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Re: Some of My Favorite Holiday Decor - A Lisa Robertson Christmas Starts Friday!!

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I decorate my brains out every year, always changing, adding, rearranging, etc. Thought I was quite creative! Then Last night while watching your show, I got great new ideas! (For example, I Loved the tip to use the little clip birds on the napkins--how cute. And the idea of combining plain greenery with decorative greenery for a fatter garland--genius.). Thanks, Lisa...you're the best! I will miss you! Continue Reading


Re: Isaac mizrahi striped jacket?

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Duh! Thank you so much for taking the time to find this for me!!! Continue Reading


Isaac mizrahi striped jacket?

Last Reply by willdob3 1403530570.013 | Started by yorkiegirl1 in Fashion Talk

This morning when Jackie was showing isaac's stretch knit ankle pants, one of the models had on a black and white knit jacket that was also modeled on isaacs show on Saturday. However, I can't find it online...it looks like a thin cotton knit, long sleeves, narrow stripes, zipper in front. Does anyone know whether it is available? His pants might be a256822, but when I click on them, a different number comes up, and there is no video. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: How do you cook the BIG lobster tails from Sam's Club and not have them get a little tough like??

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I made the sams oversized lobster tails last night using the link above for freshwater lobsters--prepped them, brushed with butter mixture, wrapped them in foil, baked 35 minutes-perfection!!! Way better than last year when I boiled them. Thanks for the directions. Continue Reading


Re: Stan Herman

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I bought a set of his fleece pajamas at SAMs yesterday--kinda ugly colors, but cheap price. The top is a little short--mid-hip length, and the bottoms don't come up to my waist. Maybe they're not supposed to? I wear size 6 so I bought size medium. I'm keeping them but very disappointed in the quality. My old Stan Herman robe is fleece, weighs a ton and is my favoritest of all time. Continue Reading


Re: Lace skirts: Dressy, casual, or both?

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I own Talbots lace skirts. The store salesperson showed me how to funk them up with tees, belts, scarves, etc. brown lace skirt, rust tee, emerald green belt. Black lace skirt, aqua tee, silver belt, etc. denim jackets and shirts. Leopard shoes, etc. you get the idea. The combos are endless. I wear my skirts a lot, summer and winter. Enjoy yours. Continue Reading


Re: ~Vintage Jewelry~

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I wear it all the time--it just has such meaning. Some of the pieces of costume jewelry are so meaningful that I have them in a safety deposit box, stupid, I know. Anyway, I wear the vintage with new, I like to mix it up, or I wear a cluster of brooches on my shoulder. Looks great with denim jackets! I also have quite a collection of vintage animal pins that I am leaving to humane society for one of their silent auctions. You are so lucky! Continue Reading


Re: Attn: Fashionistas - Labor Day approachs...

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I wear my Kelly green jeans with leopard, zebra print, black/white prints & camel. love them, wear them to death! I like white jeans with navy and gray--maybe navy sweater & gray scarf. I like aqua jeans with ivory & maybe black denim or dark denim jacket. maybe ivory sweater & camel accessories. maybe gray top or sweater, depending upon shade of turquoise. and for sure, you can accessorize with red. I wear my colored jeans more in the fall & winter than any other time. have fun mixing & matching! Continue Reading


Re: Mini poll: about purses

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actually, I have a mix of both. I find that I buy the better ones in the basic colors, then get the less expensive ones in the prints & not-basic colors. love 'em all, mix them up back & forth, depending on my outfit. i'm not hard on my bags so I have them forever--a mixed blessing because how can I justify yet another??? Continue Reading


have your color tastes changed . . . drastically?

Last Reply by wilma 1376337357.497 | Started by yorkiegirl1 in Fashion Talk

my whole life I have been a fan of wild colors, big bold prints (can't get too bold for me!), neons, etc. my house was splashed with colors and florals everywhere. then in the last year or so, something happened . . . it's so odd . . . all I want to wear is navy, gray, white, black and a little camel, a little grass green. if I see something that doesn't come in navy or gray, really, i'm not interested (I already have pieces in white, black & camel). and i'm re-doing our house in soft tones of grays, beiges, cocoas, creams, tans, etc. bizarre. but restful. then I got to thinking b... Continue Reading

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