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Re: I just closed my Qcard account

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On 4/22/2014 stilltamn8r said: On 4/22/2014 ------ said: On 4/22/2014 stilltamn8r said: On 4/22/2014 ------ said: Isn't the APR on home shopping credit cards around 19-21%? If you don't pay off those balances each month I don't see how keeping them active is beneficial even when it benefits credit score. That's throwing your cash away. I recently got "invitations" from HSN and Shop HQ for their in-house cards- yes the rates were OUTRAGEOUS, like 23% - I don't have ANY cards over 12% and the one that is that high, I rarely use... 23%??? OUCH! I was actually insulted! "Invitation?"!!!indeed... Continue Reading


Re: I just closed my Qcard account

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On 4/22/2014 winamac1 said: On 4/21/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: Well, you can always cut them up and not close the accounts. I think too many consumers would prefer to close them as it's too easy to charge at a store without the card--just by giving id. I don't plan on financing anything again anyway so it doesn't really make a lot of difference what my credit score is. If I ever buy a different house, it will be without financing it and I won't' finance a car ever again either. But, I still like having a high credit score for some reason, LOL. Even if you never plan on using any type of financi... Continue Reading


Re: Amy Stran's delivery update

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On 4/21/2014 TX-starlight said: On 4/20/2014 SUHSE39 said: There is a poster that I really think QVC needs to look at. Her posts are so full of anger and ugliness, the poster sounds mentally unwell. It's too bad, but something is not right with her. There was a man who had posted some HORRIBLE things on Amy's pg, under her 1st post on being in delivery. They were mean & just crazy, things about Hitler & stuff that didn't make sense. I reported every single post to facebook. Then he removed them all after people started saying things back to him. I can't believe anyone would be so mea... Continue Reading


Re: ~*Which Country Should You Have Been Born In Quiz?*~

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Changed one answer, from steak to hamburger and got USA. Now that's goofy. Continue Reading


Re: ~*Which Country Should You Have Been Born In Quiz?*~

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Brazil - Just like your the vivacious country you were meant to be born in, you are hot, sexy and full of fun! You like to appreciate the good things in life, relax and party with your loved ones. Your new country sure has a lot of exotic locations for your parties, just remember to send us an invitation from time to time, OK? Weird. Continue Reading


Re: Good Friday...not so good

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Deciding whether to view your Dad is obviously a very personal decision. We didn't have viewings with either my Mom or Dad and I have no regrets. When my hubby died, his family lived far away and they really wanted that viewing and I agreed to it and have always regretted that decision. I should have arranged time for them to have a private viewing and my children and I not attend it. We were all with hubby when he passed and said our goodbyes then. I hate that my last memory of hubby isn't that moment, but of him in the casket, as it was so not him. Continue Reading


Re: I just closed my Qcard account

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I quit using most of my credit cards a few years ago. The ones I use I pay in full every month. Problem is, recently I had a number of the card providers notify me that they have cancelled my cards because I didn't use them. The one that really ticked me off was Citibank cancelling my Sears card which I opened and used to replace my water heater and water softener. They had a great no interest deal. I kept that card in case I needed any other appliances as that is all I buy from Sears. Cancelled by creditor I think hurts your credit score more than if you cancel them yourself. Continue Reading


Re: Amy Stran's delivery update

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On 4/20/2014 Classique said: On 4/20/2014 Remee said: That's truly exciting ! Imagine actually having the baby on your due date, unless it was scheduled. I am so genuinely happy for Amy and her entire family. She has waited a long time for this baby and I know they are over the moon with this precious girl ! Blessings to all of them. Yes, we all look forward to seeing and hearing about it all ! Thanks for the update ! An Easter baby--how precious ! Oh please speak for yourself. NOT ALL look forward to seeing one more picture or hearing one more word about Bree. Many of us have heard way mo... Continue Reading


Re: Shipping so slow and bad customer service

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The delivery date is always reflected as an ESTIMATED delivery date. UPS ground usually takes 3-4 days to deliver. If it hits the hub tomorrow or Tuesday, you should have it by Friday. Continue Reading


Re: Cheapest place to buy moving boxes and supplies?

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I don't know where you live, but if you live near a military installation, you can check their newspaper or craig's list for people selling their moving boxes. Also, you can do a combination of purchases boxes for your most precious items, and then talk to your local grocery store and ask if you can start picking up their boxes. The boxes that eggs are packed in are extra sturdy and have hand holes on the sides making them easy to carry. Continue Reading

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