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Re: LOVE the sweater coat that is HSN's TS

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NiteStar - I've never bought his sweaters before. I have bought, and LOVE, his shark-bite tops and they are true to size for me. Continue Reading


Re: LOVE the sweater coat that is HSN's TS

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I picked up the gray at 12:01 am....wasn't gonna risk not getting it! LOVE the sweater. He is such a sweet and talented man! Hard to believe he's been at HSN for 20 years!!! He must have started when he was 10 :) Continue Reading


Re: nice article about tara and the temptations line from 2013

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On 9/30/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: On 9/30/2014 gkelly5744 said: On 9/29/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: On 9/29/2014 sunshine45 said: On 9/29/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: On 9/28/2014 sunshine45 said: nice article about tara, temptations, and the business from mid-2013. not sure if anyone has posted this here before. here is a small portion of the article and a link to the entire article. <em>At Coordinated Strategic, Temp-tations' growth spurt meant many of its 25 employees were needed to support an in-house brand. By 2009, Temp-tations was so big that company principal Ed Tesher argued it needed to be s... Continue Reading


Re: Credit Card With a Security Chip Embedded

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Sam's Club just replaced their Discover Card with a Master Card issued by Synchrony Bank that has the new embedded chip. Continue Reading


Re: Legacy skirt & leggings TSV

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On 9/29/2014 colliegirls said: On 9/29/2014 Krimpette said: I can't imagine these being worn by anyone older then pre-teen. On youngsters, they would look very cute. You don't have to imagine it much longer, I ordered it to wear around casually and I am way beyond a teen!!! However, I am adorable!! :) I ordered 2 pair as well, and I'll be 61 in a couple of weeks. I think they look wonderful. I'm on the short side, so if they don't work out for me, my 5'10" granddaughter will probably look smashing in them! Continue Reading


Re: How does Chaz and QVC get away with this?

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On 9/29/2014 LISALIPLINER said: Not a bad Monday or life people. Can you answer my post and explain why Chaz can't compare apples to apples? Why just single out Chaz and WEN? EVERY hair product vendor does the same thing and not just on the Q, but on ShopHQ and HSN. As someone else said, don't buy it. Continue Reading


Re: Just wanted to post again about my Temptations negative dangerous experiences as a precaution for consumer usage

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On 9/28/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: On 9/28/2014 Buck-i-Nana said:I understood you just fine. You don't like TT, you've never owned TT and you claim you won't own it because of the possible danger, yet you don't have a problem with the documented dangers of other brands. OH MY, so very again missed the point. Please go back and read my original post. If you don't understand after reading the post again then....I really don't think I can explain in words that you can understand. So sorry! Spare me your faux sympathies. I read you like a book, and you can't handle being caught in yo... Continue Reading


Re: Malden Polarfleece sheets vs Northern Nights Flannel sheets

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On 9/28/2014 mominohio said: On 9/28/2014 Buck-i-Nana said: I've used both NN flannel (which I used to swear by) and the MM polar fleece. LOVE my polar fleece. It's very much softer than flannel and yes, they are stretchy, so they fit well over my mattress with a topper on top and they don't pop off ever. You have to be careful when selecting your MM sheets though. I've had issues a couple of times that the size was off big time and the fitted sheet wouldn't go on at all, not even without the topper, too short. I started looking at the different sets and there was a significant sizing differe... Continue Reading


Re: $$$$$ 200 $$$$$

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On 9/28/2014 brunette8706 said: Where is the like button? I just posted about this yesterday and my post was deleted! YOU BET HE IS RUNNING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK! My goodness! I use Nexxus Therrappe and Humctress shampoo and conditioner. WEN USERS should at least give it a try. It really makes your hair soft and shiny and manageable. All for a fraction of the price! What makes you think WEN users haven't given that and every other product a try? I know I did. Before I went through menopause, I could use anything on my hair and it looked great and was healthy. After meno, my hair became ... Continue Reading


Re: Just wanted to post again about my Temptations negative dangerous experiences as a precaution for consumer usage

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On 9/28/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: On 9/28/2014 Buck-i-Nana said: On 9/26/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: On 9/26/2014 millieshops said: My Temptations are doing well, but I have only 2 - round, fluted casseroles. I use them for dishes where I want lots of topping - mac and cheese, breakfast casseroles, etc. No idea whether more Temptations burst than others, but I do know from my 50+years of cooking occasionally, lots of brands (including even the old, great Corning) crack, explode, etc. Be careful in the kitchen -- and short on the boards. I'm too busy using my Temptations to read a novel about it. I don... Continue Reading

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