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Re: Another keurig bites the dust!

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The Keurigs that I had that failed always seemed to go wrong during the cleaning process. Don't know if the vinegar loosened lime/calcium deposits that were too large to go through the tubes and needle or what. When I got my Vue, I also bought a "clean and pure" filter system from HSN (I had been using a PUR filter previously). Since using that filter, I never even see any calcium/lime marks on the water tank and haven't had to do any cleaning and it's well over a year since I got it. Once a week I do run a couple of water only to push any grounds out from the needle. Continue Reading


Re: This is not a "steal"

In Beauty Banter 1406346821.71

I just went to the Sephora web site and they only showed 16 oz and 24 oz sizes. Perhaps the OP wasn't paying attention. Continue Reading


Re: has your Home Goods store changed?

In For the Home Talk 1406336040.32

My son got a beautiful really large European street scene from Ikea last summer. Continue Reading


Re: Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406308534.653

Southern Bee, I have a GE combination microwave/convection oven and it works beautifully. Obviously it cost more than $40, but it was well worth what I paid. Continue Reading


Re: computer program

In Electronics Talk 1406308429.193

Is it only internet functions that are slow and freezing up? If that's the case, it could be your modem is going out or your ISP service is having problem. You can run an internet connection speed test, there are sites you can find using google to do this. If the report shows significantly less than what you are paying your ISP to provide you with, you need to contact them. Continue Reading


Re: In tough economic times, where are your first line cuts made?

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In the past when finances were tight, I cut out all the discretionary spending, including cable, entertainment, eating out. I'm in good shape now but I've never really gone back to eating out much or going to movies and such. For entertainment, I've always enjoyed the freebies like hiking and picnics in the park and taking my dogs to the dog park. Continue Reading


Re: Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406302762.697

I ordered it the last time it was a TSV. It's SMALL and very tinny/flimsy. I wasn't pleased at all. I rarely return purchases, but this one went back. Continue Reading


Re: New to Boards

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On 7/24/2014 kivah said: My nic should be lhasasrule. I've been on here a long time - and enjoy posting my questions and responding to questions. People from across the US and sometimes overseas - exchanging ideas and information. So helpful!!!!!! Welcome OP. I don't post on this board often, but read a lot. I had to post though because of the bolded line above. Kivah, when I first read that I thought the "L" was an "I" as in I Has A Rule, and I was gonna ask you what that rule was. I'm a dog and cat lover....rescues rule for me. Continue Reading


Re: Selfies

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On 7/23/2014 sidsmom said: On 7/23/2014 NoelSeven said: On 7/23/2014 WenGirl42 said: On 7/23/2014 sidsmom said: Hummm, careful when you quote Urban Dictionary.....there's another definition for a 'selfie', but it wouldn't be NSFQ. Here's another tongue-in-cheek definition: <em>'Selfie': The taking of a picture of yourself and posting it on Facebook because you have extremely low self-esteem and you need people to comment to tell you how hot or pretty you look. In reality you just look desperate for attention. And no matter how attractive you might be, you still look pathetic. See a... Continue Reading


Re: Suzanne Somers - seriously?

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My thread had NOTHING to do with how she looks! It has to do with the ugly scare tactics to sell her organic line of goods. I has to do with her claiming to have done so much research, yet makes such a horrendously false statement. Continue Reading

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