and that of my co workers. Continue Reading


Re: March Into Spring; It's a New Month of Linea Styling!

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Tylerpoo...I have a wide leather corset type belt with 3 buckles(one on top of the other) that I got from Ralph Lauren.It's about 2.5 to 3 inches wide. Continue Reading


Re: Teeth Whitening

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Hmmm....trying to figure out what whitening has to do with a "strong root canal".... Continue Reading


Re: Costco...WOW!

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Two times I have been double charged for an item. Both times it was caught at the exit. I would have caught it at home,but then it is hard to prove. I am glad the exit people are there. Continue Reading


Re: Loose Lateral Incisors

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Often times with anterior teeth,clenching or grinding are at fault. Check with your DDS and see if an appliance would benefit you. Continue Reading


Re: Gluten Free Flour?

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Spelt flour contains gluten. It does have a lesser amount of gluten in it than wheat flour however. Continue Reading

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