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Re: Banker with body piercing studs down arm

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Would you also have complained if this person had a large scar, cleft lip or other physical imperfection? Would you complain because the person was having a bad hair day, didn't wear appropriate make-up, wore fashions that you didn't think were professional enough? Did the person know their job and do it well, THAT'S what counts! smh. Continue Reading


Re: LOGO to Linea

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On 1/30/2015 Elf ish said: Shan, the forum topic Logo to Linea seemed to suggest, to me at least, a comparison of the two designers due to the obvious difference in their style. Louis needs no help from me in the talent department and my disparaging Lori remarks will in no way affect or further his career. Yes, everyone has their individual taste and I'm sure Lori would be almost claustrophobic wearing Louis's classic designs just as I do not need yards of fabric added to my hips and tighter bustling fabric pulling my breasts further east and west. So, apparently you reply based only on the t... Continue Reading


Re: Ipad Virus---help

In Electronics Talk 1422674606.033

On 1/30/2015 AngelLove2 said: I called my internet provider and was told to clear my history and that fixed it. Thanks for all replies. Glad you got it worked out. Continue Reading


Re: Ipad Virus---help

In Electronics Talk 1422672713.357

On 1/30/2015 kcladyz said: ipads and all apple products cant get viruses. sounds like you clicked on an fake email that screwed up your system That's simply not true. Apple products CAN get viruses, but there are very few viruses at the moment that target apple products. As these products continue to grow in sales numbers, they will become more a target. OP - check out this article on applenet for help. http://appletablet.net/apple-ipad/virus/ Continue Reading


Re: LOGO to Linea

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On 1/30/2015 JustJazzmom said: Why do I like LDO? First, because he has a blog that shows his clothing with much better photos than the ones here. Second, if you have a question about the clothing, you can visit his blog and ask him directly. Third, if you have a certain request such as having a garment made in optic white instead of ivory, it will eventually be created. Can you do that with Susan Graver or Lori Goldstein? Can you ask Susan for her to design a specific garment for you in a color you have requested?? Can Lori make clothing that doesn't all look the same with those asymmetrical... Continue Reading


Re: LOGO to Linea

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Too bad some of the LDO lovers can't be as respectful of other fashion designers and vendors as they demand other be of their beloved LDO. Different strokes for different folks. What you consider too pricey for other designers, some consider to be too pricey for Linea as it's not a style they would want to wear. Continue Reading


Re: Do you think this dress is appropriate for a Junior in High School?

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Dress code in my area school district is no see-thru tops, not even with a cami underneath and it's zero tolerance and applicable to all school functions. I'm guessing it's the same wherever this young lady goes to school. Even though nothing is showing, the top is still see through from the bra-line up. I'm sure she and her family were aware of the school dress code well in advance, and taking this to either the press or social media doesn't change the situation. Continue Reading


Re: Love Shawn's Shoe/Jean Combo!

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On 1/30/2015 willomenia said: Shoes r cute, jeans look horrible!! They look like she just gt done painting, and she trapped a pair of dress up shoes you can't possibly think those shoes look good with that outfit! Obviously many folks DO think those shoes look good with that outfit.... Continue Reading


Re: OrYany

In All About Handbags 1422650688.83

Hopefully TPTB will understand the significance of the quick sell-out of this bag! I've seen some really nice bags here, but they are simply too large and too heavy empty. Continue Reading

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