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Re: Candles to Burn Between Now & Autumn

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On 8/28/2014 corita said: This is a "why" question regarding candles. Why is it that candle companies do not use candle name (scent) labels that peel off?? I often display my candles on a plate/tray, rather than a container. It drives me crazy to see that ugly white/tan colored label on the side of what could be a pretty, glass candle jar. I have tried to scrub those darn labels off, but most are stuck on for the candle's lifetime!! The name label could just a easily be put on the bottom of the candle. Any ideas???? Lighter fluid! I've used it for years to remove labels. The one in the small... Continue Reading


Re: Crabtree Evelyn

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Their Goatmilk soaps! Fabulous!!! Continue Reading


Re: Is there anything you recommend for the area you are in? (not selling anything) found some good water in Carlsbad

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On 7/14/2014 KatCat1 said: On 7/13/2014 Katluvr58 said: On 7/13/2014 KatCat1 said: In Chicago (and you can order online) Garrett's popcorn. The cheese popcorn and caramel popcorn are the best you can get. Chicago has some of the best deep dish pizzas, hot dogs, Italian Beef sandwiches w/sweet or hot peppers and all the ethnic food you can eat! I love Chicago!!!! Cheesecake Factory, yum, we finally got one here. Johnny Rockett's, Ghiradelli's, American Girl Doll store and all that shopping. Kat, I know this is a dumb question but is the popcorn a buttery caramel or like the bag stuff? I h... Continue Reading


Re: can anyone help lots of cukes and tomato

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I'd be happy to address is.... Love Love Love Cucumber and tomato sandwiches on super fresh white bread with mayo, salt and pepper! Continue Reading


Re: Supermarket shrinkage? It's not your imagination, experts say

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It's definitely not our imagination. The Sabrett's hotdogs I always bought are now looking anorexic...almost the size of pencils. Why??? It's no longer a 1lb.'s 14 oz.. Worse than that are the shrunken cake mixes. Bugs the heck out of me!!! Continue Reading


Re: Should I ask for compensation? RE: Flooring Redo/Poor Installation

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Why on earth has it taken this long to be resolved is what I'd like to know. Years ago Home Depot re-carpeted my entire house. As fate would have it, the last piece down had a flaw. They ordered a new was a different dye lot so they tore the whole thing up & did it all over. The entire process took less than 2 weeks & they did a beautiful job. As for the very least...they should pay someone to move your furniture out & then move it back in again. Best of luck to you! After all of this, I hope you end up loving your carpet! Continue Reading


Re: Do you eat/buy Peeps?

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Oh peeps for me but we can talk Cadbury caramel eggs??? Continue Reading


Re: I bought some Robin McGraw skin care, do you plan to buy?

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I saw her while flipping channels & was shocked! At first I didn't even know who it was. It's her face to do with whatever she wants but I think it's a shame. She was such a cute lady.Now she looks like she could be Ruth Buzzi's daughter. Continue Reading


Re: April 12- Today is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day Whats on your favorite sandwich?

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BLT on toast Egg salad Egg & pepper Grilled cheese (with tomato soup of course) Steak-ums with cheese & sauteed onions Tuna salad In that order. I like mayo for the grilled cheese also. No one would know the difference if you didn't tell them & you only need a little bit. @Madisson...I will try GC with the apple slices. Sounds good! Thanks! Continue Reading

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