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Do last clicks items ever go on easy pay?

Last Reply by Ilioza 1414617059.837 | Started by Ilioza in Jewelry Talk

I was wondering if last clicks items sometimes go on easy pay. Thanks. Continue Reading


What do you use to clean your RLM silver and brass jewelry?

Last Reply by Pat22 1413666622.327 | Started by Ilioza in Jewelry Talk

Hello, I have a silver and brass RLM necklace that is completely tarnished. I wanted to know what kind of jewelry cleaner is safe to use. I really love the necklace and I don't want to damage it. Thank you in advance. Continue Reading


QVC consider making Xtra small bangles available (2.25" diameter).

Last Reply by Pagan 1411757345.233 | Started by Ilioza in Jewelry Talk

Does anyone know who to talk to so QVC can bring xtra small bangles for those of us with tiny wrists/hands? Continue Reading


Re: What Do You Love About QVC Gold? Celebrate May is Gold Month!

In Jewelry Talk 1368305509.18

I love QVC gold because of the great designs and value. Continue Reading


Re: JAI John Hardy

In Judith Ripka 1365115512.17

Hopefully, the Q will offer better prices. Angela's line was way too expensive for what is was. Continue Reading


Honora is on Rue La La

Started by Ilioza in Jewelry Talk 1354898963.343

There are some nice items available. Continue Reading


To all Honora Lovers

Last Reply by tigg 1352133377.34 | Started by Ilioza in Jewelry Talk

Honora will be on Ruelala today at 11:00 a.m. Hope you'll find some goodies. Happy shopping! Continue Reading


Re: Angela for John Hardy

In Jewelry Talk 1349636665.32

J268748 J270059 Does anyone own these bangles in size small? If yes, can you please tell me their diameters? I don't want to have to return them and pay shipping if they don't fit. Thank you in advance. Continue Reading

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