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Re: QVC Price of J146008 (Pave Gemstone Round Button Earrings)

In Judith Ripka 1427497773.86

I got the Iolite in 2011 for $111.00. I got the emerald and the aquamarine from "over there". I don't know what I paid for those, I usually don't pay too much. Continue Reading


Re: Let's DISCUSS: Judith Ripka late Jan. 2015 visit--what are you getting/interested in?... :)

In Judith Ripka 1422731569.173

I couldn't help myself, I got J338613, the pave heart ring in emerald. I see it is almost sold out in the emerald, glad I caved when I did. Can't wait for the shows. Continue Reading


Re: 14 kt clad interchangeable beads now on clearance too.

In Judith Ripka 1417229021.09

Thanks for the heads up on the silver inserts. My Green Chalcedony just shipped, now I will have the silver also. Can't wait to "play" with the system. Continue Reading


Clearance on easy pay!!!

Last Reply by QPrincess 1417021323.71 | Started by sun lover in Judith Ripka

The inserts for the pearl system are on clearance and easy pay. I got the green chalcedony, can't wait. Continue Reading


Re: Judith's clearance items are on easy pay

In Judith Ripka 1412007969.05

Thank-you for the heads up! I got on wait list for one item I have had my eye on and got another. Love that easy pay!! Continue Reading


Re: Quick Delivery of TSV SB

In Judith Ripka 1409445084.13

I got an envelope today that was supposed to have the SB cuff in it. The pouch was empty!!! Now it is supposed to be delivered by the 8th. I was excited to see the envelope, then was shot down. Continue Reading


Re: Judith's TSV

In Judith Ripka 1409114636.62

Thanks equss. It is on 5 easy pays. I don't have one of these "upside down" cuffs, I hope it works for me, someone earlier said they don't fit right. I also read that they have to say if it is reconstituted. Continue Reading


Judith's TSV

Last Reply by sun lover 1409114636.767 | Started by sun lover in Judith Ripka

Just got the email!!! The TSV is a Sleeping Beauty turquoise cuff. It's coming my way. Continue Reading


Re: J269800 Judith Ripka Pink Opal Cabochon Ring???

In Judith Ripka 1400212373.863

Hi, I have this ring, earrings and clip on. I love the ring, the color is great. I do think the color may slightly very though. Continue Reading


Re: Lucky, Lucky April Birthstone Babies!

In Jewelry Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1397340778.383

I just saw your Honora show. It was great! Nobody else could have pulled off a live show with Joel and Ralph the way you did. It was the fastest two hours ever. I loved, loved loved the show. You always do a fabulous job. Continue Reading

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