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Re: In 6 weeks........

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OK, and this is a problem how? The B&M stores will be doing the same thing. I'm in my 60s and it's been this way for as long as I can remember. Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Website- Poor Customer Service

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On 12/15/2014 HappyDaze said: They don't have a customer service phone number on their site? That would be odd if they don't. I couldn't find a phone number is odd. Everything says to e-mail. Browneyedmom - if the hot water doesn't work, Nick does have a facebook page. Perhaps you might get a response if you post your problem and difficulty getting a response from the e-mail on there. Continue Reading


Re: Little Giant Presentation

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I'm only 5'1 and 61 years old. I don't have any trouble using my little giant ladder. I've never used it as a straight up extension ladder, never had a need to, so can't speak to how it handles fully extended like that. I use it regularly though in a could of different positions to accommodate inside and outside chores. I especially appreciate how steady and secure it feels. I regularly carry large bags of dog food and cat litter that weigh more than the ladder, so perhaps that's why I don't have problems? Continue Reading


Re: Need a new vacuum. Do you like your Shark?

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I have a Shark Rotator Professional Liftaway and absolutely love it and HIGHLY recommend it. I have 3 dogs (2 big shedders) and 3 cats. I have vinyl plank flooring with area rugs, including a new luxuriously plush Karastan area rug in the living room. My Shark doesn't struggle one bit on my carpets and it doesn't suffocate with all the fur it's always picking up. The dirt container empties easily and completely without having to bang it or use something to dislodge the fur (I had that issue with my old Dyson animal). It's light weight and extremely maneuverable which was a necessity for ... Continue Reading


Re: Little Giant Presentation

In For the Home Talk 1418616532.857

Rick does do really well with handling unexpected situations. I can't imagine how the ladder broke - I have one and I think it would take a bomb to damage it! Continue Reading


Re: Clear or colored?

In For the Home Talk 1418569767.48

Both! My living room is white lights. I have a flocked tree with white lights, the mantel is done with greens and some flocked material woven through and white lights, the coffee table has a tray basket with greens, VPH mercury glass globes in silver and white lights and my corner etagere is draped in greens with white lights. It's soothing and helps me unwind at the ends of the day. My family room is much more casual and done with multi-colored lights on the tree and I use plaids in my tree skirt and plaid woven ribbon on my wreath and around my candles and such. I always start my day wit... Continue Reading


Re: Extreme Christmas light display

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At least it's mostly steady lights! There is a house on a main street in my town that has just about every inch of their lawn and house lit up and every section is flashing and pulsing at various speeds and it instantly makes my head throb! I've had to change my route to my daughter's house because I honestly cannot handle all the flashing lights. Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chavez Beauty Thread.

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On 12/13/2014 Save the Whales said: I need everyone's help.....I use Nick's "Plump 'N Thick" Thickening Hairspray. I see it is not offered right now, is it being discontinued? If so, what would you recommend I use to replace it? Many thanks! They carry it at Ulta too. I was just there today and they had it at mine. Continue Reading


Re: A Lisa Party at My House!

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On 12/12/2014 september said: this is still a shopping channel...whether a host is leaving, or not. And this is the busiest shopping season of the year. I'd like to see the focus be on the products. I've never cared much for who is the host. Anyway...I've bought nothing tonight from QVC, but have bought 4 things from amazon, and 2 from Kohl's. And I'm not done shopping yet. Well good for you. I'm sure the Q is simply devastated to have lost your business..... NOT. They've had multiple sell-outs, so obviously a lot of folks feel differently from you. She's earned her farewell. Continue Reading


Re: Surprising possible remedy for 'chapped' lips

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Chapstick and many other chapped lip products contain camphor, and camphor is drying. It's the camphor that is causing the seeming addiction to chapstick type keep applying and reapplying it to get the moisture which is the first hit, but then the camphor takes over and dries. Check the ingredients list, including the inactive ingredients - if it has camphor, don't use it! I'd heard about the possibility of fungal or yeast infections causing the cracking at the corners. For me, if my blood sugar gets too high I get that cracking, it's like my own personal glucose meter! My ... Continue Reading

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