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Re: Why Can't QVC Have Hosts Wear What They Sell?

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I definitely disagree with the hosts having to wear what they sell. If I was hosting a Denim & Co. show, I would look absolutely ridiculous! The clothes are way too big for me. At some point, it is counterproductive. And what if there are several designers on during the same 3 or 4 hours that a host is hosting? She turns into a model. Also, why impose that limitation on the women hosts, and not the men? I know QVC doesn't have men's clothes, but... Continue Reading


Re: O/T The bachelor - tonight

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My thought is: how could he be making a mistake when there are two "for sure's" ahead of the girl that he is letting go? The dilemma is between who ends up in third or fourth place. I don't see how he can think he is making a mistake. It is hard to imagine being "in love" with many people. I could meet 500 guys and narrow them down very, very quickly! Continue Reading


Re: Round Two of the NFL PLayoffs!!!

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On 1/12/2013 dee88junior said: RAVENS WIN! RAVENS WIN! RAVENS WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!! That was one of the best play-off games I've ever seen. Oddly enough, I was pulling for the Ravens. It's odd because I'm a Steeler fan. With the Steelers out, I can just enjoy these last few games. Continue Reading


Re: Those of you who had acne-prone/oily skin in your 20s, how long until you stopped breaking out?

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I've had breakouts from age 26 to about 48. I'm 49 now. It's never been horrific, more like one that would last a month, then another... I have been treated for it, but OTC meds worked as well or better. Continue Reading


Re: Hair - Anyone gone from very long hair to very short hair and been tremendously happy?

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My hair has been both short and long as a kid, and short and long as an adult. I am 49 with good hair - lots of it with a wave, so it can be straightened or curled. I just had 8 inches lopped off about 2 months ago; I also went very blonde. My hair was getting too long and heavy to hold a curl all day anymore. I style with hot curlers. No doubt, my hair is not as plush on the top. I am happy that my hair is doing what I want it to do now. I love long hair, but had come to the realization that it was beginning not to work for me any more. I am thankful for the way it looks now. Continue Reading


Re: Eye Lid and Under Eye Moisturizer Sugguestions?

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You're in good company. I am 49 also and am having the exact same problem. I miss my perfect 25-year-old skin! Thanks for the post... I'm just reading, not suggesting anything because I'm still searching. Continue Reading


Re: ?*# Kim K Pregnant ?*#

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Nothing about them or their lifestyle appeals to me in the least. Continue Reading


Re: Gem Day!

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'Bout time for a Gem Day, QVC! You used to have them all the time. I miss the old QVC, but my wallet doesn't. Continue Reading


Re: Can't Watch The Affinity Show

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I heard it before I saw it, and I couldn't even figure out who it was! QVC needs to call in replacements when a host loses his/her voice. It is very difficult to listen to. I'm glad it happened on the Affinity show since it's one of my least favs. Continue Reading


Re: Headache/Migraine for 4 days, please give advice on what works for you!

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My doc prescribes Fioricet for me, and it stops my early morning migraines in their tracks! Love it! I hope you feel better soon! Continue Reading

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