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Re: temptations colors

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I wish her sets included some solid pieces with the patterned ones - I don't like everything to always be so match-matchy. Continue Reading


Re: I need a lip gloss, but...

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Hi SuzyQ, I love MAC's Cremesheen Glass glosses - they are very sheer and feel great on the lips. I have been using the color Fashion Scoop and love it. Continue Reading


Re: Pressure Washing

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Thanks so much for the responses! Continue Reading


Pressure Washing

Last Reply by lifeisgood 1405822758.77 | Started by LisaG428 in For the Home Talk

I was hoping for some advice on pressure washing… I want to have my home, deck, shed and fence pressure washed. My home is about 3,200 square feet and the deck is about 300 square feet - I received an estimate of $700. I was really shocked but haven't had anything done like this in quite some time. I was really impressed with his reviews and how responsive he has been. Any thoughts out there? Continue Reading


Re: Help with concerns about bad breath....

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The Tri Oral copycat is called SmartMouth, and you can find it at any drugstore and most grocery stores. It really works as long as you use it in the mornings and in the evenings consistently. Continue Reading


Re: Marlene Koch Eat What You Love Every Day

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She actually provides several Splenda alternatives, such as Stevia, Agave Nectar, Honey and explains how to use those in the recipes. Continue Reading


Re: TSV Guest w/Rick Domeier--Same Girl Passed Out as Last Year?

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I did't see it either, but the name, Cassie, sounds familiar. Did she have long, dark hair? Continue Reading



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On 6/5/2013 smilealot said: LisaG428- thanks for the update! You were in the back of my mind all day (that is how worriers are).... Keep us posted and try to keep yourself calm (easier said than done)....I always felt I lived a charmed life until a few years ago although I worried about everything. Then , all on the same day, I found my mother dead, had a heart attack and found out I had to have open heart surgery all on the same day. On top of that, my children , now 12 and 9 were then 6 and 9. Since none of those three tragedies were things I had worried about, I learned that worrying is us... Continue Reading

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