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Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

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I think #4 looks the best on you. It is stunning with your blonde hair and it is very slimming. I always pick the dress or outfit that makes me seem the thinnest. You look beautiful in dress #4. Congratulations by the way. (I am the Lenore from NJ that wrote to you 10 years ago about your hairstyle when my sons were getting married.) Continue Reading


Kathy Levine Back on TV - Joining Shop HQ which will become Evine Shopping

Last Reply by Persephonel 1423759963.963 | Started by Norriesgirls in The Q We Love

Kathy Levine will be back on TV. She will be joining Shop HQ which will become Evine Shopping on Valentine's Day. You can watch the promos at their website. Continue Reading


Kathy Levine Back On TV - SHOP HQ to be Evine Shopping

Last Reply by tucka 1423358528.38 | Started by Norriesgirls in TV Talk

Shop HQ will now be called Evine Shopping come Valentine's Day. You can go to their we website and watch the promos. Continue Reading


Re: Feeling Blessed on National Adoption Day!

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I remember when you went out on maternity leave when you adopted your Elizabeth. She looks so much like all of you it is unbelievable. You Wrote such a lovely commentary on your life with Elizabeth. You have all been blessed by God. Elizabeth is a real beauty, like her Mom. Thanks for sharing. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1410995674.873

We are all still shocked and saddened by Joan's sudden death. No one can really grasp it because she was so vibrant and seemed so indispensible. No one ever expected this turn of events. It caught all of us by surprise. She may have been 81 chronologically, but she looked and moved and acted like a much younger woman. This has been hard on all of us who watched her on E, the Q and WE. Joan was swept away all too soon. I do not know how all of her entities can continue without her. My sincerest sympathies to you and to her family and friends. Continue Reading


Re: Joan

In The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1409966007.213

Thanks for sharing your behind the scene experiences with Joan. What a spirit she was. She always seemed approachable evem to us. She was so entertaining whether on the Q selling her jewelry and clothes, on E with her Fashion Police or on WE with Joan and Melissa. I always thought she was so beautiful and impeccably dressed. She looked and moved like she was only 55. She died way too early. The sad part is that she didn't have to die. She was a healthy woman. I will definitely miss this great lady. There was no one quite like her Continue Reading


Re: QVC Mourns the passing of Joan Rivers

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Oh darn! I watched Joan on Fashion Police, QVC, and on WE with Joan and Melissa. I looked forward to their show coming on every Spring. I feel cheated. I selfishly wanted more. And I am sure Melissa and that adorable Cooper did too. And so did Joan. She loved life, she loved people, and she was a Grand Dame. Boy I never saw this coming to such a energetic, vivacious woman. She had the schedule of a young woman and moved like one too. She always looked so beautiful and dressed impeccably. I am going to miss her a lot. If Melissa browses this thread, your mom is going to be missed by so many of... Continue Reading


Re: What's the MOST Special Piece in Your Jewlery Box?

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My mother's gold chain and cross. I am 66 and she passed away when I was 29 years young. Continue Reading


Re: Self Tanner Shelf Life (Tarte Maracuja - Brazilliance)?

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On 4/26/2014 Lotus said: On 4/26/2014 allthatsparkles said: I believe they are still good. I'm finishing a tube I bought last year and I've not had any problems. No change in smell or color. Thanks. I've never used this type of product. Have read so many mixed reviews of how to apply. When you use, do you exfoliate and only moisturize ankles and elbows? Again, any tips would be great! I usually apply my Jergens medium to tan moisturizer immediately after a shower. I do not have to worry about my elbows or knees because the color goes on so gradually everyday. None of my friends at my town p... Continue Reading


Re: Self Tanner Shelf Life (Tarte Maracuja - Brazilliance)?

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I usually use Jergens self tanning lotion or LOreal self tanners immediately after my showers all summer long and they give me a great, natural looking tan. They are far cheaper too. But i watched the demo of the Tarte one today and I am not sure if I should try this one. Can any if you give me your opinion on this. Thanks so much. Continue Reading

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