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Re: Carolyn squared!

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On 4/17/2014 cooking lady said: Juggie - I'm with you - I have the FC and even Victoria Adams pieces - not spending any more money for a good long time --and when I do it will be Am West - it's all beautiful for sure - enjoyed watching but I got a huge tax bill this year and no can spend any more money!!! I've been spending time organizing what I have and honestly it's downright disgusting - nobody should have or needs this much jewelry!! LOL!! I'm going to visit my sisters in Minnesota again next month and they are going to teach me how to sell on Ebay and I am going to sell a lot --anyhow -... Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn Pollack designs

In Jewelry Talk 1397764343.43

Kachina - easy for you to say there are plenty of places to get SW/N.A designs lol! By me, there's not so much . . and it'll always be in style for me. I think I'd go crazy if I lived by you . . so much temptation. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn Pollack designs

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CP's current line is not really meant to be SW -- that's why she's brought the American West line. I agree with depglass -- love that both of these line are made in the US and are great quality -- especially compared to other designers. Continue Reading


Re: American West Item J291015

In Carolyn Pollack 1397757383.477

Hi Mslaura - I don't have it, but as it is long - it's not very wide, so I think it won't look as bold on the neck as you might think . . very pretty! Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn squared!

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Love those too, Kachina! I have her original dragonfly variscite ring - love! I also have Fritz' dragonfly cuff. It's what's keeping me from lusting over these new pieces - I'm just too broke lol. Continue Reading


Carolyn squared!

Last Reply by ennui1 1397875586.373 | Started by jugtown in Carolyn Pollack

It's about time! Plus, Deanna AND Suzanne . . . YAY! That abalone butterfly and beads . . sooo pretty! Continue Reading


Re: Demolished Necklace Received

In Carolyn Pollack 1397509789.39

That's terrible! So sorry - that's frustrating to say the least, and I really hope they have a nice one to send instead. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya. Continue Reading


Re: Naja Necklacec...J 280222

In Carolyn Pollack 1397484802.693

Hi Sweet Susie . . great to see you here! Love your pic . . great shot of so many beautiful SB pieces. I have the super naja too and yes . . it's a WOWZER!! Spring is finally here, and even though I wear my turq all year around, I think it's even more beautiful and fun to wear this time of year. Love all your gorgeous pieces! Continue Reading


Re: Lunchtime special J282968 Carolyn Pollack Sterling Multi-Gemstone ButterflyRing

In Carolyn Pollack 1397415489.143

Still there - in size 8 only! Carolyn Pollack J282968 VIDEO Carolyn Pollack Sterling Multi-Gemstone Butterfly Ring QVC Price: $109.00 Lunchtime Special Price: $57.55 Continue Reading


Re: Love Carolyn, Love made in the USA, Pieces ...what happened?

In Carolyn Pollack 1397339007.303

I've never heard of Charming Charlie's, but my guess is . . your friend shops for costume jewelry and may not recognize well-made jewelry with beautiful real stones. If you liked the ring enough to keep it, I'd say it's up to you what you think of the ring and not others. I'd love to know which ring it is too. I find the best way to know if I'd like something is to watch the video. Otherwise, I enjoyed Carolyn's old line - Sincerely Southwest - more than the new, although there are some things I think are very nice. You might want to try American West - it's more like the older CP jewelr... Continue Reading

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