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Re: Armstrong Luxe Vinyl Plank Flooring??

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I'm getting ready to have it installed in my home. My Vet redid her entire veterinary hospital with it about a year ago and it still looks perfect. She highly recommended it, and I appreciate that my big dogs don't have traction issues on it like they do with my older Pergo laminate floor. Continue Reading


Re: How to Bust Out of a Hair Rut - great tips!

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I'm always trying different hairstyles simply because I get bored and like change. I'm lucky to have an oval face and lots of healthy hair that really looks good in any style. Only thing I can't pull off is bangs because I have a super strong cowlick right in the center front. Always tempted to buy those clip in bangs! Continue Reading


Re: If your husband or S.O said this to you would it upset you?

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On 10/21/2014 ical said: This is an honest criticism to no one in particular and is not written in sequential order for this thread, nor for this forum, but is a commentary on the global community: Some people are dumb. Period. No getting around that fact. And some people are rude, critical and tactless. What's your point? Continue Reading


Re: PM Style

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On 10/21/2014 BOYINTX said: OH LORD !!!!! That girl has no class, That is just why she needs to go work for V-SECRET-She is just valley and will only lower the value of any item she try's to present. Q must be very desperate. Good grief. It was no big deal! I'm 61 and STILL enjoy looking sectsy. Continue Reading


Re: Shocked the QVC advertised Malden Mills Polar Fleece sheets when they're not!

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On 10/21/2014 conniebird said: I'm sending these new sheets back to the Q. I can see my hand through the fabric..they're so thin! I called & asked customer service why they say they're Malden Mills when they are not....she said that a different co. makes them .....so why use the MM name!!!! They use the Malden Mills name because it's specific to the polar fleece material used. MM created the material and it is an exclusive fabrication. I'm really sad to hear that the beefiness of the material in these sheets is not up to the sheets of the past. Wonder if it is only because of it being ... Continue Reading


Re: PM Style

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She didn't say a swear word. She was doing the preview because Lisa's mike went out and she was talking about a top and said something about how it would secks up an outfit. No big deal, but apparently secks is not an allowed word. It's also not an allowable word here! LOL Continue Reading


Re: HSN TS, Adrienne Landau Robe!

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On 10/21/2014 Snickers said: Tan, to match my pug So funny! That's how I pick my colors too, but I should have been more selective about my 6 critters! I have black, white, orange and tan critters, so leopard and cheetah are big in my bedroom decorating. Too bad the entire robes aren't one of those! Then again, it's not like I do any entertaining in my robes! The robes look beautiful, but I think I'm passing as they look like they might be too warm for me. Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

In Beauty Banter 1413832729.413

My TSV arrived and since I hadn't put any make-up on today, I had to run in and try it all out. LOVE the blush and the mascara is incredible. The mascara goes on so easy, no clumping and for my taste, just one coat looks fabulous. I'd already been using the illumination foundation and eyeliners so nothing new for me there. I'm just loving this line of makeup. Continue Reading


Concierge MicroPlush VS Malden Mills Polar Fleece

Last Reply by whitelinen 1413835435.867 | Started by Buck-i-Nana in For the Home Talk

NO COMPARISON! I ordered the Concierge Microplush sheets from HSN instead of the Malden Mills from the Q. I have a couple sets of the Malden Mills and love them, but thought I'd check out the Concierge. BIG MISTAKE. When I opened the package you could see they were different before even touching, and then when I touched them they felt like a cheap Christmas stocking....eek, you know that stuff that almost feels like it's squeeking when you rub it? I am so disappointed, but the up side is I will get the return shipping in spendable Kash instead of losing my money. I have 2 good sets of my ... Continue Reading


Re: ** Check Out Vid of Lisa on H203463 **

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If there was a message in that, I would say it was a jab at the folks on these forums and on her fb that say such mean and snarky things about her. Continue Reading

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