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Re: walk vs argue

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Once in a while I get a bee in my bonnet and can't resist the back and forth. For the most part, after a particularly nasty go round a while back, I just read here. If I feel I have something to offer, I'll post my opinion or understanding of a situation and then leave unless someone asks a question about my post. I have found myself playing a game with myself though, I read the initial post topic and who started it, and before going through the thread I predict in my mind who is going to reply and exactly what that reply will be. I'm averaging about 90% accurate in my predictions so far, ... Continue Reading


Re: QVC Lost My Business On This Transaction

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If it's the same style as being sold on Zappos, hope you're ordering the larger size then as the sizing isn't just for the Q, it would be the whole style regardless of vendor. Continue Reading


Re: MarlaWynne

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Some of her things work for me, but a lot of them don't. I'm overly endowed on top and some of her boxy tops hang pretty much straight from the bust line and then end at a bad place for my figure to boot. I don't understand how the pricing here would make you happier to buy at HSN except during HSN's clearance events. Marla's tank tops are running about $50, and pretty much everything else $70 and up. Continue Reading


Re: Does anybody else never watch award shows? I just look at the fashions the next day !

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I don't watch award shows, any of them. They've never interested me. Continue Reading


Re: Tomorrow----- out comes the Easter!

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Sounds like fun. Our kids only went to school one day last week, 4 days of cancellations due to snow and extreme cold. I think even the little ones are looking forward to spring. Continue Reading


Re: O/T ~ How Do You Protect Your Credit? LifeLock?

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Happy to report that Credit Karma is right on the ball! Was at my bank yesterday to apply for a loan and by the time I got home, I had a notification e-mail from Credit Karma that there was a hard inquiry on my credit! Timely. The FICO score they report wasn't even close to accurate, but I didn't really sign up for my FICO score, I signed up to get notifications if there are any attempts to open credit accounts, and obviously it works perfectly. Continue Reading


Re: Hey Canon lady!

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On 2/22/2015 radimage said: "A photo is a picture taken with a camera. A picture is any visual representation of a subject." Exactly, a picture is ANY visual representation INCLUDING on created with a CAMERA. Geesh. What some people won't do to try and make themselves look smart. You blew it and probably don't even realize it! Continue Reading


Re: Mean replies on QVCs facebook page

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On 2/22/2015 melfie said: If you click on the person who made the derogatory comment you will understand why. Many (many meaning not all) of them fit an unfortunate stereotype. I find it comical. And I'm sure Ellen is used to it. If this message board suddenly demanded we post under our real names posters would be just as venomous as they are under their anonymous names. Once a person steps over the line of decency there's no going back. I was going to post this! On facebook, no matter what the privacy settings, a persons "likes" are public. I frequently click on people who post nasty or b... Continue Reading


Re: O/T ~ How Do You Protect Your Credit? LifeLock?

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On 2/8/2015 Harpa said: We just got hacked this a.m., how? I do not know, since neither of us made any purchase of any kind. Luckily, our bank had Sunday hours and we promptly went there. I have a feeling that someone read my card yesterday when I was out & about. Now I am searching for an RFID protective wallet or something. Other than checking our statement even more often, we are not going to do LL. (That was just the bank card, and not SS or other identity.) You were probably hacked a long time ago. Large scale hackers generally don't grab info and immediately use it. They steal th... Continue Reading


Re: Please send get well wishes for Lindsay's Grandma

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So sorry to hear about your injury Lindsays Grandma. Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. Glad you have family to help you out.... Continue Reading

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